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  1. Hamid Chikh

    Thread Samsung Galaxy One UI - Optimization Guide

    #I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR DEVICE Some of these tweaks are shared with my other thread: Google Pixel Experience - Optimization Guide I - RECOMMENDED SETTINGS To Start With - Factory Reset (RECOMMENDED) - Remove SIM before first boot - Follow setup OFFLINE (DON'T restore...
  2. enesuzun2002

    Thread [ROM][G920/5-F-I-S-K-L][11.0] UNOFFICIAL LineageOS 18.1

    Note: This is not a ROM based on the ROM shipped with your device. LineageOS is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 11 (R), which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device. LineageOS is based on the Android Open...
  3. BredzProh

    Thread [GUIDE] Change your CSC on any Samsung Galaxy devices running Android 10 or older - will also work in Android 11 for builds older than January 2021

    Hello everyone! I made this video tutorial regarding changing the CSC on your Samsung Galaxy device. This method will work for Android 10 and older, and Android 11 (builds older than January 2021). Credits to: Steps: 1...
  4. D

    Thread [GUIDE/TUTORIAL/HOWTO] Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 Any version to Android 6

    [GUIDE/TUTORIAL] Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000 Any version to Android 6 [GUIDE/TUTORIAL/HOWTO] Samsung Galaxy S (GT-I9000 galaxysmtd) stock to Android 6 Marshmallow This detailed step-by-step guide helps you transform your Samsung Galaxy S I9000 to a more recent one with Android 6. Make sure your...
  5. B

    Thread [HOW-TO] SAMSUNG PASS on KNOX tripped devices NON ROOT

    this trick was original found by gundal, I just made an easy way to set it on this thread. download fastboot tools here Enable USB debug on developper options and open adb/fastboot tools on pc and type: adb devices accept prompt window on phone and type: adb shell -press enter- pm uninstall...
  6. mrnovanova

    Thread Good Lock 2018

    Hey guys Just thought I'd start a discussion for all the Good Lock fans here. Good Lock basically gives you the ability to customize your Galaxy phone even further, it's almost like being rooted in some cases. If you're not familiar with here's a cool video...
  7. christo_tj

    Thread Forgot about Voodoo sound?

    Hey guys, I was looking for a good quality mp3 player recently to use with my entry level ATHm20x and it was a surprise for me to find out that the old SGS had the best audio chip among phones. So, now i use this phone mainly as a audio player. flashed cm10.1 and installed voodoo control by...
  8. A

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S i900: 250 mb Free RAM?

    I searching for a custom rom who have 250mb free RAM without Google Play, and not from android 2.3. series. This is are existing? If yes, is existing, what's the name? Where i can download?
  9. Saber

    Thread Semaphore Kernel - Reboot

    Hi everyone in the i9000 forum. I have been in kernel development for about 2 weeks now and I would like to know about some thoughts on some features you guys want. Here are some things I might add: - I/O schedulers: Add Tripndroid, ZEN, BFQ and FIFO - Allow changing of TCP algorithms - Add...
  10. S

    Thread [Q] Tizen on galaxy s (GT-I9000)

    Hello guys, Is it possible to port Tizen os on Galaxy s GT-I9000
  11. samrat_castle

    Thread [Trouble] Galaxy S I9000 toooo slow on ICS/JB

    Guys, A little Help! I am currently using my old Galaxy S I9000, as my HTC has gone to Service Centre for a week. Last time I left it with JB Custom Rom (C-Rom Bean v1.9.0 Final) which was working quite OK! Now its too much laggy and slow all over while on JB Rom. I have already tried CM11...
  12. T

    Thread [Q] Is there any update beyond NFB for 32GB 10.5 Best Buy version?

