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    Thread [TUTORIAL] How to install your first custom rom on Galaxy S7

    /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to...
  2. T

    Thread S7 930U (Snapdragon) ADB connection issues

    So I had a broken USB port for a while, but since I want to pull data off my phone (including, if possible, the apps that I needed 2FA to enable like WhatsApp and so on, since I'm currently in Europe for the next 6-12 months and AT&T prepaid doesn't allow me to receive text messages or phone...
  3. G

    Thread Fingerprint error on normal Android --> solve that with installing a custom ROM

    Hey guys, i just did a factory reset on my Galaxy S7 (standard Android 8.0 from Samsung). Before the factory reset the fingerprint sensor was working perfectly. After the factory reset i get an error message when I want to safe new fingerprints. I have to say that the home button is kinda...
  4. P

    Thread How to use monitor mode on v530?

    So I hit monitor mode and then go to smart view on my galaxy s7 it sees my lg v530 and a screen pops up on my v530 asking to accept the invite. I hit accept and a screen comes up in the blurred background then disappears and both screens close the connect screen on the v530 and the smart view...
  5. M

    Thread Flash Issues with S7 Bootlooping

    Hello, Everyone! I have an S7 who was boot looping and after some researches on google and some attempts to fix it, it was unsuccessful. The last thing to try was flashing it with Odin. I downloaded the firmware from sammobile and I tried to flash it but didn't finish it got stuck at "...
  6. TBrooks5789

    Thread URGENT - Any help appreciated!!

    I have had tons of issues lately. From random resets, backups restoring on their own, calls never received, messages not coming in. You name it. On every device I own. Carrier is not exclusive, so that's not the issue. I have seen dual sim stk's in usage history and I do not use dual sim...
  7. D

    Thread SM-G930A in constant boot loop

    Hello. I have A Samsung S7 SM-G930A. I was using smartview to cast to my laptop and it overheated the phone and completely drained the battery. I don’t know if that is the cause of my problem but I’m just mentioning it because my problem started around the time I did that. The phone now...
  8. R

    Thread Lost Wifi Calling Feature after Oreo Update (G930F or G930FD) International Exynos Variant | Need Help

    Sorry for long explanatory post. Need help. I finally decided to update my Samsung Galaxy S7 (Indian unlocked purchase) from Nougat to Oreo because the battery backup dropped down to negligible. It was an OTA update. As far as I remember, my phone's model number was G930F previously, but now...
  9. L

    Thread S7 (SM-G930F) (Exynos) Pixel Experience ROM, with Hardware Button Support

    Hello, I have tested multiple Custom ROM's and I feel like the Pixel Experience ROM is the best Performing + Looking and Battery Life extending one. But there is one Problem: The Hardware Navigation Keys aren't supported. (Home, Back, Recent Apps) I would like to know if there is any modified...
  10. D

    Thread [GUIDE/TUTORIAL/HOWTO] Samsung Galaxy S7 herolte Stock to Android 12

    [GUIDE/TUTORIAL/HOWTO] Samsung Galaxy S7 herolte Stock to Android 12.1 [GUIDE/TUTORIAL/HOWTO] Samsung Galaxy S7 herolte (Exynos SOC) Stock to Android 12.1 / LineageOS 19.1 Supported models: International & Canada - SM-G930F - SM-G930FD - SM-G930W8 Korea - SM-G930S - SM-G930K - SM-G930L This...
  11. C

    Thread March 2020 Security Update released.

