1. XiaomiUser44658

    Thread [Q] Stable Custom ROM with good Gaming performance?

    Hello, Can anyone recommend a Custom ROM for the Redmi Note 8 Pro? The gaming performance should be the same as on MIUI (or better) and the should be stable. Thanks in advance
  2. walimipad

    Thread Question Should I update to MUI 14 or use MUI 13 for gaming instead?

    Hi All. I just wanted to know should I upgrade to MUI 14? For gaming like pubgm and codm, which one is better.. I am currently using MUI 13 GLOBAL and the update is on pending. My device is non rooted
  3. computermartkenya

    Thread OMEN 16 WITH R7 AND 3070 CPU STUCK AT 15W

    I recently sold a PC to a client with great specifications; I am talking 16GB DDR4 3200MHz RAM, 1TB SSD , AMD Ryzen 7 5800H processor and NVIDIA Geforce RTX 3070 8GB. Naturally, the first thing expected to be done by the PC is Gaming; sadly, it underperforms with CPU TDP limited at 15W on power...
  4. A

    Thread Ipega controller help

    So I have the ipega 9217 controller and I wanted to play PUBG with the shootingplus v3 app to map the keys and the app updated my controller firmware and now it's useless, I tried formatting it with a sim tool and it didn't do anything. my controller flashes cyan coloured leds when power button...
  5. the_arxyn

    Thread (Lag-Fix) How to Fix Lag in My PC Occured by Unwanted Several Background Activities and Auto Run Every Program on Every Boot

    Hello Everyone, I use My PC as a Heavy Driver I have Installed 50+ Softwares and Programs in it So My Question is I want a Software Tool to Prevent Unwanted Programs to Auto Run on Every Boot and I want to Analyse,Control and Stop Unwanted Background Activities I am afraid with it because This...
  6. EllieParker529

    Thread Looking for a VPN for Minecraft

    Hi. I'm looking for a VPN for Minecraft. I'm confused between PureVPN and Cyber Ghost. Which one should I go for? Only genuine users please no brand promotions.
  7. Pranav Temkar

    Thread [ROM][OFFICIAL][13]VoltageOS[RAPHAEL]

    VoltageOS 13.0 | Tiramisu for Redmi K20 Pro ABOUT Greetings, interested users! You have reached the gateway of a simplistic, no frills pure AOSP experience that will not let you down in getting through every day uninterrupted by inconveniences, with just the right dab of customizations. Be it...
  8. Gaminator888

    Thread Samsung galaxy note 9 - bluetooth gaming controller issue.

    Hi All, I have searched the whole world(internet) for a solution, but can't seem to find a resolution. I have bought a 3rd party bluetooth gaming controller that for some reason does not work with my Galaxy Note 9. I can get it to pair with the phone, but when trying to use it, it is...
  9. M

    Thread Question Custom rom..

    Hello,everyone im looking for best gaming custom rom for mojito/sunny now im using pixelplus os its pretty good but i need good gaming experience 60fps in pubg mobile,or if someone tell me good modules for no lag also i want to know which one is best custom rom for gaming with our devices Thanks ♥️
  10. Z

    Thread Xz3 3 fingers gaming problem

    Hi Guys, I play with three fingers, but after some minutes only two fingers works, anybody can suggest something? Thanks, Best regards.
  11. YOSSEF45601

    Thread Question Poco f3 heating help

    Hello my Poco f3 8gb 256gb is heating when I play PUBG on 90fps and 120hz on my screen the battery temp is 47c and the CPU temp is 65c is it dangerous and what are the temp that ok for phone will gaming ?
  12. lafreantz

    Thread Question Sound in games cuts out/disappears in Poco F3

    For some reason, when I open most games, the sound always disappears when I start playing. But I can still hear the voices of my teammates through mic. To be clear, the game has sound when on the game's menu screen, it only disappears when I start playing until the end of the game. And the sound...
  13. Grofor

    Thread Question Low input lag ROM recommendations?

