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  1. A

    Thread Question Is there a fix for One UI 4.1's horrible notification panel?

    I'm not sure if anyone feels the way I do but I can't stand the notification panel with One UI 4.1. It's a complete mess and I often find I'll have upwards of 25-50 notifications all separate in a large list. I vaguely remember it being cleaner with 4.0. Is there a way to have it group all app...
  2. K0mraid3

    Thread How To Guide Carrier/SIM Unlock - Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G SM-G998U & U1 (QualComm SnapDragon) USA/CANADA! - NO ROOT- FREE

    Here's a free How-To on how i successfully Carrier/Sim unlocked my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G running the NEWEST Android update on bootloader 5 (USQU5BULJ)released in January of 2022 that was carrier locked to Verizon and now fully Unlocked. DISCLAIMER: *This does NOT trip Knox or Void your...
  3. D

    Thread Android 12 problems

    Hi I got the s21 Exynos. After the android 12 update many of the apps keep crashing. They are all up to date. I cant seem to find any solution to this problem. Am i the only one with this problem ? Cant find any other info about this issue.
  4. Fredzvw

    Thread Android 12 OTA Update

    Hello. Update is here for the S21 G991W Telus Canada. 2+Gb
  5. _JuSteR_

    Thread Question Replace a Galaxy S21 Ultra with a Pixel 6 Pro?

    Hey everybody! Quick question: would you replace your Galaxy S21 Ultra with a Pixel 6 Pro? I'm asking it because I'm a S21 owner but I've never been completely in love with the Samsung design (those squircle icons...) nor all the Samsung apps I don't use and can't remove. I'm into Google apps...
  6. K

    Thread samsung s21 5g problems help w/ software!

    i have a tmobile branded galaxy s21 5g. i paid it off had tmobile unlock it then switched to spectrum mobile. my phone now works but only to make/rec calls and texts. NO DATA CONNECTION WITHOUT WIFI. i attempted to flash it using an unbranded USC firmware using oden, it flashed successfully...
  7. BredzProh

    Thread How To Guide Install One UI 4.0 (Android 12) beta on unsupported countries

    Hello everyone!  I am back with another guide! I have put together this guide on installing One UI 4.0 (Android 12) beta on your Galaxy device. I will show you how to sideload the beta even though the beta programme may not be available in your country or may be full.  NOTE...
  8. Fra92best

    Thread S21 pin fpc connector damage motherboard

    Hey guys unfortunately my pin fpc connector motherboard is damage and I was looking for replace,I know is not easy, so I was wondering if I can replaced with s20 pin connector but I’m scared if that cannot work
  9. BredzProh

    Thread [Guide] Install ANY CUSTOM FONT! - Works in One UI 4.1 and older versions.

    In this updated guide I'm gonna show you how to install any custom fonts you like in your Samsung Galaxy device WITHOUT ROOT. It works in all One UI (Android) versions; even in One UI 3.1! ALL CREDITS TO @sathishtony 's #mono_ app and @__TrungDK__ 's method! • #mono_ version 2.1 [NO-ROOT] ➜...
  10. AllAboutTech

    Thread [EU /International] SM-G991B /SM-G996B /SM-G998B Firmware Links and Flashing Discussion Here

    [EU /International] G991B /G996B /G998B Firmware Links and Flashing Discussion Here
  11. BredzProh

    Thread Enable 120 Hz with Power saving mode on - works with One UI 3

    Hello everyone! I am back with a tutorial that some of you may like and some of you may be confused. Well, it's about forcing 120Hz/Adaptive refresh rate while Power saving mode is on. Video tutorial: Steps: 1. Go to Settings. Then at Display, open Motion smoothness. 2. Set the screen refresh...
  12. BredzProh

    Thread How to update to the latest Software via Odin - also for flashing/unbricking any firmware

    Hello everyone! I made a tutorial regarding flashing the latest updates, flashing custom ROMs or unbricking your device: Video guide: Steps: 1. Download and extract both Frija and Odin. 2. Launch Frija. 3. Check the "Auto" button. Write your device's Model Number and CSC (Your model number is...