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  1. V

    Thread SM-T500 galaxy tab A7 stuck in download mode with error

    I couldn't find any dedicated forum for galaxy A7 tab so posting here. I was trying to install TWRP - 1. First I installed vbmeta.img using USERDATA option in Odin. It wiped all data and restarted the device. 2. After that I again put it in download mode and tried to flash TWRP using AP option...
  2. M

    Thread tap registering as part of a swipe

    I've noticed my tab dropping inputs in somewhat consistent scenarios when playing games, and just recently found out why exactly that's been happening. It seems that if I tap immediately as soon as I release a swipe with another finger, it just extends the swipe. And the range is just...
  3. pyrocraby

    Thread Is My Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 SM-T285 Bricked or Broken???

    This happened to me 3 months ago I was watching youtube on my tab and suddenly it went black ( I heard a weird noise too ). At first i think it was hardbricked because I can turn it on but its stuck on the booting screen, i tried to charge it but it was stuck on the battery logo ( I charged it...
  4. M

    Thread Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 (Sm-T500) TWRP or other Backup - Restore possibility.

    Hi! I need to enrol 16 tablets. They need to be exactly the same. Run our own app, everything else uninstalled or disabled. It is going to be used in a museum by students. In the past I installed everything on one tablet and then used TWRP to make a Nandroid backup. Used TWRP on another tablet...
  5. D

    Thread TWRP for SM-T505 (Galaxy Tab A7)

    I want TWRP on my Galaxy Tab A7 2020 My model number is SM-T505 I my tablet for adb/fastboot. It is unlocked and in a few days I'll be unbricking it. I need to use it odin way also, how will this work? Can any of you build it for me please as it isn't supported for Tab A7. Thanks! :D
  6. DJBhardwaj

    Thread [Guide][SM-T500/T505] Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 - Unlock Bootloader & Root with Magisk

    I recently purchased the Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 (released in 2020) and couldn't help but notice that there's no dedicated thread in the forums for unlocking the bootloader or rooting (Although, the method should be very similar to what is followed for the Tab 10.1 (2019)). It's been quite some time...