    Hi guys, i need your help, I'm looking for a custom rom that's good st gaming. For this purpose I'd like you to give me some recommendations, specially one with low input lag and good gaming performance. Thank you guys, hope the best for you 😅 ♥️
  14. holaimscott

    Thread AYN Odin - Ultimate Guide

    Howdy folks, I wanted to share a bit more about this amazing Android gaming device that launched last year on IGG. It is currently being delivered to folks, and is by far one of the best gaming handhelds running on Android. Before breaking down the information, I do want to note that the Odin...
  15. GamingOnGadget

    Thread Question Poor gaming experience after december updates

    Hi! Have you noticed bad gaming experience after recent updates? Previously I was able to reach about 40+ FPS on Geshin Impact (highest settings) but nowadays barely 30 FPS. I am using dynamic profile since Performance is even worse. Benchmark scores are also lower. Software version is...
  16. Mohitash

    Thread [MAGISK ROM][v3/v4] Oxygen Expansion | Oxygen Mods+ | OxyPlus Tinting | Supports OOS 11

    Introduction to the features that come with this mod [Now supports all OnePlus 7 Series Devices] >Many Kernel, CPU, and GPU Tweaks >Doze Tweaks >ZRAM Tweaks >Prop Tweaks >QS Blur Backgrou >Focused on Battery, performance, and Smooth UI all together >AdAway >Busybox Android NDK >Viper4Android...
  17. negrroo

    Thread Development [KERNEL] LawRun Kernel [4.14.262][01-02]

    HEY ALL I HOPE YOU ARE FINE HERE !!! WELCOME TO OUR FORUM FOR LawRun-Kernel For Poco X3 Pro - Vayu /* I'm not responsible for any damage on your device, for X or Y reason, also I'm not responsible if you loose your alarm and got fired, anything like that, installing this kernel you renounce to...
  18. intel-user

    Thread Suggest gaming phones with no heat issues

    Hello Please suggest me some phones for play call of duty mobile (for 1 to 3h play with low graphic but max FPS) with no heat issues 🔥 and cool down self to keep total temp under 40°C 👌 As you know, top 3 snapdragons models (888+ and 888 and 870) have a overheat problem, i have Poco F3 And i...
  19. N

    Thread [APP] [Gaming] Glip Game Replay Recorder - Record most recent 60s of gameplay and share clips with friends

    Hi all, We have been working on a while on our app for gamers. First of all, I would like to mention that Glip is not a normal screen recorder. Glip is a Replay Recorder which means we record continuously but clips are only saved when some...
  20. negrroo

    Thread [KERNEL] LawRun Kernel [4.14.250][16-10]

    HEY ALL I HOPE YOU ARE FINE HERE !!! WELCOME TO OUR FORUM FOR LawRun-Kernel For k20 Pro - Raphael /* I'm not responsible for any damage on your device, for X or Y reason, also I'm not responsible if you loose your alarm and got fired, anything like that, installing this kernel you renounce to...
  21. mcdonut1

    Thread What's the best custom rom for gaming experience?

    hi guys im new here and just bought a xperia play (Aug 2021) can i ask what's the best rom for smooth gaming? Thank you so much guys. :alien::alien::alien:
  22. V

    Thread best kernel havoc os.

    What's the best kernel for gaming and battery health on havoc os? (Redmi Note 8 Pro)
  23. T

    Thread Miui doesn't support wired OTG Gamepads. Any way around this?

    TIL that MIUI doesn't support wired gamepads over OTG. Researched online, and other people too have the same problem. It just refuses to recognise my wired gamepads, I've tried both Xbox and DS4. Only Bluetooth controllers work. I know there's nothing wrong with the OTG adapter or the gamepads...
  24. S

    Thread [GUIDE] Using OnePlus 8 on LineageOS 18.1 as gaming console (HDMI out etc)

    Hi guys, I just got a OnePlus 8 and loaded LineageOS 18.1 onto it and wanted to use it to play games on my 4K TV. The following is a list of the problems and solutions I encountered to get there. First, I used a USB-C to HDMI adapter on my 4K TV. I connect my DualShock 4 to it via bluetooth...
  25. GuanZhang

    Thread Android Emulators Megathread

    Hi all, first time poster here. Microsoft just announced that Windows 11 will be able to run Android apps natively which will have potentially huge impact on Android Emulators running on Windows. Given the potential additional interest in running Android apps on Windows (and Macs), I thought I'd...
  26. BoDe Ma2laD

