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  1. Nem1x

    Thread Errors when trying to build for S6 (Exynos)

    I wanted to build RiceDroid 5.0 using @fakemanoan 's sources but I get some errors that I can't really solve. I looked at commit history of lineage/hardware/exynos repo and noticed that there are commits related to compilation errors. Here is the error.log: I...
  2. W

    Thread Samsung S6 Hack Pattern Lock / Force Google Autho

    Samsung S6 / Model: SM-G920F / Android 9... maybe (I can't check) Long story short. 3 years ago dropped phone, screen died. Had no money to fix at the time and then I 'forgot' about it as I wasn't ready to grieve my mom. Recently had screen fixed. I have obviously forgotten the lock screen...
  3. fakemanoan

    Thread [ROM] [UNOFFICIAL] [12.1] LineageOS 19.1

    LineageOS is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 12 (S), which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device. LineageOS is based on the Android Open Source Project with extra contributions from many people within the...
  4. G

    Thread How to really downgrade Galaxy S6 SM-G920F firmware from 7.0 to 5.0.2/5.1.1/6.0.1?

    Hello I've been reading forums and downloading files for days. Many of the links in the posts no longer work. Posts are 5 years and older. There are no new ones. At least not one that actually works. Downgrade I mean. That's why I wrote this question and I'm asking for help - how to really...
  5. J

    Thread The device USB doesn't get recognized even after replacing the USB board

    Hello everyone! I found my old Galaxy S6 lying around in my home and I decided to use it as a development phone. The battery was bad and the usb wouldn't connect with my pc anymore. When I connected it it on Windows it gave bad descriptor errors for some time, and then it wouldn't get recognized...
  6. Marcusverse

    Thread Galaxy S6 model SM-S907VL - Out of luck forever?

    I have seen very few threads on this forum about this device being very challenging and difficult to root, and little to no custom ROM's available for this device. Only information I know about this device after researching is that it is a " rebranded Verizon device." I saw one post about a test...
  7. LokDAbdo

    Thread S6 HOME BUTTON Virtual Click

    So My Samsung Galaxy S6 Home Button clicks virtualy, most when i turn on mobile DATA and open Facebook Lite for example and many other apps like chrome, it calms down sometime but thats problem i can't stay with Any solution ???
  8. R

    Thread Can I correct my IMEI with Device ID Changer?

    My phone has stopped logging to mobile network recently and I have found out it has incorrect IMEI number: 350000000000006. I would like to change it to the correct number that is printed on the phone cover. I have rooted the phone, installed Xposed and Device ID Changer Pro. The app says the...
  9. getivan

    Thread Issues Rooting my AT&T Android Samusung Galaxy S6

    My Device: Model: SAMSUNG-SM-G920A The package I'm using: My Story: Hey, I'm trying to root this phone, and nothing I've tried is working. I've tried Kingoapp, One...
  10. chocolote4444

    Thread [SM-S907VL]/[SM-S906L] Root Achieved! (Discussion thread)

    This is an open discussion about the Straight Talk Galaxy S6. Here I want to discuss about possible root access along with a possibility to downgrade. Looking for any volunteers to help me with this phone. I own a red magic 3, a G6, and an old S6 with straight talk firmware. I usually use my G6...
  11. Exhigh

    Thread [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][10.0][G920/5-F-I-S-K-L-T-W8]Pixel Experience Plus[AOSP][24/09/2020]

    PixelExperience Plus for Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge What is this? Pixel Experience is an AOSP based ROM, with Google apps included and all Pixel goodies (launcher, wallpapers, icons, fonts, bootanimation) Our mission is to offer the maximum possible stability and security, along with...
  12. Lunarixus

    Thread [ROM][10.0_r31][OFFICIAL] Evolution X 4.20.2 [PIXEL][03/22/2020]

    Evolution X 4.2 for the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge! [zerofltexx/zeroltexx] Living, Breaking, Keep Evolving. Evolution X is a flashable Custom ROM to bring a true Pixel feel to your Android Device at first glance, with many additional configurations at your disposal. We aim to provide frequent...
  13. msoza1

    Thread Private Mode Stopped Working - Is Flashing Stock Rom A Fix?

    Hey all! So, I decided to re-root my Galaxy S6 again after leaving it stock (updated to Nougat via Smart Switch.) Today I rooted it and ran into a problem: Private Mode fails to turn on. I've went ahead and uninstalled SuperSU to see if that was the issue, but it still gave me the error "Failed...
  14. androrooter

    Thread Sm-g920f / powered by android screen.

