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  1. A

    Thread [HELP] Almost bricked Galaxy S8 (bootloop but hope)

    Hello! The other day, while using it, my GS8 suddenly froze. As nothing happened for a few minutes, I forced it to reboot, but it did not, he got stuck on a bootloop until it completely stopped working (impossible to turn it on again). When I got home I charged it, and achieved to reboot it but...
  2. T

    Thread [SM-G950W] Running official Android 9 on Samsung S8, help me understand my options (root, custom ROM)

    Canadian SM-G950W Snapdragon Samsung S8 on Android 9 user here. I've been reading a lot trying to figure out what I can do with regards to rooting & installing custom ROM. But the available info is confusing and contradicting. Could anyone please answer my questions below? 1. Can I root S8...
  3. D

    Thread [GUIDE/TUTORIAL/HOWTO] Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ Stock to Android 13

    [GUIDE/TUTORIAL/HOWTO] Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ Stock to Android 13 [GUIDE/TUTORIAL/HOWTO] Samsung Galaxy S8 (dreamlte Exynos SOC) or S8+ (dream2lte) Stock to Android 13 / LineageOS 20 This detailed step-by-step guide helps you transform your Samsung Galaxy S8 dreamlte or S8+ dream2lte to a...
  4. kirildonev

    Thread Help request for samsung galaxy s8 - lock screen pin code

    Hello, I need help, my friend's father is dead away and the phone is lock screen with a 4 digit pin code, it has important photos and contacts, unfortunately the phone does not have OEM, usb debugging and such to be able to log in. Please suggest me some way to hack the phone. :) Model...
  5. A

    Thread Galaxy S8 flash stock rom and got stuck on logo screen

    i rooted my phone and use custom rom with Lineage. then i downloaded Odin, and download the latest stock firmware from Sammobile, and flashed it, it is looks like it is succeed, and the phone rebboted and then got stuck on the logo screen. i tried to wipe the cache, etc, i tried to download...
  6. Lollyer

    Thread One UI 5.1 or One UI 4.1 Galaxy S8 Rom

    Hello guys, is there any Custom rom for the S8 with One UI 5.1 or One UI 4.1? Have a great day!
  7. E

    Thread How to change batteriy mah on rom?

    Does anybody know how to edit the battery capacity on rom because i have moded the battery i have added a 10000 mah battery to the Galaxy S8 and my rom is LineageOS 20
  8. L

    Thread Does S8 have One UI 4.0?

    I want to buy a second-hand Galaxy S8 powered by Exynos SoC. I want to know that Does S8 have One UI 4.0? If have,plz gives me a link,thanks!
  9. do1z

    Thread Odin/Heimdall not recognizing SM-G950U1 in download mode

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 SM-G950U1 from ATT. It is the snapdragon US model. I am trying to flash an official TWRP image from using Odin (Windows) or Heimdall (Linux). When I put my S8 into download or Odin mode and plug it into my Windows host, Odin3 will fail to recognize that I...
  10. L

    Thread Galaxy S8 stuck in bootloop

    My S8 randomly froze yesterday, shut off, and wont boot since. I tried a factory reset with twrp, didnt work. Normally, I'd just reinstall the firmware, but Odin doesn't detect my phone. So now, I have a few questions: What could the original problem be, how to fix that, why doesnt Odin detect...
  11. Soupp_

    Thread [CLOSED][MOD] EmojiSwap for Samsung devices [TWRP/SAFESTRAP]

    Mod edit: Thread closed on request of OP! Oswald Boelcke Senior Moderator EmojiSwap for Samsung devices *Although this was made with the S8 in mind it should work on any Samsung device USE AT YOUR OWN RISK I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR BRICKED PHONES Instructions 1. Choose an emoji font (Some good...
  12. Soupp_

    Thread [ROM][SNAPDRAGON] G95XW & N950W-based ROMs [SAFESTRAP]

    G95XW & N950W-based ROMs for Safestrap The ROMs are based on G95XW and can be flashed in safestrap. They are very similar to G95XU-based ROMs. ROMs were made by @jrkruse. Link to the main thread Instructions Just follow the instructions from the main thread but instead of using G95XU files, use...
  13. Soupp_

    Thread [MODS][PIE][NOUGAT] S8/S8+ U/U1/W Mods [SAFESTRAP/TWRP]

