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  1. B

    Thread Need suggestions for higher capacity battery for Samsung Galaxy S3 SCH-I535

    Hope this site is still active for the S3! I recently signed up for a Pay As You Go Plan as a backup phone number using my old Verizon S3 which had been sitting around for 3 years without use. I noticed that the battery (original 2100mAh that came with the phone) has bloated a bit and it holds...
  2. P

    Thread How to update to 4.4.X Kit Kat

    Hi i have a S3 i747 ATT running 4.1.1 baseband I747UCDLK3, i want to update to kit kat to the latest version because i want to install lineageos, i don't live in the USA and i don't get the OTA update, it says that it's up to date. I've read that it's dangerous to jump from 4.1.1 to 4.4.X, that...
  3. D

    Thread How do I create/acquire all of the necessary firmware files to use Tool Studio 4.6?

    I don't have access to a computer SD card reader (my laptop keeps crashing and won't boot, for some reason), so I just have my desktop with a microUSB cable. I am trying to use Tool Studio 4.6 to get stock firmware back onto my hard bricked S3 SCH-S968C and boot it up, but apparently the...
  4. Mr.WoW

    Thread Play don't starve on GS3 ?

    I saw recently that the don't starve game is available on android, so i tried to download it from google play but it doest show up because its not compatible, then i just went and downloaded it from a website but it seems to force close everytime i try to open it. Is there any way to make it...
  5. guptashubham123

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S3 : Unbricking Advice ( PIP File )

    Hi, I had Samsung Galaxy S3 which was just lying around unused and as always I started playing with it and this time I think I reached the next level. Using ODIN, I flashed some S3 PIP file on internet and now as soon as I turn on my phone it looks like attached picture. Any suggestions ...
  6. AlienDrew

    Thread How to use the Samsung Galaxy S III without a Battery! (With better support)

    Closed Per OP request WARNING: Rewiring this wrong can possibly ruin your phone, please do this at your own risk. Don't strip a wall charger unless it's voltage is as stated for highest input (by recommendation stated below) or somewhat lower than! Remember, you should only do this, for the...
  7. F

    Thread UPSM Manager for S3 I9300 4.3?

    Have anyone tried bringing UPSM Manager to S3 I9300 4.3 ROM? Is it possible. It could be a very useful software for Stock based custom ROMs.
  8. dragonilly

    Thread Galaxy S3 no power button, stuck at boot loop after flashing 6.0 cyanogenmod 13

    Hi everyone, I flashed the newest ROM from cyanogenMod to my old galaxy s3. I did this with the phone still on. After flashing, the phone is stuck in a boot loop. The problem is that I have removed the power button completely because it was faulty(even from the board). Has anyone had the same...
  9. Chef_of_Sweden

    Thread Will using a MHL 2.0/3.0 adaptor give you 1080p, 60Hz, 7.1-sound output?

    As written above, will using a MHL 2.0/3.0 adaptor with your Galaxy S3 I9300 give you 1080p, 60Hz and 7.1-sound output by for example playing a movie? Has anyone tried it? :D
  10. Trafalgar Square

    Thread [Q&A] [ROM][6.0.1][Beanstalk][UNOFFICIAL][Great Experience][DU-Features]

    This thread has been created for Questions & Answers/Troubleshooting Specific to [ROM][6.0.1][Beanstalk][UNOFFICIAL][Great Experience][DU-Features] Please feel free to share issues, questions and offer help Please keep discussion focused, on the topic described in the OP 2. Post...
  11. L

    Thread Cyanogenmod Install failed on Galaxy S3 [SOLVED]

    Hi Guys, This is my first time working with a custom ROM. I have an old S3 which sucks due to Samsung bloatware. So, I wanted to play and install Cyanogenmod on it. I have a Rogers Samsung Galaxy S3 (Canada) and the model is SGH-I747M. I was following...
  12. P

    Thread Galaxy S3 keeps restarting

    Wifes phone does nothing but restart its self, I need to get her pictures off her phone. I pull the battery out and as soon as I put it back in the phone boots, sometimes will boot all the way but always restarts itself. Anything I can do to get the pictures off this phone? Phone is not...
  13. logan71f100

