1. Kila

    Thread [Game][4.4+] Numbers Game - Numberama 2

    Hi, I want to show you the new version of Numbers Game - Numberama. It is completely rewritten from scratch and has a lot of new features. Here is the video: Basic rules: In this logic game you have to cross out all the numbers or digits on the playing field. Two numbers can be crossed out...
  2. Kila

    Thread [Game][4.4+] Numbers Game - Numberama 2

    Double posting, please go to this thread:
  3. I

    Thread Airplane Flappy

    Fly the plane between the clouds and try to achieve the best result. - Buy new planes - There are over 5 maps and 3 planes - Did you score very well? Share your highscore on social media using the Share button. This game was created from the ground up and did not use any assets or pre-built...
  4. Anand4rockline

    Thread Gaming module for Magisk

    Is there any Gaming Magisk module for Android 11?
  5. N

    Thread [Crazy Darts 2][Android][iOS][Game Center][Google Play Games][New Release][Balloon Archery]

    Hello, friends, I am Nick. For 2 long years, I have been building this game. Just released it for iOS and Android! Please check it out, let me know what you think! Sick of the big-name games? This is something you might find spicy, a game created by a small independent gaming studio! iOS...
  6. B

    Thread [GAME] Happy Sorter: Swipe the products, sort puzzle game

    Hi! My name's Ilya. I'm a marketer and junior developer. My friend Vlad is a designer (+developer too) and we developed our first game :cowboy: Happy Sorter is an easy casual game with a lot of fruits, vegetables, and some exotic :) Just swipe spoiled products off the conveyor belt and leave...
  7. Roi X5

    Thread [GAME][5.0+] Earth Lockdown Manager 2021

    Hi everyone! During the recent lockdowns I studied a little the android studio ~ here my second game ;) Earth Lockdown Manager 2021 Description: A Novel Virus Threatens Humanity - Save Your Country. The Minister of Health...
  8. Super.Apps

    Thread [Game][Action][5.1+] Shooter Tactic Top-down view

    Hi! This is cool tactical shooter with unique mechanics and top-down view. Collect all items on levels, be careful and shoot quickly to kill the enemy. Play for free, no ads and no push messages! The game is developing, new levels are added regularly. Play Market link...
  9. famousfive1

    Thread PS4/Xbox/Switch Controller Emulator for Android

    Does anyone know of an app that allows you to emulate a controller on Android phone? To clarify, i want to play a game on Android which uses a controller (PS4 / Xbox / Switch). But I don't have any of those controllers. I want to emulate the controller input on my phone using my laptop's...
  10. AleksSoft

    Thread [Game] [Free] Hexadots

    Hello! I want to share with you my new puzzle game for Android - Hexadots. Few words about what was done. I decided not to use game engines like Unity and implement everything using just standard Android SDK. Also, I tried not to use any libs and create all logic and algorithms for the...
  11. d4-developer

    Thread Need feedback for idle game

    Hi, i have created an idle game and need feedback why people uninstall it. App name: Idle lawn Google play link:
  12. B

    Thread [FREE NEW GAME] Word Search Puzzle

    Hello, I have a new word search android game, I will be thankful if you can support my game Link : The game is nice and easy to play. Information : Rating: 4.9 Installs: 1000+ Download Size: 15M Version 1.4...
  13. whitebbit

    Thread Planetary Jumper

    Google Play Link Planetary Jumper is a fun and enjoyable endless runner with pleasant controls, the ability to buy outfits from the skin store and other features. This game is a great way to kill some time. Simple but addictive gameplay will not let you get bored wherever you are. You control...
  14. A

    Thread Unlock graphics settings in Android 10

    Hello, I have an android 10 GSI budget phone on my hands, previously I used GLTools in android 9 to be able to get high graphics settings on my phone but it's no longer working nor supported. I was wondering what alternatives do I have so that I can spoof my device as a pixel 3 for example? The...
  15. T

    Thread [GAME][FREE] Top Heights - it's impossible to reach 10 scores

    Top Heights is a simple but at the same time very difficult game. Try to score at least 10 scores, but it is really hard to achieve the goal, because already at the first levels you will still hit an obstacle, and all you can do after another loss - push restart to try to improve your miserable...
  16. Fdraco10

    Thread Best rom and Kernel for hardcore gaming

    Hi everyone! I need to know, which rom and kernel is better for hardcore gaming? Some mods settings or something else. :laugh: :laugh:
  17. A

    Thread Blast ball: match 3 puzzle

    Blast ball: match 3 puzzle game which goal is to blow up all the balls by collecting combinations of three or more blocks in a row. The game is complicated by the presence of different obstacles that also need to be destroyed. The game contains over 100 levels and three different types of balls...
  18. B

    Thread [GAME][4.1+] Meow Adventures

    Join Oliver and his furry friends on a fun journey through the Meow Adventures! Help mischievous felines overcome challenging obstacles as they travel through maps. Meet other furry cat friends along the journey and discover their traits that can lead to even more fun! Oliver Let Oliver...
  19. L

