1. P

    Thread Galaxy Gear S2 Classic - lost bezel ring

    Hello, I just bought dirt cheap SGG S2 Classic. The only problem is that previous owner lost his bezel ring (that black ring around the screen). It looks exactly like on this YT video at the beginning. I tried to find spare parts, but they are way too pricey. I tried to find broken watch just...
  2. J

    Thread Galaxy S4 VE i9195i AEX android 11 camera skewed and rotated

    The image is rotated 90 degrees and also stretched to fill the screen inside open camera (does the same in google camera go) The image it produces when I take a photo
  3. Z

    Thread Galaxy A50 doesn't get detected by Fastboot

    Hey guys, i have a second phone, my Galaxy A50, and i wanna Flash a Custom ROM on it. But the problem is, that fastboot can't detect the phone. I tried everything i could, i installed a whole new Firmware, reinstalled ADB and Fastboot Drivers, restarted my PC like 5 Times. But Still i get the...
  4. K0mraid3

    Thread General (OPEN DEV) BruteRoot - A collection of Root Tactics (Possibly Force Bootloader unlock on NA Samsung S22?)

    Devices & Linux Versions I or other Testers have Successfully Gained Root on: (Likely All) MTK CPU Based Android devices UP TO 11 (Maybe 12? I haven't tested) (I.e LG, Sony, Select Samsung devices) Android Devices with LINUX KERNEL VERSIONS - 5.8 - 4.14 - Maybe More? (Needs Testing) -THIS GUIDE...
  5. N

    Thread [ROM][PORT][jflte/i9505] LineageOS 14.1

    Ported from: jfvelte LineageOS 14.1 is based on the Android Open Source Project with extra contributions from many people within the Android community. It can be used without any need to have any Google application installed. You will need to provide your own Google Applications package (gapps)...
  6. A

    Thread Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2016 Wifi Canada (SM-T580) Help!

    I was recently using my tablet and I let it charge for a while and when I went to check it would turn so I tried forcing it to restart nothing. I tried everything to get it back to normal. All I could do was go into the download mode or go in the bios area. SO now I decided I would reinstall the...
  7. Zillion

    Thread [RECOVERY] TWRP for Samsung Galaxy A41 [SM-A415F]

    TWRP Recovery Project for the Samsung Galaxy A41 [Only for Android 11 Devices, will be upgraded soon.] Team Win Recovery Project or TWRP for short. Its a fully touch driven user interface, completely theme-able & you can change just about every aspect of the look and feel. Now ported to the...
  8. Zillion

    Thread [RECOVERY] TWRP for Samsung Galaxy A31 [SM-A315G/F/N] [UNOFFICIAL]

    Testers are required, please join the Telegram group if you want to help me with testing. TWRP Recovery Project for the Samsung Galaxy A31 Android 12 (Android 11 should work too but nobody tried) Team Win Recovery Project or TWRP for short. Its a fully touch driven user interface, completely...
  9. kingracer

    Thread Question Sounds issues on Exynos S22 Ultra (Ukrainian variant)

    Hello all. I've got my Ultra on 22nd of February by pre-order in Kyiv, Ukraine (SEK variant, official reseller) and for a few weeks it was almost okay. But for the last 4-5 weeks I'm experiencing really weird sound issues with only specific games, but not all of them. Also all non-game apps are...
  10. D

    Thread Changing the ROM where to start?

    My guarantee on my phone has run out. I have a Galaxy S10+ exynos with one ui 4.1. Where can I start to change the rom and root my phone? Can you recommend me an up to date and safe guide?
  11. rgmotta_008

    Thread Galaxy A21S Root?