    Thread galaxy s3 decrypted itself? (CM 12.1)

    i have a galaxy s3 t mobile phone and it is encrypted. today i rebooted it and it didn't ask me for my password to the encryption... so i went to settings and security and it says that its encrypted...rebooted again still didn't ask for password. the phone just boots up as normal and works. i...
  14. Z

    Thread updating to CyanogenMod 12.1 with CMW

    I currently have a an old GS3 I'm playing with and am curious can I load CyanogenMod 12.1 with CWM or do I have update my recovery and install TWRP. currently running Beanstalk 4.4 Thanks Zb
  15. S

    Thread Could not do normal boot (No recovery mode)

    I flashed CM 13 rom with ODIN.without recovery mode:( .so my phone was hard bricked .it wasn't turned i entered download mode by partitioned SD card method.then i flashed stock firmware .now s3 boot into GALAXY logo and then restart ( i think boot loop ). i can enter to download mode...
  16. wifesabitch

    Thread Odin Fail - Need help urgently

    This is a Christmas gift I messed something up. Need some help ASAP. Trying to flash some firmware on SGH-I74M. Getting FAIL! on Odin. All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1) The phone itself is getting stuck on "downloading...Do not turn off target!!" and the progress bar doesn't...
  17. L

    Thread Need a Rooting App

    Hi Everyone, My friend has Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 and he has tried framaroot and androot but they didn’t work. The androot one only works for androids up to 2.2 so no luck there as his s3 is 4.3 and framaroot unlike I’ve heard and seen showed only one exploit option which didn’t work and was asking...
  18. W

    Thread Xposed on 5.1.1 possible yet?

    Does anyone have Xposed working on 5.1.1 yet? I've seen some unofficial mods that have it working but I can't find anything on it working specifically for the S3. Really starting to miss having my Xposed mods running like I did on kitkat!
  19. F

    Thread twrp won't mount internal sdcard

    My phone was just sitting on the charger and it reboooted while I was away from it. IT was sitting on the larger Samsung Galaxy S3 logo screen. I could not get the phone to boot. I went into TWRP and it took a much longer time to get into recovery mode. When I do, it says there is no OS! When...
  20. Adzkii

    Thread S3 Mini VE Hard bricked (DEAD)

    So i have a S3 mini VE, and i was flashing a stock firmware on my phone suddenly the USB cable disconnected during the process (ODIN) now when i try to turn on the phone, it doesn't come on at all. the only way to get the phone on is to charge it (AC). but it goes into loop every 5 seconds. So...
  21. A

    Thread drivelink app s3 i9305

    looking for some help with the drivelink app on my s3 seems to be working when not plugged into hu but crashes when its pluged in headunit is sony xav-601bt only bought the phone to run some sort of navigation
  22. ZipAddict

    Thread [Samsung Galaxy S3] With [Lollipop 5.1] [Custom ROM] Info, Help, And Troubleshooting

    This thread is for... • Helping you to understand why you would want to upgrade your Samsung Galaxy S3 to a 5.1 ROM. • Helping to address any concerns prior to this upgrade. • Helping you to accomplish this upgrade. • Helping you to troubleshoot and fix any issues after this upgrade. • Talking...
  23. marinazar

    Thread [Q] Advice: 4.3 v 4.4 - Root Odin3

    Hello! I received a replacement for a TMO Samsung Galaxy S3 for a S3 LTE (. It did an auto upgrade to 4.3. Because that v is a POS I rooted 4.3 with Odin3 (v3.09) and root66 tar. NOW I find out that there is an upgrade to 4.4 for the S3 LTE (or all S3s I assume) and I am in a dilemma if I...
  24. deesto-xda

    Thread [Q] screen goes black after app launch

    My phone learned a new trick last week: launch an app, and the screen turns dead black after the app's splash loading screen. It doesn't happen with every app or every time certain apps are launched, but if it is going to happen, it is always just after an app loading screen and before the app...
  25. B

    Thread [Q] Distorted audio during voice calls with Cyano & Aosp ROMs

    Hi everyone! :) I've a big problem with my S3 i9300! As you know, Touchwiz ROMs can be appreciated or not for their appearance but one thing is certain: on heavy use or with many apps installed it's a continuous pain to use them. The phone begins to be soooo laggy, to get stuck and so on... The...
  26. M

