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  1. N

    Thread [ROM][PORT][jflte/i9505] LineageOS 14.1

    Ported from: jfvelte LineageOS 14.1 is based on the Android Open Source Project with extra contributions from many people within the Android community. It can be used without any need to have any Google application installed. You will need to provide your own Google Applications package (gapps)...
  2. GoldNightC

    Thread Need Stock ROM for Samsung Galaxy S4

    Hello, I've been looking for the stock ROM for my Samsung Galaxy S4. From looking at an app called Device Info, here is the general information about my S4: Model: SGH-I337 Device: jfleatt Bootloader: I337UCUAMC9 I've scoured the entire internet for ROMs for this, but there are no results on...
  3. B

    Thread LineageOS 17.1 camera and saving photos to SD

    Hi everyone, I have a glorious 2014 Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 and love it so much that I recently gave it a new lease on life by installing LineageOS 17.1. I'm having trouble trying to save photos to me SD card. Here's what I did. 1. First I tried using the SD card as Adopted Storage, but I found...
  4. bestiatester

    Thread [ROM][11][jfltexx][OFFICIAL] crDroid 7.20 Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505, SGH-I337M, SGH-M919)

    *** Disclaimer I am not responsible for any damage you made to your device You have been warned crDroid is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device also attempting to bringing many of the best features existent today Features...
  5. N

    Thread tips on how to unlock bootloader to twrp and custom rom installation (knox seems uninstallable)

    hi, i received an old galaxy s4 mini i9195i still with kitkat 4.4.4; i tried to update android with a new version but it says "the lateset update have already been installed"... so i tried to unlock to install a custom recovery/rom etc but the first problem is that ther's no unlock option in...
  6. L

    Thread Galaxy S4 Stuck on "Recovery Booting"

    Hi I've searched on google quite a bit, flashed some official android 4.4.2 and 5.0.1 firmwares to my S4 and thus far nothing works. The phone is stuck saying "Recovery Booting". Any ideas? Thanks
  7. Retrial

    Thread 🪐side/JDCTeam Universe🪐

    Welcome to side/JDCTeam Universe 🪐 Here you can find the work of side and JDCTeam over the years for our S4 & POCO F1 devices! Ubuntu Touch Ubuntu Touch [S4] [EOL] [NOT STABLE] Android 12L/12.1 Optimized LineageOS [S4] [LIVE] [STABLE] [DAILY DRIVER] Optimized LineageOS is a LineageOS...
  8. Retrial


    Welcome to S4 Unified Guides! This thread now redirects to here. ⬇
  9. K

    Thread [Q] Is there a way to limit Dalvik Cache size?

    Hi guys, A big trouble, and a design flaw of Android for low-memory devices like my Galaxy S4 16 GB which has less than 500 mb free internal space due to Dalvik Cache which is sized about 3 GB right now and growing! Is there a way/tweak setting it to stay at a certain max size and stop it from...
  10. Buff99

    Thread [JDCTeam] 🥧 Aosp Extended Pie 🥧 Release 13 [31 Dec] [9.0.0_r46] [unofficial] [EOL]

    [JDCTeam] 🥧 Aosp Extended Pie 🥧 Release 13 [31 Dec] [9.0.0_r46] [unofficial] [EOL] Aosp Extended for Galaxy S4 (jflte) #include /* * Your warranty is now void. * And other random stuff no-one reads. */ Read the whole of the OP's! Be respectful to each...
  11. Buff99

    Thread [JDCTeam] 🥧 Pixel Experience Pie 🥧 Release 12 [26 Dec][9.0.0_r46][unofficial] [EOL]

    [JDCTeam] 🥧 Pixel Experience Pie 🥧 Release 12 [26 Dec][9.0.0_r46][unofficial] [EOL] Pixel Experience for Galaxy S4 (jflte) What is this? Pixel Experience is an AOSP based ROM with Google apps included and all Pixel goodies (launcher, wallpapers, icons, fonts...
  12. Retrial

    Thread [GT-I9505] Flash Stock-Custom Roms & Useful Links

    THIS THERAD WILL NO LONGER BE UPDATED. TAKE A LOOK ON MY UNIFIED GUIDES/COLLECTION CLEAN & DIRTY FLASH STOCK OR CUSTOM ROM Note: These guides have mostly specific links for the S4 GT-I9505 Roms TWRP, Modems & Bootloaders but the steps are the same for all other S4 Models - You just need to...
  13. Buff99

