1. mauecky

    Thread POCO X3 NFC (surya) ghost touches problem

    Hi all :) I'm on official MIU 12 Android 10 ROM Only rooted with magisk and using ADAWAY Original screen protector is taken out. I got no screen protector. My problem is ghost touches. Any idea of solving that problem by software or tweaks, modules etc. ? or RMA only. Thank U and...
  2. Wattsensi

    Thread [GUIDE][TREBLE] How to erase ghost fingerprints

    Surely, some Huawei P9 owners are flashaholics like me. I've rebranded, danced left and right with OTAs in order to install EMUI 8.0 and the B540 firmware, juggled recoveries up and down and played with numerous Treble ROMs. If you're like me, you have soft bricked your device numerous times, or...
  3. E

    Thread LCD Ghosting and thermal throttling OREO [REQUEST]

    hi, 1)I've updated to Oreo (weekly updates, not stable from and I usually fixed my ghosting problems with "color changer pro" setting rgb to 215 (255 max) but now I m not able to run it in background, when I turn on the device again I need to set color changer again. is there any...
  4. A

    Thread Screen text blur while scrolling

    Hi, When I scroll,lets say in Twitter, then the text gets blurry, even when scrolling speed is not high. Do anybody else face this. I have Mi Max Prime 4GB/128GB model. Is it ghost issue, or refresh rate issue or anything else. Is there a solution for this.
  5. A

    Thread [ROM][8.1][OFFICIAL] InvictaOS v6.0 [Oreo][Santoni][VOLTE]

    InvictaOS is based on LineageOS with some cool extra features. It can be used without any need to have Google application's installed. THIS ROM IS ONLY FOR THE SNAPDRAGON VERSION (SANTONI). DO NOT FLASH THIS ON OTHER VARIANTS. /* * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards...
  6. S

    Thread Touchscreen ghost touches(screen flickering)

    Hey guys, recently I had my Z2 sent to a service shop because it wasn't turning on or charging. The guy at the shop said that it was the battery fault and he changed it, but he also told me that the screen was not working( flickering, ghost touches, unable to work on it). So he put my old...
  7. SuperSaket

    Thread Dual Sim causes Ghost Touch

    Maybe I figured out the source of my problem that is my dual sim slot. Whenever my I have sims in my both slot my phone goes berserk!!! Without it it runs fine. I googled a lot but it didn't resolved the issue? BTW I m using MOTO G3 XT1550 Link to Previous post : mo
  8. wanderer1479

    Thread Talking Ghost

    I have to show you another interesting game that I have stumbled upon! Read a little bit about it and download it for free. :) This cool talking ghost would like to show you his newly bought house. He is extremely talkative and will remember everything you tell him. You will be laughing out...
  9. M

    Thread Moto X (2013) semi-hard bricked

    I was running latest LineageOS nightly build with Official TWRP before. Then I decided to try Unofficial TWRP (3.1.0 and then 3.0.2) & some nougat ROMs. (1)Flashed recovery in fastboot, went OK. (2)Flashed XPerience ROM & OpenGapps, went OK. (3)Tried to wipe cache/dalvik, stuck forever...
  10. J

    Thread Ghost touch when I get a call

    Lately my phone has been acting strange. I had ghost touch issues in the past but it has stopped then. But now all of a sudden it's started again. But this time only when a call arrives. When I get a call there are random touches happening on the screen. I tried different ROMs but same is...
  11. klurosu

    Thread [GUIDE][Osprey] How to fix ghost touch (while charging too)

    Hi guys. Ghost touch can be fixed in stock rom in a few easy steps. The only thing you need is your fingers and follow this easy 7 steps: 1- Go to SETUP 2- Go to BATTERY 3- Go to the three dots menu and select BATTERY OPTIMIZATION 4- Change Not Optimized to ALL APPS 5- Search for...
  12. killerBRs

    Thread AMOLED Display Burn-In/Dark Ghost Effect Can be Solved/Fixed?

