1. H

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Easy Slider - Edge gestures to control volume, brightness and launch apps

    Adjust volume, brightness and launch apps with edge swipe gestures any time. Easy Slider enables the easiest and most comfortable way to adjust volume and brightness of your device when browsing videos or playing games. It also lets you launch your favorite apps or switch to recent apps...
  2. Mike-mei

    Thread Posture Recognition: Natural Interaction Brought to Life

    Augmented reality (AR) provides immersive interactions by blending real and virtual worlds, making human-machine interactions more interesting and convenient than ever. A common application of AR involves placing a virtual object in the real environment, where the user is free to control or...
  3. S

    Thread Will a custom ROM like LineageOS allow me to hide the default nav bar and use Fluid Nav Gestures as intended?

    My stock Pixel 5 has been slowly going downhill and I was considering installing a custom ROM in an attempt to breath some new life into it. One of the things I've greatly missed since Google introduced an update is being able to hide the nav bar and use the FluidNG app to customize my gesture...
  4. S

    Thread Is it possible to hide the default bottom nav bar and use Fluid NG as intended on a stock Pixel 5?

    Haven't checked in for a while. I remember a year or two ago Google introduced a breaking change in an update that meant we could not use Fluid NG to replace the default nav bar at the bottom of the screen. Is this still the case? My phon is not rooted or anything, just stock and on the latest...
  5. bigPAL

    Thread Is there ANY way to hide the right and left gesture navigation bars leaving the middle without changing gesture navigation type?

    Hello. I would really like to find a way to hide these bars on the left and right without changing anything in their functionality. I don't like gesture navigations that use one single gesture navigation bar in the middle so I decided to find a way to use this type and try to hide the left and...
  6. D

    Thread Question WHAT is going on with this phone's erroneous touch recognition? (apps minimizing when touching element near bottom)

    background: came from Pixel 3 XL and numerous other Nexus/Pixel devices. running latest update stock w/ root NEVER HAD THIS ISSUE on a prior device. Is it *my* phone malfunctioning? Are you experiencing this? Issue: multiple times a day, I will go to tap some element in an app, whether it be...
  7. anshhjjain

    Thread Question Gesture Navigation does not work with launchers?

    I have used lawnchair and nova, but gesture Navigation is not responsive with both of them... It either freezes of changes default to system launcher.. Any fixes?
  8. xavierprog1

    Thread [CLOSED][ROM] GestureOS is soon available for Nexus Q

    GestureOS is a linux based operating system with a Gesture based UI for Nexus Q. This version use a custom library for input and output. ROM OS Version: GestureOS 1.0 ROM Kernel: Linux 2.3x Based On: Linux ROM Source Code: N/A Devices Compatibles: Nexus Q The files will be soon availables...
  9. X

    Thread [App][5.0+] Micro Gesture

    Get the app at play store
  10. big_beyond

    Thread Question [Help] System navigation button issue.

    I'm facing a serious issue regarding system navigation button. When I press any of the navigation buttons, the touch area animation keeps remain and doesn’t disappear. Please help me to fix the problem. I know I can enable gestures instead of buttons for system navigation. But I really want to...
  11. dogwoofer

    Thread Horizontal swipe sensitivity issues

    I am having some issues with sideways swipes - for example on the homescreen (lawnchair v2) or gallery apps, when swiping from one page (or photo) to another, the swipe does not fully register and the page/photo just bounces back to the one you were already on. It does not seem to have issues...
  12. Quinny899

    Thread [APP][1.6] Tap, Tap: Double tap on back of device gesture from Android 12 port

    Tap, Tap is a port of the double tap on back of device gesture from Pixels running Android 12 to any Android 7.0+ device*. Tap, Tap provides over 50 actions that can be run from double or triple taps on the back of your device, including: Launching an app Launching a shortcut Toggling the...
  13. lm089

    Thread No more recent apps with custom launcher after upgrade to OOS 10.0.1 stable

    For years I've been running first Nova, then SmartLauncher on all my devices. I made it a habit to at least freeze, sometimes delete the default launchers. So I also did on my OP6, and it wasn't any problem until I update from OOS 9.0.9 to 10.0.1 over the last weekend. After the (OTA) update I...
  14. DinethIrusha

    Thread [GUIDE] How to set onscreen Navigation Bar like in Pixel for Nokia 6.1

    Hey guys, Since everyone hates the onscreen Navigation bar I found this cool software from developers MishaalRahman, Zacharee1 from XDA Developers We always hate it when this literally takes half of our screen So after adding this app this app you can actually use the gestures without...

