1. F

    Thread How to temporary hide Gboard

    Hi, I need to be able to temporarily hide gboard when I do some text operations but I can't find a way to do it. I am not talking about disabling. I don't want to disable gboard. I just want to be able to hide/show it depending on the situation. A long time ago I had found I don't know where an...
  2. REPM_

    Thread GBoard problem in Motorola Razr 5G external display

    Hi everyone, I have created a similar thread here (lenovo forum) but it was recomended I posted here. I have a Motorola Razr 5g and I'm having problems with the input on messages, search bar, etc on the external device (see image). It makes it really difficult to write. In this screenshot...
  3. K

    Thread Question Gboard option for half screen on unfolded screen???

    For us swipe/flow typers there has to be a way to have the keyboard appear on only the right or left side of the screen when unfolded. If not, how can we request that feature with google? I'm on beta of gboard and only can float the screen which does not help much since it gets in the way and...
  4. F

    Thread Voice input not working on Gboard

    Hi all, I use a lot of voice dictation as input methods on my smartphones. The best one was the Pixel 7 Pro, but thi is another story. Now I have a Galaxy S23 and since May I've been facing a very strange issue with Gboard when "typing" text using my voice as an input. First of all, I have to...
  5. iqooZ3

    Thread App installation issue

    Hello, I have earlier installed Google Indic Keyboard app in My Phone Iqoo z3, But after some update it automatically disappeared. I tried to install it from Play Store but installation always failed. Then I Tried Downloading and Install with apk file. That also did not work. Then I tried to...
  6. N

    Thread Gboard Dynamic Color for Android 12 Non-Pixel Devices

    Help with finding an ADB method to force Gboard Dynamic Color to appear on non Pixel devices running Android 12.
  7. RKBD

    Thread [APP] Rboard Theme Manager

    *require root* Rboard Theme Manager Manager app for Google Gboard keyboard app. Continuation of Magisk module "Rboard themes" with more customizations and themes. Rboard Themes are not overlays but just additional themes for Gboard app. Features Downloading themes Applying themes Deleting...
  8. N

    Thread [Module] Silky Gboard

    Silky Gboard Requirements: - Have Gboard updated to the latest beta either by playstore or apkmirror. Installation: - Download the zip file on refs by clicking on the latest version name. - Flash in Magisk. - Enjoy. No reboot needed, the mod should be applied directly. In case it didn't...
  9. Immanuel Raj


    G-Board Themer Chek out more about me HERE Hey so am back with an interesting thing with to share it with you guys..... yeah trust me you will like this So....whats it??? Its the new G-Board theme enabler for people like me who dont like to root their devices The following features...
  10. T

    Thread Gboard will not delete certain learned words and names

    I type in Arabic (phonetically though) and have certain phrases and names that I tried to delete by: 1- Deleting all learned words in advanced settings 2- Deleting app cache and data 3- Uninstalling the app The only way to get rid of them is by manually removing them and deleting them...
  11. JustPim

    Thread Gboard Size Extension

    Hello there, I recently got my Motorola Moto G9 Plus in the mail. Great phone, I recommend you ask someone else for a review though because I have no clue as to what to describe it as. However, Motorola automatically puts Gboard as the software-wide "default" keyboard app. The only downside...
  12. M

    Thread [help] android 11 AOSP : install modified gboard.apk [apktool] [root]

    hello, and thanks for helping me. i have a redmi k20 pro with evolutionX on android 11, rooted with magisk 21.1 i modified the gboard.apk with apktool, recompiled sucessfully. the problem is i can't manage to install, it, for multiple reasons : (i added extractNativeLibs="true" to...
  13. U

    Thread Gboard Faster Offline Voice typing supported devices?