    Thread JDCTeam ? State of the Pie ? August cometh

    Just a bit about where we are and where things are going. We have released eleven JDCTeam Pie roms, an optimised recovery and an aroma addon installer, so far:- CURRENT ROMSOptLosPie by Side The original and best. Lineage 16.0 optimised to within a shade of it's life. This is a unified rom so...
  14. S

    Thread [Q] Can "SIM card not inserted" be a software issue or just hardware

    Hey everyone! I need some advice from an experienced member. More of a theoretical issue - can a phone not recognizing a SIM card be a software issue if the wifi is working? I'm having some trouble with an old phone (S4 active ATT I537). I managed to flash it back to stock and played...
  15. ExNihilo01

    Thread Are there ROMs (for phones) with no cellular data?

    As in, the ROM makes the phone into a tiny lil tablet? I can't be the only one who wants to use my old phone this way, as opposed to installing a regular ROM and keeping the device in airplane mode all the time. It seems like it would optimize the device to have no "telephony" services trying to...
  16. I

    Thread Get every data without the Password

    Hey everyone, my cousin died last year and my aunt got her phone back from the police yesterday. Now she asked me if there is any way to save the data from the phone. Whatsapp etc. The Problem is we need a password to boot the phone up. What is the best way to unlock the phone or get the...
  17. zubair1836

    Thread [I9505] S Planner Fix (FC when creating new event)

    This Fix is ONLY for TouchWiz based ROMs, running 5.x or above. Instructions: 1. Make sure you have latest Custom Recovery (TWRP Recommended). 2. Make a Nandroid backup (Optional). 3. Go to Recovery , Tap 'Install', choose the S Planner (Download from here) 4. When this Installer asks...
  18. antuketot76

    Thread Telegram Group (Security & Privacy)

    This Telegram group was created for discussion, sharing ideas or anything related to privacy and security for all platform. We would like to hear and sharing any suggestion, prevention or improving the security and privacy of our internet. [SIZE="4"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Join our Telegram...
  19. H

    Thread Encryption Failed... Tried formatting, wiping, installing new ROM but no use

    I have a I9505 and it was working fine (samsung ROM), when I decided to 'encrypt' my device! It was fully charged and connected to a charger. After starting, it stayed connected for 5-6 hours, but nothing was seemingly happening.. After 6 hours I switched it off. Then back on again. The device...
  20. M

    Thread [5.0.1][TW][E330][PORT] Stock Galaxy S4 ROM for E330 based on I9506XXSDPL2

    Hello everyone, I present you the I9506 ROM for E330 devices made by me and 3lambda. I want to publicly thank 3lambda for providing all the help. Without him, I wouldn't be able to make this project. The ROM is completely stock, with no modifications. The main reason I made this ROM is that...
  21. M

    Thread [ROM] MIUI8 7.3.17 MultiLanguage With Magisk

    This is not my work, Thanks to a Chinese developer in the Miui community by the name gtbluesky, here is link to original ROM Here is link to ROM It has 4 chinese apps you can use titanium backup pro to freeze them. To...
  22. Alberto96

    Thread [ROM][7.1.x]Unofficial LineageOS 14.1 Monthly Builds (all variants)

    LineageOS is based on the Android Open Source Project with extra contributions from many people within the Android community. It can be used without any need to have any Google application installed. Linked below is a package that has come from another Android project that restore the Google...
  23. M

    Thread [Completed] NFC doesnt work on my S4 I9505 -help please!

    NFC doesnt work on my Galaxy S4 I9505. I have flashed this stock rom: which works otherwise perfectly. I have also new battery which says Nearfield Communication on it. It also looks like there is an antenna. It...
  24. S

    Thread Verizon S4 Boot Animations that I have created

    Here is the link Feel Free to share Enjoy :)
  25. F

    Thread can`t change bootanimation on my S4 :(

    hey! I got a S4 i9515 I think its nearly the same as i9505 (LTE/4G) ROOTED 5.0.1 + TWRP I made myself a boot animation and it works fine, I tested it on my Xperia Z5 but the S4 doesnt accept it :( the resoluion is correct 720x1280 30FPS loop normally you have to replace the...
  26. F

    Thread S4 keeps turning off after a few seconds

    hey! I own a Samsung Galaxy S4. Since today I cant boot the phone up anymore!!! while watching youtube videos it sudddenly was dead, I didn`t even drop it. turning on again with the power button doesnt work, advanced boot with power button + other button doesnt work as well. only if I reinsert...
  27. A

    Thread "S4" ROMs on "S4 Active" - possible?

