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  1. O

    Thread [I9001][7.1.2] LineageOS for Galaxy S Plus

    LineageOS 14.1 for Samsung Galaxy S Plus (AriesVE - msm7x30) #include <string.h> /* * Your warranty is... expired * * We are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have...
  2. M

    Thread [Q] HELP!! Galaxy S Plus from india not working in UK?

    Hi all, First off, thanks for your help in advance, I find it great that communities like this are content with a simple thumbs up and don't require the contents of my wallet like the bastards at Apple. My problem is probably quite simple, but it's beyond me, so I'd appreciate your help...
  3. Brahmnoor

    Thread Separate Forum For Galaxy S Plus - Petition

    Finally I have created a petition for separate forum for Samsung Galaxy S Plus. Sign The Petition I don't know how it will help, but lets see by signing this petition up !! Advantages of A Separate Forum Better organised development. Lesser spam. Better understanding for noobs. No more...
  4. artur93pl

    Thread [S3 BOOTANIMATION][I9000][I9001] Galaxy S & Galaxy S Plus bootanimations based on S3

    [S3 BOOTANIMATION][I9000][I9001] Galaxy S & Galaxy S Plus bootanimations based on S3 Hi Guys! I've made bootanimations for Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy S Plus which are based on this S3 bootanimation (credits to android_isda_**** :)) I've changed the resolution to 480x800, so now it matches to...
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    Remember I am not a moderator. I am only here to help! Hi all, As you all know we have a very nice collection of ROMS here in this section of XDA. And I must say, I love it and I will continue testing ROMS and kernels. It is amazing how this section has grown. And more ROMS and developers are...
  6. blackmambazzz

    Thread [ROM][JB][4.1.2] RemICS JB v4.2 || S4 Look and Feel || [OFFICIAL]

    RemICS JellyBean for Galaxy S Plus We are not responsible for your bricked device! FLASH AT YOUR OWN RISK! FEATURES Based on CM10 release 2.5 by ivendor CastagnaIT´s kernel v11 (non bigmem, normal UV) Samsung Touchwiz UI Themed statusbar Themed many apps (Dialer, Contacts, Gallery from...
  7. jaggyjags

    Thread [Kernel][JB][3.0.62] JaggyKernel_1.1.1

    Hello guys, I bring you a kernel I made using arco68's 3.0.61 base kernel. JaggyKernel_1.1.1 (JB) Changelog 0.2: - Overclocked up to 1804Mhz - Undervoltage CPU - Disabled allocated ram for camera, user available ram is now 388MB - H/W and HD youtube videos working fine. Changelog_0.4...
  8. T

    Thread [Q] Galaxy S Plus - Wake up Issue?

    Hey! My Girlfriend is using an Galaxy S Plus, and recently i tried to flash it with some of the Images posted here... but somehow, every Image has major issues with the lock screen... to me it seems that the device isn't waking up properly. The screen looks a bit dim, and the touchscreen won't...
  9. H

    Thread Creating your CM ROM for Galaxy S plus

    Credits: Thanks to Arco, Realtyem and andres_a whose posts helped me to build the ROM from sources. Most of the post is copied from the guide YardE's guide and a pdf whose author I could not find later. (Please let me know if I have missed somebody.)...
  10. KiranNokia

    Thread GT-I9001/Galaxy S Plus - Regarding ICS/GB AOSP ROM

    Hello Team, I am a SGS+ user and I have tried almost all Custom ROMs till now including GB (CM7,BroodROM etc etc) and ICS(CM9,MIUI,EHNDROIX etc etc). As per my understanding AOSP means the direct pure code release by Google without any addition by Manufactures(eg Samsung, HTC etc) or...
  11. M

    Thread [INDEX] Collection of Roms kernels and links

    Important: Da Rulez Offtopic thread Here ROMS KitKat [ROM] [4.4.2] [UNOFFICIAL] ParanoidAndroid 4.3 - PIE & PEEK Developer: educk [GT-i9001] [ROM][OFFICIAL][KitKat 4.4.2][ariesve] PAC-man VERSION [AOSP] Developer: Krislibaeer...