    Hello. Recently I've been experiencing problems with the AMOLED display of my Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500, best known as "Burn in" (The display some parts walk marked in a darker color on the display, with the notification bar and browser ) I found this app...
  13. I

    Thread [Completed] [HELP] cannot launch jack server

    Hello everyone, i have been trying to build CM 13 for ghost, and i keep getting the same error everytime. Here is the can anyone help me fix this. I've never seen this error before, and there are no solutions to this on google(searched for hours)
  14. Javinotfound

    Thread Temporary ghost status bar

    If I go to a low lightened place, put brightness at 100% and slide down the quick tiles, then I can see the status bar where it was before in a pink, 5% opacity color. I mean, I have a temporary ghost status bar everywhere. Why? IPS Quantum? Hardware problem? Am I the only one? I'm so confused.
  15. khamees_xi

    Thread Fix 100 % Remove Ghost Push apps like timeservice monkey test etc........

    Mod Edit: content removed.
  16. sHAKaJaada

    Thread [ROM][4.4.4][ghost] REFLEX BOW [>_ Pleasure Paradox]

    >_Reflex Bow Features: Apollo with timer-off, AOSP Browser, ListView animations, AppOps, and much more... debloated (stock 4.4.4 RetailEU based) TextSecure messaging - "Devices running Android 4.0 or newer do not require a Google account, but must...
  17. chaoslimits

    Thread [MOD] F2FS cache for CM and Moto based roms

    I've seen a couple of requests for the F2FS file system support in some of the CM12.x based rom threads and did some googling on why anyone would want F2FS instead of EXT4. There are also reports, by Nexus 7 users, that converting to F2FS fixes their performance issues. So after some...
  18. R

    Thread Finally, Android 5.1 for Moto X 2013 on AT&T is OUT and available as OTA

    Update 10/July/2015 Update links for the ota by xda member itskapil Direct Link Google Drive Link Credits: itskapil, Sabissimo Update...
  19. J

    Thread [ROM] [UNOFFICIAL] [Lollipop 5.1.1] VALIDUS { *GZR*}

    I AM IN NO WAY RESPONSIBLE FOR A BRICKED PHONE. FLASH AT YOUR OWN RISK, I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF SOMETHING GOES WRONG! Validus Rom is not my original work. If you want to see the official Validus Rom, make sure you head over to their google + page, Ground Zero Roms. I in no way shape or form...
  20. S

    Thread [INFO] TestDrive vs. Soak Test vs. Full Deployment + News Update [2015-06-23]

    Thanks to David Schuster, we have a nice clear and concise distinction. ( TestDrive --> Early validation to a small group (20-200) of individuals that can last weeks to months. Soak Test --> Next stage, using the final release candidate...
  21. S

    Thread [Q] Will ghost roms work on XT1060?

    Will ghost roms work on the XT1060? I know that technically the XT1060 is classified as ghost_verizon and while I know that hardware and software wise there is no difference I'm wondering if there's a difference in radio. The reason I ask is because I haven't been able to get the CM12 nightlies...
  22. M

    Thread [Q] ghost or moto_msm8960 ?

    Hi, I want to flash cm12 on the Moto X (2013) Verizon Dev Edition that I just got. I know that I have to flash CM11 first, then CM12. I tried going to looking for a stable CM11 ghost build. However, all of the links are broken (including for nightly CM11). Links for...
  23. T

    Thread PPSSPP for Android

    What an emulator! GOD OF WAR Ghost of Sparta is super awesome! Soul Caliber is freaking amazing! I highly recommend this app. I do add that you need to play with the SETTINGS in this app to have the games work well, otherwise it LAGS like hell and the audio is terrible. Once you adjust the...
  24. I

    Thread Gps and custom roms

    Hi everyone, i've tested various custom roms for my xt1052 (from cm 11 to cm12), and with every rom the gps isn't i'm thinking that it's impossible that every rom has that bug..... is there someone that have solved to this problem? i read something about gps locking from stock...
  25. T

    Thread [ROM] [OFFICIAL] [Lollipop 5.1.1] Cyanogenmod 12.1 for Moto X

    On Jan 5th an announcement from CyanogenMod official website, The “L” is for Lollipop, stated that the ghost devices are on CM team's top list to release CM12. The first OFFICIAL nightly was released on Jan 5th. :p With that said, we can expect that within a month we, the glorious Moto X users...
  26. C

    Thread [Q] SYSTEM UI issues; How come I cannot install any "ghost" rom?

