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  1. BredzProh

    Thread [How-To Guide] Install One UI 5.0 (Android 13) beta on unsupported countries with ADB

    Hello everyone! Click here to go to the main thread.
  2. BredzProh

    Thread [How-To Guide] Install One UI 5.0 (Android 13) beta on unsupported countries with your SD Card

    Hello everyone! 😁 🌟 Update: One UI 5 stable is out! You can install it now via Odin! No more flashing .zip files! See you when One UI 6 beta is out. One UI 5 beta is out, so I have put together this guide on installing it on your Galaxy S20 devices. I will show you how to sideload the beta...
  3. Phidam__

    Thread S20 Series - OneUi 5.0 Beta Download & Install

    Today One Ui 5.0 testing has started in South Korea. How to install: 1: Open the Samsung Members app and select the pilot program banner 2: Download and install the software once you have registered as a beta user 3: just experience it OTA file for update Galaxy S20 G981N Beta 1: GVHB ->...
  4. ryanwalkerr

    Thread Help with Samsung S20 with multiple puzzles

    A person sold me a Samsung Galaxy S20 (SM-G980F/DS Exynos) which later I found out had a host of issues that he was cleverly hiding with software. Obviously he wouldn't take the phone back so I am stuck with a potential brick in my hands. Maybe you guys can help solve the puzzles so I can use...
  5. niko666x


    Hello friends, I have not seen this site here and that is why I am sharing it with you so that you can get your firmware before SamFirms publishes it. No download speed limits, all Firmwares are stored in Google Drive All Samsung: Get your latest firmware:
  6. BredzProh

    Thread [GUIDE] How to enable RCS on your Galaxy device - One UI Google Messages

    Hi there everyone! Today I will show you how to install the "secret" One UI version of Google Messages! The best things about this "special" version are that: it has RCS enabled by default, it will get the features from Samsung Messages. And the best? It will be it is already native in Galaxy...
  7. S

    Thread 3minit battery mod on Stock Samsung S20 FE

    Hi everyone, I own a S20 FE 5G G781B/DS for a few days now and I'd like to install 3minit battery mod on it. Is there any way to use it without flashing any custom firmware ? I was looking to do that for a while on my previous phone, I gave up because I couldn't find any tutorial, the ones I...
  8. BredzProh

    Thread How To Guide Install One UI 5.0 (Android 13) beta on unsupported countries

  9. ShadowGamingOfficial

    Thread (Galaxy S20) Downloading, Do Not Turn Off Phone? What is this!?

    Attached is an image I took of my wife's phone after putting her case back on. Now, since I work in Frontend Web Development | Design & part-time Penetration Testing, she assumes I will know. I have never seen this before. I have UTFSE and to no avail. I also am working hard on deploying...
  10. guyguyguy1

    Thread No wifi calling because my phone is from Verizon?

    I am having an issue where my phone cannot do Wifi calling, or Samsung Visual Voicemail. So I did some digging and found out that my gf's phone (which I flashed unlocked U1 firmware on) now has the service provider software information (SPS) of AIO/AIO/XAA, even though when I got her phone, it...
  11. BredzProh

    Thread Enable 120 Hz with Power saving mode on - works with One UI 3

    Hello everyone! I am back with a tutorial that some of you may like and some of you may be confused. Well, it's about forcing 120Hz/Adaptive refresh rate while Power saving mode is on. Video tutorial: Steps: 1. Go to Settings. Then at Display, open Motion smoothness. 2. Set the screen refresh...
  12. BredzProh

    Thread Update/Flash/Unbrick your device via Odin

    Hello everyone! I made a tutorial regarding flashing the latest update when not available in your region: Video tutorial: Steps: 1. Download and extract both Frija and Odin. 2. Launch Frija. 3. Check the "Auto" button. Write your device's Model Number and CSC (Your model number is at...
  13. BredzProh

    Thread [Guide] Install ANY CUSTOM FONT! - Works in One UI 4.1 and older versions.

    In this updated guide I'm gonna show you how to install any custom fonts you like in your Samsung Galaxy device WITHOUT ROOT. It works in all One UI (Android) versions; even in One UI 4.1! ALL CREDITS TO @sathishtony 's #mono_ app and @__TrungDK__ 's method! • #mono_ version 2.1 [NO-ROOT] ➜...
  14. BredzProh

    Thread Fix empty Battery Usage Stats (2021 BUG)

    As you may know, due to a bug regarding the date, the battery usage page in Device Care is empty. I made a quick guide on how to fix it: STEPS: 1. Open Settings. 2. Go to "Apps". 3. Turn on "Show system apps". 4. Search for "Samsung Device Health Manager Service". 5. Tap on "Force Stop"...
  15. J

    Thread Successful Case(s) of Rooting the Latest Android 11 Firmware?

    Hi all using S20, Samsung have released Android 11 firmware for the S20 series recently. So has anyone of you here already installed this firmware and got it rooted successfully (with Magisk)? I've already had the firmware at hand but not installed it on my S20 (SM-G9810, BRI), since I dare not...
  16. Ranbir7878

    Thread ⚡[Fonts] For Galaxy S20/S20+/S20 Ultra OneUI Upto 2.1 [Root]⚡

    If you want a bundle of stylish & suitable fonts Than this is for you. SamsungSans Unique 101 Fonts You can see the fonts list with preview from the post ?Supports: Samsung S20/S20+/S20 Ultra & Other OneUI devices ?Need Root & Custom Recovery?
  17. DaPoets

    Thread Your boy's in the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra - Verizon 5G Commercial

    I'm the 2nd person in the commercial, the one who says that 5G is faster than my home internet. Kinda fun being able to test the S20 line of phones weeks before they came out. Helps my YouTube channel too lol