    Thread [ROM][CM9][ICS] * Simplistic ICS * [BETA 2][29/08/2012]

    SIMPLISTIC - ICS for optimal speed, stability and useability! This ROM is based on CM9 from Arco, but heavily improved and optimized! This ROM contains no fancy mods or themes and is purely made for a clean, fast and smooth experience! Improved Functions Bugs Installation Downloads
  13. W

    Thread [ROM]i9001[VALUE PACK][BVKPC]

    New GT-I9001 - Poland (Orange) PDA: I9001BVKPC CSC: I9001IDEKPC Version: 2.3.6 Date: 2012-06-18 Available on Download link 1 Download link 2
  14. domi525

    Thread [Q] [9001] does megabassbeats mod work on our device? does this work on our phone? seems to be alot better than beats audio judging by the comments p.s. sorry if noob question :)
  15. oisis

    Thread [ROM][i9001][Build-40]KANG - AOKP - Beta-11

    Note: AOKP for Galaxy S Plus is provided with no warranty. You are installing this software at your own risk. STATUS: What's working: Audio Calls WiFi 3G Bluetooth BT handset GPS Themes Compass WiFi Tethering Camera - very buggy but it is possible to make a photo(use Pudding camera...
  16. texten

    Thread [I9001][ICS][28 JUL] Camera Development

    note: these files are provided with no warrenty. you are installing it at your own risk! instructions: 1. you will need cm9 by arco68 (alpha build 5) and a ics recovery 2. wipe dalvik cache 3. wipe cache 4. install latest camfix 5. fix permissions download...
  17. arco68

    Thread [ROM][ICS][IMM76L] CyanogenMod 9 Final Release (EOL)

    What's working: Audio Receiving and making calls GPS Compass Proximity sensor Wifi Bluetooth USB mass storage HW accelerated gui HW accelerated video Camera Wifi and USB tethering Screenshots Video 53BxtXIvdRA CM9 Install Guide Note: CM for Galaxy S Plus is provided with no warranty...
  18. texten

    Thread [ROM][KQB][cwm-aroma][18 SEP][final proper] GIGABREAD+

    NOTE: USING THESE FILES AT YOUR OWN RISK. READ THIS WHOLE POST BEFORE INSTALLING. MADE IN GERMANY i was testing all kernels, roms, mods and tweaks for samsung galaxy s plus. my idea was, to make a version with the best working combination without anything to do = an all-in-one-rom...
  19. dagothe9

    Thread [Q] Miui alarm sound

    This is my first thread, so i hope to have put this in the rigth section. What i ask is simple: Does anyone has the default alarm sounds of MIUI roms on his computer? Because i listened to that by my girlfriend HTC Desire and i really like that so i want to put it on my galaxy s plus, but i do...

    Thread [ROM][KQE][30-MAY]►Simplistic◄Under Construction

  21. P

    Thread !!! WORKING GPS fix !!!

    Hi guys and girls :) I have found on xda-forum this tutorial about GPS fixing/speed up. I know that there was many threads about wrong GPS but i want share with all of you this tutorial that is really working (for me). So, here is the mentioned tutorial...
  22. acdindia

    Thread [9001][Help] Continuous auto focus video camera

    Hey everyone! I am sorry if this has been answered earlier, but I couldn't find it. I really miss autofocus functionality in video camera... Is there any fix/app to have continuous autofocus in video camera?? I am using stock rom 2.3.6 (not rooted) on Galaxy S Plus..... Another question...
  23. Marc.

    Thread [Q] What to choose, Nexus S or Galaxy S Plus?

    I don't know what phone to choose, I now have a HTC Desire, but I want a new one. The Nexus S ( In the netherlands ) is now 250 euro, and the Galaxy S Plus is now 270 euro. There are a lot of differences... Nexus S: No SD card slot No FM radio Updates to Android 4.0 for sure! Galaxy S Plus...
  24. Lutschie

    Thread ICS port for SGS+?

    is someone porting ICS for our SGS+? the other Galaxy's (S and S2) have allready ports. ;)
  25. Lutschie

    Thread [Request] a simple ROM

    hey community, it would be great from you developers if you could make a ROM only with costum backround (like the great cranium mod), and the standart apps looking like the sgs II apps (and maybe, but it isn't such important, the sgs II lockscreen). if you say what to do, i would make it by...
  26. H

    Thread [Q] Overclock

    Can you please get a custom kernel so that we can overclock our galaxy s plus? And is there anyway to port darky for galaxy s plus?
  27. M

    Thread [Q] Has anybody know how to root GT-I9001

    Hi, Is there some way to root I9001 now or I have to wait. Firmware I9001XXKE8 Android 2.3.3 Kernel I tried several methods (Superoneclick 1.7, 1.9.1, Gingerbreak 1.2) available for I9000 but nothing positive. If someone can guide me in this process will be very appreciated.