1. P

    Thread Question Working GCam Port?

    Anyone found a working GCam port? Nikita's NGCam 8.2 works for me, except the app crashes when you try to take a video using the front selfie camera. You also need to enable Google AWB or else all your images will turn green. I'd say that this camera is better than stock.
  2. paradoxiumwind

    Thread What GCam do you guy use?

    https://www.celsoazevedo.com/files/android/p/gcam-oneplus-5-5t/ This one even using the config file for it results in blurry images for me. The camera crashes in night mode. Quality in less-than-sunglight-lighting is abysmal. So what you guys use?
  3. ucps

    Thread GCam problem

    Hi, I have a problem with gcam, when I double-click a dark field, a small, black window pops up and I cannot select the config. GCam 7.3 by urnyx05 (tested 7.2, same problem) ArrowOs 12.1
  4. park_urac

    Thread General Gcam s21 fe 5g SNAPDRAGON

    I'm opening this thread for all things gcam on the snapdragon variant of the phone. Please do not post about exynos as its the inferior version and the two versions need to have their own threads as a lot of people that visit this forum obviously are not tech savvy enough to even load xml files...
  5. EzekielAspectTHEOriginal

    Thread can someone give me gcam for t-295 (galaxy tab a 8.0 2019)

    gcam / google camera and any suggestions on an good gallery alternative please:)
  6. k2helix

    Thread Any Gcam port that works for the XA2?

    Hello, I just wanted to install Gcam and the only post I found here on XDA has old versions so I wanted to know if there's any newer that works for the Xperia XA2 (H3113)
  7. Alifirdaus

    Thread Question GCAM for GT Neo 2

    Hello everyone! Does anyone have the best GCAM port for Realme GT NEO 2 with working AUX camera for wide and macro? I've tried every camera but it crashes when turning on extra camera module. I did found a patch for magisk to enable it but it does not work as well. Don't know if I have to...
  8. legend221

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods [APP][No Root Required] Modified Google Camera 8.4.300 v1 beta3 by MWP

    Credits to the developers of the modified GCam project. Please donate to them if possible to keep the development going. After using it daily on my Pixel 2 XL it is now confirmed working on the Pixel 6. There are alot of custom options to take that perfect shot available for this modified...
  9. I

    Thread Question Working Google Camera (GCam) on Samsung S21 FE 5G Snapdragon?

    Hi, Did anyone manage to find a WORKING version of Google Camera aka GCam for Samsung S21 FE 5G? This is the Snapdragon variant so this should be easy! Yet, all the versions I have found so far are either not working at all OR (this part is really weird) the viewfinder and the whole app...
  10. B

    Thread Question GCam for Snapdragon S22 Ultra

    A continuation of my previous thread for the S21 Ultra. I will keep this thread updated for new builds and configs for as long as I have the Snapdragon S22 Ultra. I am no expert with lib patchers so the configs I upload will be a modification of others that is adapted for this phone. Also, since...
  11. Bolero.

    Thread GCam settings for Xiaomi 11T Pro

    Hello, I am using GCam 8.1 Does anyone have a config file for Xiaomi 11T Pro? Thanks! Bolero
  12. K

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods Gcam 8.4 [portrait] [Dslr]

    Gcam 8.4 for moto g40 fusion and g60. Functions, 1. Dslr effect for both front and back camera. 2. Night mode with astrophotography working. 3. Front camera upscaled from 4mp to 12mp. 4. Back camera upscaled to 20mp 5. Wide angle camera upscaled to 18mp. Note: Upscaling to high Megapixel...
  13. J

    Thread Question [CLOSED] How to use 48MP in Gcam?

    As the title says, how to enable 48mp in GCAM? I have used 48mp module of similar model (k20pro / xm9), but it doesn't work on K40.
  14. Ahmadhassan27

    Thread What are the best noise parameters for gcam?

    I need to know if there's some noise reduction settings which can make the pictures more clear and detailed and without noise
  15. x3BLIND8x

    Thread No Macro or Wide lens in PE Rom?

    As the title says, i have note 9s with pixel exprience rom and magisk. I just noticed in gcam, i have only main cera and front camera! There are no such things as macro or wide! I dont think i had these problems on lineage os (or did i? I dont really know) Is there anyway to make rom recognize...
  16. T

    Thread [GCAM] 8.1 Working! on Fire Tablet

    Hi everyone! Just found this version that almost works with the camera2api support Amazon gives us. The HDR/Night sight as well as portrait mode work! (surprisingly well) However can't access settings, trying to forces a crash. Would love to see if the community can figure out xml settings to...
  17. rahul.trivedi1994

    Thread Full Gcam working on oxygen os 12.1 beta

    Hello guys.somehow with oxygen os 12.1 beta1 OnePlus brought back some of the auxiliary camera support back on our beloved OnePlus nord. I have downloaded bsg gcam and a config from another developer.seems like all the front camera and back camera are working just fine, I don't know if the 48mp...
  18. I

    Thread Question Gcam for realme gt2 pro?

