1. blindcat97

    Thread Is there a way to make quick gestures do more?

    I'm referring to the quick gestures that you can do with your screen off: double tap to wake, music controls, draw V, O, S, etc. I still use V to toggle the flashlight (some habits die hard), but i was thinking that something super useful would be the ability to toggle wifi. I understand that...
  2. oae08

    Thread Turn off screen

    Is there any way to put this action as a gesture on the homescreen (for example in samsung ui you can double click to turn off screen)
  3. G

    Thread System gesture change with Android 11

    Hi, I'm wondering if it is just for me or the swipe from the middle of the screen to reveal the app switcher got removed from Android 11? Even the tutorial shows that it can be used. Does any of you face this issue? I really miss it.
  4. W

    Thread 2 Button Nav, what are my options?

    So by now I've opened and set up my Pixel 4a. Quickly got annoyed by the new and half baked gesture navigation. So I went to Settings > System > Gestures > System Navigation to enable 2 button and... its not there. Ok, annoying they'd hide it like that, but nothing an ABD command cant fix, so I...
  5. S

    Thread Trouble with Gestures

    Is anyone else having trouble using gestures with third party launchers? For me, they work just fine and then after some time it reverts to buttons and I get the message "System navigation updated. To make changes, go to settings". Searching around, it seems like people on other phones don't...
  6. P

    Thread MIUI 11 fullscreen gestures animation bug

    Hello everyone, I have the following problem: When I am using fullscreen gestures and I do the back home gesture, a smooth animation should appear but however, the icons blink for half a second and suddenly appear. Does anyone have the same problem or know how to fix it? Thanks.
  7. O

    Thread Android 10 gesture glitch

    Hi. Seems that an annoying gestures bug still affect the latest S10 public update (BSL4). Can someone reproduce it?
  8. plakonn

    Thread stock android 10 gestures

    Is there any way to force stock android 10 gestures instead of miui ones?
  9. H

    Thread Swipe gestures interact with keyboard?

    Hey everybody, I've run into a recent annoyance since upgrading to Android 10 on my Samsung S10. I'm using gboard (same as prior to the update) with the google launcher. My issue arrives with swipe gestures, when I swipe to go home or recent apps the swipe interacts with the keyboard. Recents...
  10. J

    Thread Google navigation gestures

    Heey guys, I've bought a redmi note 8 and i didnt like miui navigation gestures, is there a way to set gestures Just like Google? Swipe up to open multitask, set Just a button to return and longe press for assistant?
  11. redsmith

    Thread Can't open app drawer immediately after swiping up to go home

    Hello, I've discovered this bug in the navigation gesture system. The app drawer won't open after a second or so after swiping up to go home from any application. The only way to open the app drawer in this case is to swipe up from the bottom of the screen. Please help starring this issue on...
  12. thesebastian

    Thread [System Navigation] Pixel 4 has the option for "3-button navigation" ?

    Might be an obvious question....but nothing is obvious with Google considering that they removed this option from the Pixel 3 in Android 9 (stock version). But later was added (as far as I know) in Android 10. Could anyone confirm if the Pixel 4 has 3-button navigation in Settings? I tried...
  13. L

    Thread Bye, Apple... Welcome back, beloved Android! -- Doubts inside!

    Good afternoon, guys! After almost two years enjoying an Iphone X and also liking the experience with an XR for work reasons, I decided to move back to Android. Following the guidance in this forum, I bought a 512gb Samsung S10 Plus... And so far I have ejoyed the speed, camera and screen. I...
  14. S

    Thread Debloating System Apps

    The gesture navigations from android 10 cannot be enabled on 3rd party launchers. Nova launcher said they cannot fix as there's a function which literally checks if the launcher is a system app and greys out the gesture control. I am rooted and trying to clean up system apps so I could set...
  15. J

    Thread [Project] Air Gestures to control your phone

    With the announcement of the new gestures feature for the Pixel 4 I thought: "I should try something similar with Tasker". Here it is! :) uh6njfDLP-0 It's obviously less precise because you don't have all the extra sensors needed for accurate gestures, but on the other hand it's infinitely...
  16. J

    Thread MIUI Global 10.4.1 installed - where are full screen gestures?

    I was hoping I could test full screen gestures after installing the latest MIUI 10.4.1 Global official ROM based on Android Pie, but the option is nowhere in the settings. I've got the dark mode, but not the gestures ones. Is that not supported on this version? I expected so :(
  17. G

    Thread Apps not filling the screen when navigation bar has been disabled

    Hey everyone, So, I ditched my navbar in favour of Fluid NG for gesture based navigation rather than a bar at the bottom to make proper use of my display, and I've noticed some apps have a black bar at the bottom whilst Snapchat hides the text bar behind the keyboard (Hey look, Snapchat with...
  18. turbolaceup

    Thread Questions with Pie gesture navbar with no hints

    So when you slide right on home line with hints showing, it let's you slide through your recent apps. How do you do this when you hide the lines aka hints?
  19. H

    Thread one plus 5T/6 gestures on v30?