    Hello! I'm a heavy user of gboard voice typing feature on my OnePlus 6 Android phone. One thing I absolutely love about gboard is the fast offline voice typing. The voice model resides on my phone, takes up 85 MB for English US. It is blazingly fast, very accurate and overall much better in...
  14. K

    Thread Update 10.0.15 EU bugged GBoard language switching

    After the update to 10.0.15 EU I can't use long press on space bar to switch languages in GBoard. The selection page pops up for a second and then force closes the keyboard app. Just a heads up for the peeps that use multiple languages witch different keyboard layouts. Let us know if you have...
  15. Q

    Thread Get Apple's Memoji on your GBoard

    First of all, this is my first thread, so please forgive me for any mistakes. I am not related to the development of any apps below. In this thread, I'm gonna show you how to add Memoji to your GBoard This is what you need: 1. An iPhone with Memoji feature (I borrowed it from my friend) 2...
  16. O

    Thread GBoard freezing and skipping words

    Hello, since couple of days GBoard lags a lot - when swyping fast it freezes a lot and looses the word currently swyped. Anyone facing the same problem? Reinstall didn't help. Phone: Samsung Galaxy Note 8.
  17. luisvalino

    Thread How can I remove at GBoard app this blank space that appears on my Mate 30 Pro ???

    Since a few days now I don't know why this blank bottom space has appeared on the GBoard keyboard of my Mate 30 Pro and that I point to it with a red arrow. I have tried in the application settings to modify the size of the keyboard, uninstalling it and reinstalling it, and I have not managed...
  18. H

    Thread Swipe gestures interact with keyboard?

    Hey everybody, I've run into a recent annoyance since upgrading to Android 10 on my Samsung S10. I'm using gboard (same as prior to the update) with the google launcher. My issue arrives with swipe gestures, when I swipe to go home or recent apps the swipe interacts with the keyboard. Recents...
  19. MagikGab

    Thread Gboard strange typing sound

    Hello, I own a Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro, but I think that my problem isn't related to the brand of my phone, rather than the software. My Gboard make a strange sound. This changed when I updated from Miui 10 (Android 9) to Miui 11 (Android 10). I made a full wipe. You can listen to the sound of my...
  20. vimal0212

    Thread Enable regional languages on Gboard

    Gboard is a keyboard app developed for Android apps. It supports both typing and handwriting mode. Users can enable both English and Indian languages handwriting on Gboard. Gboard available default with latest versions of Android (e.g. Pie). Otherwise, users can install Gboard and make it the...
  21. SnoopDoge

    Thread Two questions about Facebook notifications after updating to 8.1 and Gboard

    So Motorola finally blessed us and released the much awaited Android 8.1 for the Moto G4+, but i have an issue with Facebook notifications not playing a sound, instead i just get a vibration or nothing, the notifications are obviously enabled and nothing is set to be silent, any help about that...
  22. C

    Thread Gboard: sync missing

    Hi. I'm having a problem with gboard. I just bought a new phone (Moto G6 play) and I can't turn on the gboard sync, the option is missing. But I can see the sync option on my old device. I read a thread with a solution to this problem, but I can't do it here. The solution that works for many...
  23. Lemagex

    Thread Gap below keyboard? Help?

    There is a gap below my keyboard as of this morning with no changes to the app just since I accidentally entered one handed mode. It persists even when the keyboard is floating as a Gray gap. Has anyone else ever had this issue or know how to fix it ? Tia.
  24. J

    Thread Anyone managed to get the LineageOS/AOSP keyboard working ?

    As the title says; Has anyone managed to get the LineageOS/AOSP keyboard working ? Gboard is not functioning correctly for me, as the predictions are all over the place, even correcting words that are written correctly (in my language - and yes, I'm using my own language as keyboard). I've...
  25. megatomic

    Thread Gboard on Android P DP builds - synch learned words missing

    I'm not sure which build it started in (I think it was there in DP2) but in DP3 and now also DP4 with my P2XL I don't have the option available to me in Gboard settings to synch learned words. I have the same version of Gboard installed on my OP3T running OOS 5.0.3 and the option is there. Is...
  26. Z