    Just a heads up, new firmware BTU G930FXXS8ETC1 is up on sammobile(dot)com Security updates from 2020-03-01, released 2020-03-26. I haven't used my S7 in a while but I still drop in here to see what's happening as I still have it as a backup.
  12. Z

    Thread Phone stuck in a bootloop! (Lineage os 17.1 installed)

    Hi! I have lineage os 17.1 by ivanmeler installed on my S7 flat , I was using opera browser to download a 1GB file, As soon as the download started my phone shut down and got stuck in a bootloop, I booted to the TWRP recovery, And tried to restore a backup that I had done before, but I got an...
  13. cognus

    Thread S7 Black Screen, but Live device. A way to force backup or fix?

    we have two S7's, non-edge, and they have been almost bulletproof to now. I have a rooted S5 but have not modded either S7. My wife dropped hers, no breaks in the glass but it came up black after briefly displaying a partial image. I can force reboot it, and it works. the backup 'key' lights...
  14. J

    Thread Reformat SD card as internal storage

    Sorry if this seems a bit of a basic issue but I would like to get some sanity checking on this. I want to reformat my SD card as internal storage however I have a lot of data on there already. I was planning on copying the current contents of my SD card and pasting to a folder on my laptop...
  15. Z

    Thread Changing battery on S7

    Hi! I need to change my phone's battery, So I was thinking about getting an extended battery, but I wanted to ask first, has anyone tried batteries like : TQTHL, AEXPOWER...? And are they legit or I shouldn't waste money on them? Thanks :)
  16. I

    Thread Samsung S7 Bricked... Kind of.

    Hi, A few days back I bought an S7 and put a custom rom on it (Havoc-OS) however I wanted to put the stock firmware back on the phone so that I could resell it. And the problems begin. Odin (3.10.6, 3.10.7, 3.13.1 are the versions I've tried) will not work, the phone either does nothing, Odin...
  17. mr_omega

    Thread Samsung Camera app needed

    Hello. Mates, I need help. I removed unnecessary packages in S7 (no root) using ADB and damaged the camera application (I removed unneeded stickers and the camera stopped working). How can I re-install oryginal Samsung camera app?
  18. I

    Thread No bluetooth audio after using steering wheel controls to change tracks Galaxy S7 VZ

    Changing song using steering wheel controls causes Bluetooth audio malfunction. The sound stops and you have to turn Bluetooth off/on to get the sound back. Galaxy S7 on Verizon started having problems after OTAs pushed out about 3 months ago. Have tried the following steps to alleviate the...
  19. nalas

    Thread [KERNEL][14-07-2019]ThundeRStormS Kernel[Samsung Galaxy S7 flat/edge][TW-8.0]

    ThundeRStormS "Galaxy S7/S7edge (SM-G930/935 F/FD) Oreo kernel" Compatibility notes : Oreo - Android 8.0.0 STOCK RELEASE odexed/deodexed and ported roms S7 Stock Oreo ROMs - G930/G935 F/FD and S K W 'I don't use any ported rom so I can't check it' This kernel is for stock rom odexed/deodexed...
  20. Mo Neenja31

    Thread Flashing Unlocked or AT&T firmware on unlocked Sprint S7?

    Hello, I'm selling my old Galaxy S7 to a friend of mine and he plans on using Straight Talk or any GSM compatible pre-paid network. Using Straight Talk on an unlocked Galaxy S7 wasn't the best experience for me since I'd have issues reconnecting to cellular data and reliability was shaky...
  21. saszynski

    Thread S7 Home button.

    Hi everyone once again. After 3yrs of use, my S7's home button became lazy bastard and sometimes not working, funny cause fingerprint scanner working fine. Would you recommend replace the button or there is way to clean it and bring back to normal? I have new button waiting, but hoping to find...
  22. LAzY_kRAzY

    Thread Any suggestions ??

    My galaxy S7's battery has about 1050 charge cycles now anx battery health is 69%... any recommendation for a good battery ?? P.S: I knw there is already a S7 battery thread but that one is actually a dead thread..
  23. G

    Thread S7 edge exynos lost 60% of Geekbench 4 Performance

    When I run CPU Benchmark in may 2018, I had 2000/5600. Now, I get 800/2650. Everything but Crypto score has taken a huge hit. I want to find out why. I have not changed anything significant about my device(maybe there was the oreo update between those tests, I dont know), and I dont know why...
  24. TechnoGenuine

    Thread [VIDEO] Finally Updated SM-G930A to Nougat 7.0 (Oreo 8.0 in Progress)

    Hello, This guide is only for Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930A) AT&T variant. Side-story: I bought this phone online for cheaper price but it turned out to be an AT&T unlocked device. So I tried to update but it didn't work, tried several ROMs still failed. However one...
  25. G

    Thread galaxy s7 root question

    Hi, if I root my device using the CF-Auto-Root from will there be any other consecuences, appart from tripping the knox flag? Do I need to do anything else, besides apply the CF-Auto-Root for the specific firmware? Thanks.
  26. I

    Thread Galaxy S7 no sim card inserted error!

