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  1. M

    Thread Not connect my s3 doenloading mod in my pc odin

    Hi My galaxy s3 can't connect in downloading mod I install all drivers and kies Side load and adb is working My downloading texts Odin mod Product name: GT-I9300 Custom binery download: yes (3counts) Current binery: sumsung official System status: official
  2. A

    Thread Galaxy S3 stuck on samsung logo & in recovery on Android Robot with gear rotating

    My phone was working normally but I turned it off. Now it stucks on Samsung logo (shimmering) & also it doesn't get into recovery. stucks on Android Robot with gear rotating. Rooted. Stuck rom. I need my videos in internal storage. :crying: :crying: What is suggested?
  3. Nostalgius

    Thread Sensors only work un LP, HELP!!!

    Well guys, my english is really bad so, i pasted the text what i posted in htcmania translated with google translate. "First of all I must clarify that I am fully co desperate ... mostly because of not knowing what the **** is wrong with this phone. I'm going to summarize everything. A few...
  4. D

    Thread [ cm12 | cm11 ] HEXAGON BOOTANIMATION

    A Minimalistic Polygon based bootanimation INk9oe-e3yE DOWNLOAD If you like this bootanimation hit the thanks button!
  5. ThunderSky7

    Thread [VRT] [THEME] [4.3] Galaxy S6 App Icons for S3 [V2.0z]

    Samsung Galaxy S6 App Icons . For Galaxy S3 and any TW phone with xhdpi resolution Features App Icons Changed. 1.ClockPackage 2.MusicPlayer 3.SamsungCamera 4.S Browser 5.Calculator 6.Calander 7.Contacts 8.Phone 9.Gallery 10.Download UI 11.Mms 12.MyFiles 13.Settings 14.S Planner 15.Voice...
  6. supreethms

    Thread Lollipop AOSP [Discussion Thread]

    Android Lollipop Discussion Thread For the people spamming the lollipop threads by arter97 or JustArchi can post your questions here and somebody will answer to you. Hit thanks for the developers working hard on the Lollipop builds. And please don't ask them for ETAs.
  7. G

    Thread Official KitKat update problem

    So today my phone tells me there's a new official system update to Android 4.4 KitKat. It was already downloaded so I just started the install. After it finished my phone restarted as it's supposed to. When it gets to the screen after the boot animation that says "Android is upgrading" and...
  8. undecidable

    Thread [Q] Schizophrenic Clockworkmod has me confused - Nandroids in 2 places

    When I take a Nandroid backup now, it puts them in /data/media/clockworkmod/backup/ When I boot into recovery, the backups show and I can select them, delete them, all no problem. HOWEVER CWM actually says it puts the backups in: /sdcard/clockworkmod/backup/ (you can see this in Advanced...
  9. T

    Thread [Q] Lockscreen Notification

    Hey. I've been searching for the answer for this question for awhile. Maybe I'm not wording it correctly I don't know, but is how can I get my notifications to pop up on my lockscreen in bubbles instead of that white block without having to download an app like in this picture. I know it's not a...
  10. J

    Thread Custom Boot Animation Help

    I recently picked up an s3 and rooted it. Im currently running Cyanfox; I was able to install a custom boot animation using Rom Toolbox but now I'm trying to figure out how to put music while it boots. I'm not sure if the phone is able to play music while it boots but I remember before I flashed...
  11. Jakeuten

    Thread [Q] I747UCUEMJB .tar file for Odin?

    Has anyone come up with an Odin flashable .tar file for the AT&T Galaxy S III 4.3 update? Needed!
  12. Hearnbiz

    Thread [Theme][eRediKonda Christmas v5.0] Theme for Wicked Sensations v5.0

    Fa la la la laa, It's beginning to look allot like Christmas! Big thanks to dazednconfused for letting me theme his rom and helping me go about it and for allowing use of his Anaconda greens/png's and 1brainsurgeon for letting me use his eREDicate theme as a base and both these gentlemen for...
  13. H

    Thread [Q] s3 stuck

    hey guys, i have galaxy s3 aokp nightly and my phone's root folder have alot of viruses because when i browse the root folder through my pc it shows local disk folders and due to this i guess my phone is being stuck and i always have restart it by pressing all the hardware keys or by removing...
  14. G

    Thread Galaxy s3 go locker

    I present to you galaxy s3 go locker which is fully customized the features of galaxy s3 go locker is the locker, message and phone icon should be pulled down to unlock the respective feature. Please share if you like Galaxy S3 Go locker among your friends. No Threats of virus. Tested in...
  15. A

    Thread of the GPU Acceleration Force???