    Thread Stickers will not download using Messages- tried everything I could find on the web

    Ok this is really dumb but... First of all, OS 8.1 with all updates. I have TWO Essential phones identically configured. One does NOT have this problem. There are TWO ways to access stickers: gBoard and Messages Let's look at Messages as that is what does NOT work: Go into Messages Select ANY...
  27. A

    Thread Change DPI of separate apps

    Hey guys, i know that global DPI can be changer from build.prop or in the developer option settings. I did that and so far everything is working fine( on Sac23 V3 oreo based S9+ port) but the Gboard is scaling to a kind of tablet mode and even the biggest setting is ⅔ of the biggest keyboard on...
  28. deepakpunjabi

    Thread Anyone experienced keyboard lag for letters down(space, b, n, m) in the screen?

    I am experiencing lot of touch registration misses while typing, specially for spacebar and letters like 'n' and 'm', which are at the bottom part of screen, tried both Gboard and Swiftkey to verify if it is a keyboard related issue. Also issue is less present when in landscape mode.
  29. R

    Thread No virtual keyboard - Gboard update is the cause

    All of a sudden I noticed that my virtual keyboard was not coming on screen at all, no matter what app or things requiring an input. I wiped the cache and that did not fix the problem. I then uninstalled Gboard update, and that had solved the problem. Has anyone else experienced the problem? I...
  30. E

    Thread Gboard adjust brightness? And is it possible to tone down key brightness

    Hi Can anyone eloborate on what adjust brightness on Gboard does? I'm using a complete black background and there is an option with a slider to adjust brightness, but it doesn't seem to do anything. And is there a way to lower the brightness of the keys? Thanks.
  31. L

    Thread Voice to Text with Lineage 14.1 not working (Android Keyboard AOSP or Gboard)

    Ever since I updated to Lineage 14.1, I have not been able to get either Android Keyboard AOSP or Gboard to work with "Voice to Text Typing" With Android Keyboard AOSP, there is a microphone on the right next to word suggestion, but nothing happens when you click it. With Gboard, no matter...
  32. paul c

    Thread Invoke gboard keyboard

    This has been annoying me for a while - when I call open the Google Now (= search) app, I want my keyboard to appear. In the past, I had set up a profile in which when I open Google Now, it runs a task which was simply [launch app, app Chrooma]. This worked fine. Now I'm using gboard, and if I...
  33. errikosd

    Thread Gboard multilingual layout - duplicate layouts

    Hello everyone! I have been a SwiftKey user for a long time and for various reasons I am looking to switch to Gboard (one thing is the search feature). However, there is one thing that still keeps me to SwiftKey. I generally use English, French and Greek layouts. I really enjoy the...
  34. awionetka

    Thread No SMS delivery reports any more ... :(

    Hi, I have installed Gboard and Google Android Messages. As soon as that, delivery reports for text messages stopped coming. When I was using stock Samsung Messages and Samsung keyboard it was working fine. I have uninstalled Gboard and Android Messages, rebooted and cleared Samsung Messages...
  35. S

    Thread Gboard Language issues​. Missing Languages

    Hey guys! Recently bought my mother the Honor 8 phone and as I'm a Google fan I instantly downloaded the Gboard app. But the problem is that it misses A LOT of languages to use. For example I've been using Gboard on my Nexus 5X with Armenian language for a year now. But Armenian is not showing...
  36. I

    Thread [MOD][XPOSED] NSFW Gboard

    About: Google's Gboard won't let you search for NSFW GIFs. This Xposed module changes that. Requirements: - Xposed Framework - Gboard Download: -
  37. J

    Thread [app][4.2+]gboard google new keyboard for sony l

    hello guys googel gboard for sony l Back in May 2016, Google brought an awesome new app called Gboard to iOS, giving users the ability to perform Google searches right inside the keyboard app. Google promised Gboard would someday make its way to Android, and we're happy to say that day has...