1. gravitycodegravity

    Thread Mills Games 3x3

    Finally, you have an opportunity to play board games on your smartphone with Mills Games. You can play alone by choosing one player mode, or you can play with other players all over the world if you opt for multiplayer mode. Another option is to play with your friend in two player mode. The...
  2. gravitycodegravity

    Thread Diamond Miner - Funny Game

    Do you like playing arcade games and classic diamond mine games? If you do, the brand new and addictive diamond gold miner game is ready for you! Participate in this funny games and have fun like never before! Use the claw to reel in the diamonds, collect them all before the time runs out and be...
  3. gravitycodegravity

    Thread Love or Passion - Love Game

    Great news for story lovers! The best romance story love game is finally out. Don’t miss your chance to download it and enjoy reading captivating chapters of Love or Passion - Love Game. Make your own choices, write your own story book and boldly express your deepest feelings - because who knows...
  4. gravitycodegravity

    Thread Fitness Romance Story

    Romance story fans, here is something completely new! An indulging romance story love game with beautiful young people who are into fitness. Unexpected events are all part of this love game, an otome in English visual novel that lets you choose your own romance story while playing High School...
  5. gravitycodegravity

    Thread Dangerous Lies Love Game

    Are you searching for the perfect choice game in which you can experience love like no other? Here is a life choice game that will fulfill all your expectations and it's called Highschool Dangerous Lies: Teen Story-Love Game. Play High School Dangerous Lies: Teen Story-Love Game and become the...
  6. gravitycodegravity

    Thread Bad Girl - Love Game

    Bad Girl - Romantic Story Love Game is ready for you to download it and embark on an incredible and unpredictable teen love journey while reading the best episode story. Girls who are looking for captivating story love games will find this choose your story game highly addictive. Bad Girl -...
  7. N

    Thread Tech Superiority

    Tech Superiority game is a fun casual game in which you are provided with many different blocks to create your tank. Unlock new parts and weapons, combine and assemble your invincible car. Tech Superiority is a game that will bring you a lot of adrenaline and fun. There are three game modes...
  8. gravitycodegravity

    Thread Ultimate Shooting Range Game

    If you have been looking for an app that will help you put your shooting skills to the test, you have come to the right place. Ultimate Shooting Range will provide you with a real shooting experience and help you become the ultimate range shooter. In this shooting range simulator you will find a...
  9. gravitycodegravity

    Thread Guns Weapons Simulator Game

    Start your journey through the world of guns with Guns Weapons Simulator Game which is one of the best gun weapon simulator app. If you like playing gun games then this firearms simulator will bring to your phone best modified simulations of some of the most famous guns. With this weapon...
  10. gravitycodegravity

    Thread Golden Guns Weapon Simulator

    Start your journey through the world of weapons with WeaponsPro Golden Guns Weapon Simulator. Something completely new and something completely fabulous we have prepared for you. Modified simulations of some of the most popular weapons, but in golden edition, you'll find here. So, grab a golden...
  11. gravitycodegravity

    Thread aZombie Dead City Zombie Shooting Game

    Shoot all the zombies or they will turn you into their meal, it is a question of survival! Now is the right time to be brave, save what’s left of humanity and stop the apocalypse. You are the chosen one and the last hope this fallen city has. It all depends on you; survivors believe in you, do...
  12. frixy

    Thread [FREE] [GAME] Random Instagram Relax Travel

    Relax game. Time to travel! It's your key to fly in time. Teleport in over around the world. You can see more... Download Random Instagram Relax Travel:
  13. gravitycodegravity

    Thread [CLOSED] Ultimate Weapon Simulator Pro

    Start your journey through the world of weapons with Ultimate Weapon Simulator Pro. With this gun simulator you will have the best modified simulations of some of the most famous weapons such as: AK 47, M4A1 or SIG-Sauer P226 and HK-XM8 and more. Pistols and rifles are ready, you only need to...
  14. gravitycodegravity