    Hi all I want to clarify something that is not clear to me and I read it's good and then it's bad. Well the thing is that if this is good or bad?? I'm not clear as many say q barely noticeable fluency, others that the battery lasts longer and warms least have it enabled. Other that lasts...

    Thread [PSD] ░█░ Samsung Galaxy S3 PSDs ( ALL COLORS) by ATMOSF3AR Designs ░█░

    [PSD] ░█░ Samsung Galaxy S3 PSDs ( ALL COLORS) by ATMOSF3AR Designs ░█░ This is for showing off your ROM's and themes and Apps for the Samsung Galaxy S3 I worked really hard on this so a thanks would be great. Hope you guys like it. I've included all the official colors in one zip file...
  17. S

    Thread [Q] confused about Galaxy S3 GT-9300 and Galaxy S3 GT-9305

    HI , i 'm willing to buy a new mobile but confused about Galaxy S3 GT-9300 and Galaxy S3 GT-9305 , i know the difference will be in RAM and 4G supporting , but i found another thing that 9305 has no Radio , is that right , i'm confused specially there are 200$ diffrence between both , so is it...
  18. Z

    Thread [Q] Galaxy S3 T999v (Videotron) doesn't boot up

    Hi everyone, So I've had many problems with my phone (Galaxy S3 by Videotron) ever since I rooted it (5 days ago). It started by simply turning off on its own and taking a lot of time to boot back up. Today, it started doing bizarre things: for instance it wouldn't boot at all unless I tried...
  19. N

    Thread [Q] "Samsung Galaxy S3 Touch key lights"

    Hello! Does anyone know how to turn on the touch key lights when you touch the screen? The touch keys only light when you touch them, and not when you touch the screen. Which setting? Appreciate all help I could get! -Using norwegian/european version Thanks for any help guys. Is there a place...
  20. gokussjx

    Thread [AOSPA:Android 4.3 JSS15J][15SEP] PARANOIDANDROID 3.99.1 RC1 | HALO 2.0

    aN9an9rqwOYd5WljHcOyXsn0In32vjxIg 4.3 JSS15J/JWR66V (android-4.3_r2.1/1): 1. GET THE LATEST RADIO, RECOVERY, BOOTLOADER 2. DOWNLOAD YOUR ROM ROM 3. DOWNLOAD THE LATEST PA 4.3 GAPPS PACKAGE GApps GApps Mirror 4. FACTORY RESET If you are already on PA 4.3 you can skip this step. But...
  21. ProjectA1xx

    Thread [Q] How to flash stock firmware on mac?

    Okay so I tried rooting my s3 with the snapdragon toolkit but i messed up with the firmware(i used bell instead of rogers) and now my phone is sort of soft bricked. Right now I only have access to a pretty old imac with not even 1gb of ram. Is there any way to flash the stock Jellybean Rogers...
  22. Orion78

    Thread Galaxy S3 Logo Wallpapers by Orion78

    Heres a few of my S3 wallpapers I made.. Ive had several people ask me about my wallpapers so I figured id just make a thread. Images can be found here... Sizes are different so you can resize them to fit your screen the way you want...
  23. S

    Thread bricked s3 clone mtk6577 microsim phone help

    http://product.madeinchina.com/wholesale-product-image/I9300-S3-MTK6577-Android-4-0-OS-3G-4-6-FWVGA_14003970.shtml i have the phone of the above link. i bought this phone I9300 (S3) MTK6577 Android 4.0 OS 3G 4.6 'FWVGA Screen GPS with microsim slot and after i...
  24. milicigoran

    Thread [Q] erasing everything

    is there a way I can erase everything on my phone. I want to erase everything and flash the stock firmware with odin. I used pimp my rom and it made my screen go black when i place a call and it wont turn on. so i cant hang up or press any numbers. The only way I can end a call is to shut down...
  25. CovXX

    Thread [testers needed] Super Charged Wiz

    Build one is out! Check out the op here
  26. I

    Thread [Q] Multiview support?