    Hello! Is there any compatible version of gcam available with at least most of the stock camera app features? Most ports crash upon launching or taking a photo.
  19. J

    Thread Question Question about photo image size

    Hi guys, I have a problem regarding Pixel 6Pro photo image size. not sure if any of you might have already noticed. Image size of my previous Pixel 4XL is generally around 3-4MB. However the image size of Pixel 6 Pro is generally around 2-3MB. Photos taken from both phones are in 4:3 with full...
  20. M

    Thread Question "Pixel Camera services" automatically appeared on my P6 Pro

    There's a new app that installed itself automatically on my p6 pro. It's probably linked to the upcoming March Feature Drop (night sight available in certain third party apps). It seems like Google has made a new framework, to give devs the ability to implement gcam with more ease. Playstore...
  21. TBM 13

    Thread GCam 8.1 Collection, Configs & Discussion

    This is a collection of working Google Cameras (GCams) for the Galaxy A20 & A20e. This thread is not in its final state and will be updated over time. If you want to add/edit something, feel free to tell me. Important All of the following GCams require to enable RAW Capture with this Magisk...
  22. miravision

    Thread General [CAMERA] 108MP and 16MP best shots and worst shot showcase (GCam vs Stock)

    Post front and back camera photos of the best and worst shots and video quality in different lighting conditions using either stock or GCam
  23. G

    Thread Question GCam always crashes

    SOLVED: use this version, it doesnt require Google services but the gcam services provider from f-droid is still recommended along with it: https://www.celsoazevedo.com/files/android/google-camera/dev-BigKaka/f/dl4/...
  24. K

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods GCam Port v8.4

    it works. click here
  25. W

    Thread Can we talk about the current state of F1 development?

    The pocophone F1 was the best phone I ever had and I miss it dearly, so I decided to buy a used one in the next few days. I would like to know a few things regarding the current state of it's development: In terms of gcam, does the original pixel 3 gcam is still the best, most compatible...
  26. Dayuser

    Thread Google Camera By Parrot043

    Discussion thread for Parrot043 Google Camera Mod. https://t.me/s/googlecamera_mod Google Camera: 8.4.300Android : 10+ Version: V1 (Monet) Full upgrade to the new version. All settings and fixes from 8.2.300 have been migrated. Adaptation of individual modification elements for MN Design...
  27. PhotonIce

    Thread (Question) GCAM fork for the Realme C3?

    Hi, is there a GCAM fork for the Realme C3 which works on android 10/11 ROMs (and also maybe on the stock ROM?), and if so, are there any bugs in it? Are photos taken with GCam better than those of the stock camera app? Does the GCam fork support nightmode and all the necessary features which...
  28. P

    Thread Question XiaomiEU MIUI-13 and anti-fraud-feature trouble?

    Hi everyone! Is anyone already using XiaomiEU MIUI-13 and experienced problems with Vanced-Youtube, GCam or (Nord)VPN? The reason I am asking is as follows: https://news.tvs-24.com/technology/amp/186549 or...
  29. Ali S Khalil

    Thread Gcam for mi 10T pro problem

    Hi guys . I downloaded this version of Gcam it work fine then others but I really only needed it for the slow motion and it doesn't work the 1/8x and 1/4x same they record normal video not slow motion and for the 1/4 when I chose the 1.0 lens it freeze and if I start recording it will stop after...
  30. G

    Thread Best rom and camera app for photography

    Hello i want to convert my Mi Note 10 lite to a excellent camera cellphone because I need to take photos that capture the lighting and the details of the products that I am going to sell very well, the videos do not shake and I have autofocus when I shoot, sometimes I move the product away and...
  31. D

    Thread Question Which Google Camera port works best with the G Stylus 5G?

    I plan on testing out the various Google Camera ports out there when I get this phone, but I was wondering which one anybody else had the most success with and whether there are any existing configs that should be used with it. Thanks in advance.
  32. C

    Thread How to use GCam in Oppo A5s!?

