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  1. R

    Thread Where is AP_PS_HOLD on Galaxy S7?

    In the service manual for Galaxy S7 (SM-G930F), step number four in the flow chart for troubleshooting power-on issue is to check the voltage level of a "signal". I had a very hard time locating this. I didn't understand what it means to check for voltage of something by its signal name, and...
  2. FarmerDaveo

    Thread No Rom and Corrupt Recovery S2 i9100

    Hi, my Galaxy S2 was working great with KitKat that I flashed and then thought why not try a new LiniageOS. That Rom failed to install and I figured I would try an updated TWRP recovery. I tried the newest version and it failed to install. It warned me I had no rom installed on reboot but I...
  3. FarmerDaveo

    Thread No Rom and Corrupt Recovery S2 i9100

    Hi, my Galaxy S2 was working great with KitKat that I flashed and then thought why not try a new LiniageOS. That Rom failed to install and I figured I would try an updated TWRP recovery. I tried the newest version and it failed to install. It warned me I had no rom installed on reboot but I...

    Thread A discontinued custom kernel

    This thread was for a custom kernel for LineageOS 16.0 and 17.1. I left it alone entirely for a long, long, looooong while, and have now properly discontinued it after intending to since forever. All of the previous content this post had has been removed, as it's no longer necessary with a...
  5. Miko36110

    Thread [SC-02C NTT DOCOMO]Need help unlocking sim card.

    I need help unlocking sim card on my phone. Galaxy SII SC-02C IMEI: 356881041394837 Thanks in advance!!
  6. Kundinga

    Thread odin and pc don't recognize, sdcard cyano stock recovery "installation aborted"

    odin and pc don't recognize, sdcard cyano stock recovery "installation aborted" hi! i was flashing Lineage Os.. buuuuut i forgot to put a file on the sdcard and i had to turn it off and put the file on it. Obviously, when i did this, the phone was without any Os. Now i've this problems: from...
  7. lapist

    Thread Most stable and smooth ROM for i9100?

    I just got old Samsung Galaxy S2 (i9100) with old Andoid 2.3.3. I plan to give it to my old father as he has quite ancient phone. What is the most stable and smooth ROM for this phone? I suppose a lot of people ask for that :) I need good battery life (mostly for stand-by time), stability...
  8. J

    Thread Bugs in official Lineage OS 14.1 and Resurrection Remix 5.8.4 for Galaxy S2 GT-I9100

    The info about the issues provided as on 2017 September 13. The text was last edited on 2019 August 24. Hello. Sorry for mistakes in my poor English. I had used every day LOS14.1 and RR5.8.3-5.8.4 custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S2 (model: GT-I9100) for more than 2 months in the middle of 2017...
  9. M

    Thread Status 7 Error won't go

    Hey, I got a problem with my S2g. I'm currently on Android 4.1.2, with cwm 6 and blazing v-5 kernel. Both were flashed per odin and work fine. However I can't flash a custom rom. Every time I try it I'll get a Status 7 error. I've already tried 4 different ROMs and I'm really annoyed by now. I...
  10. John Jefferson

    Thread galaxy s5 or s6 stock apps for i9100

    hello people you know whether it is possible we install applications stock of the galaxy s5 or s6 in our galaxy s2? (CyanogenMod 12.1 -lollipop) I wanted at least the gallery and their camera ..'ve looked here on xda, not found. thank you
  11. L

    Thread [REQUEST] Why not a rom stock based (4.1.2) but S6/Note 5 Themed?

    I'd like a rom like this for my beloved Galaxy S2! What's app devs? :)
  12. D

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S (I9100g) won't turn on or charge!

    So the other day I was using my phone (normal usage) and suddenly while using Whatsapp, the phone froze and wasn't responding at all. Finding no other way to use it or turn it off, I proceeded by pulling out the battery and ever since it has not booted back up or even charges. The only sign of...
  13. Al-Dazzlez

    Thread Help with S2 Bezel DIY Idea

    Hello guys So I have been researching recently and there are a lot of people who replace their screens and I saw hints of people replacing the chrome trim/frame around the S2. But I had the Idea of removing the original frame (the chrome thing) and painting it. Just for personal purposes. All I...
  14. E

    Thread Can a perfectly good Phone "HARD BRICK" all by itself ? (coz mine just did!)

