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  1. fard0ws_0X

    Thread Nethunter For Galaxy S5 (kltechnduo) G9008W

    I have a Galaxy S5 (kltechnduo) G9008W, I'm trying to install nethunter into it with external adapter support and HID enabled but as far as I can't compile the kernel and Rootfs cause of my limited and slow internet connection (50-100 kb/s) I can't download heavyweights files from gitlab it...
  2. S

    Thread Custom rom/recovery on the galaxy S5 g900A at&t ?

    I know this might be a bit old phone, but i'd like to know if there's a way to install any custom rom or recovery on this as this is an at&t varient. Im on android 6.0.1 rn btw.
  3. califauna

    Thread Galaxy S5 no sound

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 which produces no sound through neither the top nor bottom loudspeaker. The top loudspeaker produces a constant, very faint high pitched squeal. I have tried: 1. Using the housing of another S5, as this housing contains the top loudspeaker. 2. Replacing the bottom...
  4. bestiatester

    Thread [ROM][11][klte][OFFICIAL] crDroid 7.27 Samsung Galaxy S5 (G900F/M/R4/R7/T/V/W8)

    *** Disclaimer I am not responsible for any damage you made to your device You have been warned crDroid is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device also attempting to bringing many of the best features existent today Features...
  5. D

    Thread Phone drops signal calls on all roms, phone random reboots, twrp restore problems, camera dies

    Hello. I have the G900V on Verizon and for the past couple days have been having trouble getting back to a stable rom. I've had signal drops at random especially when making calls and phone random reboots. I'm on lineage OS 14.1 / 18.1. At times reverts to 3G and have to restart phone Stock...
  6. J

    Thread Backup with Smart Switch a black screen Galaxy S5 (Unauthorised device in adb - Root - Usb debugging ON - Unlock patern OK - Recovery accessible)

    Hi, I think I've already explain everything in title. My Galaxy S5 on Android 8 (I think) as her screen broken (black) Before that it already wokr badly and slowly. I bought a new phone but this one break just before I can transfer data. I can unlock the patern (I know that because the volume...
  7. D


    G900V KLTE - BLACK SCREEN OF DEATH PHONE DIES UNEXPECTEDLY!!! (new battery) Still having a problem with black screen of death. I had made a post about it earlier in the week but no response. I have kept everything basically the same, except I use Magisk 21.4-23 (newest), and TWRP 3.5.2 upgraded...
  8. D

    Thread Phone glitches black screen of death and reboots

    I have a G900V and it's rooted running Magisk. Previous to last month, I was having no issues with my phone. I've been having issues with black screen of death (captive buttons work, phone sounds, vibrates) but screen wont turn on. It then vibrates twice and I have to battery pull to turn it...
  9. P

    Thread Help with Verizon Galaxy S5

    I'm trying to install Lineage OS on my old Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM-G900V). I'm following these instructions. I've run Odin to load "COMBINATION_VZW_FA44_G900VVRU2APA1_VZW2APA1_2572656_REV00_user_mid_noship_MULTI_CERT.tar.md5", enabled USB Debugging, and run "adb devices" and I see my device. I...
  10. curiousrom

    Thread [OFFICIAL] LineageOS 17.1 for Galaxy S5 klte + Variants

    Edit: FYI the LineageOS S5 klte family maintainer created a new thread here: [ROM][OFFICIAL][11] LineageOS 18.1 for Samsung Galaxy S5 (klte*) *** #include "std_disclaimer.h" /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you...
  11. T

    Thread Bluetooth suddenly stops working and can't be turned on again - fixed only by reboot

    Hello folks, i atm i am Running RR 7.0.2 and having the problem that my bluetooth is disconnecting/reconnecting randomly in an interval of ~20 minutes in my car and nearly every day the bluetooth service on the phone completely stops working and then i have to reboot it to get it back working...
  12. D

    Thread Music stops playing LOS 15.1 Asop Extended (READ as others have had same issue)

    Ok so when i'm trying to play music thru a wired headset or bluetooth music audio stops playing anywhere from right away to several minutes. However music did play over the phone speaker without issue (tested a few minutes only). I have no problems with bluetooth when on calls or using google...
  13. J

    Thread Galaxy S5 SM-G900M boot loop (?)