    Thread Take screenshot gesture not working

    Hello all, My screenshot gesture is not working. No matter how many times I knock against my phone screen, it doesn't take any screen shots. I've tried disabling it and enable it again but it doesn't work. Restarted my phone also doesn't work. Do anyone have any idea how to resolve issue...
  16. C

    Thread Disable "Back Gesture" for left side swipe on the screen

    Dear friends, basically I really like and love my P30 a lot, but regarding NavigationDrawer menu and "back swipe gesture from the left screen side" it's a little bit complicated. Possibly I'm also missing something? For non developers: NavigationDrawer menu is the app menu, many apps offer...
  17. R

    Thread Updated replacement (insurance) phone upon receiving. Gesture unlock no longer option

    So my S9+ took a tumble and was unresponsive. Luckily, I had insurance. So when I received the new device, I set it up, let everything restore that was available for restoration, and took the latest update (screenshot attached). Now my absolute favorite way to unlock a phone out of all the...
  18. onclebob

    Thread EMUI9 new gesture + alternate launcher

    Hi, i tried the new gesture navigation on EMUI9. It works but the return to home gesture go briefly to task manager before showing home. did someone manage to avoid this? I'm on stock phone, no root or whatever.. Tried action launcher or nova without success thank you
  19. randomhkkid

    Thread [Non-Root] Hide navigation bar and use custom gestures

    I noticed that some of the applications for custom gesture navigation don't work on MIUI 10 on the MIX 3. Here's what I did to get it to work. Requirements: * ADB and Fastboot installed * A custom gestures application - I use Edge Gestures Notes: * Make sure to have an alternative navigation...
  20. S

    Thread MIUI 10 like Navigation Gesture For Custom Roms

    After switching to mokee rom from miui 10 only thing I missed was the navigation gesture. I think it is one oft the most beautiful implementation among all. So I was looking for third party apps to mimic miui gestures. So far I have found these to be parfect. I am using the first one right...
  21. k3dar7

    Thread [SOLVED] with Magisk installed is missed some gestures

    I have TA-1046 with Pie and unlocked bootloader... After install (via TWRP) Magisk (official zip release (tested 17.1 and 17.2)), then is missed: From Settings/System/Gestures: - Swipe fingerprint for notification - Swipe up on Home button - Lift to check phone From Settings/Display: - Double...
  22. R

    Thread Moto Z3 , Z3 Play Gesture Navigation bar for moto Z Series

    can bring gesture navigation bar from moto Z3 , Z3 Play to moto Z2 Force ??
  23. P

    Thread Ambient display gesture

    Hello everyone, i have this question about ambient display. In Nougat (precisely SlimRom), when ambient display was active i could slide up and unlock the phone easily. Now, in evey oreo rom i use i necessarily need to double tap to unlock screen. Why is that? How May i return to previous...
  24. cri347

    Thread Glance Screen improvements, gesture and screen calibration in development?

    In the settings there are some hidden activities of debugging, testing and experimental settings for the Glance Screen. As you can see from the screenshots below, they would allow to change the backlight, the number of notifications to be displayed (four or six), the activation delay, the style...
  25. galaxy s4 nutjob

    Thread Nav Bar Gestures

    Will you be using the new features that eliminate the nav buttons? although you loose the long press options on nav bar
  26. H

    Thread [Found] App/mod to swipe left/right to switch apps.