    The title says it all. The T800 is not rooted nor has ever been rooted. I know there are later T800 updates available in other territories, I'm just wondering about the USA Best Buy (region XAR) 32GB version. Kies indicates that NFB is the latest PDA. Thanks!
  13. wekisswill

    Thread [Q] How to unlock a network (Mackay, CM)

    Hello, I would like to ask you how to unlock the network of my galaxy s, I am on the rom Mackay Cyanogenmod, with the android 4.4.4. There are several days, I have received the code to unlock my phone by my operator, but the code was not accepted by the system of this rom. Someone told me to...
  14. Y

    Thread [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] Omni + Floating Windows + Lockscreen Notifications + App Circle Bar

    I added Floating Windows (resizable and movable), Lockscreen Notifications and App Circle Bar to OmniROM and built for Galaxy S i9000 (aka galaxysmtd) . I built from sources of 4th August. Kernel is stock Omni kernel. Download from here:
  15. exitpr0gram

    Thread [Q] MOST Support Phone?

    I am about to buy a new phone. So my questions are as follows: 1.) What Carrier has the most active phone being worked on by developers? 2.) Which phones (regardless of carrier) have the most devoted developers working on them? Note: Basically i want to be able to be a flash addict and try...
  16. E

    Thread [Q] /datadata partition problem on SlimKat

    I have been having problem with the SlimKat with the /datadata partition being full. i dont have many applications (i think) and i just reflashed the latest stable build a week back with full factory reset and system format. And now i have the /datadata partition full and problems when some...
  17. error0x0000034

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S i9000 bootloop on Samsung Logo. No access to Download Mode/Recovery

    Hello developers, A few hours ago a friend of mine gave me a Samsung Galaxy S I9000 which doesn't boot. He tried flashing a Custom ROM via Heimdall and flashed the kernel first. Since then it is stuck on the splashscreen saying "Galaxy S GT-I9000 Samsung" and it seems to be restarting every...
  18. K

    Thread [Q] IMEI Missing S-9000.

    I rooted, My friends Galaxy S, installed Cyanogen mod, noticed it was running slow, so tried wiping stuff in the recovery, i am a noobie myself, but having done the rooting on 5-6 phones now thought i was smart and i think i wiped the boot. The phone had bricked. I gave it to a local repair...
  19. C

    Thread [Q] Can USB Audio be supported?

    After many test, I can not use the Fiio E18 DAC with my Galaxy S. On the GS are installed Cyanogenmod 10.2 (Android 4.3) and kernel Sempahore 3.3.0. I'm looking for this answer: my GS can or not recognize and work with the external Audio device or not? Is a hardware limitation or software? It...
  20. Cjen1987

    Thread [ROM][4.4.2][AOSP]Smasher X Mini -5.3-[MultiView][Pie][APN Mod][02.15.14]

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Screenshots: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Credits &...
  21. E

    Thread Replacing the camera on the i9000 possible ?

    Hi, I was thinking of replacing the camera on my Galaxy S i9000 because it is ... lets say just bad ;). Is it maybe possible to replace the original camera from the i9000 with any other smartephone camera, maybe the one from the S2 or something similar ? Would this work from a software side ...
  22. AdamLange

    Thread Stock Firmware Collection for GT-I9000 (Galaxy S) - Working Links

    As all hotfile mirrors failed with hotfile shutdown, here's the mirrored files for all stock firmware for Galaxy S 1. Enjoy! Build Date: 14.02.2013 -> Region: TMH (Hungary (T-mobile)) PDA: I9000XWJWB Changelist: 1217612 Android: 2.3.6 Download Links -> Mod Edit link removed Build Date...
  23. kumar shivam

    Thread [Q] updates

    hello, i am planning to update my galaxy s i9000 but i'm little confuse in selecting the custom roms.can anyone tell me whish rom and kernel i should use that can give better performence and prevents extra Battery drainage. thank you.
  24. sahil11

    Thread [Q] help My galaxy s i9000 brick..