    Thread Using Galaxy S3 (sch-I535) from Verizon with AT&T sim-no HSPA or LTE

    Not including myself, the rest of my family is on Verizon. My daughter recently upgraded her S3 so I have it now as a handmedown. I have AT&T and have been using it with their sim. (Verizon doesn't lock their smartphones) I get normal voice coverage but can't get anything more than edge on...
  27. W

    Thread [Q] 4.4.x AOSP camera/snapchat problems. Solutions? HELP

    Basically, every AOSP 4.4.x rom I have tried (I prefer AOSP) on my device has had camera problems. Unfortunately, I came from a device with a buggy camera already and just cannot deal with camera bugs anymore, so I'm stuck on stock 4.4.2 for now. My camera bugs are namely that snapchat...
  28. shibaa987

    Thread [ROM] [MIUI] MIUI v6 ROM for Samsung Galaxy S3 i9305 International LTE version

    MIUI, developed by Xiaomi Tech, is a stock and aftermarket firmware for smartphones and tablet computers based on the free software Android operating system. MIUI includes various features such as theming support Xiaomi's custom made applications like Mi Directory etc. If you are looking for...
  29. Roxie Mika

    Thread [Q] US Cellular S3 to PagePlus with 3G?

    So I have an S3 from US Cellular, and I want to flash it to PagePlus. I've read a couple guides already trying to make sure I have everything in order, but I want to make sure of one thing; Is it possible to get 3G service with a flashed phone without using, uh, less-than-legal methods, like...
  30. T

    Thread Galaxy S6 vs Note 4 vs S3 11 Minute Speed Test. (Apps, camera, benchmarks...)

    Just finished a bunch of speed tests between the Galaxy S6, Note 4, and S3. I covered shutdown and boot times, system app launching, game launching, multi-tasking, camera opening speeds, camera to gallery speeds, and benchmarks (Antutu, 3D Mark, Geekbench, and Quadrant). watch?v=SU3sesECxlc...
  31. N

    Thread [HELP!] Galaxy S3 not booting. Possible hardware failure? [Pics included]

    Hey guys. I've run into an issue with my GT-i9300 International version just yesterday at it's racking my brains up. Here's the lowdown about the device It's the international GTi9300 (3G version) It runs ArchiDroid v2.1.4 ROM This rom was installed a year ago and gave no issues what so ever...
  32. V

    Thread [Q] Enabling 16-bit transparency?

    Was a pretty neat setting in CM. Noticeably improved performance and completely got rid of the tearing/visual artifact issue for me without noticeable quality loss. Any way to enable it in PA? Yeah, the performance settings section is nowhere to be found, but maybe an edit in build.prop or...
  33. beansnorice

    Thread [Q] wifi wont scan for networks

    recently purchased a galaxy s3 sph-l710 (boost mobile) from ebay when it arrived i deboxed it and it was on 4.1.2 and WiFi work fined today i give it to my girl we activated it and as soon as we did it asked to update. as i planned to install a 4.4.2 rom i allowed it to update to latest version...
  34. $avage$3

    Thread Favorite ROM and why

    What is your favorite Rom and why, I guess Ill start by saying it would have to be CyanideL( LINK) reason......First of all rogersb11 and TheGeekyNimrod have put together an "infamous" ROM. Despite...
  35. Nonta72

    Thread [Q] Lost Super Amoled after replacing screen ?!

    Hi, A friend of mine currently replaced her I9300 screen after she cracked it. But I noticed that the phone screen isn't Super Amoled anymore :o I compared her S3 Display to mine and mine clearly have BETTER display quality! Now, since I wrongly flashed N7100 Kernel onto mine and froze the Touch...
  36. sosukeaizen

    Thread Information needed regarding to SGH-I747M (Rogers)

    Hi guys I need some information regarding to How to root, flash Custom ROMS, flash various Recoveries and if I want to revert back to full stock ROM whenever I want to how will I do it? My device model is SGH-I747M (Rogers Carrier) and I've updated it to the latest OTA update 4.4 KitKat I've...
  37. Nonta72

    Thread Touchscreen problem

    I was trying to port N7100 IUNI KitKat ROM. Everything went OK. But It looks like I forgot to replace N7100 kernel with the modified I9300 kernel :confused: I noticed that when I tried to boot the ROM. I then flashed the modified Kernel, now the Touchscreen doesn't work ! Even in Recovery, it...
  38. maaljen

    Thread [Q] Boeffla Kernel and SuperSU problem.