    Can a perfectly good Phone "HARD BRICK" all by itself ? (coz mine just did!) my phone seems to have HARD BRICKED all by itself!!! its a Samsung Galaxy S2 and rooted with stock rom (lolipop) which has been running ok for about 2 months. tonight (in a restaurant) it just turned off. and now it...
  15. FaserF

    Thread [How To] Root and install Android 5.1.X on i9100 Galaxy S2

    I want to give the awesome Android 5.1 experience to every Galaxy S2 user. I am here to help, so if you need help just post a new replay. I will upload all I can on my own Google Drive, so when the Link is down someday send me a message. This thread is ONLY for the Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 modell...
  16. M

    Thread [Q] Stuck in Cyanogen Recovery after flashing Paranoid Android

    I just flashed paranoid android 5.0+ unofficial for the galaxy S2 T989, and for some reason it flashed cyanogen recovery over my previous one which was clockworkmod. I can't for some reason get out of recovery (ie. boot into system or boot into bootloader). I already wiped data/factory reset...
  17. nhmanas

    Thread [NOOB FRIENDLY] Build.Prop Tweaks [Especially for i9100]

    DO YOU SICK OF PLACEBO OR SLOWDOWN TWEAKS? Then this tweaks are just for you and especially for your i9100 You can use this tweaks on other devices too but I don't know if they speedup so I guarantie only for i9100 WARNING: This changes may lead to soft brick. If you don't know how to recover...
  18. A

    Thread [Q] Galaxy S2 CM11 Extreme battery drain problem!

    Hello there, I recently installed CM11- 20141224-Nightly and now I have a serious battery drain issue on my phone. It barely stays 5 hours with minimum usage, like browsing the web reading stuff it stays for about less than 2 hours, and without using it(on sleep) drains from 90% to 75% in...
  19. J

    Thread [Q] HELP root fail

    I cannot gain root access for some strange reason. No, not a noob here, very familiar with rooting. Problem is... the Superuser won't flash. I got recovery installed... tried both CWM & TWRP. Either way when I try flashing SU app it doesn't work. I reboot phone and no app installed. In...
  20. CrisR82

    Thread [Q] USB Headphones?

    So I was wondering, is there any way to connect USB headphones to the Galaxy S2 GT-i9100? I got a nice Logitech G930 so I was wondering if there is a way for it to replace the standard stock Samsung headphones I use right now. (if a custom ROM/kernel is needed, please let me know in detail)
  21. G

    Thread [Q] Is my Galaxy S2 completely dead?

    Hi, charging my Samsung Galaxy S2 in the car one day when I notice it had frozen on the lock screen. Tried turning it off but it just kept showing a frozen lock screen so I took the battery out, waited 5 minutes until I put it back in and tried to turn the device on. Device wouldn't turn back on...
  22. ArtfulDodger

    Thread New Hercules Community on Google+

    Sultanxda presents: The unofficial CM11 ROM & kernel development will be back shortly as well, happy to say. This is an alternative to the current community that will be free of the censorship and negativity...
  23. A

    Thread Best battery life ROM for Galaxy S2 (I9100) ?

    Currently using Resurrection Remix ROM (KitKat 4.4.2) 201401016 # Basic, the older version released in January 2014, but the most nice and fast for me after testing more then 30 ROMs. Everything is fine, at least almost, the only problem which I want to deal with, is a battery life. Got anyone...
  24. D

    Thread [Q] Broken screen, digitizer & no usb debugging, completely stock phone.

    Hey all. I'm currently trying to help a friend recover his contacts from his old Phone (galaxy s2) to transfer to his new phone as it broke. However, therein lies a problem, his screen & digitizer is broken, it's completely stock so no usb debugging enabled and has never signed up at...
  25. R

    Thread [Q] How to extract FM Radio from stock firmware?