    Hey there I have a Galaxy S5 that was running LineageOS, I started having some trouble recharging it, couldn't figure out if it was the battery or recharger. I decided to leave it at a repair shop and afterwards buy a new battery from them. The first day it was working normally and I left it...
  14. Z

    Thread Galaxy S5 (SM-S903VL) Unlock [Straight Talk/TracFone]

    Y'all might be thinking this is a request but it's not, it's to remind everyone of the TracFone (parent company) unlocking policy and website to get your device unlocked. I just got one of these S5 handed to me last night so after some digging and seeing a lot of effort put into this device but...
  15. A

    Thread Backup S5 stockRom before TWRP & root? Possible? Which tool? How?

    How to backup stockRom S5 before starting to follow any instructions to root + flash + LineageOS ... What I want: * backup my brand new stock ROM Galaxy S5 SM-G900F * before I even start with TWRP, root, etc. * with an apk, via USB on a PC ... any way that would work * or if total backup does...
  16. The~Skater~187

    Thread [KERNEL] Ares-Kernel {KlteXXX}

    ****Ares-Kernel**** ****By**** ****The~Skater~187**** This kernel is a combination of SmartPack/Boeffla-Venom Samsung Galaxy S5 Lineage OS kernel, with some tweaks and additions from around the net. I have decided that since SmartPack was EOL and with sunilpaulmathews ok, I would...
  17. R

    Thread [OPINIONS] Most favorable custom ROM?

    First, the similar threads didn't seem to cover my inquiry, I apologize if this has been covered and I overlooked the thread. I'm looking for a lightweight minimalist ROM and one that I'm hoping was developed without TouchWhiz and. Possibly Google Play Edition too? Thanks you for looking. If...
  18. N

    Thread Battery Calibration for Extended Battery?

    Guys! I just got my new HETP 6800 Mah Extended Battery today. I'm just wondering if I need to calibrate the battery for the first time. I have read in several reviews of other extended batteries that the battery should be drained completely before charging the for the first time and it should be...
  19. P

    Thread Galaxy s5 vr case

    Hello everybody from your experience or what you know what's the best / cheapest VR Case for the galaxy s5 that work and fit perfectly please ! as longer the oficial Samsung VR is not compatible with the S5 only S6 and above Thanks in advance
  20. EZY-E

    Thread Ideas for unused Galaxy S5?

    I want to make use of my Galaxy S5 which is laying under the table hole time and I want your ideas. My wish so far is to make it speak at loud current weather every 2h, for now I have app that says notifications at loud but I didn't find weather app that puts notifications with weather details...
  21. Recycool

    Thread Huge Android System/Android OS battery drain.

    Hello, First of all, I know there are already 5000 posts about this, but none have any working solution for me. I even bought a new battery thinking it was its fault, but I still get 2hours+/- OST. I already tried to reset, and for a while, very short while, it worked, I managed it to drain...
  22. SanketN8

    Thread Weak Battery life[Screen on time]

    I have a one year old s5 currently running on stock mm but i did recently flashed custom roms the problem i'm facing is that i just get 2 hrs of screen on time ,can anyone help me out with it or is it normal?
  23. pyrite123

    Thread Any way to hide tether usage from Big Red?

    I have the unlimited plan and it is insanely and disgracefully slow, even on the 'guaranteed XXgb of high-speed 4g' and then tethering is so damn throttled regardless of how much data I use, and it only gets slower with each month it seems. When I try to download stuff it usually fails halfway...
  24. B

    Thread Lockscreen bug g900f lastest firmware

    If i untick the camera shortcut in the lockscreen settings, getting it removed, after a while/restart the shortcut appear again. It is like the system doesnt save the lockscreen setting or so, and the problem is present on every type of lockscreen method. I did an hard reset before this, but the...
  25. B

    Thread [Q] Benefit of Magisk over SuperSU -> LINEAGEOS 06282027

    Benefits of using Magisk vs SuperSU? Reason I am asking is when I originally rooted my G5 I watched a tut given to me by a friend that I trust and SuperSU was recommended, but the more I read and learn it appears that Magisk may be the better alernative, as for one it is Open Source. I had an...
  26. mickiemas

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S5 autorotate problem found.