    Can you do multiview on all apps on the note 2 or only selected apps can be used on multi view?
  27. EclipzeRemix

    Thread [ROM][4.1.1] SpeedRom 1.0|ProjectButter|Speed&Battery

    Welcome to Speed Rom Whats the purpose of this rom? Speed Battery Sexiness 0-Back up! 0-Have a custom Recovery (CWM/TWRP) 0-Download Rom and put on SD Card 1-Full Wipe 2-Install from recovery 3-Reboot Credits: TeamNightmare (helped me figure loads of stuff) GalaxyS3Guy - told me to get...
  28. I

    Thread [Q] What version of galaxy s3 are there on middle east?

    What version of the galaxy s3 are there on middle east specifically saudi? is it the dual core or the quad core?
  29. I

    Thread TW/AOSP Hybrid?

    I looked all over xda and scoured the internet to see if there's a TW/AOSP hybrid rom of if there can be one. I love the sBeam, power saving mode (even though its more of a gimmick) and all the motions that come with the s3 but cm10/aokp are so stable, smooth and nice. Is there a way to...
  30. J

    Thread [Q] System (sdcard) and Media processed draining battery and consuming a lot of CPU

    This happens to me at least once per day. I feel the phone getting very hot near the bottom. Almost too hot to hold and it's in a case! I turn the phone on and it shows that my battery has drained like 13% in 40 minutes when the phone was supposed to be sleeping. When I look in GSam Battery...
  31. S

    Thread [Q] Disable Software Update Install Notifications

    My phone is driving me insane with alerts that pop up every 3 hours to get me to install Jelly Bean, I want to stay with Ice Cream Sandwich as I don't want to lose flash player. My phone is rooted. Help please! :)
  32. radioraheem

    Thread [Q] Repairing minor screen scratch?

    I've been reading through tons of posts and sites regarding repairing minor screen scratches, but I haven't read or seen any reports from S3 owners yet. So, have any other S3 owners out there had any success with removing minor scratches from their screen? If so please let me know what...
  33. malliktajmahal

    Thread Why Nexus4 is dead cheap?

    can somebody tell me why the #nexus4 is that much cheap ($350 ). to recall, the #galaxys3 cost is #700+. do you think #nexus4 is better than #S3 in all aspects? dont tell me that wait for reviews...it will be fun to discuss before release...:). what I am thinking is the samsung hardware better...
  34. CovXX

    Thread [R&D][WIP]Port Galaxy S3 to Android kitchen

    UPDATE THE KITCHEN OFFICIALLY SUPPORTS OUR MODEL, THE SCH-I535. Here is the the thread. THIS IS NOW RETIRED.THANKYOU TO EVERYONE THAT HELPED THIS What is this project? This project is port over the GS3 onto the Android kitchen so it can be used with the rom creation and tweaking feautures of...
  35. T

    Thread Bluetooth- disable bluetooth mic, keep speakers.

    Hi all, rooted-stock 4.0.4 on a Verizon Galaxy S3. I have an Alpine EX-10 bluetooth kit for the car that uses the A2DP profile. Works great for music, it reports it has a mic, but the mic doesn't work (and has never worked, on iPhone and other devices). What I'm trying to accomplish is to be...
  36. Assimilated Android

    Thread [Q] GS3 Samsung screen with "custom" and un unlocked lock on start up

    Hello. I have been using the Route66 rom for quite some time as my daily problem free, but suddenly whenever I restart the first screen to pop up is a black Samsung screen with a custom and an unlocked lock on it. Everything thing is still working, but the screen is now always there on startup...
  37. stshhh

    Thread Is this a bug/issue?!

