1. reaubno

    Thread gapps is outdated? and there is alternatives?

    Why the releases stopped in 15 Febuary 2022? There is any alternative?
  2. B

    Thread Question: GCam with Motion Photo in Lineage

    Hi there, I have a working Lineage running without Google-Services. Right now, I have the GCam by MCG working with GCAM Provider, to get it running. As far as I understand, I need the Google Photo App, to watch motion photos, but GCAM Provider mimics the Signature of the Google Photo app. So...
  3. L

    Thread Can't send or receive SMS after uninstalling Google Play Services (

    Hello. I can't seem to be able to send or receive SMS messages after uninstalling Google play services through Universal Android Debloater. Everything works fine after i restore the said package. Tested it with the preinstalled Google messaging app (which would be expected to not work), AOSP...
  4. K

    Thread Lineage Os 19.1 gapps

    I've installed latest Lineage Os 19.1 and Nickgapps, everything works great, but now i've noticed that i've installed gapps for 12 android, not 12.1. Should i delete gapps and install 12.1 version?
  5. U

    Thread Mi Note 10 Lite - crDroid 8.5 - Vanilla - Android 12.1 - Unofficial - Custom Rom

    *** Disclaimer I am not responsible for any damage you made to your device You have been warned crDroid is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device also attempting to bringing many of the best features existent today Features...
  6. T

    Thread [ROOT] [Guide] Google Apps Install + Pass Safetynet + Help/Extra Info (Sheldon/p)

    Using TWRP/unlock from [UNLOCK][ROOT][TWRP][UNBRICK] Fire TV Stick 3 and Fire TV Stick Lite (sheldon/p) with successfully installed OpenGapps on my Fire Stick Lite. Needed files: Open Gapps (Arm, 9.0, tvstock/tvmini) gapps-config.txt (Attached Below) and edit as needed These are the steps...
  7. krakert

    Thread Apps have hard time getting location data

    Hey guys I have just flashed LOS 18.1 on my Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro, I have been using LOS 17 for about a year without problems. I wanted to upgrade to Android 12, but that did not really go according to plan, so I'm still at A11, but now on LOS 18.1. But I have noticed that the GPS is not really...
  8. W

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods [Magisk] UnifiedNlp enabler module for stock ROM

    UnifiedNlp enabler for stock ROM (Magisk module) What's this and what does it do? It's a Magisk module. You need to have Magisk working to use it. This thread can help with that. It installs UnfiedNlp 1.6.8 as a system app and also does the magic that allows it to work as a location provider...
  9. cookieoreo18

    Thread After removing "Phone by google" app, systemui starts crashing constantly and then UI stops working properly

    I want to remove the "Phone by google" app because it is causing me issues on my Samsung Galaxy ace 2 with CyanogenMod 11. I used an app called Root Uninstaller to remove it. But then i started having issues with the systemui crashing and reflashed the CM11 ROM. How am i going to get rid of the...
  10. A

    Thread Want to buy Nvidia Shield TV Pro 2021

    Please do not hate, but we are an Apple household, still want to integrate an Nvidia Shield TV, preferably the latest and greatest (?) 2021 pro version of it in our household. I know it just came out (??) and therefore has very (!) little information about it, not to mention no support, rooting...
  11. jpdubya

    Thread [QUESTION] Minimalist Lineage OS Build? (cherry pick apps for custom GApps-like package)

    (first time on XDA, let me know if this should be on a different thread, or if I should add any tags) Hi! Intro/Plea for Help: I have found partial and indirect answers to some of my questions, I'm hoping someone can help with my particular situation and answer all questions clearly, in one...
  12. Z

    Thread Question Gapps error 70, resize System Partition.

    Hello. After I received my new Poco f3, the first I've done was unlocking the bootloader. 7 days later, everything was done and I flashed lineageos. >Fastboot boot twrp.img>advanced>flash current twrp. After that I've wiped and format data. Then I flashed lineageos. After that I've tried to...
  13. Quantizr

    Thread [ROM][GSI] How to install Android 12 GSI with GApps

    EDIT: Andy Yan updated his ROM to include GApps which makes this a lot easier. ROM link: Just follow this guide...
  14. Mik-el

    Thread [2.3.7 and below] Preserve Your Access to Google Apps. By September 2021!

