1. tanav_k

    Thread Question Gcam mod for OnePlus Nord CE 3

    so I found the best gcam mod for OnePlus Nord CE 3. it is a combination of using 2 packages, one for the main camera and one for the ultrawide and macro cameras. although be warned for installing the ultrawide camera apk you'll have to power off your phone and install it right after powering on...
  2. NGDPL Nk

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods [STOCK CAM][ADB/ROOT] Stock Camera S23 Ultra MOD for A73 5G

    Samsung Camera Mods for A73 5G Mods List How to install guide & Downloads Screenshots Credits Thanks to @Surfeur-des-Reves here on XDA for giving me the example S23 Ultra camera-feature.xml, making me able to create this mods...
  3. C

    Thread Question Native Gcam vs modded Gcam performance?

    Hey, I've been thinking about getting the Pixel 6a because I heard the camera quality is really good. However, I would only use it with LineageOS for MicroG flashed. I know that there are modded Gcam versions for this purpose, I'm using one on my current phone. I was wondering, do these...
  4. SkandaH

    Thread Google Camera Port Hub: Get the best GCam APK for Samsung, Motorola, OnePlus, and other phones

    When it comes to choosing a smartphone, camera performance is one of the most important factors for many people. There's no doubt that Google Pixel phones pack some of the best cameras around on the smartphone scene. Naturally, the Google Camera app is a powerhouse, thanks to its underlying...
  5. P

    Thread gcam

    hi can you give me advice what version of gcam is best for redmi note4? i have used 5.1 for few years and its ok, but mybe its time to try something else thx
  6. BloxetPL

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods GOOGLE CAMERA FOR POCO M4 PRO 4G/REDMI NOTE 11S 4G

    Here is (almost) working GCAM for this device. Download (Google Drive) Features: EIS (Video Stabilization) Multi lens support No preview lag Known bugs: Ultrawide camera (not working on photo, but works on video) Slow motion In order to make this gcam work, you have to load .xml config which...
  7. Raine.04

    Thread Edit build.prop without root/unlocking bootloader.

    Hello, is there any way to pull build.prop without root or unlocking the bootloader (I want to use GCAM mod)? I tried mounting /system on the recovery mode but rebooting to Android and running the command to pull build.prop (adb pull /system/build.prop) gives me an error, "failed to copy...
  8. kuba033009

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods A52s 5G GCam (WORKING)

    Mod edit: Moved to the already existing GCam thread https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/g-cam.4342219/post-88812493
  9. A

    Thread General GCam for Motorola Edge 30

    Hello everyone, I had some issues trying to find working GCam portings for Motorola Edge 30, so I'm gonna start this thread sharing what I found. 1. SGC V43📷 🔸 APK...
  10. SALL666PL

    Thread How To Guide How to make a working GCam

    AT THE BEGINNING, PLEASE NOTE THAT THE IDEA IS NOT MY IDEA, I JUST SHARE IT WIDELY SO EVERYONE CAN TRY IT MYSELF, THE LINKS TO THE POSTS ARE BELOW LAST UPDATE 09.09.2023 ! HELLO :cowboy::cowboy: Original Sources: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/google-camera-7-3.4109471/post-87343969...
  11. Muhammad Menhajul Islam

    Thread Gcam Support in Custom ROM

    Does Gcam flawlessly work on Custom ROMs?
  12. ijustwannnazuck

    Thread The question of a novice photographer with POCO X3 NFC

    Hi! I want to do amateur photo and video shooting, but since I only have POCO X3 NFC from the cameras on my hand, I have to get out as best I can... Now I have PixelExperience 13 (Plus Edition) and two versions of GCam: some kind of PZD5 from a Russian developer and GCam 8.5 from GCamator. Of...
  13. K

    Thread Question Best GCam port for the Motorola Edge 40 Pro?

    FYI I tested a lot of GCams 8.8.224 (the latest version as of now) and the only cam that doesn't crash is the Shamim SGCAM_8.8.224.10_STABLE_V9FIX. I will keep it becauseyesterday I was at a live concert and the stock camera microphone is a total mess (every video that I made has the audio...
  14. A

    Thread Question G CAM ON ROG 7, Google camera

    Is there any way to install gcam on rog phone 7? Or any mod available?
  15. lazylovesxda

    Thread Question [CLOSED] GCAM for S22 SD?

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a GCam for my new S22 Snapdragon that I am getting on Monday. I have been reading about different GCams for the S22, but I am not sure which one is the best. Can someone please provide me with some suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  16. yeezuzB0Y

    Thread Looking 🔭

    I am looking for some capable gcam mod for Astrophoto. I own an xiaomi 12 for a week, and using currently the "lmc8.4 R17" with config. unfortunately, i didnt have enough time to try every single option cuz of clouds. Yesterday night i had chance, i gave it a try. Results are very bad compare to...
  17. yeezuzB0Y

    Thread Question [CLOSED] Best GCAM for Astrophoto?