    Thread Weapons Simulator

    Weapons Simulator is a new firearms simulator. You can have it free of charge if you download this weapon simulator app. We have created this guns simulator for all those weapon lovers out there and we are sure that you are going to enjoy it. In this firearms simulator you will find an amazing...
  15. gravitycodegravity

    Thread Ultimate Toy Guns Sim - Weapons

    Become the owner of the coolest toy guns with eWeapons Ultimate Toy Guns Sim Are you one of those people who enjoy playing with toy guns? Here is the right thing for you, it’s the eWeapons Ultimate Toy Guns Sim. This game has a lot to offer to the players, great toy weapons, sound effects that...
  16. gravitycodegravity

    Thread Gun Camera 3D Weapon Simulator AR Game

    Start your journey through the world of guns with eWeapons Gun Camera 3D Weapon Simulator augmented reality game. This app is one of the best shooting games and we are sure that you will have a lot of fun with one of the best virtual firearms simulator on your phone. So, if you like playing gun...
  17. gravitycodegravity

    Thread Steampunk Weapons Simulator

    A simulator which incorporates guns and steampunk, Steampunk Weapons Simulator For all the fans of steampunk and steampunk culture, here is just the perfect app, it's called Steampunk Weapons Simulator. A huge collection of weapons and guns is what characterizes this weapon simulator. Choose...
  18. gravitycodegravity

    Thread Gun Builder Custom Guns - Shooting Range Game

    Finally you can build powerful weapons and guns in the Gun Builder Custom Guns. Build the weapons and guns that will match your likings and taste. Just choose one of the many weapons, build it and shoot. That’s all the wisdom there is. It is much more interesting to shoot from the weapons you...
  19. gravitycodegravity

    Thread {CLOSED} Gun Weapon Simulator Pro

    Start your journey through the world of weapons with Gun Weapon Simulator Pro. With this gun simulator you will have modified simulations of some of the most famous weapons. With realistic gun sound effects and with huge selection of the most popular guns and best visual effects this firearms...
  20. gravitycodegravity

    Thread eWeapons Toy Guns Simulator

    Start your journey through the world of toy guns with eWeapons Toy Guns Simulator. If you love playing gun games, then with this toy gun simulator they will have the best virtual toy weapons made for you. This weapon simulator will bring something totally new to you. eWeapons Toy Guns Simulator...
  21. gravitycodegravity

    Thread eWeapons Gun Simulator Free

    Start your journey through the world of guns with eWeapons Gun Simulator Free. If you like playing gun games, in this app you will find a collection of guns which include some of the best pistols and revolvers you can have right there with you on your phone. eWeapons Gun Simulator Free is one...
  22. gravitycodegravity

    Thread Chiappa Rhino Revolver Sim

    Chiappa Rhino Revolver Sim is a new gun simulator app for Android! Inspired with great Chiappa revolvers, we came up with an idea to make this weapon simulator that will realistically simulate the work of Chiappa Rhino. Chiappa Rhino Revolver Sim app is a weapon game that will bring you a lot...
  23. gravitycodegravity

    Thread Chiappa Firearms Gun Simulator

    Chiappa Firearms Gun Simulator is a new weapon simulator for Android and you can have it for free if you decide to download our guns app. We have made this gun simulator for all of those weapon guns lovers out there and especially for the admirers of Chiappa Firearms Company. In this weapon...
  24. gravitycodegravity

    Thread Best Machine Gun Sim Free

    Start your journey through the world of guns with eWeapons Best Machine Gun Sim Free. If you are a fan of gun games then you are going to love this simulator app because you will have modified simulations of some of the most famous machine guns in your phone. You will have a lot of fun with one...
  25. gravitycodegravity

    Thread Zombie Camera 3D Shooter - AR Zombie Game

    Zombie Camera 3D Shooter. This simulator game is the perfect combination of zombie games, ar shooting games, weapon games and shooting games. Now you have the possibility to make your own zombie movie with your friends starring in the main roles. It is quite simple and we are sure that you will...
  26. gravitycodegravity