    Ok, quick guide. We don't have so much time left. It seems that as of September 27, 2021, Google will block GApps (Gmail, Maps...) from old devices that use Android 2.3.7 and below. Basically, you won't be able to log in anymore. Source...
  15. R

    Thread [HELP] Can't install ANY app after flashing

    I flashed Evolution X (including GApps) just now. However, I forgot logging out the Google account before flashing. So I edited the build.prop to skip the setup wizard and wanted to install VPN (I can't connect Google directly). But I found that I can't install any apps, and there're always...
  16. I

    Thread Nexus 5 Errors Using CrDroid

    When I try and flash crDroidAndroid-7.1.2-20171120-hammerhead-v3.8.3 and boot it up I get "CrDroid Home Keeps Stopping". If I try it with GApps it gets stuck in a setup loop, and if I try a newer version I get error 255 in TWRP when trying to flash it. Does anyone know how to fix these issues...
  17. untapped.tap

    Thread GAPPS for snapdragon dev kit

    Hi everyone, The snapdragon dev kit unfortunately does not come with a pre-installed Google Play Store. As such, I tried numerous times setting it up from scratch with all its dependencies and APKs one by one. After installing everything, it hangs on boot. I tried this endless amount of times...
  18. mohancm

    Thread [ROM][OFFICIAL][11.0][OnePlus 7T Pro] DotOS [AOSP]

    " #DroidOnTime " ROM Version: 5.1.3 Device: hotdog Maintainer: mohancm Build Status: OFFICIAL * Your warranty is now void. * We are not responsible for anything that may happen to your phone by installing any custom ROMs and/or kernels. * You do it at your own risk and take the...
  19. SuperPou1

    Thread How to install Lineage os 14.1 with GApps and magisk on T116, T113, or T110

    I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR BRICKING YOUR DEVICE, BE CAREFUL WHILE DOING THIS. This guide will show you how to flash twrp, install lineage os 14.1, gapps, and magisk on T116, T113 or T110. Q&A: Q: What is it for? A: It will make your device faster, will give you root acces and upgrade it to...
  20. tomatoketchup

    Thread Installed android 12 beta GSI. any way to get google apps?

    cross-posting from the Galaxy Tab S5e forum because getting the gapps will be the same for all devices I just installed the ARM64 GSI adapting the steps from...
  21. dereck_br

    Thread How To Guide [App][Google Contacts] How to sync Google Contacts in MIUI 12 CN

    Hi everybody, I will describe the process that worked on my Mi 11 Ultra with MIUI 12.5.4 (CN version) to enable Google Contacts Sync and I was able to sync my contacts from my Google account with my Mi 11 Ultra. Download Google Contacts Sync and Google Account Manager (Stable versions) Stop...
  22. J

    Thread Updated lineage then no Gapps, can't install, help?

    ==================LONG NOOB WARNING============================ Hi! Recently I've just installed Lineage OS 18.1 on my phone Phone: LG G2 (international[D802]) Current build is: lineage_d802_userdebug 11 RQ2A.210405 cd6fb8d05d ( lienage os 18.1 2021.04.29 Nightly ) So first I've switched...
  23. D

    Thread Question How to get Android Auto and Google Assistant to work on Android 10/11 ROMs?

    I've posted this question several times in the Galaxy S8 forums but I've never got any replies, so I thought I'd try here. I have been wanting to upgrade my Exynos Galaxy S8+ to newer versions of Android, such as 10 or 11, for some time now but neither Android Auto nor Google Assistant hot...
  24. Speedo.thc

    Thread Gapps for Lineage 18.1 android R

    Hi, here is a moded Flame Gapps package for Lineage 18.1 users. The main reasons i did this package : - I get random reboot with all Gapps (Flame and Nick) - I wanted to keep some removed apps by flame - I wanted more Gapps than include in "Full" package MODS from stock Flame Gapps : - Add...