    Hi guys!! I am new owner of xiaomi 12. I used gcam apk on my previous phone Mi9 so i am looking forward next to use it. I love take picture of the night sky. Unfortunetaly, Mi9 getting old the battery doesnt work well. I am looking for good (maybe the best) GCAM Version/Mod/Config which focus...
  18. SrEdu0202

    Thread Question Post deleted

  19. borazanpower

    Thread Question Gcam for A34 5G

    Is there any compatible gcam working on a34?
  20. Laptapper

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods 👍🏻 [GCAM] [SGCAM] V8. 8.224 with my start settings

    Hy guys Newest sgcam with my start settings (lib patcher on but all standard without lib, noise lenses aux.... configured) attached What's new!! - Now options with null value also will be available in Developer settings. Optimized developer settings codes much. Now 744 options is available...
  21. Zeeshan722

    Thread GCam freezes in LineageOS 20.0 official

    Hey there! Any of you know how to fix Gcam freezes issue in offical lineageOS 20.0? I am using LG v30 (US998) Joan and recently i tried lineageOS official build for my phone but it seems all the gcam ports freezes when switch between portrait to camera. I waited for latest update (Build -509)...
  22. L

    Thread Question Anyone able to get mono lens working with gcam (or any other camera app)

    Was on lineage 19.1 and with This config file and This gcam apk I could use all 3 aux back cameras seamlessly. Now on lineage 20 the macro lens and the regular lens work but switching to the monochrome lens immediately crashes this app as well as any other versions of the app / configs I have...
  23. G

    Thread Question Gcam for the S23/23+?

    Hi all. I've been doing a lot of reading about the Gcam port for Samsung devices and to be honest, I got lost. With all the Gcam variants, Telegram channels, XML configs... I coulnd't figure out which one is the latest version that is considered the best, out of the LMC or BMG apk's and which is...
  24. Laptapper

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods 👍 [GCAM] [LMC] 8.4R17 R18

    Update R18 with config page I'm sharing here the newest apk and soon my xml from scratch for r17 Versions Info Added: - TEST patcher: LDR Lite Highlight, Sabre Noise, Disable Preserving Highlights (Disables the limit on the appearance of highlights, works in conjunction with the HDR Ratio) -...
  25. Alexeido

    Thread Question Custom ROM recomendation for Poco F3

    I just bought a second hand Poco F3 6Gb+128 and I would like as soon as I get it to install a Custom ROM because I'm tired of miui, what is your recommendation? I am looking for stability, possibly be years with the same rom installed, and above all a great battery life, I have read some names...
  26. S

    Thread Are there some GCAM that works in Blackview A85?

    I downloaded some versions of Gcam to see if they worked on my Blackview A85, but so far I haven't been successful. Are there any version of Gcam that works on Blackview A85?
  27. abodalaa0abodalaa

    Thread Question OIS not working in gcam

    Hello guys, I am noticing that OIS is not working in any gcam port whatsoever, neither in photo capturing nor video, even though I enabled "video stabilization" and digged into developer settings, searched for "OIS", And every option stating "OIS" is enabled.I am using BSG gcam right now, the...
  28. hoanvu1100

    Thread Question K50 Ultra help

    I just switched to K50 Ultra, is there anyway to fix camera crashes on Global ROM (very helpful if u post a link for GCam or something) - or unlock FPS for games in EU ROM? I notice its locked on 30FPS in almost every games. Does EliteROM a good ROM for daily use? Thanks for your help, have a...
  29. knmp

    Thread Question Recommended GCAM mod and settings?

    Has anyone found the best gcam mod version, which works perfectly out of the box, that could replace the default sony camera app? Or propose the best combo (gcam mod version+setting) with links for our device?
  30. TheMystic

    Thread Can anyone explain the GCam variants?

    There are multiple variants of GCam with the same version number from the same developer. Can anyone explain what each variant is suitable for:
  31. turjobarai

    Thread Question Best Gcam

    Best Gcam for Redmi note 11s.
  32. .Yakim.

    Thread Question Electronic stabilization on Xiaomi redmi note 10s

    Hello everyone The Xiaomi redmi note 10s phone supports electronic stabilization only in fhd 30 frames, is it possible to enable stabilization for 4k 30 frames and fhd 60 frames with the help of some software or something else? tried "open camera", stabilization still does not work maybe...
  33. vcboi

    Thread Suggest: A GCam for Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro running Pixel Experience Plus based on Android 13

    I recently installed Pixel Experience Plus based on Android 13 on Note 5 Pro. It's the first time I've ever installed a custom rom. Could anyone help me with the GCam that I can go for? I'm looking for Indian configuration. Also, I'm new here; please help me with the steps to load up the config...
  34. E

    Thread General Google Camera (GCam) for Xiaomi 11T

    Google Camera config, lib and advice sharing topic for Xiaomi 11T. Although our device uses Mediatek, it can run Google camera. Viewfinder looks laggy but it has no effect on photo quality. After a little research, I saw that the MGC_8.7.250_A11_V11 port did not give bad results. But a little...
  35. AntoRei

    Thread Question Google Camera

    Hey guys, I have Xiaomi 13, I tried some gcam mod apps but in every version I'm getting crash at the opening. A crash log for the last v11 BSC version is attached.
  36. NoMerzyThankYou

    Thread Question I cannot change the default Camera Module.