    PRIMARY QUESTION: I cannot seem to install any "ghost" KitKat or Lollipop ROM on my XT1058. Can anyone please help shed some light on this? I've spent around a combined 12+ hours searching, researching, and tinkering trying to figure this out, but no success. I typically receive a...
  27. C

    Thread Moto X Cast Screen Issues with CM 11+ Roms.

    My Ghost is unable to cast screen with any CM builds. I am wondering if I am alone in having this issue. The other Ghost handset I own currently runs the stock 4.4.4 rom and has no issues with cast screen. I have tried all CM11 and CM12 builds offered on this amazing forum as well as the...
  28. G

    Thread 【Free Escape】Santa Escape Before Christmas

    Santa Escape Before Christmas 'Santa Escape Before Christmas' is another point and click room escape game. Santa locked in a Old Christmas House , so you will need try to escape from the Old Christmas House,by solving the puzzles in each Place ,click on object to interact and solve puzzles...
  29. B

    Thread [Rom] [5.0] [UNOFFICIAL] Cyanogenmod 12 for Moto X

    This is for all variants! #include /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM *...
  30. J

    Thread [ROM] [KITKAT][OFFICIAL] LiquidSmooth - Moto X (Ghost)

    LiquidSmooth is an aftermarket firmware based on the Android Open Source Project. Dedicated to providing users with smooth, stable and fast ROMs. A Lightweight modified AOSP base, and then add the features you crave! While we make every effort to test these builds as much as possible, we are...
  31. A

    Thread [GAME][2.3+] Hoodoo Pocong - The Adventure of Pocong

    Hallo every one. I want to share my first android game. Hoodoo Pocong is funny and adorable adventure games, adopted from Indonesian traditional ghost. This game very suitable for you who love challenge. Having 30th of level, and beautiful night landscape. You will controlling Pocong character...
  32. A

    Thread Nexus 4 Random touches on its own

    Hey All, I have nexus 4.. I was on stock rom 4.4.2 and suddenly three days back my phone started to be weird.. I see randomn touches on my phone. ( i have enable option show touches in devloper options..) I was using art runtime.. So when i press the power button and lock the phone twice then i...
  33. dudutz01

    Thread [Game][2.3+] Hungry Ghost

    WARNING: VERY HARD AND ADDICTIVE GAME Delicious candy was stolen by mysterious Mr. Pac. Help this cute little hungry ghost to collect the lost candy. Beware of onion! Mr. Pac use dark magic to control these onion army. They will come in different formation. Guide him to dodge onions while...
  34. G

    Thread [FREE][GAME] Haunted!

    Hi everybody! I just released my new free Halloween season game: It’s very simple, just touch the screen and push monsters into a house thru the chimney to haunt it! 7 levels done in less than 2 minutes, save your score...
  35. P

    Thread [Q] Ghost touch, help in Bangalore needed

    Hi Dear Fellow Forum Members, My Micromax A110 has got ghost touch. I read many posts and tried battery draining & recharging to 100%, asked a friend to exchange his battery and used for 3 days, kept soft cloth with & without battery for whole night, kept my charging location atleast 10 meters...
  36. zmedhaug

    Thread [bootanimation\wallpaper] Call Of Duty Ghosts Boot Animation with sound and wallpaper

    Call of Duty Ghosts Boot Animation with the theme song (Eminem) The zip Comes in two ways. You can have it full screen or the original size. The full screen is stretched vertically but still looks good. I prefer the original size. The audio is a little off. I changed the video fifty times, the...
  37. R