    Hi, All. Galaxy S6 stuck at android screen in black, the powered by android one. Tried various combinations of flashing via odin. Tried searching the threads. There are a few discussions regarding this matter but none are definitive or even clarify what the problem may be. The phone just...
  15. T

    Thread Lineage breakfast Error

    Hello Everyone, I have recently been very interested in building my own LineageOS. I have now downloaded everything from the Repository, and wanted to breakfast for my S6 (zerofltexx). But everytime trying to breakfast, it shows me an Error because Branches were only found for cm 13-14.1 and...
  16. N

    Thread The ECHO

    When placing or receiving a voice call (LOS 14.1, Samsung Galaxy S6, current build) the other party hears their own voice echo back in approximately 1.5 to 2 seconds. It depends on what is being used on the S6 to make the call. If the built-in microphone and speakers are used, the echo is very...
  17. nysascape

    Thread "Powered by Lineage" Boot Logos for S6

    Hi, Here are some light and dark boot logos for the S6, but with "Powered by Lineage" at the bottom. Attached below. Previews: Light: Dark: I can make others on request. Enjoy, - Jago
  18. M

    Thread [REQUEST] Tool to extract CSC and make it flashable

    Hello guys, i want to extract CSC from a rom and want to make it flashable but I don't know how to do it. Can anyone suggest me how can i do that? which tools are used? any guides or tutorial will be much helpfull. Doing all this to make volte work in my s6. Thanks.
  19. M

    Thread [REQUEST] Indian CSC for galaxy S6 for Nougat.

    Can anyone extract Indian CSC compatible with Galaxy S6 on 7.0 2018 builds so that i can use voLTE in my phone. This is my thread in which voLTE was working on 7.0 but with older builds ( 2017...
  20. P

    Thread DRK & FRP Issue. All help is welcomed and needed.

    So my coworker has a Galaxy S6. This phone was running nougat. She rooted the phone herself to be able to use 'Snapchat'. The other day she did a factory reset which softbricked her phone so she took it to a store where they installed 6.0.1 and the phone was supposedly rooted although supersu...
  21. H

    Thread Lg g5 or samsung s6

    I have 2 options for a phone rn. The G5 and the S6 and both cost the same here The reason for my confusion is that:- The G5 has been reported to have bootloop issues like its predecessor the G4 And that it's quad core as compared to the S6 that is octa core Are there any other issues with...
  22. kc-guy

    Thread Root G920A on 7.0 / G920AUC-S6EQJ1?

    I bought a (now) carrier-unlocked G920A, thinking that the Samsung Galaxy S6 would have been popular enough to have a really healthy XDA community, with rooting and lots of ROMs available. But I after an hour of searching the forums, I can't seem to find any options to root phone that's...
  23. B

    Thread Pre-enabled usb-debug kernel to mirror broken screen

    Hi everyone, :) I got on my hands an s6 with a broken screen, glass is fine, but it stays black. I'd like to kinda recover it somehow, but I'm afraid it's not just a "screen issue", so I'd like to test it mirroring its screen via usb (unfortunately S6 doesn't support HDMI). The point is that s6...
  24. T

    Thread Can anyone with Magisk test this module? (Samsung 7.0/Nougat)

    I'm having an issue with a Magisk module that I've created for my Galaxy S6 Edge (G925T) to systemlessly replace the fonts. The module replaces most of the system fonts with a font called Arsenal, as well as changes emoji to Emoji One and the monospace font to Monoid. When I have it enabled...
  25. J

    Thread Battery drain due to automatic screen wake up

    Hi Friends, In my SM-G920P, my screen wakes up automatically every 10-15 seconds. This doesn't happen 24X7 but whenever it happens it continues for a long time and stops automatically. I have disabled gesture wake up, raise to wake etc and also tried safe mode but all in vain. Disabled all...
  26. IUH1991

    Thread Custom ROM for the G920W8?