    Hi, I have a Samsung galaxy S7! recently I started getting " no sim card inserted" error! it happens out of no where! I will look at my phone and will see the message, only thing fixing it is a restart! restart only fixes it temporary though! I have researched and could not find a solution yet...
  27. C

    Thread Miracast shows neighbours

    I am using miracast for quiet some time with my LG tv. Works mostly perfectly, but my issue is the tv of my neighbours. My miracast automatically tries to connect to a tv, if there is only one showing up. because my tv is slower hardware-wise, it does not always appear as fast as the...
  28. K

    Thread Galaxy Watch thread search

    hey all! I got myself a galaxy watch for my S7 and wanted to find tips, ask questions and such about it on the community here but can't seem to find a page dedicated to it. Any ideas about where to divert my attention or should I just post here and ask and hope to find tips and stories from others?
  29. S

    Thread unlocked S7 on Oreo but showing Nougat icon???

    Simply put, tapping the Android 8.0 inside settings (About phone--Software information--Android version 8.0.0) few times is revealing Nougat icon but not Oreo. Anyone had or is having similar issues? Doing the same on my other handset, the S7 Edge, is showing the Oreo cookie (as it should)...
  30. n82freak

    Thread Galaxy S7 update to Oreo was "break" my Phone - is it obsoleszens

    I updated my S7 G930F to Oreo with the official firmware by Sammobile, flashed with Odin CSC (Not CSC_Home) After flashing get some bug-screens like bluescreen, emergency-flash. After some reboots automatic loading the recovery. So far I've been having a couple of issues with the update. Stuff...
  31. Y

    Thread Galaxy S7 - Android Auto not working after Oreo update

    I have Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930FD. Android Auto was working perfectly on my car head unit (Pioneer AVH-X8890BT) when my Galaxy S7 was running Android N. Last week I updated to Oreo and AA stopped working. I have done following with no resolution. - Factory reset after Oreo update. - Enabled...
  32. Unit ZER0

    Thread Galaxy S7 Edge Exnyos (hero2lte) NFC...

    Recently, I purchased an S7 Edge, and it has Android 7.0 on it. According to my menus, I have access to NFC, but the NFC system has never worked. The closest I have gotten is the message: "NFC Configuration not Valid", when using the Card Emulator Pro app... According to my CSC, I should have...
  33. O

    Thread Android P theme to our Galaxy S7 - No Root!!

    Hello guys, I found in the galaxy s9+ forum this wonderful theme of android P and I would like to share it with you!! I think its really awesome and really mimic android P style and the new material design concepts. You can find it here...
  34. A

    Thread Yellow color solution in fusion ringke or spigen neo hybrid cases?

    Hello I have little time with the Galaxy S7 and barely bought it I thought about having the Ringke Fusion case that I had on the Galaxy S4, I loved being able to customize the back part. The detail is that I see people say that the transparent becomes yellow over time by the material used in...
  35. G

    Thread Galaxy S7 Oreo update problems so far

    So, I updated my S7 G930F to Oreo with the official UK BTU firmware, flashed with Odin CSC (Not CSC_Home), and after it booted i went into recovery and wiped. So far I've been having a couple of issues with the update. Stuff like: -WiFi issues. A ! icon appears next to the WiFi icon every few...
  36. G

    Thread Galaxy S7 Oreo update problems so far

    Wrote in the wrong forum tab by mistake. My bad, mods please delete. <Mod Edit> Thread closed.
  37. LAzY_kRAzY