    S8/S8+ U/U1/W Mods UPDATE: You can now unlock your bootloader! Most of these should still work with regular TWRP on an unlocked bootloader (I've only tested Pixel Experience). Hello everyone! I have compiled a list of Mods for G95XWs & G95XUs. I will keep this post updated as much as possible...
  14. Soupp_

    Thread [Pie][Snapdragon] Dual Speaker + Dolby Fix Sound Mod for G95XW [Safestrap]

    WARNING: You only need this if you're on one of @jrkruse 's G95XW-based ROMs. If you have a G95XW with a G95XU ROM then use the original one. Dual Speaker Sound Mod for G95XW Snapdragon S8/S8+ Pie * Nougat is not officially supported but will most likely work USE AT YOUR OWN RISK I AM NOT...
  15. opensourcefreak

    Thread Kernels for G950F running android 12?

    I recently flashed lineagos 19.1 to my s8 and now im looking to overclock it but it is very hard to find kernels with good performance that might work with android 12. Yet i have found one overclock kernel allthough that kernel only makes you able to overclock the GPU by 30 mhz ish...
  16. merc547

    Thread Freeze problem help!

    Hi! today I have a problem with my mom's Galaxy S8 (Exynos). She told me she just launch some app and then the system was crashed, it turn into black screen and won't boot anymore. I try to fix but It's not work. I tried to boot up but it's turn to a black screen with blue waving light after...
  17. 4

    Thread Looking to Root my Samsung Galaxy S8 SM-G950F safely

    I am looking to root my Samsung Galaxy S8 so I can access deleted camera and video files accidentally deleted. Was looking to restore via EaseUS Mobile Recovery software and it calls for the phone to be rooted first. Any helps on best method is much appreciated. Thanks.
  18. R

    Thread Forced software update bricked the phone, need help with Odin3

    My wife's S8 forced an Android update, but before completing successfully, it went into a boot loop. I tried wiping the cache and factory resetting the device, but neither worked. It is still in a boot loop. I'm not able to boot in safe mode. I installed the Samsung Android USB Driver for...
  19. ace2nutzer

    Thread [KERNEL] [A.9] A2N Kernel for Galaxy S8/S8+/Note8 (Exynos) [CPU/GPU OC/UV] [Charger Control] [Thermal Control] [R62]

    Revive your Samsung Galaxy Note8 phone in 2023! Fastest custom kernel world-wide with lots of innovative features! Supports all S8 / S8+ Plus / Note8 Exynos Variants Running Android 9 A2N Kernel Special Features Google Play - certified device SafetyNet: OK 100 % compatible with latest Magisk...
  20. ShebeerPrince

    Thread [GUIDE] Advanced swipe gesture shortcuts using Tasker, for running any task or automations.

    Table of Contents Preface Requirements Difficulty How it works! Uses Autorun Demo, screenshots, TaskerNet & project backup Tips Why not those easy to use apps from PlayStore? End note. 1. Preface Before getting my hands on Pixel 6, I was using a Samsung Galaxy S8 running on an Android 10...
  21. ShebeerPrince

    Thread [CLOSED]Mod edit

    Content of post removed on request of OP @ShebeerPrince
  22. Waeknowing

    Thread Any custom ROMs for G9550? (dream2qlte)

    I still can't find one. I got to TWRP but that's it. I don't have any ROMs that I can install. Does anyone have a ROM that works?
  23. pixie_laluna

    Thread Custom ROM for Galaxy S8 (SM-G950FD) with a great camera app ?

    I've been running LineageOS 18.1 for my S8 (SM-950FD) and it's been working fabulously ! However its stock camera is just not the best. I have tried other camera apps as well, like GCamera and Open Camera, but nothing is as close as Samsung stock camera. I chose not to go back to Samsung stock...
  24. G

    Thread Android 12 on S8

    Is there any way you can put android 12 on S8? I would really like to try it, I have looked into hadesTreble and android 12 gsi but am not sure if it will work. This is my first post so sorry if wrong forum.
  25. asdf_qwerty

    Thread How to change region fw from G950U1 to G950W?