    So after weeks of trying to figure this out I've found what's causing the problem. Not sure how to fix it. When the phone stays on the charger the rotate will stay on. If your rotating stopped before plugging your phone or the charger then simply plug in ur charger and then restart and once ur...
  27. R

    Thread Resurrection remix Charging LED

    Hello peeps! I'm currently running resurrection remix on my SM-G900F Nougat and whem i charge my device the charging LED is kinda orange, and i cam't find any way to change it in the settings. But when i was running marshamallow i could find it in the display settings menu... I hope someone can...
  28. T

    Thread Really afraid my phone might be broken, someone please help me. (Soft Bricked)

    I'm going crazy. I wanted to upgrade my Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900F finally from 4.4.2 to 6.01. I rooted it years ago and never cared to upgrade through OTA, since it never worked. So I found out about the FlashFire app recently, and used it to flash a 6.0.1 firmware stock zip file I downloaded...
  29. A

    Thread Flashing new rom on G870A Galaxy S5 Active AT&T to G870W

    Post deleted
  30. J

    Thread Updating SM-G900A from G900AUCS4DPH1 to U4DQA1

    Hey everyone, I've been looking to update my Galaxy S5 AT&T from PH1 to QA1 (I want the most recent release, before they fixed the GPS spoof loophole) but I have yet to find the update to go from PH1 to PH2, or even the Odin3 image for QA1. I've been reading this forum for days and haven't...
  31. 6

    Thread Unlock bootloader

    Evening: I thought there was a Galaxy S forum here, and if there is, then apologies for not finding it and posting there. Just want a simple, honest and definitive answer. Can the Galaxy S5/AT&T bootloader be unlocked? I've read far too many "conflicting" posts and most were more than 2 yrs...
  32. M

    Thread [Completed] Help Galaxy S5 android 4.4.2

    Can someone upload me the /system/priv-app contacts.apk, contactsprovider.apk (names might not match just need contacts apps) from any s5 running 4.4.2 ?? Please and thank you in advance.
  33. K

    Thread [HELP] Which ROM is fast and stable with good battery life and most closest to stock?

    Hi just want to know which rom is fast and have a good battery life and closest to stock with stock kernel also what do you recommend me?
  34. Zapryanovv

    Thread Grace UX/Note 7 UX for Galaxy S5/S6/S6E/N4/S7/S7E

    Grace UX(Note 2016 UX): Welcome Samsung Galaxy S5/Note4/S6/S6 Edge/S6 Edge+/Note5/S7/S7 Edge Users to the Note 7 Experience!! As you very well may know, Samsung recently launched a beta testing program for the Note5 users to test the new Note7 ui called GraceUI. Thanks to Albe95 and other xda...
  35. K

    Thread (APK) Remove gap on the sides notification panel/drop down menu

    Hello guys just want to share a little apk with you. You know the gap on the sides of notification panel/drop down menu do you want to remove it so yes just install the attached apk and its done you can uninstall it any time without problems add ''settings application'' i tested on my own...
  36. jntdroid

    Thread G900T3 vs G900T?

    I'm having the hardest time finding an answer to this. From what I can tell the T3 has slightly different firmware vs. the T, but I can't find any other difference. Can anyone enlighten me? And if they're practically identical, why create a new model number? Thanks in advance!
  37. sunilpaulmathew

    Thread [Guide] [How to] boot SM-G900F ROMs in Korean Galaxy S5: Updating device tree blob

    This project is discontinued. Please do not expect any replays from me in this thread. You may still use the attached files (if available) in your own risk. Thank you... Most of the klte (SM-G900F) custom ROMs and Kernels are not suitable to Korean variants kltektt – kltelgt - klteskt...
  38. C

    Thread Galaxy S5 in boot-loop - need to recover data

    Hi all, I have a SGS5 phone in some sort of bootloop. Now, it's my cousin's phone, and he needs some important voice recording and pictures off of it. He has no backup. I can boot to Download mode (volume down+ home+power) every time. Sometimes to recovery, but it doesn't always work. Is...
  39. G

    Thread Problem w/ ext SD CARD on Galaxy S5 (mounting /storage/3061-3930) after FolderMount

    Hi guys, I was trying to make Whatsapp images and videos be downloaded to a folder on my external SD CARD (Tried to remap Whatsapp folder to external SD). I used foldermount to try and change the folder. After it didn't work I uninstalled the app and all Apps I had moved to the SD Card stopped...
  40. K

    Thread Galaxy S5 overheating too much?