    Is there any mod or anyone who can develop oneplus gestures available for 5t or 6 for lg v30 instead of navbar? Before anyone suggest xda gestures app i don't want that...! Purely gestures on lg stock firmware?
  20. kayamokid

    Thread Can we Enable Pie navigation bar gestures to Pie Beta?

    I just wanna know, how to enable the navigation bar gesture in this beta pie? thanks in advance. :good:
  21. L

    Thread [Request] Use native Android 9 gestures for full screen mode.

    I am a huge fan of the native gestures from the pixel 2 and pixel 3 however, the gestures on the full screen mode of MIUI are a bit annoying at times. Is there a way to get the Native Android 9 gestures for MIUI on the Mi MIX 3?
  22. J

    Thread Is there any way to restore Oreo gestures?

    Pie update has brought the new navigation gestures system. We have three options - the old three button system, the pixel navigation with two buttons, and the new OnePlus one. The old one and the pixel one are no good for me. I'm used to old phones with physical buttons below the screen, so all...
  23. anybuddy

    Thread Delayed Screen off gestures on costum roms

    Hey guys & girls. I tried LineageOS, crDrioid and CarbonRom (Oreo Builds) and on all of them i've had delayed screen off gestures. Sometimes they are not recognized until I turn on the screen with the power button or the fingerprint sensor, which work immediately. I came from OxygenOS 5.1.7 and...
  24. 0

    Thread [GUIDE] How to use the Google Pixel navigation on the Mi A2 Lite (PixelExperience P)

    Hello everybody! :) I've the Unofficial PixelExperience P GSI on my Mi A2 Lite, but there was only the normal navigation bar, which we already know from the official Android 8-Stock Rom. So I searched for a possibility to use the Pixel navigation. I found an official XDA-article about this...
  25. HeCareth

    Thread T-Mobile OnePlus 6T Nov Update - No Google Assistant Gesture

    So I got the November update a few days ago and I was stoked that they came pretty quick as some were saying it would take months. So while the new Gestures are welcomed. What I am kind of pissed about is that the T-MOBILE variant still does not have the gestures to long press the power button...
  26. JGoldz75

    Thread [How To] Remove gesture navigation and return to old navigation buttons

    Hi all, I know a bunch of people are not happy with the new gesture navigation that is forced upon the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. Luckily, there is a relatively easy way to remove the gestures and revert back to the way things were on the OG Pixel and Pixel 2 (Oreo). This method involves...
  27. U

    Thread P10 and Android Pie Gestures

    hi guys! well I made this threads to know how you think huawei is gonna solve this "issue" in phones with front buttons like the huawei P10. do you think huawei is gonna integrate the new gestures in the home button? or maybe huawei is not planning integrating this gesture based navigation...
  28. N

    Thread Change gestures on finger id / 'external button'

    Hi guys, I prefer deactivating the navigation bar on the bottom of the screen and using gestures on the fingerprint reader, now j was wondering if it is possible to change the gestures. What it is: Click for back Long press for home Swipe left or right for last applications What I want...
  29. R

    Thread Will I lose Full Screen Gestures if I flash custom roms?

    I've got my Redmi Note 5 AI last week and I liked MIUI but I want to go android stock/custom roms with more customization e clean system. As I see, there is no such big bugs to worry about with Whyred custom roms, they seem to work pretty fine. But I'm guessing if I'll lose Full Screen...
  30. M

    Thread Get the Android P nav bar gestures using Fling

    Hi everybody. For this tutorial you only need a custom ROM with fling nav bar option to navigate. I use FrankenROM but can work in every custom ROM with Fling implemented. 1-Go to navigation bar configuration in the settings menu and set fling like your navbar. 2-Open fling settings and set the...
  31. myk.robinson

    Thread Android P Gestures vs Fling Navigation vs iOS Gestures

    Android has had gesture navigation since 2015, possibly earlier, on custom ROMs by way of Fling. Granted, both the iOS and Android P variants are likely more mature in some ways, but I'm curious to see some conversation about Fling versus Android P gestures versus iOS gestures
  32. M

    Thread iPhone X-like gestures on Kenzo!

    Hey, I just found this on XDA and I thought why not share it with you: I use this app: For me it has no impact on battery life or performance. I'm...
  33. H

    Thread Need 4.4.3 kernel with mlg ( motion launch )

    I've been looking for a Kernel like kairi zeroblade's with MLG support to no avail, as all download links are broken. Can somebody upload or point me to a working download of a Kernel that supports MLG ( Motion Launch Gestures ) that works with InsertCoin 4.4.3 please ?
  34. D

    Thread [GUIDE] Use Gesture Controls to avoid having to use Physical Buttons

    If you're like me and you don't really like the soft-keys, you should also like this workaround. So I absolutely dislike having to press the physical home button especially since I'm coming from a history of Nexus devices and the fact that it throws off the balance of the device annoys me. (Yes...
  35. G

    Thread FingerPrint Gestures for our Redmi

    Recent Honor/ Huawei Phones come with some cool Fingerprint Gestures that can be used to Show Notifications, Recent Apps and Hit Back. All this just by performing Simple up/down Gestures on Fingerprint Sensor! So far I haven't seen this functionality on any Rom. As a matter of fact not even on...
  36. Phalangioides

    Thread Motion launch stops working after a call on Marshmallow.