    Hi, I'm wondering how I can get the Canadian XAC G950W firmware onto my XAA American G950U1 phone. I'm living in Canada right now and I'm missing out on some specific features so I would like to make my S8 into a full fledged Canadian phone. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks. (In...
  26. T

    Thread Bricked China S8

    Are there EDL files available to unbrick a G9500 Chinese Galaxy S8?
  27. B

    Thread Galaxy S8 - Reactivated on Boost - Invalid SIM & OMADM Error

    So it's been a year, or 2 I can't remember since I last used this phone. But I bought this phone through Boost, used it on Boost without issues and then switched to another carrier with a new phone and number. Well 2 days ago I reactivated the S8 back on Boost. I received my SIM card booted up...
  28. pixie_laluna

    Thread Alternatives to GCamera & Open Camera for S8 Exynos (SM-G950FD) Running LineageOS 18.1 ?

    Yesterday I finally tried LineageOS 18.1, within 20 minutes I had it running on my Samsung Galaxy S8 ! It was the easiest, the fastest, and I can't stress how much I love it being so lightweight compared to my S8 pre-LineageOS. I can also see within a day, my battery is not dropping as much...
  29. J

    Thread Looking for Suggestions for Viewing Files w/ a .bkp Extension

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S8, and I've taken backups of various data over the years. The backup files have an extension of .bkp, and I haven't been able to find an application to open them on my Windows 10 system. I tried FileViewPro, but the files I tried to open didn't come out in a readable...
  30. andrewmurray86

    Thread Security Bolster

    Hi team, I am looking for advice on increasing the device's security after root. Is there a way to do this effectively? I've rooted my device (Galaxy S8 exynos processor). Presently the device has had many of the system apps removed, including the Play Store, and most of the Google apps (only...
  31. Christian.F

    Thread Windows 10 PC wont recognize Samsung Galaxy S8 after TWRP wipe

    I recently installed TWRP onto my Samsung Galaxy S8 and wiped everything off of the phone, I now can't connect it to my PC to use ODIN and reinstall the stock ROM for the phone. I have the correct drivers installed and have tried using both Smart Switch and the downloadable driver exe. Things I...
  32. L

    Thread Galaxy S8 Downgrade from Pie to Oreo or Nougat

    Hi I've been trying to downgrade my S8 from pie to oreo or nougat and no matter what I flash in odin the device stays at android pie. My goal is to downgrade to oreo or nougat in order to get access to the OEM Unlock button in the developers menu which is nowhere to be found on the current pie...
  33. S

    Thread What is this app ???

    The phone appears to be a pre-release version of the S8, sm-g950f. I bought it on OfferUp, and this app started appearing immediately after doing factory reset. Now it pops up about every 30 seconds. I've tried to sign in with my Samsung account, and tried calling Samsung directly, but that...
  34. digheaditya67

    Thread Downgrading Samsung Galaxy S8 using ODIN by deleting .bin files & not tripping KNOX

    ( Main question below at the end in Bold Italic ) ...... So here's what happened. I was using ( probably Sept 2020 ) Security Patch on my phone and everything was well. Then there were 2 software updates from Samsung, both were security updates. I initially didn't upgrade to October...
  35. A

    Thread Flash/install .apk with TWRP on Galaxy S8 (need HELP asap)

    Hello, I accidentally deleted Bixby and related files, after which my phone (Samsung Galaxy S8) crashed directly and got stuck in an infinite startup process (you see samsung logo all the time). Now I want to reinstall the apk's which I have deleted. These can be found under the following names...
  36. ThePiGuy3141

    Thread Config for ZGCam 7.4 on S8 Exynos

    So this is exactly what the title says. The config is availiable for download below. To download ZGCam, please visit Zoran's website. NOTE: If you need help applying the config, please refer to this post Also, please don't complain that it is laggy, there's nothing I can do about it. It is...
  37. GamerNameHere

    Thread SOLVED | Trying to root Galaxy S8

    Im trying to root my Samsung Galaxy S8 but im stuck on a step in this guide. Following the steps in the guide, it was all going well and fairly quick until this... I can't install TWRP for some reason, the download link in the guide leads to a site with multiple downloads of TWRP, but none of...
  38. A

    Thread Google Pay not working after unroot and stock rom install

    I unrooted and installed the stock rom on my galaxy s8 but google pay still doesn't work. The bootloader also is locked because in developer settings OEM UNLOCK is off. Any ideas why?
  39. M

    Thread S8 bricked / stuck in recovery mode, what did I do?