    For the "S4 Active" ... can I also use the ROMs that are made for the "S4" ? I don't want to get stuck with a handset which is not widely supported, but I like the thought of owning a rugged phone. There is a ROM "Galaxy S4 (Intl)" which is a CM13...
  28. D

    Thread [GUIDE/TUTORIAL/HOWTO] Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505 Stock to Android 11 R

    [GUIDE/TUTORIAL/HOWTO] Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505 Stock to Android 11 R [GUIDE/TUTORIAL/HOWTO] Samsung Galaxy S4 International i9505/jfltexx Any version to Android 11 R /LineageOS 18.1 This detailed step-by-step guide helps you transform your Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505 to a powerful one with Android...
  29. B

    Thread S4 LTE (jfltexx) AOSP custom MM Kernel.

    Greetings fellow members. I've been googling and searching over XDA for a couple of hours but haven't been able to find (apologies if there is and I didn't dig deeply enough) a custom kernel for AOSP or CM based ROM's for Marshmallow, if someone knows any I'd greatly appreciate if you could...
  30. R

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S4 will not get past the Samsung "Custom" Bootscreen

    Dealing with a Samsung Galaxy S4 that will not get past the Samsung "Custom" bootscreen. The ROM was stock Android KitKat. It was rooted, and Safestrap recovery was installed. The Xposed Framework was also installed. The device was working fine. Then the power button broke, so installed...
  31. D

    Thread E: failed to mount /sdcard (No such file or directory)

    I have a Galaxy S4 SGH-M919 (T-Mobile, M919UVUFOK3) and cannot get my phone to recognize any SD card. I have tried reformatting multiple SD cards. The SD cards read fine in my pc and in other phones and tablets. I even ordered a new card reader, installed it, and still doesnt work. I'm not...
  32. I

    Thread [ROM] Bliss ROM [I9500] [V 6.4] [23/09/2016]

    *This ROM has not been developed by me. Please thank/donate the original developer for his work (link below) Bliss ROM V6.4 Dated : 23/09/2016 Base : CM-MM BUGS :- Test and report DOWNLOADS Original thread link :- Mirror link :-...
  33. A

    Thread Return Galaxy S4 GT I9500 to stock/original rom

    Hi. o/ How can I return a GT I9500 to stock/original rom? Where can I get the rom? And to install its the same way as a custom one?
  34. I

    Thread Problem with battery i9500 India

    Running stock Android 5.0.1 Region code: INU Build number: i9500XXUHOK2 Baseband: i9500DDUHOA1 Please check screenshot. Before bed it was at 9% and in the morning it is 35% without charging the phone. Battery drains very quickly when I use the phone and on standby it regains few %. very weird...
  35. A

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S4 bootloop

    Hi, I have a Galaxy S4 I9500 and I'm using GEAR CM13 The ROM was working fine until a while ago, but now suddenly there's a bootloop. Last thing I remember doing was accidentally holding the power button a bit long (while trying to lock the phone) so the power off/reboot menu came up and and...
  36. A

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S4 bootloop

    Hi, I have a Galaxy S4 I9500 and I'm using GEAR CM13 The ROM was working fine until a while ago, but now suddenly there's a bootloop. Last thing I remember doing was accidentally holding the power button a bit long (while trying to lock the phone) so the power off/reboot menu came up and and...
  37. H

    Thread S4 battery complete discharge

    I have a galaxy S4 that I have not been using since I got an S6. The phone was off for a long time and now when I'm powering on the phone, it is not turning on. Once it happened and I had to charge it for a while before it started charging at 0% but now it is not charging at all. The phone did...
  38. Phikicheli

    Thread [Q] Safestrap 5.01 (OF1)?

    Has anyone found a way to get safestrap working on OF1 Lollipop 5.01? From what I've read you have to use flashfire, but most of the post were made back in 2014 so I wasn't sure if there was something new I just missed. Thanks! :good:
  39. D

    Thread [THEME ENGINE][NEW] Samsung Galaxy S6Experience Theme Pack for S4.