    So I've got a problem mentioned in the title on my european s-on m8, only on android 6.0 roms. After finishing a call, double tap or swipe2wake no longer work until rebooting. I thought it was a bug on those converted roms, so I've waited for official ota, which I've installed today and the...
  37. J

    Thread No Root Solutions.. (Updated 14/12/15)

    No root ? How to Disable certain apps and enable features usually found with many root devices.. Disable Storage Checker Via adb (nag when under 25% storage left, this disables that nag) adb shell pm hide com.sonymobile.storagechecker Disable Whats New adb shell pm hide...
  38. S

    Thread [App] Multidialer: themes, gestures and samsung multiwindow

    Multidialer is a complete dialer with various features thinked for improve your calls. There are a lot of great features, for example: - Suggestions and t9 algorithm; - Themes; - Notification widgets; - Home screen dialer widget (only plus) and 3 different starred in android widget; - Left...
  39. G

    Thread android wear 5.1.1. get wifi and gestures!

    Android 5.1.1. will bring us wifi!
  40. G

    Thread android wear 5.1.1. will get wifi and gestures!

    Android 5.1.1. will bring us wifi!
  41. B

    Thread [APP][4.1+] Titcher Shortcut Hero - Task Switcher and Shortcut Helper

    Hi, I would like to present my most recent app that I developed: Titcher (link to Google Play). I originally started this app as a novel task switcher. However, with recent Android Lollipop API changes (getRecentTasks is deprecated), I made this into a general tool for shortcut access to...
  42. M

    Thread [Share][App] Nokias Launcher Z - New Android Launcher with fantastic Features

    Warning: Currently NOT FOR ROOT USERS! (may try This: Nokia (!) provides a new interesting Launcher for us! Nokia says: Z Launcher is the fastest way to access everything on your phone. Throughout...
  43. B

    Thread [APP][4.1+]Blinq Lollipop Launcher *Gesture control like never before!

    Blinq Launcher is a highly customizable,ultra fast kitkat based launcher which offers Android L UI and Gesture Anywhere. Introducing Blinq "Gesture Anywhere". Now you can launch your fav app/activity or even call or text anybody just by drawing the shape/alphabet you have set for it from...
  44. #Henkate

    Thread Suggestion for kernel - Developers,please take a look here !

    Hello! Recently,i checked phone name OnePlus One. One of the things which i like at it,is that gesture which launch camera by drawing letter "C" while screen is off.I will like to see this feature in kernel for our device.Let me explain my idea: 1.Implement gestures in kernel (gestures while...
  45. A

    Thread KitKat Launchers

    Morning all I want to enable gesture control on my Z1C (running stock 757 Sony KK, rooted) so I can launch a couple of apps with a gesture rather than an icon. I've tried Xposed Framework and GEL settings but doesn't seem to work from me for some reason. So I thought I might play around with...
  46. championswimmer

    Thread [Library][WIP] SimpleFingerGestures

    I have often come accross the need to implement to simple gestures like 2-finger swipe up, or pinch, or 1-finger swipe left etc etc. And unfortunately no such simple gesture library exists for Android, so I have started building one. The library sources are at...
  47. Jawomo

    Thread [APP][4.0+] SideControl v4.00 - Gestures | Sidebars | Multitasking - all in one!

    DOWNLOAD With SideControl you get full control over your phone! From everywhere, at any time! Gestures | Sidebars | Multitasking- all in one! Lock your phone, kill all running apps, switch to recent app or open latest notification with a swipe. Easily launch apps or even shortcuts to...
  48. E

    Thread [Q] Android> disabling gestures

    I have been trying for days now to achieve proper 'kiosk' mode on a Nexus5 running kitkat. I am 90% of the way there using this solution The above solution works with one caveat> the top status bar(with battery, wifi...
  49. Z

    Thread [Q] Swipe Gestures Question

    i wuz using hellfire 4.3 ROM before i install kitkat 4.4. on the 4.3 i have a app installed on the ROM that let me make a gesture with a simple swipe like swipe up brings up the setting swipe down any app i chose doble tap and stuuf like that, i been trying to look for something like that but no...
  50. coowkeee

    Thread [REQ] Custom Screen Gestures

    Custom Gestures like these jailbreak tweak on iPhone that I can do whatever I want. For example I can go to home screen by swiping using 2 fingers from the right to left but also if possible it also have an option to hide the navbar or swiping from the bottom to up to show navbar and single tap...