    Hi, first of all: I'm a noob and I've got no idea what I did. I appreciate all of your help to get my phone back alive! My phone (Samsung Galaxy S8, SM-G950F, stock ROM, Android 9.0, not rooted or anything else) is stuck in recovery mode. It doesn't react to any buttons (e.g. very-long-press...
  40. VoidAndri

    Thread custom binary block by frp lock

    First of all Hello everyone, my phone version is SM-N950F and CSC XXV I disabled OEM by accident, now i have that message on my phone, so i tried flashing it with ODIN and an updated version of my phone, but i keep getting Fails no matter the firmware i use, for example "sboot.bin fail", can...
  41. S

    Thread Can I use my sd Card to update my galaxy s8 android 7.0 to 9.0?

    I have Samsung Galaxy S8 (SM-G9500) Chinese Version and it is running on Android 7.0 and fails to update automatically, it says latest update is installed. I had tried to update it Via Odin but it fails too. is there any other way to update and can I use my sdcard to update my phone's software...
  42. King Arc s

    Thread Is it possible to downgrade S8 from Pie to Oreo ?! (sw rev error)

    Hi everyone . i have a S8 G950FD . android Pie is ridiculously battery drainer :p so i want to downgrade to 8 . but when i try to flash oreo stock rom with odin (OEM Unlocked) it fails and i get sw rv : Device: 8 Binary:4 error in download mode which means i cant downgrade to older bootloader ...
  43. Alien7

    Thread Latest Galaxy S8 Security Update (1. April) CAMERA is much WORSE!!! (G950FXXS8DTCB)

    Hi, I want to inform you all, that the latest udpate for our lovely phone with pretty good camera even nowadays got a critical update (9 security breaches) which is linked to the COVID situation and the Bluetooth itself. As there is collaboration of Apple and Google to make your phone warn you...
  44. berci--

    Thread [ROM-Pie][KERNEL][Oct Patches] horizonROM - OneUI v4.9 S8/S8+/N8 Exynos | 2020.11.27

    Disclaimer I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards.. Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM before flashing it! If you like my work(s) please press the Thanks button and if you would like to get me some coffee, you can do that here...
  45. Haridhayal

    Thread Android 10 style Bootlogo For S8 and S8+

    Instructions Download the correct zip for your device. Flash via Twrp and reboot. Original up_param will be backed up in / sdcard. Credits arter97 - Zip Template AndrzejDwo
  46. A

    Thread Boot Splashes [Android N/Q style]

    Custom Boot Splashes for Galaxy S8 Tested only on Galaxy S8 Exynos (SM-G950F/FD) It may not work on Snapdragon devices so be very careful. Installation: 1: Flash through TWRP 2: Reboot and enjoy :) Created: 05-01-2020 Last Updated: 05-01-2020
  47. meduza

    Thread Custom ROMs with Android Q for s8(+) information exchange

    Since there will be no official Android Q for our device, I hope there will be custom ROMs (ports) with Q. Especially because on s9 and s10 official Q was released already. The idea is to collect and exchange information about Android Q ROMs for s8 and s8+ . m.
  48. S

    Thread Are we going to get Android 10 officially ? Or any Custom ROM based on Android 10 ?

    as mentioned in above subject just curious about updated version of Android 10. are we going to get it officially ? if not then any hope for any custom rom developer will work on our device for android 10 ? thanks,
  49. G

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S8 best kernel (antutu scores)

    I've tested these 4 kernels using stock Android Pie with latest July 2019 updates, no background apps running: RZ 20190503: overall: 206207; cpu: 62301; gpu: 90890; ux: 43856; mem: 9160 TGP v3.2.0 - 2019-07-12: overall: 182705; cpu: 47939; gpu: 86556; ux: 40898; mem: 7312 NX R28: overall...
  50. V

    Thread Help. Bricked my S8 Active & can't access download mode

    model is SM-G892 baseband is G892AUCU4BSC1 Android version 8.0.0 I installed V3 and I've been told I need to flash Blv4. I can't get into download mode anymore. Whenever I attempt to access it I get the "An error has occurred while updating the device software. Use the emergency recovery...