    Thread Shooting Range Simulator Game

    Experience shooting simulation like no other in Shooting Range Simulator Game Have you always wanted to become the best shooter and shoot from realistic weapons? The Shooting Range Simulator game is just the right thing for you. With this weapon shooting simulator you will quickly become a pro...
  27. gravitycodegravity

    Thread eWeapons Revolver Gun Sim Guns

    Revolver Gun Sim is the perfect gun simulator for everyone who enjoys shooting. Immerse yourself into the world of guns, revolvers and other incredible and realistic weapons. It is possibly one of the most amazing and entertaining revolver simulators available. With this weapons simulator you...
  28. gravitycodegravity

    Thread Machine Gun Simulator Ultimate Firearms Simulator

    Machine Gun Simulator 2. Start your journey through the world of guns with WeaponsPro Machine Gun Simulator 2 ultimate firearms simulator. If you are a big fan of gun games, this weapon simulator will bring to your phone the best modified simulations of some of the most famous machine guns. If...
  29. gravitycodegravity

    Thread Ultimate Guns Simulator Games

    It’s time to play the best guns weapon games because brand new eWeapons Ultimate Guns Simulator - Gun Games is ready for you! If you love guns and gun simulator games with a lot of weapons and guns to choose from, this app is perfect for you! This firearms simulator comes with realistic weapon...
  30. gravitycodegravity

    Thread Ultimate Weapon Simulator

    Ultimate Weapon Simulator with around 25 different weapons is made just for you Here is something special for all of the gun lovers and all of you who love shooting from great firearms and weapons. At your disposal are weapons such as: vulcan m134, flintlock pistol, revolver, a pistol, a...
  31. gravitycodegravity

    Thread eWeapons™ Gun Weapon Simulator

    Try the most realistic guns on your phone with eWeapons Gun Weapon Simulator. Get inside the amazing world of guns and weapons with eWeapons Gun Weapon Simulator. This weapon simulator is made for all of those who enjoy shooting ranges and gun games. You will have the feeling like you are...
  32. J

    Thread Fantasy Crypto - Live Crypto Exchange Simulator

    Features: Real-Time Data 1000+ Coins Portfolio/Asset Gains Tracking Limit Orders LeaderBoard Virtual Currency Line/Candlestick Charts Market Data WatchList Links: Telegram Channel: Google Play Store...
  33. J

    Thread Question Disable proximity sensor while playing games

    Hi, I bought my son Mi 11 Lite 5G, but he has problems. He is used to do a Viber call with his friends while playing games, but every time his finger goes over proximity sensor, the screen shuts off, it's really frustrating... Is there a way to disable proximity sensor while the call is in...
  34. I

    Thread PC Tycoon

    PC Tycoon in Google Play In PC Tycoon you’ll run your own computer company! Your goal is to make the greatest company of all times! Create different components for pc, research new technologies, manage employees, upgrade office, buy ads, follow the news and try to top companies leaderboard...
  35. J

    Thread [GAME][4.1+] Number Crusher

    Hello, I recently released a new game in the quest to become a developer. The game is inspired by Candy Crush and features a puzzle game where you swap tiles placing them next to same sized tiles. ✦ Multiple difficulties from Easy (5x5) to Very Hard (4x4) ✦ Different theming options with...
  36. Fjcnd

    Thread [GAME] Minecraft - Pocket Edition On TF101

    Well optimized For Tegra T20 download: mcpe-for-tf101.apk
  37. L

    Thread Color Way – colors learning game, game for the whole family!

    Hi guys! This is my first post on XDA, so please do not judge strictly if something is wrong in it. I think you will be understanding, thank you! Let me introduce myself, I am a junior Android developer at a great IT company. The whole story of the game began with the fact that on Instagram I...
  38. StarwayGame

    Thread [GAME][FREE][4.4+] Starway

    **STARWAY** Hi everyone! I would like to present you this new game Starway. It is a simple but challenging game where you have to tap the screen to stop the falling stairs before they touch the platforms. If you stop it too soon, the next platform will go up as penalization, avoid it stoping it...

