1. ozezz

    Thread [Rom][GB] Ginger Beast 2.3.7 [25/10/2013]

    Rom Ginger Beast 2.3.7 Some features : - Android 4.4 Icons Set - Android 4.3 boot animation. - Jelly Bean dialer and contacts with a little of mod. -Viper4Android -3G tweaks. - Wifi Tweaks -Sound boost Tweaks -Debloated only 85mb. -New battery Icon. - LG toggles. - titanium backup...
  2. F

    Thread [Q] GB kernel ?

    Hello Due to the fact that the camera on the ICS and JB is not as good as the GB one, I decided to stick with GB ( correct me if I'm wrong ) So I see a lot of kernels for both ICS and JB , but none for GB, so I searched, but found nothing Therefore I would like to know if any galaxy W user is...
  3. D

    Thread [Q] GingerBread 1.4 for my XXKPO Ace??

    I searched a lot on net but could never found Tutorial for XXKPO to GingerReal on Ace. -i got Android 2.3.5 GingerBread s5830XXKPO -What GingerReal 1.4 version should i install for my Ace?? Someone told me DDKQ5 on twitter -So do i need to change my Stock Firmware version to something Else to...
  4. T

    Thread [Q] gingerflash or honeycomb help

    im trying to put gingerbreak on my phone or honeycomb. i have the program superoneclick. i went to try and click the option allow non andriod market apps. nothing happens, keeps saying error. i download a program to open on my sd card and it will root itself but i keep getting this error message...
  5. Barracuda77777

    Thread It is the 21st of Nov, is the official GB out yet? [Update released]

    Anyone in Europe been able to download the official GB update yet? Update credit for link goes to Paki0402 how to update using KDZ file: for rooting the...
  6. S

    Thread [Q] Ginger CyBorg 2.3.5 - Memory problem

    Hello. I am using the Ginger Cyborg ROM v004 ( ) And I have a problem. Example #1: Opera Mini. I'm viewing webpages, let's say 3 of them. When I hit the "home" button. Opera is "minimalizing". I'm going to Google Talk and I write with my...
  7. M

    Thread [THEME] Gingerfelt My UOT built theme. I have the honeycomb battery, some different status bars goodies, but most importantly, the font is changed to Felt tip marker. The transitions are also different. This is built off of Gingervolt 1.1 Thanks to mtmichaelson for...
  8. natlead

    Thread [Q] Can't see the font in GingerCyBorg Launcher Panel?

    Many Thanx :) :) :) Who create this rom's !!!!!!! 1.Everthing Work Fine for me but when i open panel of launcher the font colour is mismatch please solve that issue.... 2.Please give link for the animated honeycomb wallpaper with exact analog clock.. The current wallpaper doesn't have...
  9. D

    Thread [Q] X10 MP GingerDXv13 & quickpic

    Hi, I can't seem to get quickpic to scroll through folders on either view. Tried full reinstall etc. Anyone else have this problem/any solutions? Many thanks! EDIT: solved, option in qp settings!
  10. L

    Thread [Q] Ginger Yoshi 1.4 md5?

    Can anyone give me (or point me to) md5's of Ginger Yoshi 1.4?
  11. T

    Thread [Q] Installing a custom ROM, Ginger Bread?

    Hi, I recently had to update my SBF because I accidentally bricked my phone, it's now on Orange's 2.3.3 version 45.0.85 SBF. I have rooted it with GingerBreak and installed the 2nd init bootloader. My problem is that I have tried many ROMs, and when ever I do it just doesn't work, Quarx's...
  12. A

    Thread das BAMF GingerStripped/Remix

    Can someone suggest settings or let me know what I'm doing wrong with these ROMS? I was using das BAMF Remix v1.7 and my battery lasted about 2 hours with very little use. I flashed GingerStripped and it's also doing the same. I can take my phone off the charger and it immediately drops from...
  13. R

    Thread [Q] Audio Video problems with Vegan-tab Ginger

    With the old Tap nTap. I could play videos and MP3 . When I loaded on Vegan Tab Ginger the tablet worked a lot better but no Video or audio. Just say it can't play that type of file. I have tried every possible type. I found an app that would allow me to play MPG4 videos but still no songs. Any...
  14. P

    Thread [Q] How to move from TNT Lite to Vegan Tab

    So I am one of the recent influx of G-Tab users and have been poking around these forums for a few weeks. Got TNT lite installed using CWM .8. I am trying to understand though, if I want to move to Vegan Tab do I follow the same process (minus the CWM install) or do I need to repartition with NV...
  15. djtar

    Thread BeatMod GingerBread vs Ginger Yoshi

    I know both of these devs have worked together and they both have great work of there on with different teams but which of these hard working devs has the best of the crop when it comes to Ginger bread roms you choose. edit yoshi has 6 beatmod has 1 Sorry no pole is at the top don't...
  16. Dueces99

    Thread Experiencing Something Strange....