    Just browsing. Attached screenshots to the thread. Battery at peak at 40 celsius and CPU at 82 celsius. I feel it is becoming hot on both rear and screen too. What should I do? It is not used to be like this. Use to happening after performing the firmware update. Did factory data reset. Ambient...
  41. pellajl

    Thread Galaxy S5 (SM-900I) Sync Failure after Marshmallow Upgrade

    Marshmallow (Android 6.0.1) was released recently for the Galaxy S5 in Australia. All appeared well after the upgraded until I noticed that new calendar entries were were not being synchronised between the S5 and my Google account. I checked my Google account in the phone and found sync had...
  42. xxshabsxx

    Thread Galaxy S5 Camera Quality Deteriorating

    Hey all! So my sister has had get S5 for a while now, she likes the phone immensely. However she's pointed out an issue which I haven't come accross before. Over the last year and a bit, her camera quality has gotten awful. When she first got the phone, it was taking good quality, in focus...
  43. K

    Thread [Q] How to port stock rom?

    I searched all around xda but i didn't find any solution to my question so i decided to make this thread.... My question is: What should i do for example to port a Samsung stock Note 7 firmware to my S5? what file and folder should i replace? P.S: I've already deodexed framework and app:)
  44. Romansko

    Thread [Q] Cyanogenmod for galaxy s5 sm G900T (kltetmo)

    Hello, I was trying to search Cyanogenmod for SM G900T without success. Is it possible to install lets say CM for KLTE (G900*) and then to flash a suitable modem for G900T? If it is, could you please post a link to the modem and the ROM? Otherwise, could you recommend a similar ROM to...
  45. H

    Thread Norma V2.5 |NFC| Note7 Port for All Galaxy S5 Snapdragon Variants | Update 12/09/2016

    Infomation: - Base on Galaxy Note 7 Grace UX - New base: N9300ZCU1APGJ - Rooted / Deodexed / Zipaligned / Busybox / Deknoxed - Multiple Languages - Touchwiz Grace UX 6.0.1 SCREENSHOT Feature: - Android 6.0.1 - Full Galaxy N7 Edge features - Camera Note 5 - Buildprop...
  46. chaoshunter

    Thread [downgrade][galaxy s5] [baseband: G900AUCU4B0F3][HELP!!!]

    Can you root the AT&T Samsung galaxy s5 running android 5.0 BASEBAND NUMBER ----------------------------- AP: G900AUCU4B0F3 CP: G900AUCU4B0F3 CSC: G900AATT4B0F3 ------------------------------ KERNEL VERSION 3.4.0-4432708 JUL 30 14 --------------------------- KNOX 2.3 --------------------------...
  47. K

    Thread S5 Best Ported Rom?

    What is the best and stable ported rom (S6,S7,Note 5,Note 7) for the galaxy s5(G900F) in your opinion?:)
  48. Steve Geemaggio

    Thread [DISCUSSION] Android Nougat 7.0 Samsung Galaxy S5

    Hello, Now that Nougat is named and released let's talk Nougat for the S5.
  49. S

    Thread S5 Looking for Sling Shot ES 3.1 Unlimited benchmark results Galaxy S5 w/ 801

    Hi Folks I'm analyzing a few new and old smartphones. I don't have a Galaxy S5 with a Snapdragon 801. If you do would you please run the FutureMark Sling Shot using ES 3.1 Unlimited and post the results here? I'll post back my analysis when done. Thank you
  50. V

    Thread Enable volte on g900i

    Hello, I recently tried a reliance jio sim in India. This carrier only offers calling through volte and there is no volte option in my s5. Can anyone tell me if a custom rom can enable this function or flashing a rom from different country like australia will solve this problem? Appreciate...