    Is there a way to use GCam in Oppo A5s!?
  33. Emziyyyy

    Thread Gcam freezes samsung A52s 5g

    Everytime I open gcam it works fine for 2 to 3 seconds and then it freezes I have to keep switching between photo and portrait to keep it working Any solutions? I tried installing other version but I got the same results...
  34. S

    Thread Question Samsung ISOCELL GN1 Sensor?

    If the Google Pixel 6 Uses Samsung's ISOCELL GN1 Sensor then these sources should be true as well for the Pixel 6 hardware "Dual Pixel technology creates 100-million phase-detecting photodiodes for snappy auto-focusing and light information that can be translated up to 100 megapixels ... To...
  35. Puca_

    Thread Question Gcam Astrophotography not working

    I'm using one UI 4 beta 4 on the Exynos s21 ultra and have the Wichaya V1.4 Ruler gcam installed. When I try using astrophotography, it gets stuck on 0:00, occasionally saying capturing more light. Is there a way to make this work?
  36. adarkuser

    Thread Question Video Quality needs improvement...

    Any tips of improving video quality for outside recording. Doesn't look that great to me to be honest. Much Vibration, jittery, no focus or brightness lock. Tried it also with OpenCam but well, just a little improvement.
  37. A

    Thread HDR+ not working after Android 12 update

    Hi, I just updated to Android 12 a few days ago and today I noticed that HDR+ does not seem to work. I try taking different pictures with HDR+ disabled, enabled, and enhanced, but I can't see any visible difference. But interestingly, Portrait Mode seems to work just fine. Is anyone...
  38. miravision

    Thread General [PHOTOGRAPHY] Post your best photos taken with stock camera or GCam

    Please post your best photos taken with stock camera or GCam along with custom xml configs
  39. Waseem_akram

    Thread Gcam for Redmi 9

    Hello, I need Gcam for Redmi 9 (Mediatek Helio G35 Dual Rare cam 13+2 MP) I've tried most of the available mods but none of them is installed in my device. I wish to get a proper mod from here Can anyone help me please? 🙏
  40. A

    Thread Gcam stable version is not installing

    I firstly installed Gcam beta version (PocoSv10.6.2b). Then I uninstalled it and tried to install stable version (POCOX2_F1v9.6_6.2.030) but showing error app is not installed. Kindly help.
  41. miravision

    Thread General [Photography] Showcase your best and worst photos taken with Stock Camera vs GCam

    Please post both low light and indoor shots as well as bright outdoors shots taken by either the Stock camera and/or GCam
  42. miravision

    Thread General [CAMERA] Photography & Videography Showcase (Stock, GCam, etc)

    Post photos and videos taken by your camera and mention settings used with exif and software used, stock, GCam or others including xml
  43. T

    Thread Best Gcam?

    Can anyone suggest me the best gcam for Redmi 9?
  44. miravision

    Thread General [Photography] Stock Camera Day/ Night Photo showcase (vs GCam)

    Please post your very best and worst photos you were able to take using either stock camera or google camera in different indoor/ outdoor scenarios highlighting how you were able to achieve the photo quality you desire with the hardware that the phone provides with settings and xml configs if any
  45. MadaraDoR10

    Thread Question How to achieve the best battery life?

    I'm currently on MIUI 12.5.2 on Redmi Note 10 (India), but I don't like the battery consumption compared to previous versions. From this discontent I need a custom ROM and Firmware recommendation, aiming at optimization and battery. A good stable version of GCAM would also be well accepted.
  46. S

    Thread Restore Camera registers after used GCam quality enhancer module

    Hello ! I wanted to test GCAM port posted in celsoazevedo and endup installing AUX unlocker module + GCam quality enhancer module but this last one kills 100 global registers added by OnePlus, as I didn't like GCAM (too much noise especially in night mode) and prefered OnePlus defaut camera...
  47. C

    Thread Question Custom ROM with Stock Camera?

    Hey there! I have been having a very hard trying to get any nice camera working on any custom ROM. Is there any ROM that has the stock camera? I switched from RN5Pro to POCOX3Pro, and almost every custom ROM for RN5Pro had the stock camera while none of the custom ROMs for POCOX3Pro that I have...
  48. B!0

    Thread Is there any GCam available for Tecno Camon 17?

    Sorry for the font, the device is not mine.
  49. N

    Thread please port a Gcam for Smartisan Nut R2

    There will be no more Smartisan phones in the future, Nut R2 is the last product. it's sad. Can any tech guru develop a gcam mod for this phone?
  50. L

    Thread Question Best GCam For Edge20?

    Which GCam mod works the best for Edge20, for all the 3 lenses present?