    I've been looking for a way to root my A21S (SM-A217M) for a long time without using a pc, because I don't have it. Can anyone help me with this?
  12. TheImpalaKid

    Thread Question Samsung Galaxy A32 5G (T-Mobile) - Can't Add APN for Mint Mobile

    I bought this phone new from a eBay vendor. I'm trying to use it on Mint Mobile. When you look at the settings, it says it is unlocked for use with compatible services. However I try to add the Mint APN, the phone just deletes it when I save a complete entry. Mint says "Contact Samsung"...
  13. friknobpro5000

    Thread Is There A Way To Get a shutdown Sound on my 10.1?(its rooted)

    I Would Like To Have a Shutdown Sound On My 10.1. Is There A Way To Get One?
  14. N

    Thread Question S22u snapdragon US unclocked very slow 4g speed(10Mbps) in europe.

    Hi i got s22 ultra sd variant with model number SM-908U1 its unlocked. I live in europe my phone carrier is Vodafone but my mobile data speed has problems. 4G only goes to 15Mbps with full bars i tried to reset the network settings still the same results. I can think of a way of fixing it...
  15. loglegs

    Thread Fossil Gen 3 Not Pairing with Galaxy Phone

    Good day, I recently got a Samsung Galaxy S20 plus I do own a Fossil Gen 3 Explorist Smart watch but it is not pairing via wear os app. The watch is pairing good with my LG G6 perfectly but not with the S20 plus. Any ideas? Thanks
  16. P

    Thread [Q] Update Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (SM G-531H)

    Hello, I am new in this community. I have a Samsung grand prime sm-g531h. I recently rooted the device successfully. Now I wanted to know that is it possible to upgrade my android version to 9 or 8? How will I do that? Is there any problem if I do so? I don't have experience in this matter...
  17. N

    Thread LineageOS 11 for Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus S7580

    LineageOS is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 4.4.4 (KK), which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device. #include <std_disclaimer.h> /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked...
  18. AVTOfficial

    Thread Question Help me! Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Call Recording not available

    Hello guys! Recently I bought Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. BUT there is no way that I can record calls. I'm from Bulgaria and it is some kind of regulation crap. I mean when I go to the options in the dialer app the option for call recordings is not present at all. Most of my calls are for work...
  19. T

    Thread Unable to enter bootloader mode from adb. It makes me restart my device.

    I want to unlock the bootloader of my device. my device is samsung galaxy tab e (sm-t375s) using android Marshmallow. This is an old device. Cellular service provider is SKT (in korea) I installed twrp and did routing using magisk, but it became a brick, so I covered the stock ROM. Once I unlock...
  20. NovenyEteto

    Thread Finding a pixel themed custom rom for my a50

    Hello, I am new in custom roms and I want to install a rom that has: android 12, pixel theme, samsung camera app (so I can use wide lenses) and good preformance. Can I get some suggestions?
  21. F

    Thread Question Strange glitch on my kindle app using fold

    So about 2 weeks ago I got a galaxy z fold 3 device which I really like and it hasn't really given me any problems, with one exception - I assume it's because of the newer models interference with the app itself, because kindle may not have been entirely configured for the fold's versatility...
  22. S

    Thread Question [CLOSED] Will flashing Official ROM change IMEI?

    The phone sold to me got locked by Knox Enrollment Service because it says "This phone is configured by <company name>". So I installed a GSI using TWRP and I can now use the phone, however, I wanna go back to original ROM of Samsung because the GSI functionality is terrible; even the camera...
  23. N

    Thread [RECOVERY] [CURRENTLY DOESN'T BOOT!!!] TWRP 3.6.1 for Samsung Galaxy Nexus S [crespo]

    After downloading, please tell me if this TWRP works! Thank you! An essential tool for anybody that loves to modify their Android device is a good custom recovery. TWRP has been around since the invention of the wheel back in 1996 and has been providing modders with all kinds of great tools...
  24. Fast_Lessy

    Thread Software Update s10 SM-g973U

    Hi Guys I have a problem. I bought a refurbished Galaxy s10 in Switzerland and after I received it I realised it is the Snapdragon Version. So far I was very happy with that. But since I have got it I have never received a single software Update. My Current Software is Android 11 with One...
  25. N


    An essential tool for anybody that loves to modify their Android device is a good custom recovery. TWRP has been around since the invention of the wheel back in 1996 and has been providing modders with all kinds of great tools. /* * Your warranty is... still valid? * * I am not responsible for...
  26. M

    Thread Question 85% VS 100% - and why?