    I own an international SGS2 with Cyanogenmod 11. Would love to use FM radio. Tried Spirit FM light. Horrible. Would rather avoid to spend 5€ for unlocked version. How about extracting apk from original Samsung firmware? Should it work or not?
  26. deathfrag

    Thread [Q] Where can I get a power button for Galaxy S2?

    Hi I lost my galaxy s2 power button (the soft key that we press to turn on the phone) while opening the case. Where can I buy a spare from? I looked online, but unable to find any. Please help & guide me, if anyone else have had the same issue. Thank you in anticipation. :crying:
  27. S

    Thread S2 not booting past CM logo

    Okay, everything seemed fine on my s2 until the latest CM download. I install it though CWM and it seems fine but then it says Firmware is just the folder name for where i keep the files i may flash to it. I have tried other I tried to install CM 10.2.0 and it seems to work. but then when i...
  28. Y

    Thread [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] Omni + Floating Windows + Lockscreen Notifications + App Circle Bar

    I added Floating Windows (resizable and movable), Lockscreen Notifications and App Circle Bar to OmniROM and built for Galaxy S2 i9100. I built from sources of 4th August. Kernel is stock Omni kernel. Download from here: Feature List: *...
  29. S

    Thread [GUIDE] Improve Your Galaxy S2 Performance

    Improve Your Samsung Galaxy S2 Performance To Change CPU And GPU Frequency Custom Kernel lets your device Android operating system to act together with device hardware. Now XDA developer member “gokhanmoral” has developed an app called “ExTweaks”, it allows your Samsung Galaxy S2...
  30. G

    Thread [Q] Android L (Android 5.0)

    Hi Everyone! I've googled a little bit about Android 5.0 and found several informations, like this: But it's only for N5 and N7, is it generally possible to port something like this to any other devices, like the SGS2 maybe (how...
  31. Shahan_mik3

    Thread Android L. (5.0) Port?

    Guys I'm sure most of us are waiting for the latest iteration of android. But by the time it is updated in Cyanogenmod it might be winter. :laugh: I would like to know if it is possible to port the developer preview of nexus 5 for our device??? I know its impossible....But still theres a...
  32. psydex

    Thread [Q] I messed up something (black screen). Need help!

    I knew I'll break it one day so no big surprise here. Let me start from the beginning. I was testing a new ROM (C-ROM to be exact) but i didn't like it's using TWRP (I hate this thing, i'm used to CWM), so I tried installing CWM by using ROM Manager so I can restore from my Nandroid backup...
  33. pandza88

    Thread [APR 30][APP/THEME][TW ROMS]Note 3 Keyboard

    SamsungIME Note 3 themed For STOCK TW ROMS DOWNLOAD: Light keyboard: Dark keyboard: INSTRUCTIONS: - Reboot to Recovery - Flash zip - Reboot Phone CHANGELOG: 30 April: -Some keyboard dimensions...
  34. H

    Thread [Q] (i9100 stock rom) win 8.1 connection issue

    hey there. as noted above i´m using an samsung galaxy s2 with up to date stock firmware. i´ve been trying to connect ther device to my win8.1 desktop computer. it gets detected, nad the driver gets installed and all - but when i try do actually do something it wont communicate with the...
  35. CrisR82

    Thread [Q] Galaxy S2 GPU driver update?

    Is there a way to update the GPU driver without using a custom ROM/kernel? If no, is there a kernel/ROM that only has the new driver in it without any additional tweaks/mods?
  36. A

    Thread [Q] How to make the Galaxy S3 Look Like The S2

    this may sound wierd but i would like my galaxy s3 to look like the galaxy there any apps that can help or a rom that can help me...if so please provide instructions....i havent the slightest clue why but i just like the touchwiz interface that the galaxy s2 basically i am...
  37. EWAdams

    Thread [Q] Stock non-branded i9100 can't see Sprint or Verizon in USA?

    I've got a stock, un-branded European i9100 with a Vodafone SIM card in it. I come to the USA, turn on WCDMA, and still don't see Sprint, Verizon, or any of the many other networks that Americans complain about so much. For that matter, it doesn't see T-Mobile either. Why can't I roam onto these...
  38. Z

    Thread [Q] Network Lock on Galaxy S2 I9100

    Hi folks, I have a pickle of a situation here that I am finding it hard to grasp why this Network Lock continues to plague me. Seems I cannot manage unlock a Galaxy S2 handset even with the correct IMEI. Or to understand what exactly is going on here which brief story as follows. The IMEI...
  39. LuciferzRage

    Thread [Q] Wifi Extender?