    Thread Clash of Kings Offers AppGallery Gamers Exclusive Benefits in Celebration of Six Year

    Huawei mobile gamers will have access to exciting in-game events, expansions and offers in celebration of the popular RPG game’s 6th anniversary Celebrating its 6th anniversary this July, Clash of Kings is offering Huawei mobile gamers access to a new collection of special features and...
  20. L

    Thread Explore Your Children’s Creative Sides with TO-FU Oh!SUSHI on AppGallery

    TO-FU Oh!SUSHI, one of the most popular education gaming apps for children with 35 million downloads worldwide, has arrived on AppGallery. Designed to encourage creativity among children, TO-FU Oh!SUSHI invites children aged between 3 and 7 to step into an imaginary world of “Tofu Island” where...
  21. musabcel

    Thread [APP] 500+ Free Games: Origame Station [3MB]

    You can play more than 500 games, which are more beautiful than each other, for free thanks to this ~3MB station. We have compiled for you the best games such as 3D and multiplayer, from the retro games of the 90s to the present, including flash games of the 2000s, and we offer the best ones for...
  22. nitheeshas

    Thread [OP6T] [A10] [ROOT] [LOGCAT] Game(COD:Mobile) crashes randomly.

    I'm not sure if this is the right place for such an issue. I'm asking here because it seems like an issue with my device rather than the app, since I could not find similar issues being reported among people I know. After a recent update to the game, it crashes randomly without any messages...
  23. K

    Thread [GAME][Casual][5.0+] Reagent: game-challenge for best score

    It's a game-challenge game in which you'll try to run the longest chain reaction of the molecules placed on the game field. Reagent slightly resembles the game "life", but still it's different. You can build a certain structure from the molecules and start a chain reaction like the domino...
  24. K

    Thread [GAME][Arcade][5.1+] Space slug: get to the spaceship to escape

    Space Slug is a mix of logic game and hardcore platformer. The main goal is to help the slug escape when it reaches the spaceship. Jump between the stones, trying to get to the goal, avoid falling or meeting asteroids, collect bonus stars. With each level the task will become more and more...
  25. Oberth

    Thread Game Controller/Holder for USB-C Android Phone. Direct Connection no Bluetooth lag.

    Hi XDA'ers, it's been a long time since I really have been on the forums (did some Rom development years ago) but I'm back with something a little different. Most of us gamers like to use a real joypad but get fed up with Bluetooth lag, battery issues and all the rest of it. I found these...
  26. S

    Thread [Game][7.0+][ARCore] Vegetables Sharks AR

    Hello, I decided to recreate one of my first games Vegetables Sharks straight into augmented reality! Now the sharks will swim at your home. The aim of the game is to allow sharks to eat a barrel of vegetables and swim safely from one place to another. Download link -...
  27. C

    Thread [Q} Looking for a specific old Windows Mobile 6 game

    Greetings! I'm looking for an old game I used to play around 2010 on my HTC Touch 3G with Windows Mobile 6. I installed a bunch of games from here, and I think this game came from here too. It's a 2D game. The whole screen is black. There's a grey square somewhere (random) on the screen, and...
  28. ahpathak28

    Thread [Game][6.0+] Color Mania: The Ultimate Brain Game

    Hello Everyone! :) I hope you're all staying safe and healthy during this pandemic. Background I started working with Android app development as an intern for my university. Being in the final semester of my degree, and not having much to do other than projects I thought why not utilize this...
  29. YASANdev

    Thread [APP] VDB for Valorant - VALORANT Companion app

    Know more. Become victorious. VDB for Valorant is a companion app for the upcoming game Valorant by Riot Games. Features: - Information about all the Agents in Valorant and their abilities - Information about all the Weapons in Valorant and their stats - Full dark/light mode support - Online...
  30. Jck0day

    Thread [APP][GAME][MOD] Plato Dark Theme

    PLATO DARK THEME Hey ! This is the Plato game but in dark mode to let you use it night without broke your eyes ! Tested with Samsung S7 (Note Fan Rom) Normally there are no problems in app, you will don't get banned /!\ YOU MUST UNINSTALL ORIGINAL PLATO APP OF YOUR PHONE (BECAUSE OFF THE...
  31. L

    Thread [GAME][4.0+] Antimine - open source minesweeper

    Antimine - Minesweeper A open source puzzle game where you search for all hidden mines. Description Antimine is a minesweeper-like puzzle game. The objective is to flag the spaces with mines to make the field a safer place without exploding any of them. You win the game when you've...
  32. M

    Thread Games problems on rog phone 2

    My rog phone 2 tencent (ww rom) hanging on Battelle royal in call of duty This problem happening on Android 9 (every 40 minute) and Android 10 ( every 10 minutes) Any body have this problem? Please said your rog model and is too
  33. Wahyu6070

    Thread [Magisk Module] Pingger Stable For Game

    Pingger Stable For Game What Is Pingger Pingger Stable is used to fix unstable pings when playing games and there are additional features, you install one module with multi function Features : • Apn Config All version • 3G/HSPA signal +speed • disable log • camera2api enable • magisk...
  34. K