    I have always charged my phones to 100%, this 85% thing is very new to me. I've never heard about it before until I saw it in my S22 ULTRA. What are the benefits of charging only to 85%? Does it last as much as with 100%? Does it really recommended to charge it up to 85%? Im not an heavy user...
  27. G

    Thread Question I'm not finding the "OEM Unlock" button on Samsung Galaxy A52 5g

    I unlocked developer mode and it's just not there in the options. I have T-mobile US carrier. Model number is SM-A526U and I'm on Android 12 if that matters
  28. G

    Thread Question Is there a root for the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G Android 12 U.I 4.0?

    I've been searching all over the web and have not been able to find anything. The model number is sm a526u
  29. C

    Thread [HELP] Galaxy Watch Active 2 - Black Screen, can’t boot/reboot, when charging it shows the percentage

    Hello everyone. I have an Galaxy Active 2 and have a problem with it which I can’t manage to fix. I watched some tutorials but nothing helped. The screen is black and it does not turn on. I tried holding one button for 30 seconds, holding other button, holding both buttons, pressing them for...
  30. 1dopewrx05

    Thread Accessories The best screen protector secured at last!

    After many months of scouring the internet and more money spent than I'd like to admit, I have finally found what I would consider a better screen protector than even the OEM installed one from Samsung. I have tried close to 10 different protectors for my Z-Flip 3 and they all were relatively...
  31. S

    Thread 3minit battery mod on Stock Samsung S20 FE

    Hi everyone, I own a S20 FE 5G G781B/DS for a few days now and I'd like to install 3minit battery mod on it. Is there any way to use it without flashing any custom firmware ? I was looking to do that for a while on my previous phone, I gave up because I couldn't find any tutorial, the ones I...
  32. K0mraid3

    Thread How To Guide Carrier/SIM Unlock - Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G SM-G998U & U1 (QualComm SnapDragon) USA/CANADA! - NO ROOT- FREE

    Here's a free How-To on how i successfully Carrier/Sim unlocked my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G running the NEWEST Android update on bootloader 5 (USQU5BULJ)released in January of 2022 that was carrier locked to Verizon and now fully Unlocked. DISCLAIMER: *This does NOT trip Knox or Void your...
  33. kingracer

    Thread G7810 CHC variant flashed to TGY - OneUI 3 Google Pay not working

    Hello all, I've got myself S20 FE 5G Chinese variant (7810, CHC, seems to be reflashed to TGY in some shady store where I got it), and Google Pay can be set up, cards can be added but each time when I try to pay with it in stores - POS does not accept the payment and Google Pay says "That...
  34. GoldNightC

    Thread Galaxy S4 Identity Crisis?!?

    Ever since I flashed LineageOS on my S4, the Modem hasn't worked. I've tried reinstalling the Stock Rom, Bootloader, CSC, and Modem, and even with hours of searching the internet for ones that worked, this has gone to no avail. I then tried reinstalling LineageOS, as I was using Resurrection...
  35. C

    Thread Question A52 5G random reboots

    Hello guys I recently update to android 12 on my a52 5g . everyhtings good but i discovered one weird problem the phone randomly reboots and so far this happed when im charged the phone. Do you have any fix on this?
  36. Zillion

    Thread [SM-A315G / a31nsxx] - Help with building TWRP and Testing.

    Hi, I'm making this thread to reach out developers that have an a31nsxx a.k.a SM-A315G. Device tree already released on, still needing help to fix issues.
  37. zpunout

    Thread 2 Galaxy S10e phones, one cannot enter Download Mode, the other can.

