1. YEETUS0114

    Thread Broken Screen S5e

    I got this S5e a couple months back, and I just want to know if there is any possible way that I can see and access the lock screen on an external monitor? I can only see the clock and date when i close it. Thank you in advance
  2. M

    Thread Netflix stuck at 720p [problem]

    Hello everyone, I have an Ultra HD Netflix subscription, but when trying running Test Patterns on the S5e the best I can get is 1280x720 at 30fps. I've set the stream quality on "High" in my account settings, but nothing has changed. Anyone with the same issues?
  3. TiTiB

    Thread [REFERENCE] Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Theming & Mods

    This thread is a place for everyone to share their experiences with theming and modding the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e tablet. I'll start with what I've tried, and as I gather more information I'll edit and expand this reference. Hopefully others will share their experiences, too. BTW, this OP part...
  4. nikkitaw

    Thread Audio out of sync from video

    oops posted on wrong board somehow Can someone move to galaxy s5e? Recently on my husband's tab the audio has been out of sync from video. Specially on YouTube the audio is in FRONT of the video which is weird. It's all stock firmware etc. Latest updates. Running build ending in AESB One UI...
  5. Catmobile

    Thread Original Tab S5e Cover very sticky [ Problem ]

    Update September 2 year 2019 Status: Solved Final edit: Within 5 business days the replacement original Cover for the Tab S5e arrived, and I am happy to tell you it solved the problem. Evenmore, the second heat wave started 1 day later, and this replacement from another production day hold...
  6. mingkee

    Thread S5e and PD, and case

    I have few PD charger as well as external batteries. I found it behaves differently with different chargers. Those chargers with QC should use QC except you have PD pass through USB hub. I have to check more. Moreover, I got a cheap TPU case but it fits 100%.
  7. Jgobeil

    Thread Accented characters using the external keyboard

    I purchased the S5E and got a free keyboard. It is a bit small but does the job... except that I can't type accented characters like à é ô. My language is French and it uses accented characters extensively. This EJ-FT720 keyboard should be bilingual: it has bilingual descriptions on some...
  8. T

    Thread Missing Bixby Voice

    I can't find the option for voice command in Bixby Home. It is there for my S8. Is it because of lack of Bixby button? Since the coming note 10 will be absent of Bixby button too, is Samsung finally given up on voice command?
  9. TiTiB

    Thread Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Riru Xposed Experiences

    I am soliciting info about your experiences with Riru Xposed on your S5e. My experience was that it seemed to really slow the tablet down (I say 'seemed' because at the same time I was also doing some extreme debloating/deleting that could have very likely caused the problem--I know, I should...
  10. A

    Thread Galaxy Tab S5e (SM-T720) - Root Instructions (Release 1.0)

    This guide is based on the original PewPewK post. Which, in turn, was inspired by TopJohnWu's 'Samsung (System-as-root)' Magisk Installation Guide It is an extended walk through aimed at ALL users, meant specifically for the SM-T720 (Tab S5e) BUT specifically meant to: UNLOCK THE BOOTLOADER...
  11. C

    Thread Informal Request: AOSP or Android Stock ROM development. Plausible or pipe dream?

    Hello, all It's been a while since I've purchased a tablet since there are so few stock Android-skinned ones. Despite it being a Samsung, the S5E is right my alley, though- if I can install an AOSP-like ROM like LineageOS Don't suppose anyone else shares my sentiments?
  12. D

    Thread Just upgraded from Tab S2 LTE to Tab S5e LTE

    A couple of days ago I received my SM-T725 from Amazon. They had the international version in stock with free Prime two day shipping. Since this is the international version, it doesn't have any carrier bloat. I installed a T-Mobile SIM and it's getting a good LTE signal here in Minnesota. So...
  13. TiTiB

    Thread [Guide] Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Debloat Without Root-Info

    ADDED 1 AUG 2019: THIS WAS WRITTEN FOR THE WIFI-ONLY T720, *NOT* THE LTE-ENABLED T725. OBVIOUSLY BE AWARE OF ALL THE PHONE RELATED PACKAGES For those with the S5e wanting to debloat your tablet without rooting I have some, hopefully, useful info. See this post by @Catmobile for an excellent...
  14. Latrell567

    Thread Looking for the Galaxy Tab S5e System Dump

    Anybody have it that can upload the system dump for me? I wanna get Bixby on my Tab S4.
  15. D

    Thread ROOT Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e SM-T725

    i search a Root for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e SM-T725 , for install a Mod PlayStore .....
  16. I

    Thread Samsung Tab s5e

    Wednesday I bought the S4 and keyboard. Thursday it arrived, I was very surprised by it. Friday, the next model s5e was announced, literally on every tech site. Saturday I messaged Samsung via the members app as I was disappointed. Looks like the s5e has android pie already, but is missing the s...
  17. DaWeav

    Thread NEW Samsung Tab S5e 10.5inch AMOLED with Android 9 Pie

    Finally, something to upgrade from my original Android 6 Tab S 10.5! I'm guessing this quick Tab S5e release so soon after the Tab S4 is probably because the Tab S4 hasn't been a big hit. I also believe the inclusion of a fingerprint sensor is definitely an upgrade from the Tab S4 anyway. I just...