    Thread [GAME][5.0+] Thematic Sudoku with Xmas, Marbles, Cartoon skins

    It is a simple and clean variation of the popular puzzle game - Sudoku, complemented by the ability to choose the design style of the game board. There are 5 themes at start: Classic, Tiles, Xmas, Marbles and Cartoon. I'll add more themes in the future. Check the game at Google Play
  35. L

    Thread [Free game] Deadly Racing

    Hello I want to tell you about the game "Deadly Racing" The game is free. Requirements: Android 4.1 + Download on Google play Your car's brakes failed! The speed of the car is constantly growing. A normal ride on a...
  36. R

    Thread [ANDROID][GAME] Minesweeper Turn - where time does not matter

    Hi guys! as a fan of Minesweeper I developed a clone with modified game system. It is not important how fast the player is, but how good is in identifying safe and mine tiles. After identifying the tiles the player makes a turn. Time does not matter, but number of turns does. The goal is to have...
  37. C

    Thread [Game] Color Up! Minimalist Jumper

    Finally! The first version of our new game Color Up is already live. It is a minimalist jumper with very simple mechanics. We invite whoever wants/can download and help us with a review and/or feedback so...
  38. Mouaz Kaadan

    Thread [GAME][5.0+] MTabu - Forbidden Words (Taboo)

    Hi everyone, I would like to present you my new mobile game. The game is called MTabu. It is a social word game, it's also known as taboo. One of the player has to make his other teammates guess the main word without using any of the forbidden words. If you ever played with the classic board...
  39. D

    Thread Dota underlords low fps on Android 8

    Hi, I noticed that Dota Underlords on Android Oreo has horrendous fps, like max 15 fps, and it can easily reach 5... I tried it an Pie and it ran fine, but Pie is missing some things that make me prefer Oreo. I never found any game that runs that bad, even on minimum graphics, and I was...
  40. M

    Thread [GAME][ANDROID][4.0+] Multiplcation table

    Hi, The game will help you learn the multiplication table. It has a learning mode in which you can master the multiplication of 1, 2, 3, etc. through all numbers from 1 to 10. Once you have mastered multiplication with a given number, you go to the next one. The second mode is the consolidation...
  41. C

    Thread [Beta][Game] Color Up

    Hi everyone Our new game Color Up is now available on open Beta for Android! We know the game is still not 100% finished and polished, especially UI and Audio, however the idea of this beta version is having...
  42. saadravian

    Thread What's the name of this game from an MKBHD video?

    I’ll be really grateful if someone could please tell me the name of the game MKBHD is playing in this video at 6:20. Asus ZenFone 6: Swivel Camera Magic!
  43. K3V1991

    Thread [APK][GAME] Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

    Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is an Adventure RPG with the Theme of Harry Potter. Players can capture the magical Creatures in the original, use Magic to challenge other Players, and more Note: Playable in USA and New Zealand, other Countries can play the Intro NFO: Version: 2.0.1...
  44. P

    Thread [GAME][4.1+] Trog Smash Island - A prehistoric adventure ** Free Promo Codes **

    We are giving Trog Smash Island promo codes for free to celebrate the game's launch Get promo code here: Game download link:
  45. T

    Thread [APP][4.0.3+] Tic Tac Toe: Play Cool Classic XO Fun Puzzle Game for 2 Players

    Tic Tac Toe :) Play cool fun classic puzzle Noughts and Crosses XO game for 2 players with friends download at Google Play
  46. H

    Thread [Game][5.1+]Shadow Puzzle

    Hello, I would like to introduce you my game Shadow puzzle. The game is primarily aimed at children. You need to drag the picture of animal to the matching shadow above. There is two difficulty levels. On easy level is there matching count of pictures and shadows. Feel free to post any...
  47. C

    Thread Can't play Fate/Go

    Hi people. I'm trying to play Fate/Go but i always got "Error 1". I have the latest update form android Pie, no root, no USB debugging, no developers options. I'm from Europe so i have to download it from external stores like qooapp or apkpure, but it works good normally. Also, i have Pokemon...
  48. S

    Thread [Game] [4.0+] Bulls and Cows

    Hello, I create that thread to present you Bulls and Cows an old code-breaking mind game in which you must find a number with unique digits. Bulls and Cows is available on the Google Play in two versions : - Free : - Pro...
  49. Z

    Thread [FREE GAME] Find Differences: Puzzle Game

    The classic puzzle game of Find the Difference Assorti, where you need to spot 10 differences in each pair of pictures. This game is well developed attention, visual memory, and simply helps relax. Perfect for both children and adults. Just relax and enjoy the process of playing a calm. Free...
  50. SveGa

    Thread [GAME] Tap to Dodge

    It all depends on you! And then do not say that you were not warned! This game is a test of your strength, it is easy to start - it is difficult to complete. Let's see if you can ... One rule - reach the end! A new arcade game with the elements of Marvel world, the Justice League and your...