    I have 2 Galaxy S10e Exynos G970F phones, both running Lineage18.1 since around October 2021 when I installed it. Recently, I discovered that one enters Download Mode without a problem, the other cannot. 1. The phone with the issue also has no MTP while booted into LineageOS and the USB...
  38. S

    Thread Call Recording

    Hi guys, My mom recently bought Galaxy A12, I still remember times when we are able to record our voice calls until Google made update on his Android but, Galaxy A12 have built in system recording Is it possible that phone from middle-lower range have that upgrade, because I can't finde it on...
  39. noidodroid

    Thread Samsung Galaxy Achieve J337P EFS Backup - For Repairs

    Here is my j337p EFS backup I got from a fellow XDA member here a while back but was unable to use because I never finished building TWRP for this j337p model. Enjoy! J337P EFS Repair file
  40. riva!

    Thread random hardbrick?????

    my device is an SM-N960F variant. i was in recovery and was rebooting just fine. i changed the theme in the recovery (its the unofficial orange fox in the exynos roms page) and when i rebooted again it is now stuck on the Samsung Galaxy Note9 splash screen. I cannot get into recovery (with the...
  41. A

    Thread Galaxy Tab S6 Internal Storage full

    Hello. I apologise if this is a repeated query. I tried to find any related posts but could not find any. Any help is appreciated. I have Galaxy Tab S6 SM-T865 running Samsung One UI 3.1 (Android 11). The storage is almost full. The Store shows "Other' as consuming approx 46GB. Can someone guide...
  42. S

    Thread Enterprise Edition VS Standard Consumer Edition?!

    Hi Everybody, can somebody tell me if i can use the Enterprise Edition in the same way like the Standard Consumer Edition? There are not many information to be found in the world wide web regarding user experiencse :( What I found out is that the Enterprise Editions... ...can remotely be...
  43. S

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods [Magisk Module] A72 CSC Mods

    A magisk module adding some CSC-Mods to your Galaxy A72 systemlessly! Features we normally deserve to get Note: It should only be used on the Galaxy A72 (SM-A725F). Trying on other devices is at your own risk. In case something doesn't work, remove the module. It will revert everything to it's...
  44. dany.dila

    Thread Question Lg compatibility

    Hi everyone, I have a question for you. I have an LG G8S and I would like to know if, even by installing the health monitor APKs, it is possible to use all the functions including ECG and blood pressure. Also, in your opinion, should I buy it or should I choose another brand? Thank you all!
  45. D

    Thread Petition asking Samsung to bring back SD card slot

    Hey I made a petition asking Samsung to add back the SD card slot, at least in the ultra line. If you like SD card slots and would like to see them again, consider supporting it so Samsung see's there is still interest. If you don't like SD slots, or don't care about them, don't waste energy...
  46. FezanButt

    Thread Samsung Galaxy A515W black screen with talkback

    I recently took out my bricked Samsung Galaxy A51. When it boot, after Samsung logo, it goes black, only talkback enables or disables with side buttons. I hard reseted it, and even reinstalled stock firmware but no difference. Kindly help me out. I will be grateful. My phone: Samsung Galaxy...
  47. Hehe_boi

    Thread Need a Custom Rom for Samsung Galaxy J7 Max (SM-G615F)

    The device didn't get 2nd major android update and probably wont get one. It is already barely getting firmware / security updates. So I kindly request the developers to develope a custom rom for this device. Device Specifications: Model...
  48. dleaderp

    Thread need help about rooting

    i can't root Samsung galaxy a02 -- SM-A022F/DS Build No: A022FXXU2BUI3 , android 11 , i dont know what to do for rooting and i dont have firmware file (bootloader unlocked)
  49. mazzlemavi

    Thread problems with calls

    after updating the security patch my Note 8 does not perform or receive any more calls, does anyone have or have the same problem?
  50. U

    Thread [CLOSED]I used an phone unlock service from ebay for my Note 8 and it changed my provider?

    Mod edit: @uneeq_jay Thread closed as duplicate of Please review the XDA Forum Rules with special emphasis on rule no. 5 and post only ONCE! Thnaks for your cooperation...