    Thread Galaxy S7 Camera Problem

    I have a Galaxy S7 G930FD.. I have observed that the pictures I take with my S7 do not have the colors nd brightness as is expected from a camera of its calliber.. colors are very dim and dark.. My friend also has a S7 G930F.. I clicked pictures on both phones at same time and compared them...
  38. A

    Thread S7 Restarts only in safe mode

    To start, I bought this phone used a few months ago. I'm traveling, my other phone was old and the camera was broken, and I wanted something that wouldn't be bricked if I fell into a river while hiking (it happened in the past; the current was faster and the river deeper than I anticipated)...
  39. railfan-eric

    Thread GS7 call quality

    Does anyone know if the GS7 handles weak signals as good as the G6? I used to have a GS7 and bought a refurbished one again for Verizon but it seems like the signal strength isn't as good. it goes from 0-2 bars and HD voice sounds muddy. Is my phone bad or is the GS7 not as good as the G6...
  40. Rezei

    Thread Crashing after Samsung Logo.

    So. Basically. Today my S7 edge started crashing after the Samsung Logo. What I did was flash the stock firmware to restore the stock ROM after coming from a custom one. I'm sure I did everything correctly, flashed the 4 parts of the firmware via Odin correctly and it even showed me a "PASS!"...
  41. H

    Thread Straight talk and Vulkan

    Ok. So I'm seriously considering upgrading to this phone from my old S5 through Straight talk. It says this device ships with Android M but the S7 is actually capable of Vulkan API support without having to update to Nougat (Straighttalk doesn't do firmware updates for some reason) Anyway, can...
  42. A

    Thread Galaxy S7 randomly shuts off with the battery at 0%

    The phone in question is a Samsung Galaxy S7 G930F. Here's the issue: The phone randomly shuts off (at any battery percentage). The only way to reboot it is to put it on a charger. When you put it on the charger, it acts like the battery was drained completely. The charge begins at 0% and it...
  43. K

    Thread samsung backup unable to perform automatically

    had this issue a while back but it was acknowledged and fixed by samsung with an update but shortly after the update it started happening again where the automatic backup to the samsung clooud doesn't automatically perform and I have to do it manually when the notification comes up that it...
  44. F

    Thread Google Camera 5.x - Portrait mode and HDR+ fully working [UPDATED 2017-01-17]

    First I have to say that this is not my job, I just want to keep a post updated with the latest functional version for our devices, as the other threads are not. This app works at least on s6, s7, s8 and Note5. (Exynos an Snapdragon) The source of the mods...
  45. E

    Thread How to: Go from Verizon firmware for Samsung Galaxy S7 to unlocked firmware

    Hi All, As the title suggests, I just acquired a very lightly used Verizon Branded Samsung Galaxy S7(regular, not the Edge or Active) and I want to load the very common "unlocked" firmware to it. I plan to use it with my current At&t prepaid service and don't want any of that stupid...
  46. neoriix

    Thread Latest flashable OTA? Looking for "G930VVRU4BQK4" OTA update

    Does anyone know where I can find the latest OTA? The reason why I'm.looking for it is because I live outside the US and the phone don't update via OTA because the phone wasn't activated with a Verizon SIM, so the only method to update is via flashable OTA through the stock recovery. I'm...
  47. M

    Thread SD CARD recognized only in recovery TWRP

    Hello friends, today I was moving some important files from the internal memory to SD card, almost at the end when I wanted to pass a couple of photos I got an error (the only message I showed was failed). Then enter the TWRP and install a custom rom believing that the error will be fixed. But...
  48. A

    Thread Production of 7 and S& Edge?

    Hi everyone, Anyone here is informed that Samsung still producing S7 and S7 Edge? If yes, then which should be better to buy in terms of battery life?
  49. ccalixtro

    Thread Nexus 6P vs Galaxy S7

    What You think guys? A friend of mine wants to exchange his Nexus 6P for my S7.
  50. ccalixtro

    Thread S7 Flat vs Nexus 6P

    Hi guys, a friend if mine wants to exchange my G930F for his Nexus 6P. What You think?