    Thread Question Help me Chose Best Custom Rom

    Hello guys, I want you to Help me Chose Best Custom rom for my "Redmi note 10 pro" Global version I just want a Stable Fast Rom, I don't want a buggy rom or slow rom, Just Fast and Stable And good for Performance and gaming experience. I saw a lot of Roms here on the website and I didn't know...
  27. N

    Thread [ROM][11.0][GAPPS][UNOFFICIAL][R Vendor] DotOS v5.2 [AOSP][2021-10-10][Lava][Shiva][Lancelot]

    " #DroidOnTime " ROM Version: 5.2 Device: lava Maintainer: naufalw Build Status: UNOFFICIAL * Your warranty is now void. * We are not responsible for anything that may happen to your phone by installing any custom ROMs and/or kernels. * You do it at your own risk and take the...
  28. Xtreme.Ornob

    Thread [Kernel][ProtonClang] XDKernel | SnowCone S-1.6 for beryllium | POCO F1 [2021-11-03]

    XDKernel | SnowCone Features & Changelog: Changes in XDKernel SnowCone S-1.6 - Merge Linux tag v4.9.289 Changes in XDKernel SnowCone S-1.5 - Merge CAF tag 'LA.UM.10.3.r1-00300-sdm845.0' - Merge Linux tag v4.9.288 Changes in XDKernel SnowCone S-1.4 - Merge Linux tag v4.9.287 - Fix...
  29. thegaming guider

    Thread [CLOSED]How one can play and win in GTA 5 director mode?

    GTA V has several modes to play, and Director Mode is one of them. Every way of this particular game is unique and has its plus points. To keep the game interesting forever, one can try various modes. Primarily players love to try the director mode to have some more exciting features of the GTA...
  30. thegaming guider

    Thread [CLOSED]Minecraft impaling has the power to kill the target in one go

    Minecraft is a creative game that you can use to kill the tedious hours of your life. The gameplay is flexible, and one can make it challenging or easy as per the skills. Individuals of every age group can enjoy Minecraft a lot and make their gaming ever enjoyable. You will find that nothing...
  31. M

    Thread REDMI NOTE 4

    I'm wondering which mido ROM is best for gaming. I already read a lot of threads regarding custom ROMs but I'd prefer to know directly from gamers. I'm currently eyeing on OxygenOs and ROG EDITION Please enlighten me which custom ROM you're using for gaming!
  32. OrianPledge

    Thread Question Screen Resolution

    Hi, is there anyway in which we can change the screen resolution to 720p while we game? Like it can be manual, before going into a gamez turned to 720p and back to 1080p when done. Phone struggles in 1080p rendering on heavier titles. I'm hoping for a non-root method
  33. R

    Thread Video game problem on Moto G5s Plus

    Hello everybody. my problem is that once I enter some game (for example cod mobile, guardian tales, etc) after a while of playing the screen freezes, then goes black (with music playing in the background) and the game closes. I tried everything, clear cache, reinstall the game. but nothing...
  34. TCGames

    Thread Screen Mirroring

    Hello Everyone! I just joined and need some help choosing between screen mirroring options. I have used a couple in the past and the best one so far has been TC because of it's variety. I can use one of the apps for work and the other for gaming. There is little latency, it can cannect through...
  35. ALIAS63

    Thread Wifi and simultaneous USB-OTG and charging

    Hi there, today i try to root my one plus 7t pro on adroid 10. It works great with only magisk i make a fastboot by this app to have a root acces. I also use TWRP just for backup because when i try to flash with it i have some error failed. I see some post i'm not alone with this device...
  36. S

    Thread Red Magic 3S/3 Thermals Discussion

    Hello everyone, I typically am a shadow user of XDA but Ive decided to start contributing and posting starting with a thermals thread. As most people know the thermals in the RM3/RM3S were a big selling point for Nubia. However, throughout my research Ive yet to find any definitive information...
  37. OneWayGamer

    Thread [Magisk][Gaming] Laxxed Thermal for NB1

    Losing your games because of thermal throttling? Hit your wife and a single father now? Ho Ho Ho! Don't let that future actually come true! Introducing.... L A X X E D Thermal OwO What's this? This is a simple yet effective magisk module which will turn your old NB1 into a Gaming ****...
  38. zhaaaai