    Thread [Q] S3 with stock FW changes itself to home screen

    Since a few days my S3 is opening the home screen itself, so basically the same action as pressing the main button of the S3. It does that especially after a fresh start for 2-3 minutes in an interval of 10~ seconds and afterwards randomly. Surprisingly this doesn't happen in fullscreen games...
  38. joshyy_rey

    Thread [Pics] Ghost Armor *Updated with back pictures*

    Went to my local mall and got Ghost Armor installed on my screen. I've had it on my other devices so I knew what to expect. At first it was a little cloudy but it cleared up in a few hours. Feels nice very smooth and screen clarity is as if it isn't there! I tried to take a few pics. Im no...
  39. nmiltner

    Thread [Theme] Ghost/Unblack for Theme Chooser also Bugless Beast flashable zip

    I've been working on bringing Ghost theme to JB over the weekend. So far it looks good. Play Store Link: *******THEME CHOOSER APK********** I've finally got a good theme chooser apk for this theme, after a LOT of time and energy. As well as redoing some xml and images...
  40. Z

    Thread [Q] Help! Spurious button presses make phone act like it is possessed

    Today my Atrix 4G started acting like a ghost was controlling it. It can be just sitting there with the display on, and somt part of the screen will be pressed and a program started. I have Elixir 2 buttons, Multicon buttons, and the regular app buttons installed on the display by the basic ATT...
  41. C

    Thread ghost touches the screen while charging

    Hello, my new HTC Sensation worked fine. But since 4 days it seems that a ghost it touching the tochpad all time when the cellphone is charging. So you can't use it while it is charging... If you remove the power plug everything is fine again. Has anybody had the same problem? Best regards...
  42. S

    Thread [Game][1.6+]Prank Expert: Attach "ghost" to popular games

    It's a distinctive prank tool for prankster. It enable you to attache the popup ghost (scray picture with scream and vibrate) to any popular game or app, such like Angry Birds, Ninja, etc. When player playing the attached game/app for a while(default is 30s), the ghost will pop up suddently on...
  43. IamNotSureX

    Thread [Q] MikG 2.52 Status bar ghost effect with transparent rosie skins

    Ok so, I'm sure this has been asked before. But I don't want to try a fix unless I know for sure, it won't have any other undesired effects. I have noticed the "ghosting effect" or whatever it is with two different roms with certain Sense 2.1 Skins. Such as Xperiansed Arc, Blue Sky, as well as...
  44. D

    Thread Ghost Widget on Home Screen

    I have a widget on one of my home screens that I cannot see, but it is taking up space. There is nothing (*nothing*) displayed. When I add a widget it automatically places it on the top of the home screen. I am unable to tap-hold on the invisible widget and drag it to the trash. Once I fill...
  45. J

    Thread [Q] Ghost milestone fix - New idea

    Hi guys, im having the not so famous (i guess) ghost touchscreen in milestone, and the worst part of it is that the warranty expired one month ago, so... :( I dont have plans in paying to fix it cause im from Brazil and this kinda of stuff isnt in any way cheap! So i was thinking about still...
  46. M

    Thread ghost images and texts on lcd

    i think one of the disadvantages of hd7 lcd is high response time which makes images and texts ghost on lcd when you scroll fast, specially on black background. does other wp7 devices has this problem too ?
  47. F

    Thread "Ghost inputing" problem.

    I'm a first time poster. I have searched the Q&A section a few number of pages about my problem and I can't find anything. My phone likes to press a certain area of the touch screen without me touching it at all. I don't really know what else to call it except "ghost inputing". Sometimes when...
  48. P

    Thread Like Norton Ghost for Windows Mobile?

    Hello, is it possible to make a image of a running WinMo and restore it after testing some other Roms? A Program like Norton Ghost? Thanks
  49. J

    Thread backup/clone rom

    Hi, I'm lookin for a way to clone/backup my rom. Essentially, i'm lookin for someway to ghost / create an image. I just tried a program spbbackup, though it seems to just do backups of my programs, contacts, files, etc. It didnt seem like i could image my rom.