    Hello everyone. No rom or anything similar has been thrown into my device. When I install Gcam or a different camera application, I cannot change the camera in the default applications. What should I do in this case?
  37. Y

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods GCam Discussion Thread

    Hello Here a new GCAM version with pixel binning https://www.celsoazevedo.com/files/android/google-camera/dev-shamim/f/dl13/ Gcam SHAMIM In this version, you will have several shooting modes, including one with Pixel Binning, to be able to do crops, or cuts without losing an iota of quality...
  38. J

    Thread The Skinny on GCam vs Expert Raw?

    I was considering upgrading from Note 20 Ultra (Snapdragon) to a new S23 Ultra and then realized the $800 (after trade-in) probably wasn't worth it so I should just stick to my trusted strategy of buying last years model refurb in like new condition (factory unlocked) and save my money. So I...
  39. L

    Thread [CLOSED] GCAM Mod for Xperia 1 Mark 1

    Hi there! If you have work port of gcam for this model, you can share it. 1. What work? 2. Any bags? 3. Config file for gcam apk
  40. tanujdhama

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods ✔Update (13.01.23) iphunVision_🇮🇳 For LMC8.4 r15 Gcam

    XML - iphunVision_🇮🇳 For GCam : LMC 8.4 R15 Gcam Link -- https://www.celsoazevedo.com/files/android/google-camera/dev-hasli/f/dl11/ About Lenses & modes : Main - For every scenarios Macro - For macro shots Wide - For Ultra Wide lens Human - For (human shots - a bit smoother photos) B/W - as...
  41. iska636

    Thread Question Is there GCam For Poco M4 PRO 4G

    Is there gcam app and config for pm4pro4g
  42. kickme123

    Thread How do I install a working Gcam on LineageOS 19.1 (2023) on my POCO X3 NFC phone?

    I'm tired. I've spent so much effort and time, and this crap doesn't want to work. None of the versions work, all crash right after launch. Magisk 25.2 does not accept any of the fixes (https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/aosp-11-gcam-fix.4347811/)...
  43. aritro97

    Thread Question Does Anyone have good gcam for poco m4 pro 5g?

    Do you have any good gcam and config for this device?
  44. Dayuser

    Thread Google Camera by Hasli: LMC

    Discussion and updates thread for well known GCam port Hasli: LMC https://t.me/gcamlm Once again i have to remind that i am not developer of this gcam. Do not send me PM LMC 8.4 Release 15 Changes: • Exynos devices (Verified by Note20U, S21U, S10) • Library selection per module (except...

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods [APP] Google Camera Go

    DOWNLOAD GCAM GO Google Camera and its post-processing algorithms undoubtedly changed the game in terms of what we expect from smartphone cameras, elevating the Google Pixels to some of the best android phones you can buy for the camera. That's the exact reason why Google Camera GO are so...
  46. ZINHAR

    Thread [GCAM XML] ZINHAR BSG for Mi 10T / 10T Pro

    Release: Tochal Features: Installation: Prerequisites: BSG GV2b from Celso Azevedo's website ZINHAR XML for your device model ZINHAR Tochal for Mi 10T Pro (Apollo Pro) ZINHAR Tochal for Mi 10T (Apollo) Notice: I only own a Mi 10T Pro, the Mi 10T variant was tested by members of our...
  47. P

    Thread How To Guide How to enable Motion Mode (Action Pan and Long Exposure in Gcam) on your Pixel 6a

    Hi to all my fellow Pixel 6a users. As you know, Google thing is to develop awesome tools and then to only allow a handful of people to use them. But I don't like that, so here's a way to enable Motion Mode, i.e. Action Pan and Long Exposure, and also Audio Zoom on your Pixel 6a. It's pretty...
  48. B

    Thread Question: GCam with Motion Photo in Lineage

    Hi there, I have a working Lineage running without Google-Services. Right now, I have the GCam by MCG working with GCAM Provider, to get it running. As far as I understand, I need the Google Photo App, to watch motion photos, but GCAM Provider mimics the Signature of the Google Photo app. So...
  49. incelynn

    Thread Question EIS works only in the GCam viewfinder

    hey, i got a weird bug. when i trying to record a video with eis, it working perfectly in a viewfinder, but output video have no eis at all. what may cause this? using: GCam8.2.204_Greatness.220901