    Hi guys. Im looking for the best CUSTOM ROM for my poco px3. Im still confuse which of them im going to pick. The reason why is i used my phone as for gaming, hard gaming, streaming mostly for mobile legends. Any suggestion for a rom that im going to choose. I WANT SMOOTHEST and COOL system...
  39. B

    Thread [ROM] Corvus OS v12.0 Athrill [Android 11][Official][Beta][20-12-2020]

    /* * Your warranty is... still valid? * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are choosing...
  40. GonicTEAM

    Thread [ROM][J710 & J701] Klaxosaur Gaming ROM v1 [OneUI 2.0 Core - Android 10]

    WHAT SHOULD I KNOW? This ROM is based on Galaxy M10 Q Firmware (SM-M105M) It supports Galaxy J7 2016 - J7 Metal - J7 Neo - J7 Core - J7 NXT (J710 & J701 Model number) devices It's very optimized for multitasking and games, giving 1GB of free RAM Leaves 11.7GB Free of space on data partition...
  41. D

    Thread Gaming performance.

    After mucking around with certain games I used to have on my old Galaxy S8 I've discovered something interesting. I get ridiculous lag and frame pacing in just about every game leading to poor results in games such as Cytus 2 (fast paced rhythm game relying on accurate input with no lag) the new...
  42. blazzer12

    Thread What are some low latency wireless earphones for mobile gaming?

    You know how phones don't come with headphone jacks these days and USB-C earphones are scarce. I know one can just just a USB-C to stereo adapter but I want to know are there any wireless options. So are there are cheap low latency wireless earphones for mobile gaming? How to detect the latency...
  43. K

    Thread Missing features in Blackshark 3 Pro?

    Guys. I am planning to buy a gaming phone and 2 choices - Redmagic 5G and Black shark 3 pro. I am slightly more attracted to BS3 because of larger screen, and physical triggers but slightly concerned about few features, or lack of it. Could you please help me with few queries? 1) NFC - If I...
  44. LadyHaywood

    Thread Kishi or Gamevice Alternatives?

    I'm trying to find other game controllers that connects to the razer 1/2 and google pixel 3a xl through it's usb c port just like the kishi and gamevice but a little cheaper than $60. I also want to know, if it came down to it, which gamevice fits the razer phones. I know they have one for the...
  45. OneWayGamer

    Thread [Stable]Update OpenGL drivers to 0472.0[24/9/20]

    Follow these instructions carefully and everything should be fine! All Bugs are Fixed! Credits
  46. OneWayGamer

    Thread [Stable]Update Vulkan driver to 1.1.128[24/9/20]

    This worked fine for me, if instructions followed carefully, nothing bad should happen! Credits
  47. anuradha96

    Thread Is it possible to force enable 4G only on OnePlus 7T

    Change of network from 4G to H+ during games is really annoying as it affects ping. Is there any way to force enable 4G only when playing games?
  48. A

    Thread Snapdragon s10 pubg Lag

    I have been facing lot of lag on s10 while playing pubG (snapdragon model canada). I can find a lot of forum posts but they point to exynos model. It heats up in 10 minutes and start lagging specially when things get crowded(or object rendering). Can anyone confirm their experience? snapdragon only
  49. R

    Thread [OP7PRO] ULTIMATE ROM/KERNEL BENCHMARK Comparison & Discussion - OOS vs AOSP

    So, I'm sure many of us have the burning question of which ROM/kernel any of us should use when it comes to pure performance. With so many ROMs out there, ones based on OOS, Havoc, Paranoid Android, crDroid, OmniROM, MIUI, the list just absolutely goes on. I want to use this thread as a way to...
  50. D

    Thread [Module] Razerite V2.0. By Gamers, For Gamers.

    Welcome to the Razerite Project A Magisk Module that adds a touch of Razer to your device Features: Razer Boot Animation Razer Cortex Razer Wallpapers Razer UI sounds and Ringtones And more to come! To Download: Head to Magisk Manager and search for magisk manager. Direct link Our...