    Thread ArrowOS Android 10 (Q) | Motorola X2 2014 (Victara)

    Video Link : Hey Guys ! In this video I’ll show you how to get Android 10 running on your 6 years old phone Motorola X2. Follow the process. Everything in this rom seems to be working perfectly, I didn’t encounter any bugs. WiFi, Bluetooth, Hotspot, Camera, GPS and Flash are working. I’m...
  26. praveensm899

    Thread [Discussion] Trying to Bring Gapps to verge

    I have been tinkering with this watch for a week and I love everything it offers and Alex is another icing on the cake I even managed to bring custom actions using Alexa, Can anyone tell me that has anyone tried to flash gapps in the TWRP recovery ?, I tried some workaround with some tic watch...
  27. mtpektas

    Thread [Guide] Better Battery Life With Google Apps + MicroG Mixed System

    Hi guys, this is my first post about dev-ish stuff. Cause I didn’t something like that. So, lets get started... As you know Android 10 has huge battery drain because of Google Play Services. Before that, I got nearly %40 of background usage. Then I start searching to fix that issue. I tried...
  28. Wahyu6070

    Thread LiteGapps Systemless [CUSTOM][GAPPS]

    LiteGapps is an Custom Gapps for smartphones, tablet, desktop, free and open-source software. by providing complete, stable support and several additional features. small friendly complete LiteGapps first release on 12 july 2020 supports android Lollipop Up to Android 13. comes with 5 products...
  29. ianseer

    Thread GApps on CN ROM 3.26 (PIE 9.0) - and root (CN and OMNI)

    First thing first,... I'm Just a noob here, I just did some testing things during my quarantine free time and got many errors with this Red Magic (which as far as I know has no update until now for international user). So, If there's something you guys know more than Me, or if I might do...
  30. P

    Thread OxygenOS (10) without GApps ?

    Hi, I tried custom ROMs to get rid of Google service (and use MicroG) but I miss OxygenOS and every ROMs have bugs (or drain battery super fast). Is there a OxygenOS version without GApps ? I've heard of "GSI" images, I don't know how to deal with that, thx for helping.
  31. S

    Thread Guide - Google Play Service on CN Firmware

    Hi guys, here is my own workaroud to setup google service on CN firmware 2.30. Maybe its working for newer Firmware, but its not tested. Plese test it, and give a feedback in this tread. If ur device already installed any of this parts, please uninstall all of them before starting. 1...
  32. fahdriyami

    Thread Deleted

  33. P

    Thread [Q] GApps and/or recovery on Android10 AOSP build

    Hi all, I am compiling android10 from AOSP sources and I do modify the android runtime and the compiler for a research project. Since those all security stuff make things difficult for me I have enabled adb root...
  34. Toothless_NEO

    Thread Install Google Play Services on amazon Fire TV 2 (sloane)

    I would like to install Google play services on my Amazon Fire TV 2 rooted with Rbox Boot Menu Twrp. I have tried following older guides but they appear to not work on newer firmware or are just oudated and/or plain unhelpful (Important) If possible I would like to use the leanback (Android TV)...
  35. D

    Thread Why "nano gapps"? Can't the Poco F1 be repartitioned?

    Howdy! I'm torn between buying a Poco F1, Mi 9 Lite or Mi 8 Pro, and was checking here to see which of the phones has more support from the community. It seems like the Poco F1 is the winner, BUT... I'm worried in that in two or three ROM threads I checked, it's suggested "you flash the nano...
  36. M

    Thread Gapps not working (Won't install open gapps because rom is 4.3 even though I'm on 6)

    Hi, Hopefully someone sees this. I have a galaxy s2 t989 and I installed cm13 the other day. It doesn't come with gapps obviously, so I put the version recommended on the forums, and it said "Error code 20" "This version of gapps is for version 6.x.x and you are on 4.3". CM13 is android 6.0.1...
  37. F

    Thread [GOME C71] need a ROM with GAPPS

    Hello, I have a GOME C71 as a secondary phone which i use for my work as a test bench (mainly website development) When i bought it on facebook, there was already all the google stuff installed, but the UI randomly crashed when I pressed the "running app" buton. So i decided to flash a stock...
  38. V

