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  1. Puca_

    Thread Question How to properly update back to being able to download updates again after one ui 4 beta

    I sideloaded the one ui 4 betas via adb then did the same to install the official release. What do I do to be able to go back to my phone being able to download the updates without wiping it?
  2. X

    Thread Question One ui 4.0, camera lower quality?

    So, I noticed after I updated to one ui 4 (android 12) the camera app got a lot softer and more.. *blurry* with the 39x and 100x zoom. Pics attached for reference I don't even need to explain which is which anyone else with similar issues?
  3. M@nu1313

    Thread Question Primary Camera focus issue

    My 108mp camera is not focusing on things that are far away.If I give the phone a heavy shake ,its back to normal till the phone is stationary for a longer time.Seems there are many with the same issue. Am going take it to samsung today.
  4. P

    Thread Question since i updated to beta 2 errors keep occuring

    i keep getting errors for and google contacts do not sync from my samsung to the web contacts....but if i add on web contacts it sycs with contacts app on s21 ultra. anyone else having these issues? in addition to those issues i have attached a screenshot of what happens when i restart my...
  5. H

    Thread Question Screen burn s21 ultra Snapdragon (G998U1)

    Is this screen burn or something else. It's only visible in blue background. And any possible solution. Please help
  6. jericho246

    Thread General Camera issue - fat vertical line on the taken photo (S21U Exynos). Hardware or software problem?

    I am experiencing the same problem as this person: It only happened once thus far. The dude from reddit says he's had this problem for 3 months. I was trying to take a pic at exactly 30x zoom. At first when the picture was processing, it looked rather normal, without the line. However when...
  7. KaydenMcCurdyTech

    Thread Question Is it worth the upgrade?

    I currently have and use a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. I love the phone but it feel it's time to upgrade and I'll add this S20 to my pile of phones to play with. So far I like the S21 Ultra better because of the build quality over the S20 Ultra. I like the metal around the camera lens over the...
  8. E

    Thread Question Change rom

    Hi, sorry about my probably noob question, but I prefer to be noob than brick my phone :p I bought on ebay an G998N (a lot cheaper than here in Chile), but I want to flash the G998B rom (both Exynox). It is possible? Thanks!
  9. Ipse_Tase

    Thread General [CANADA] Galaxy S21 Ultra discussions, sw updates, everything related to the SM-G998W

    I thought we should have a thread dedicated to Canadian users, our model is different enough from the US one (U) to warrant a separate section. For starters, I haven't seen any mention of the May patch AUDA on any of the carrier forums (Telus, Fido, Rogers, etc) nor anything on the Samsung...
  10. A

    Thread Question OnePlus 9 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Camera Test!

    Found this video and it is very interesting. S21 Ultra is losing almost in every situation. Damn…
  11. T

    Thread Question Can you enable carrier aggregation on HK S21 Ultra G9980?

    Hello, I live in the US but purchased the Hong Kong model S21 Ultra, model SM-G9980. This model is using the Snapdragon chip set, and supports dual physical SIM. It supports LTE bands 2,4,12 yet it has not been aggregating any of the LTE bands in areas which I know a US model would. As far as...
  12. E

    Thread Question Chinese Dual Sim Version In Canada

    I am really interested in getting the S21 Ultra but need a dual sim phone for my work number. Speaking with Samsung support, the only version of the S21 Ultra that is dual sim and has the Snapdragon 888 is the Chinese version. Looking online I can find some online that ship to Canada. What...
  13. AllAboutTech

    Thread [EU /International] SM-G991B /SM-G996B /SM-G998B Firmware Links and Flashing Discussion Here

    [EU /International] G991B /G996B /G998B Firmware Links and Flashing Discussion Here