    My galaxy s got bootloop and cwm recovery not work properly and usb not work also then what i do ?? Help me thanks in advance sorry for my bad english
  25. kaustubhatzenith

    Thread [Q] Froyo to jellybean

    just wanted to check a few things before installing jelly bean on galaxy s (still on stock froyo) on my friends phone 1. Is is safe to directly flash cm10.1 straight from froyo?? or is it necessary to flash ics /gb 2. do the instructions on cyanogenmod work for installing (it says no need to root)
  26. erpurohit

    Thread [SCRIPT] Boot Animations Randomizer

    Droid Invander's Present Boot Animations Randomizer Introduction Here's a repackage of djmcnz Random Boot Animation script. All credits goes to him. I only like the concept and thought of sharing this with my Galaxy S users What it Does This will have you different boot animation on each...
  27. iceandfire

    Thread [ROM] XenonHD Stable-v11.1 (07.01.13) *Truly Stable, Fast & Buttery Smooth*

    Team Horizon presents XenonHD is a custom firmware aka ROM for various Android devices. It is built from Android Open Source Project (AOSP) with additional features, performance and battery life improvements. The idea behind XenonHD is to give users a ROM that is "blazing fast, rock stable...
  28. erpurohit

    Thread [MOD] SIII Style Notification Drawer

    Presents Information This will transform your regular notification power widgets into SIII style notification power widgets. How to Install 1. Download the version for your rom from 2 or 3 post 2. Reboot it in recovery 3. Flash it in recovery 4. Reboot and Enjoy Make sure which version and...
  29. kevnuke

    Thread [GUIDE] ROOT INSTRUCTIONS + Enable Developer options Read BEFORE you attempt root!!

  30. thelastred

    Thread Beats and Akg control aux for gs4

    I found a Cables for beats and akg headphones that will work on the Samsung galaxys 4 Top button- volume up center - play pause skip and send/end calls bottom- volume down am looking for black cable for beats that work on galaxy s 4 or htc anybody found one ? (FYI the akg cable is black but...
  31. archildroid

    Thread Galaxy S i9000 No IMEI / No Network

    Hello guys, I have a device with no EFS Backup. Baseband says "Unknown" and *#06# brings up just empty popup with OK button. I have read a lot of threads about this problem, a lot of ways to fix it, but none of them worked for me. I'm not trying to restore my IMEI, I just want to make network...
  32. pratyush369

    Thread [Q] Want to know.

  33. M

    Thread [Q] MIUI V4 and V5, Black bar under the status_bar_close_on.9.png

    Hi guys is there any way to remove that black thing under the status bar close on.9.png in miui v4 and v5. Originally that area is transparent(i checked it in my computer by extracting the rom) but in the phone its showing black.This thing is present in miui v4 and i recently flashed the miui v5...
  34. D

    Thread [Q] Help! Phone keeps rebooting and I can't acess recovery

    Hi, My friend is having problems with his GT-I9000 and asked me for help. His phone keeps rebooting showing only the Samsung Galaxy screen when it starts. The screen keep showing for 8 seconds than the phone turn off. Then ir turn again and show the same start screen again. I tried to...
  35. L

    Thread Anybody used mobileparts-au on ebay?

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone's used this guy? I asked him a question about a Galaxy S screen, i.e. whether it's AMOLED or SAMOLED, also whether it's got the speaker grill and whether it's a genuine Samsung part, also where he is based and where the item's coming from, his reply: Which is...
  36. D

    Thread [Q] What usb speed galaxy s3

    what usb cabble uses Samsung Galaxy S III, usb 2.0 or usb 3.0 ? ty
  37. M

    Thread SGS i9000 Usb OTG question

    Hello all Is there ANY way to have OTG on this model without an external power supply? I would love to have helicon remote on a phone to connect to my Canon camera... Thank you
  38. artur93pl

    Thread [S3 BOOTANIMATION][I9000][I9001] Galaxy S & Galaxy S Plus bootanimations based on S3

    [S3 BOOTANIMATION][I9000][I9001] Galaxy S & Galaxy S Plus bootanimations based on S3 Hi Guys! I've made bootanimations for Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy S Plus which are based on this S3 bootanimation (credits to android_isda_**** :)) I've changed the resolution to 480x800, so now it matches to...
  39. AChep

    Thread [APP] Alive Dots Wallpaper | 1.0 | 27.02.13

    Alive Dots Wallpaper Download: Сompatibility: Android 2.2+ Alive Dots Wallpaper. 2012 - 2013 AChep If you want copy it, let me know about it and make a link to my profile and thread. Regards, AChep.
  40. Lei M

    Thread [Q][I9001]Negative Screen toggle & darker screen on Galaxy S Plus I9001 possible?