    COMPATIBLE WITH EVERY DEVICE COMPATIBLE WITH CUSTOM THEME ENGINE Hello everybody, as you might know there is a port of the Theme Engine for the Galaxy S4. (Here) So because it doesnt accept all themes and only custom ones I decided to Port the S6 Icons and Wallpapers. After the Installation...
  40. A

    Thread [Urgent help please!!] Can i install another S4 variant rom on SCH-I545

    Hi guys, I have a Verizon galaxy S 4 SCH-I545 and I'm outside the US so I want to install an international android version on it. So I want to know if another galaxy S4 variant rom's can be installed on another galaxy S4? Like the GT-i9505 or the GT-i9500
  41. J

    Thread Replace Rogers Voicemail with Account/Device Based Service

    Hey folks. I'm not a huge fan of Rogers' voicemail service on my S4. Access and navigation is clunky, and I'd really rather just use a device based service, or if possible, Google account based service. I understand that in the US, Google Voice has this option, but I also understand this...
  42. Steve Geemaggio

    Thread [Discussion] VanirAOSP 6.0.1 Samsung Galaxy S4 [JFLTE]

    Hello everyone, I have been on a search for a regularily updated ROM based on AOSP. Since Marshmallow, I found most ROMs for the S4 have been based on CM. By accident, I stumbled upon VanirAOSP. I wanted to start a discussion about the latest nigtlies for VanirAOSP as there is no discussion...
  43. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Thread [ROM][AOSP][CM][SafeStrap]Cyanogenmod 11 for SafeStrap with locked bootloaders

    [ NO LONGER ACTIVELY BEING DEVELOPED - SORRY, READ THE POSTS FOR INFORMATION ] Yes, you read that right. What we have here is a semi-functional CM11 (Kit Kat 4.4.4) for those with the locked boot loader using Safe Strap. I have been working on this for about a month, and this is what has come...
  44. O

    Thread MHL adapter (11 pin) won't fit in S4 (SGH-i337m)

    I have an 11-pin MHL adapter (it's the long one which slides deep into the phone) which I used regularly with my old S3. I now own an S4 (SGH-i337M) and the adapter *should* fit and work, but does not do either. The plug won't slide fully into the connector; and sitting loose and halfway in...
  45. arif@123

    Thread what official marshmallow come in galaxy s4

    what official marshmallow come in galaxy s4
  46. B

    Thread No Bluetooth on GT-i9506 possible

    hello, I am using a Note 5 Port Rom (DarkLord N5 with modded kernel from darkera13 for ks01lte, the i9506) and my little porblem is that i can not turn on the bluetooth. if i do so, it stays grey for some seconds and jumps to off again. already tried to replace /system/etc/bluetooth, firmware...
  47. M

    Thread I Want to buy the phone,please answer.

    I want to buy an M8 from eBay,and I want know if is going to work so I asked the seller if it would work in Dominican Republic then she send me this:"The ESN number on this phone has been checked. At this time, this phone can only work within the United States on a post paid plan from Sprint."...
  48. M

    Thread [Q] Any compatible roms for 4.2.2 MGA?

    I've been trying to find a rom that is compatible with 4.2.2 MGA, but most of the well known roms out there are for 4.4 upwards. I don't want to upgrade from 4.2.2, so the question is: are there any roms still for 4.2.2 MGA?
  49. Ale95

    Thread [Update] N5 Air Command Port for S4 [Lollipop]

    Hi guys, here is N5 Air Command Port for S4 Should work in other devices too with Lollipop TW Air Command Settings button don't work (Fixed) How to install? Flash the ZIP vía recovery and enjoy! Devices tested: I9500 Tested in Darklord ROM Downloads: With Smart Select (Note users)...
  50. -+BB+-

    Thread [JDCTeam][6.0.1][12 March][OMS-Substratum] The Android Open Source Project MOB31T

    The Android Open Source Project Marshmallow Brought to you by Jflte DevConnection Team POWERED WITH SUBSTRATUM THEME ENGINE Click HERE to watch a video on Substratum. #include <std_disclaimer.h> /* * Your warranty is now void. * * We're not responsible for bricked devices, dead...