    I FOUND A WAY! :D Okay, so for this you need: Magisk Xposed for Magisk (possibly also works with normal Xposed) UnrestrictedGetTasks module found in Xposed Installer The Apk at the bottom of the first post (Credits to in.abhi9) installed in /system/priv-app (just pop it in any magisk module...
  27. Y

    Thread [APP][Android 8+] Digilux - Notification and Brightness Gestures

    Hello! If you've had trouble getting notification fingerprint gestures to work with Android Oreo, my app may be able to help you out. It let's you map gestures to the fingerprint sensor for brightness, and keeps the notification pull down gesture. It's a free app with banner ads at the bottom...
  28. Y

    Thread [APP][Android 8+] TESTERS Digilux - Control your phone's brightness w/finger gestures

    I wrote an App that lets you control your phone's brightness provided it's running Android 8.0+ and has a compatible fingerprint sensor. I wrote it because I change my phone's brightness as often as I change it's volume, if not more, and I was upset I didn't have dedicated hardware for it. When...
  29. T

    Thread [APP] All-In-One Gesture

    Hey guys, just wanna share an app that I found to be very useful. I always wanted to have a lock screen key at navbar so that I can lessen my power button usage while still able to lock screen at any moment. And also camera shortcut that allows me to launch camera anytime. Now I can swipe...
  30. Q

    Thread [APP][4.0+] Gesture Lock Screen

    Gesture Lock Screen allows you to unlock your phone with gesture, fingerprint or recovery password. Gesture Add/change/delete gesture Solid/transparent/invisible gesture colors Single (one touch drawing) and multiple gesture strokes Fingerprint Fingerprint unlock is only available on Android...
  31. A

    Thread Moto actions on N6p?

    In this thread, akashkyh managed to port the widget from the new Moto z: Is there a way to port some of the other Moto features? (Specifically chop twice for flashlight.) I've been looking for a while, and the closest thing I've been...
  32. emyaz

    Thread Touch gesture for status bar in jeally bean

    Hello, I have KitKat on my phone installed but want to go back to Jeally Bean because of stability and speed. But KitKat has this very nice feature that the status bar appears in an fullscreen app when you pull down on the edge of the touchscreen. Is there any way I can have this also in Jeally...
  33. D

    Thread Swipe to wake gesture in sprint

    So i loved this gesture of swiping up to wake and sweep to sleep ... but since there are no marshmllow custom kernels for sprint devices and the motion launch gesture of htc isnt as effective as with elementalx kernel gestures of internatikn m8 ,can someone hell me with this ?
  34. baruch6132

    Thread [Q] CM11 Back gesture...?

    So I put CM11 on my fire phone, but I still want to use it the way the firphone was designed because like it. Is there any way to make a gesture to swipe up from the bottom to go back? And am I the only one interested in this? O.o
  35. cresch07

    Thread Air Gesture

    So I've been searching and searching and have not found anything in this regard. I'd like to be able to use my S5 in a way similar to the movie Minority Report with advanced hand motion gestures. I know I can use Air Gestures in Gallery and such, but what about general usage such as the app...
  36. mrYoussef135

    Thread [APP] [4.0+] Digit Control

    Digit Control Current Version: 1.0.x Digit Control, lets you quickly start applications, make phone calls, or launch any other task by simple number codes. Basically you can use the numbers as shortcuts for different tasks. Supported Actions ★ Make phone call ★ Send email ★ Open...
  37. mrYoussef135

    Thread [APP] [4.0+] Carpus gesture control

    Carpus Current Version: 1.3.x Carpus lets you quickly start applications, make phone calls, or launch any other task by easy tilt gestures. Just choose a sequence of tilt gestures, and select an action to be launched, then perform the tilts in order to start the selected task. You can...
  38. SpadaBoss

    Thread [APP][4.1+] Now Gesture Tweaks [02/04/2016]

    NOW GESTURE TWEAKS pQ_gAa18TfM [featured on xda-developers portal: HERE ] This is Now Gesture Tweaks app. This app lets you replace the swipe up gesture (from the bottom of device) for activating Google Now with a custom action. You can also use a 1x1 widget in your homescreen for...
  39. U