    I could not find any "official" thread forthe Boeffla-Config/Kernel, so I thought I'd give it a chance here. I am currently running Android 5.0.2, and by looking at Boefflas official page, I could not find a suitable kernel; however I was told CM12 Alpha 9 is supposed to work. Now to my...
  39. G

    Thread [QUIDE] Theme your home screen to look like Galaxy S3

    This guide shows you how to theme your home screen to look like the stock home screen of the Samsung Galaxy S3 This requires NO ROOT, is smooth as butter and it looks more like the stock Galaxy S3 home screen than any other launchers I have seen :) This guide is done by me, I made this by...
  40. PanzerVolr

    Thread [Q] Can I do this?

    I want to disable Back key during Call or I want to use the Back key to End Call just like in Touchwiz during a call back key does not take you to homescreen sometimes I hit the wrong back key and the call goes on in background I really like to stay on this Rom but I guess I will go back to...
  41. shwise

    Thread [Q] How to boot into recovery without ROM or power button

    My Galaxy S3 just faced the bootloop issue because of a faulty power button. I had CM12 installed, so couldn't use warranty. I opened up the phone, and cut the power switch off with a razor blade. Now, I can boot to download mode using the volume and home buttons while plugged in, and cancel...
  42. A

    Thread [Q] Flashing issues

    Hi, got some difficulty flashing. Just trying to flash liquid smooth onto my old s3, but having some difficulty. Previously loaded with a temasek rom and with devil recovery, pretty sure that the partitions had been reformatted to f2fs to boot. Well, I tried to reformat the partitions to ext4...
  43. PanzerVolr

    Thread [Q] Disable Back button in AOSP Rom

    In the official Touchwiz Rom, during a call, if you press back button then it won't take you to home screen or anywhere so you don't get extra charges but in AOSP Rom such as running Resurrection Remix Rom 5.2.8 on i9305 or Nameless Rom 5.0.2 . I want to disable the back button during calling...
  44. T

    Thread Please help me. Bootloop, No Recovery. Urgent!

    Hey guys my cousin tried to upload a custom rom on his Galaxy S3 Mini, and something went wrong. When i checked the base model before it went into bootloop it said it was the 8190N, but when i take the battery off, it says I8190 (Not N). i can't go into recovery mode. i can only get to download...
  45. P

    Thread Samsung GS3 16GB fully dead. Please Help

    I have looked everywhere for an answer and did come across several but don't know how to proceed. I have got a Samsung GS3 16GB SGH-T999V from Wind (Canada). After using it for 3 months the phone died on me. Sent it to Samsung but they said that my warranty was void because I tampered with it...
  46. O

    Thread [i9300]Sound/Reboot problem, need an opinion

    Hi, i have some problems with my galaxy s3 (i9300) international version. I don't have a warranty. Android version: 4.3, stock Problems: -keeps restarting (very often) -no sound at all, speaker or earphone -microphone not working (not working in call, google now said that cannot connect to...
  47. marinovm92

    Thread [Q] Should I replace my phone's motherboard?

    Hey guys! I have a GT-i9300 for about 2 years now. Long story short - last year I bought a liquid air refreshener for my car which leaked out and without noticing it I just threw my phone in it and later on reallised what had actually happend. So fast forward 1 year later, the phone is till...
  48. Y

    Thread [Q]_[HELP]_EFS_Folder_Need_Opinion

    Hi guys i need help from you and please if you dont know what i m asking do not reply...So no magic reboots and pluging my phone to charger and flashing stock rom etc.. So finally i got my Efs corrupted and i flashed that stock efs image that i found on youtube. I have losted my Efs folder...
  49. kenpachi100

    Thread [Q] How to disable led light during boot up

    I wasn't sure if I should post this here or in cyanogenmod threads so sorry if im in the wrong place, I have an AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 i747 running cm11 on Snapshot 12 and i was wondering if there's a way to completely disable the led light from blinking when the phone is turning on. Ive...
  50. C

    Thread [Q] Bricked T-Mobile Galaxy S3, Advice Needed

    My friend talked me into rooting his S3 last night and that went well, but then he googled around and saw that in order to install cyanogenmod you needed to update your bootloader. He pointed me to the thread, I downloaded it for him, installed it, but when I rebooted the phone it showed no...