    Hi all, Yesterday i am upgraded to GalaxyS3, and i love this phone. However, so far, i noticed one bug. When you are surfing through apps (like Twitter, Instagram, G+, and other apps) and when you close that app, i got delays about 2-3 seconds to get my icons back on desktop and at the...
  38. J

    Thread How to connect to DLNA TV? (Panasonic TC-P50S30)

    I have a Panasonic TCP50S30 plasma TV which supports DLNA and is connected to my home network via wired ethernet. On the Panasonic I can use it's DLNA browser to browse content on my PlayStation3 and Computer and even on the Galaxy S3 if I turn on DLNA file sharing. Shouldn't I be able to send...
  39. InfinityFTW

    Thread [ROM][01.09]|TouchBean 1.0|TouchCream 2.1|AOKP/SGS3 Hybrid|Butter Smoothie!|ONLINE!|

    Disclaimer: I am not responsible if anything happens, blah blah, you choose to install this, your warranty is void herp derp This is not by any means a complete ROM, More SGS3 stuff will be added afterwards. I was thinking, and thinking, and then, the thaught struck me: The smoothness of...
  40. K

    Thread incoming call problem in galaxy s3

    Hey guys well i am having problem with my galaxy s3 after the 2nd update. The problem is that whenever i receive a call the cell rings but the screen remains black .. So i touch the unlock bottom unlock the screen ...... And after the screen gets unlocked it shows a messgae UNFORTUNATELY THE...
  41. T

    Thread help...Restore Galaxy s3 imei no?

    Hello I have a China Mobile galaxy gs3 i9308, and the imei no. was changed to 0000000000000/null because of rom flashing (I think). Now I am not registered on the network, so I have to change the imei no. back. I tried several tutorials online, but seems like they're only for the galaxy s. I...
  42. sujal

    Thread [APP] SmartStay Alternative for ICS.

    We all have been wanting that cool SmartStay thing or something like it from the GSIII, didn't we? Finally there's something like it available in the play store. Two versions are available, pro and lite. Would be downloading it in a while, phone's charging and I'm too lazy to go pick it up. :P...
  43. XpLoDWilD

    Thread [ROM][GT-I9300][4.0.4] CyanogenMod 9 nightly builds

    CyanogenMod is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 4.0 (ICS), which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device. #include /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD...
  44. brandon440

    Thread [Q] ??Galaxy S3 Camera for our Notes??

    Is anybody working on getting the Camera from the S3 to work on our Notes? Could anbybody update me on this situation? Would LOVE to be able to use that. Would completely COMPLETE the note experience to the fullest! I take LOTS and LOTS of pictures so this is an extreme interest for me!!! (btw...
  45. The Smoking Man

    Thread [Q] What's the maximum supported video bitrate?

    We all know that the Galaxy S3 can both record and play back videos in 1080p resolution. We all know it supports a wide range of codecs. We all know it records videos with a bitrate of 17Mbps. BUT... Does anyone know what's the maximum supported video bitrate for playback? Will the SIII...
  46. HITSY

    Thread Galaxy S3 LiveWallpaper/AudioPack/Wallpapers/Apps* For Galaxy S2

    Sharing the Galaxy S3 content for Galaxy S2 > Live wallpaper > Ringtones > Wallpapers > All stock Galaxy S3 Apps & Fonts (*Not all of them will work on S2) Screenshots: Download Links: >> Galaxy S-III Live-Wallpaper For Galaxy S-II. >> Galaxy S-III Ringtones For Galaxy S-II. >> Galaxy...
  47. AdamLange

    Thread [VIDEO] Samsung Unpacked 2012 Keynote Video

    In case someone missed that, here's the link to keynote on Samsung-Updates.com :) http://samsung-updates.com/2106-samsung-unpacked-2012-london-keynote-video/ Enjoy! PS: please no mirrors :) if so, then link uor YT video and say thanx to samsung-updates.com
  48. P

    Thread [PLEDGE] Give CyanogenMod / TeamHacksung a Galaxy S3!

    Hello everyone. The time has come. Today Samsung announced their new flagship device GT i9300 A.K.A. Galaxy S3. Now, if you are a big fan of pure AOSP and his aftermarket distributions like I am you certainly already know that ICS based CyanogenMod 9 is out there and running and its pure fresh...