    Hey all, I'm looking to install an AOSP ROM on my Bell Galaxy S6 (g920W8), but I'm finding it difficult to find a good tutorial here. I tried putting TWRP on my phone, and it seemed to work at first, but then I ended up in an endless bootloop. Could someone please point me in the right...
  27. M

    Thread [REQUEST] Stock Keyboard Application along with .ODEX files please

    Hi everyone! I currently have the Galaxy S6 running 7.0 on the May update (G920TUVU5FQE1) I accidentally hit the delete button on my Root Explorer app instead of Cut, and deleted the folder containing my keyboard (SamsungIMEv5_SYSTEMUID) Ive done some heavy modifications to the system which is...
  28. C

    Thread IMEI Corrupted on ZEROFLTETMO Please help

    My IMEI shows 350000000000006. Most of the advice I've seen on this is to flash the stock firmware. I've tried this multiple times and it hasn't worked for me. I don't have a backup of the EFS partition that I can restore, but I do know what the actual IMEI is. I'm not really sure where to go...
  29. ricardod1

    Thread S6 Gallaxy SM-G920T1 6.0.1

    First Has anyone heard of this model SM-G920T1? I have been having a hard time finding proper firmware for this device. I have an octoplus box that I would like to use, but same issue there it recognizes the device but clearly states that I have a SM-G920T1 and not the SM-G920T So that got me...
  30. N

    Thread Galaxy S6 920F flipped touch, No USSD, SIM not working

    Hello, I have a Samsung Galaxy S6(SM-G920F) and someone messed it up very badly. The Problems are: 1. X-axis touch is flipped(vertically flipped). 2. Dial pad codes like *#06#, *#2663# are NOT working. 3. No Registered network. Can not make or receive calls or use cellular data. 4. Phone...
  31. TechnoGenuine

    Thread [EASY STEPS] Install Galaxy S8 Port on Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

    This is an easy step video guiding those who'd like to flash Galaxy S8 Port on Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge. 01okWPNlK3Y Download Links: SuperSU: Odin3.11: http://*******/1g5xb4 Noble Rom Galaxy S8 Port: http://*******/1n1Cr1 TWRP RECOVERY: TWRP for Galaxy S6...
  32. H

    Thread G920PVPS4DQE2 May Security Nougat Update For Galaxy S6 SM-G920P (full speed download)

    G920PVPS4DQE2 May Security Nougat Update For Galaxy S6 SM-G920P (full speed download link) Android Version: – Android 7.0 Nougat UI Version: – Touchwiz UI Firmware Versions: – G920PVPS4DQE2 Galaxy S6: – SM- G920P Release Date: – 04-05-2017 Android security patch level:- 01.05.2017 Country: SPR...
  33. M

    Thread [Q] Nougat 7 KERNEL with F2FS and undervolt support

    I am looking for a decent kernel which would support F2FS and custom cpu voltage and clock control, sweet would be to have double tap to wakesupport aswell. I have been able to find only N0G33K kernel, which does not support F2FS. I intend to use the kernel with stock based Nougat rom. Any...
  34. CyberdyneSystems

    Thread [BOOSTMOBILE]-[ROM]-[TWRP]-[Kernel] -BiggdaddyPL3Aroma1X- S6 6.0.1 [MarshMellow]

    History: Boostmobile S6 CODENAME: zerofltespr (same as for sprint) Baseband: G920PVPS4CPI3 Software: G920PVPS4CPI3 Bootloader: G920PVPS4CPI3 *** BACKUP EVERYTHING FROM YOUR PHONE ON TO YOUR COMPUTER OR SOMETHING (Google Drive,Flash Drives,Email) *** Always read the DISCLAIMER file before...
  35. Valiceemo

    Thread Fingerprint sensor suddenly stopped working

    My fingerprint sensor has suddenly stopped working, I get the attached error message? Was working fine, and then just stopped. Ive tried deleting cache, dalvik-cache, force stop, multiple reboots etc and it just doesn't work? Asked my provider and the6y were about as much use as a chocolate...
  36. flett044

    Thread Sprint Galaxy s6 suhide help running Just enough ROM

    I flashed Just enough ROM by tdhite and I must say it is exactly what I am looking for. I decided yesterday that I wanted to play Pokemon go and since its rooted it requires suhide. I downloaded suhide v0.55 and root switch I flashed suhide and rebooted, and then went back into recovery...
  37. C

    Thread [I Need] S6 AT&T Stock recovery 5.1

    As it's mentioned in the title i need an AT&T stock recovery for my phone ( G920F it's written on the back ) (and G920V on the download mode) but im blocked with a blue screen which says "System Software not authorized by AT&T" so i need to get back the stock recovery
  38. khimois

    Thread [HELP] Samsung S6 SM-G920F Failed Firmware Upgrade

    Hello good day... actually not... TT So my phone Samsung S6 got soft bricked today... I received an update last week... and somehow it always fail at 33% whenever I try to install... then today I decided to update it through Smart Switch... I didn't backup my files since I'm actually confident...
  39. AdoKing

    Thread Odin stuck at SetupConnection

    Hi everyone. I accidentally disable an option at debug settings OEM i think, well i disabled all debug setting (I did not even know that would kill my phone) and when restart my phone later a message says "Custom binary locked by FRP" here is the problem, i downloaded my correct firmware...
  40. K

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge Exynos Kernel Source Code Is Out!