    Thread [SOLVED] Bootloop after installing GApps/MindTheGApps over Lineage OS

    Alright guys, I have the following files: TWRP on version 3.3.0-0 ( 1 - twrp-3.3.0-0-beryllium.img ) Firmware and Vendor on the latest version ( ( ) ( 2 -...
  39. lexiyuri

    Thread [GUIDE][A6020I36]Install Lineage OS 16, root and recovery in Lenovo Vibe K5

    Guide to install Lineage OS 16.0 with root, recovery and unlocked bootloader on Lenovo Vibe K5 A6020I36 by lexiyuri 0. Download and uncompress all the essential included files (TWRP recovery, minimal adb and fastboot, lenovo drivers) included in my androidifilehost link...
  40. G

    Thread [MODULE][10.0][LineageOS17][SAR][armeabi-v7a] Systemless OpenGapps Stock Package

    Systemless OpenGapps - Magisk Updated: DEC 09, 2019 | Status: Stable F E A T U R E S ϟ Systeless: Get OpenGapps installed on your old device which has no free space in its /system partition ϟ Any device: Compatible with any old armeabi-v7a device running on LineageOS 17. ϟ Safe: Don't worry...
  41. k23m

    Thread Nexus 7'13 Stock ROM factory image MOB30X issues and solutions

    SUMMARY TWRP restore fails with MOB30X backup. You need either repartitioning or the following storage space script. I use LineageOS but recently had to install the latest stock ROM due to the development of Restock app. I noticed two problems: #1 TWRP restore of a standard MOB30X backup...
  42. ayandebnath

    Thread [GApps][ARM64] FlameGApps for Android [10.0+11.0+12.0+12.1]

    Hello Everyone, Welcome to the FlameGApps thread, a Google Apps package for arm64 devices. We provide clean and resource-friendly Google Apps packages. We provide two editions - one is the Basic edition which includes the core GApps like Google Play Services (GMS), Google Services Framework...
  43. O

    Thread Building Gapps for Android 10.0

    [/COLOR razorloves I compiled my own unofficial LineageOS 17.0 for Marlin from your sources, but I don't have gapps compiled in. Is it possible to install gapps over the Lineage zip file? When I tried, it said that it thought I had Android 9, and it needed Android 10, so it wouldn't install.
  44. Toothless_NEO

    Thread How to install Gapps on Fire TV 2

    Can someone tell me how to successfully install Google play on the Amazon fire TV 2, I am well aware that this guy requires root and my fire TV is rooted I would like to install Google play so that I can sign into my Google account as well as download paid apps I have purchased on Google play...
  45. Nikhil

    Thread [GApps][03rd Dec 19][Q]NikGApps

    Hi Everyone, Here I'd like to Introduce you with my custom Gapps package that I use on day to day basis when I flash a new Rom. As I've observed many people struggling with finding the correct version of gapps to flash, I decided to build a package of my own which lets you flash stable google...
  46. Dronacharya

    Thread [Universal] DarkApps Package

    Hello Everyone, Welcome to the DarkApps Release thread! A new custom Apps package which contain all the required Google Application and some extra goodies. "DarkApps does NOT have a website. Do NOT download or follow installation instructions from unofficial sites." Packages Google Dialer...
  47. ayandebnath

    Thread [MOVED][GApps][ARM64] ExLiteGApps Android Q 10.0

    Project & Thread Moved Check out the new thread: Thanks.
  48. C

    Thread HUAWEI/HONOR GMS download guideline

    • HONOR 9X pro(china version) • EMUI9.1.1 • 10 steps to finish install • Cost 3mins 17s to finish install • Easy to install *Before download, insert SIM Card. 1. Open the link 2. Enter download page and click 3. Download google service assistant APK 4. Open APK 5...
  49. Jiti

    Thread Google's opinion about GApps ? Is it legal ?

    Hi all. As I recently unlocked my smartphone and installed a custom ROM, I was wondering what were Google position about GApps. I read some quick news online about this but there's nothing clear. To me it's not "piracy" or "hacking" as most of us don't modify their apps. Actually I think we...
  50. DarkBlood.

    Thread [GAPPS][UNOFFICIAL] OpenGapps for Android Q(10.0)

    Unofficial OpenGapps build for Android Q: Nano: url