    At the time I had Vegan Ginger Experimental running and the VT Launcher Beta. Everything was working just fine (or as fine as an exp. could run), then I thought to check Vegan-Tab's site just to see if any updates had been posted, and...
  17. kenesis

    Thread [ROM][4.1.2011][Beta v2][PORT] Stock i9000 gb!!!

    Hey guys, i've got a special treat for everyone. It was a lot of hard work and effort but its finally complete. I have successfully ported the official samsung gb rom!! A lot of things are working now and its stable and running great. Instructions: Wipe data and dalvik and flash in CWM NEW...
  18. B

    Thread [Q] ginger yoshi vs cos ds

    is ginger yoshi faster than cos ds
  19. A

    Thread [Q] Worse Battery life on GingerVillain since 0.8

    Hi, I can't post in the GingerVillain thread that's why I'm asking here. I'm using GingerVillain since 0.3 and until version 0.6 or 0.7 (don't remember exactly) I had great battery life with this ROM. Normally more than 48 hours without a recharge. Now since GingerVillain 0.7 or 0.8 the...
  20. H

    Thread [Q] Nexus One is coming out with 2.3 soon, right?

    Its been said that XPERIA PLAY is going to be available on February 13 with android 2.3 (gingerbread) pre-installed. Will this mean that Nexus One will have the update to 2.3 before XPERIA PLAY releases? Am I making myself clear? Trying not to sound confusing.
  21. KalimochoAz

    Thread [ROM] CyanogenMod ( TO BE CLOSED )

  22. mmaiolo81

    Thread [BUG FIX] For Ginger Yoshi for 32a/b and G1...

    READ THE FLIPPING MANUAL!!! (or RTFM for short) so please do us all a favor and read this in it's entirety.... YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!... This thread is a listing of bugs both current and fixed for the Ginger Yoshi ROM line available HERE PLEASE READ THE |OP| IN ITS ENTIRETY AS REPEATED...
  23. yohshua

    Thread Ginger yoshi 1.5 (android 2.3.5) for 32b and 32a old and new radio ^_^

    ok guys here is ginger yoshi 1.1 for the mytouch 3g and g1 and 32a this rom dose need the new radio and spl 2708 for 32b no need to flash gapps they are built in as always here is the froyo yoshi/ginger yoshi team Froyo yoshi/ginger team: big thanks to them for all there hard work ^__^ yohshua...
  24. J

    Thread Rooted w/ Eugene's Ginger Clone Benchmarked with mixed feelings.

    First let me say that I am kinda new to the ROMs and this was my first one and have been nothing but happy. Eugene's clone is such a huge improvement. Couple things I'm wondering about.... 1st. When taking pics there is the GPS icon that keeps trying to connect and log my location for the...
  25. E

    Thread Question for Gingerbread users on Captivate

    I read the port thread and finished with the dump part now to flash the kernel there's only a boot image for it and don't know how to boot from it or make it work. I hope someone who has done this before can help. Many thanks :)
  26. J

    Thread [THEME-UPDATED] - Full GingerBread Theme v1.5! (Lockbars!)

    THIS THEME IS BUILT FROM A sdkROM AS WELL AS A FEW IMAGES FROM ANOTHER PORT. I AM NOT CLAIMING THEIR WORK I nor the rest of Team Defuse are not responsible for whatever happens to your phone. Do a backup and use at your own risk!! If you appreciate my work, please help me out. Click on the...
  27. TheSSJ

    Thread [GUIDE] All Tattoo questions and answers see here (from A to Z)!

    Hi, this thread is meant as a starting point for every kind of questions. I will write everything I know into this thread and update it (hopefully) frequently ;) Here are the topics handled for now (if you have any other questions you want to have answered you can PM me, so I can try to handle...