    Is there any way I can use my SGH-T989 as a Wifi Extender or anything close? The phone is disconnected, so tethering is not an option. So I thought why not use as an extender. I did do some searching but all I found just goes to normal tethering. Anyone have any options which can help? Thanks
  40. vibecatalin

    Thread [Q] please delete , sorry

    Sorry, to be deleted!
  41. gherman222

    Thread Phone won't boot

    My brother-in-law's SG2 won't boot. All it will do is show the "Samsung Galaxy SII" logo, then show the battery charging. If unplugged, the blue LED faintly lights then the phone does nothing. When plugged in, it shows the battery at 100% but the OS still won't boot. I got it into download mode...
  42. S

    Thread [Q] Galaxy S2 Won't factory reset

    Hi, I am having some issues with my SGS2 and wondered if anyone had any suggestions before i send it back for repair. It is a stock sim free UK model, not rooted. There is no SD card installed just the internal 16gbyte flash. I was noticing more force closes on apps than normal so i decided to...
  43. milaq

    Thread [ROM] [NIGHTLY] [KitKat] [4.4] Unofficial CyanogenMod 11.0 nightlies

    Welcome to the unofficial CyanogenMod 11.0 nightlies The releases will co-inside and the build start time is at 03:01 UTC every night and should be uploaded soon after. If at anytime the builds are not there, then there was a problem building the ROM, and we will have a look at it ASAP. As...
  44. Xharos

    Thread [Q] Galaxy S2 screen is ultra saturated or something

    Hello. I replaced my S2 with a Nexus 5 and gave it to my dad. But for some reason, after wiping everything and installing CM 10.1 stable and Apolo Kernel for him, the screen looks weird, dark, ultra saturated. I'm 100% sure this was not the case when I was using it. Here you have two photos; the...
  45. Faryaab

    Thread [ROM][AOSP][4.4.2][KOT49H] SuperNexus 4.0 - I9100 - Build 1 [25-12-13]

    The main idea behind SuperNexus is to provide stock Android experience, just like how Google intended it to be. SuperNexus is entirely built from Google's AOSP source. A lot of improvements and optimisations have been done to the Google's Source Code to have the best possible Vanilla Android...
  46. CrisR82

    Thread Custom ROMs - sharing a beginner's experience

    As a long time Android user and general nerd, I often hear from some of my friends about new and cool custom ROMs. It ranges from "amazing customization" to "blazing speed" and even "far better than anything stock in general". So this weekend I decided that since my warranty is no longer valid...
  47. CrisR82

    Thread MHL output resolution

    Anyone happen to know if my Galaxy S2 can use MHL with a 720p screen? My main TV reports that the signal from the MHL adapter is 1080p, but can that be changed or does the adapter auto-select a resolution? (I mean the Galaxy S2 is 480p) I'm thinking of buying a smaller TV for my bedroom but I...
  48. D

    Thread [Q] FreedomPop?

    Is it worth buying a used Galaxy S2 for $75 to use for FreedomPop? I've heard mixed reviews on their service. This is one of the 3 phones that they are currently accepting. (The others are the HTC EVO 4G and the HTC EVO Design 4G).
  49. gius0161

    Thread [ROM][4.4.2][ART][STABLE] CeleriterRom v2.7 [10 MARCH 2014][I9100]

    thanks to ArsildoAs Screen tests benchmark: Thanks to omkarsathe92 Hello to all! (first of all sorry for my english) I'll want to present a little different version of Unofficial CyanogenMod 4.4 KitKat based...
  50. T

    Thread [Q] Using Galaxy S2 as a HTPC

    Hi Guys, My old and faithful S2 recently developed a screen crack, although its completely usable but I am not planning to use it anymore due to safety issues rather I want to use it a as a HTPC by plugging it to my Library monitor. I am planning to connect phone to HDMI port of monitor using...