    Thread [APP][4.0+] Gesture disabler for Nexus

    Hello :victory: If you have a Nexus device, you are at the right place! I'm sure you have already launched Google Now unintentionally when you were scrolling your favorite app, isn't it annoying? It drives me crazy :eek: so I have developed a simple app to disable that. :) (It is impossible to...
  40. A

    Thread New Gesture when screen on browser

    When you are on a browser, do quick tap and then try moving ur finger either upwards or down, make sure you do not lift ur finger after you tap the second time before u move the finger upwards or downward. Apologize if this is / was already discussed else where Apologies...
  41. ssrij

    Thread [App] [Alpha] QuickCamera | Moto X-like camera launch gesture

    What is QuickCamera? QuickCamera is a free and open source application that lets you quickly launch the camera app (normally or from the lock screen) with a simple gesture that involves twisting your wrist twice, quickly. It's the same gesture that's used to launch the camera app on the Moto X...
  42. omerjerk

    Thread ★|★Cody Kernel★|★[v2] [Gestures] [Kernel cPanel] [DT2W] [S2W]

    CODY Kernel Gesture based kernel for Nexus 5 Fully customizable via it's cPanel Features : cPanel for tweaking the whole kernel Enable/disable gestures right from the cPanel Set/Unset which app to open on the gestures Moar featurez in future updates Screenshots : Video ...
  43. D

    Thread [Q] How to emulate gestures with tasked & root

    So I've seen how to emulate taps and swipes with tasked using a shell command... But I wanna have tasked emulate a -><- ie index finger at x,y moving to x,y and thumb at x,y moving to x,y (this would make my device zoom in while on a web page for say) I would also like to beable to make tasked...
  44. P

    Thread Any camera app which saves profiles (e.g. day and night) & with gestures

    Hi all. I am looking for a camera app which lets you save profiles (with custom settings) e.g. profile 1 for day and profile 2 for night. Also would like to access each profile via hand movement or gesture. Any app(s) that can do this? Thanks
  45. R

    Thread Air Call

    Is there any app or flashable ported app from another phone which can do the "air swipe to answer call". ??? I tried a couple of popular app from the play store, but it doesn't work on my ATT E980. :mad: Would love to have this feature on the G Pro.
  46. J

    Thread [Q] GALAXY s4 sensors

    Hello, I have a question and maybe some of you can give me an opinion/advice. I have the t-mobile galaxy s4 and so far I'm loving it, I do love some of the gestures and other things that can be done with the sensors, however I'm not too fond with touchwiz, I want stock Android and I'm ready to...
  47. Yachats

    Thread [Q] Nova Launcher - Swipe UP to launch My Magazine

    I thought I heard that there was a way to Launch 'My Magazine' using gesture/swipe up in Nova Settings. All I see there is the APP DRAWER. Can you launch specific apps in the launch draw (like 'my magazine') using gesture/swipe up ?
  48. Recognized Noob

    Thread [GUIDE] Friggin fast (next level) multitasking with GMD

    Yo fellas! This is Recognized Noob bringin to ya the fastest way to multitask without any mods or stupid screen gestures or Swapps. This is a whole new concept called GMD GestureControl ★ root. It is a revolutionary app with unleashes the beast within ur fone.(If u know what I mean...
  49. xPr0metheus

    Thread New MultiWindow/MultiTask Concept

    Hey guys, First, I really have no clue in which section I should post this, so I just took the General Section. Please move it, if there is a better one =) Now what I want to talk about: Multitask is a huge topic on Android devices, and there are several approaches how to handle this best...
  50. LOGMD

    Thread [APP][4.0+] Now Launcher BETA 2 (access apps anywhere)

    Install From the Google Play Store What is now launcher? This applications is targeted at allowing devices with hardware buttons (i.e. samsung galaxy range) instead of software buttons (nexus range) It will allow a user to swipe up from the bottom edge of thier device (refer to the image...