    Hi, My Questions: 1) Is it possible to implement a negative screen effect toggle in some Roms/Kernels for SGS+ ? like in Siyah Kernel for SIII: mDNIe negative effect toggle with 4 consecutive press of home button 2) Can it be made that the screen has a black Overlay like Voodoo Display...
  41. dheeraj (dhlalit11)

    Thread [SCRIPT]increase zRam to 378 mb -- for kernel having support for zRam

    hello Xdaians i have made a little script which will increase the zRam size to 378mb where by default kernel gives the maximum option of 150mb which is quite low i had made this script for my personal use but then i thought of sharing it with everyone what is zRam, if this is the question...
  42. R

    Thread [Modems] Modem files for CWM and Odin

    Hello friends, as some of you will know, modem is that part of rom which is responsible for network communications. When people install custom roms, they are stuck on the modems which are included in the roms and i've seen many people asking how to change the modem to their locale. Below is the...
  43. Carmageddon1984

    Thread [Q] I9000 GPS not working sometimes

    Hey guys :) I have my mother's Galaxy S here, where the GPS has a special issue: It often just stops working - in GPS test it sees and uses 0 satellites, in Waze and GPS Test etc, it does not say GPS disconnected, but just that no GPS lock yet. Sometimes it would suddenly work and have a lock...
  44. Z

    Thread [Q] Black screen after reboot

    i have 2.3.3 . i dont have any rom. I just turned my phone to factory settings. Everythings work fine if someone call or sms i will get it. but my desktop is black. i guess touchwizz doesnt work. what should i do ? Now i did wipe cache i phone doesnt start its tuck in S screen :crying:
  45. Y

    Thread Working around a stuck Volume Down button

    Hello all. I was helping my buddy with putting on a custom ROM onto his Galaxy S. I did everything required and got the phone to run CM9 just fine. The issue is that his Volume Down button is always being pressed. It's not a physical press, the phone will always just assume it's being held...
  46. Zkaar

    Thread [Q] CM10 to CM10.1, wiping needed?

    I have a Galaxy S (I9000B) and a Tab (P1000L), S has CM10 and Tab CM10.1. When I was upgrading my Tab from CM10 to CM10.1, I've forgot to wipe data/factory reset, and when it was done, I've noticed that my background was the same, and all the apps where there. Everything is working fine. And...
  47. ts1506

    Thread [Q][Help needed] Damaged SD Card Data Recovery

    Today morning, my Galaxy S running CM10 shows in the notification bar "Your SD Card is damaged. It must be formatted." I read up on the net, where they suggested that I hook up the card to a Symbian device. Unfortunately, my mom's Nokia 500 formatted the card as soon as I plugged it in, leaving...
  48. bippi79

    Thread [ROM][ICS][Galaxy S I9000][Beta] Avatar ROM for Galaxy S I9000

    The Avatar Team is proud to present: Avatar ROM CM based ROM for Samsung Galaxy S I9000 (ICS for now, JB rolling out in coming weeks) Love the minimal feel of CM? Love the themeing capability of MIUI? The Avatar team brings you, both combined in one ROM. Now enjoy beautiful MIUI themes on...
  49. question_air

    Thread [Q] TV-Out with Captivate Glide

    Looking for some help regarding TV-Out functionalities with my Captivate Glide. What are the available functions on this phone (MHL, TV-Out...)? And would any of these three be suitable for my phone...
  50. B

    Thread [Q] No response from my I9000. Not even battery chaging animation.

    Hi all! Today my phone just stopped at school for no reason. I checked the clock on it and after a few minutes I wanted to check it again, but this time I got no response from it. I thought it just freezed. So I pulled the battery out and put it back after a few mins. But no response. After I...