    Thread [GAME] Fire Fly Coming Home

    Fire Fly The little firefly want home! Help the firefly get home. But remember: red light kills, blue saves. Use walls to bounce off them and ricochet to reach your target. ~~~~~~ Downloads ~~~~~~ Apple iPhone and iPad Google Play Store
  40. intel-user

    Thread Suggest gaming phones with no heat issues

    Hello Please suggest me some phones for play call of duty mobile (for 1 to 3h play with low graphic but max FPS) with no heat issues 🔥 and cool down self to keep total temp under 40°C 👌 As you know, top 3 snapdragons models (888+ and 888 and 870) have a overheat problem, i have Poco F3 And i...
  41. F

    Thread [GAME] Toilet Racer

    Toilet Racer Turn your bathroom into a magical sanctuary and become the toilet ninja 🥷🏼🧻 Are you always so bored while defecating? Put an end to the stink. Just don't fall off the toilet, it's dirty! How long can you last? Video Screenshots Download...
  42. Ezzzz4

    Thread Hook Run 3D

    Mod edit - translate by Hi! I want to introduce my new game, Hook Run 3D. It's an arcade runner in which you have to get to the finish line using a hook. How to use it? - Check out my promotional video. By the way, there are 100 levels in the game, and it's a...
  43. Важный Человек

    Thread Funny game? Весёлая игра?

    [eng] Hi, I came here to tell you about my game. I made it in a week! I would be grateful for the installation! I tried to make it as difficult as possible. Unity game engine and C # helped me! I hope, you like it! Link to the game! [rus] Привет, я пришёл сюда чтобы рассказать о своей игре...
  44. MiniLightGames

    Thread [Game][Arcade] Space Shadow Run

    The thrilling game Space Shadow Run has now been released for Android! You're a blob of matter, and now you have to run, escaping from the shadow that devours everything in its path that comes at your heels. Test your reflexes by dodging dark walls. Swipe or tap the screen to get around...
  45. Q

    Thread [GAME] [4.4+] Word Explorer Word Brain Game

    Word Explorer is a very absorbing spelling word search games for your spare time. Word Explorer is a relaxing Word game where you connect letters together to form words on a crossword-style board. Learn while you play! With over 4,600 levels and thousands of words ranging from simple to complex...
  46. M

    Thread [Game] Sudoku Classic!

    Play Sudoku FREE! NO Annoying ads!!!! 🔥🔥🔥 Sudoku is very popular puzzle game. Sudoku is a very popular game and is a logic puzzle which trains you brain. How to play Sudoku? Sudoku is a Japanese puzzle game. It's based on numbers logical placement. The goal is to fill 9x9 grid with digits so...
  47. B

    Thread [FREE] [Android] [GAME] Word Connect - Word Search

    Hello, I have a new word connect search android game, I will be thankful if you can support my game Link : The game is nice and easy to play. Thank you so much
  48. Stefanos53

    Thread [GAME] [4.0+] Androidify

    Hello!!! I Have The Androidify Androidify is a game that you can dress up on android RECUIRE: ANDROID 4.0 (ICS) and up
  49. Danil_Now

    Thread [FREE] METALBATE Core [GAME]

    Greetings! I want to present my top down shooter ... about robots ... about cars ... pieces of iron, yes. I must say right away that this is a prequel to my other game - Dominator. "Your task in the game is to assemble your death machine and go through the levels through the crowds of enemies...
  50. Stefanos53

    Thread [GAME] [1.6+] TOWER BLOXX NEW YORK

    Hello!!! Become the first tower builder at Tower Bloxx New York!!! When the faithful are finished you will win many gifts!!! Tower Bloxx New York by Digital Chocolate **DOWNLOAD**