    Hello guys just want some info. I'm not an expert at software and customizations, but i want to ask you guys some more info about the source codes of Nougat for our Gs6/Gs6e. So the source codes are released is it now possible to create custom roms like Reserrection Remix, LineAgeOs etc? Or...
  41. -TheJoker-

    Thread Nougat Update, Impressions, comparison, found bugs etc.

    Hi Guys, As you all know,Nougat Has been released for some devices,Waiting for more! Lets discuss the initial impression here. Those(lucky guys) who have upgraded their S6 to Nougat,can post their initial impression here. Tell us the performance,speed,Battery life(SOT) improvements. Also,Any...
  42. Thin_Bezel

    Thread [Video] Galaxy S6 Nougat Firmware Installation Guide and Review

    Hello all, If you are hesitant on how to install the Nougat firmware for the Samsung Galaxy S6, or you want to see a review of the firmware, check the videos below. The first one is how to install the firmware using Odin, and the second one a review of Nougat on the Galaxy S6. Installation...
  43. K

    Thread [FirMware] Megalink XSG, XEF, SER, CYV Android Nougat 7.0 Galaxy s6 ''G920F''

    Hello Guys just want to share a megalink for Android Nougat 7.0 for the galaxy s6 G920F. Model SM-G920F Model name Galaxy S6 Country United Arab Emirates Version Android 7 Changelist 10463722 Build date Fri, 17 Feb 2017 13:38:08 +0000 Security Patch Level 2017-02-01 Product code XSG PDA...
  44. flett044

    Thread Custom ROM wont flash updater-binary not found

    I built my own custom ROM just to see how it would go. TWRP wont flash it, it says update-binary not found in META-INF/com/google/android. There is an update binary in there that I took from another ROM. The update script is correct because at first I though that was the error, but I triple...
  45. K

    Thread [DISCUSSION] What would be your reason to leave samsung?

    Hi guys i just want to start a discussion. Just an easy question what would be your biggest reason to leave samsung? I love the samsungs design of the phones but that isnt my reason te leave samsung my biggest reason is the update policy it just sucks. And if you would ask me what phone i want...
  46. K

    Thread Just want to share my wallpapers Mega Download link

    Just want to share my wallpapers :) If you want a little more download from the link below in better quality. Download All 67 Wallpapers, Mega Link:!WlRxnYjY!7_sDgoaFJI-BPr90mBgWeg
  47. L

    Thread SM-G920P Random reboots

    Hello everyone. I have a problem with one of my phones. This galaxy S6 started to reboot randomly. You can see how it reboots in the video below. The CPU temps are ok, i tested it in heavy load (usually stays at 60-80C in benchmarks, and below 60C under normal use, idle temps are 30-25). It...
  48. K

    Thread Battery drain with poor cellular network?

    Just have a question battery drain with poor cellular network? is that true or what because i am on my office and have very poor cellular network and battery drain? can somebody help me out? is it true that if you have poor cellular network that your battery drains faster or am i wrong ? and do...
  49. J

    Thread Need Help ASAP!!

    Hi, i rooted my S6 last week and so far everything was going great, but today the battery went to 0 and when i tried charging it back it says Custom Binary Blocked By FRP Lock. i cant get back to my things and i really need them like important pictures from work, emails and videos. Please, is...
  50. Zapryanovv

    Thread Grace UX/Note 7 UX for Galaxy S5/S6/S6E/N4/S7/S7E

    Grace UX(Note 2016 UX): Welcome Samsung Galaxy S5/Note4/S6/S6 Edge/S6 Edge+/Note5/S7/S7 Edge Users to the Note 7 Experience!! As you very well may know, Samsung recently launched a beta testing program for the Note5 users to test the new Note7 ui called GraceUI. Thanks to Albe95 and other xda...