1. Creeper560 PL

    Thread Need original europe Android Gingerbread rom for the gt-i9100.

    Got my hands on an old Galaxy S2, and would like to downgrade it to the original Gingerbread rom. But I cannot find any download, so could anyone upload the original rom here? Thanks in advance.
  2. Mik-el

    Thread [2019] New Rom for Ace, is anyone interested?

    I can share with you a simple and minimal Android rom that could make the ace completely usable in 2018... Would you be interested? I think that the best idea is to use Android 2.3 as base (no bloatware, no TouchWiz, and no Android 4.4 that just crazily drains battery) I' ve tested less known...
  3. H

    Thread Mobile Firefox 44 - kind of

    Hello, it's hard to find up to date web-browsers for old gingerbread devices like the 5treak. So you may look over to the good friends of f-droid. In the archive section you find fennec-fdroid - basically a mobile firefox without too much phoning home. They've made a version available for...
  4. SamarthXD

    Thread [GUIDE][2.3+]Tinted Statusbar manual gingerbread

    HOW TO GET TINTED STATUSBAR IN GINGERBREAD PLUS DEVICES METHOD WITHOUT USING OF ANY BACKGROUND PNG OR SMALI FILES REQUIREMENTS -Apktool -Text Editor -Basic XML knowledge GUIDE Step 1: Decompile your app Step 2: Download tint_view_property.xml from attachment and put in drawable folder...
  5. alex_ncfc

    Thread Add-ons for stock Sony 2.3.3 ROM? Kernels etc

    Hello, I don't use my X10 anymore but just mess around with it as a hobby. After trying many ROMs over the years, I want to keep on with the stock Sony 2.3.3 firmware, but was wondering what are the best add-ons for it (eg - FPS uncap) and where I can find them and how I can install them? I...
  6. Z

    Thread GingerBread for GT-I9195?

    Is there any gingerbread roms for gt-i9195? If there is none. How could I make one? My research was unsuccessfull so I decided to make a new thread with hope that someone will come up with a positive answer
  7. O

    Thread [ROM][2.3.6][L3]Optidroid Plus v1 CyanogenMod 7 UI

    Hello, l present my rom dedicated to good performance in games, RAM and more. Optidroid Plus v1.0.0 with CM7 User Interface 1.0.0 CyanogenMod 7/Gingerbread AOSP UI Apps and some files removed Build.prop modified Optimizations... Installation Reboot in recovery Backup (optional) Wipe data...
  8. P

    Thread [Q] Google Components for Gingerbread 2.3.4

    Hi everyone, I was wanting to know what all the different components of Google are on Gingerbread 2.3.4 (LG Enlighten vs700 phone). I ask because Google Play Store doesn't work. It keeps prompting me, "Sorry! The application google play store (process has stopped...
  9. P

    Thread [Q] where can I download Gingerbread 2.3.4 for Enlighten?

    Hi all - I screwed up my phone (learning curve lol) and just want to reload or flash Gingerbread 2.3.4 which is what's on here. For the life of me I can't find a spot to download it from on the internet and don't know how to do this - this is a LG Enlighten. When I go into recovery mode (three...
  10. S

    Thread [Q] Official Gingerbread RUU - download link?

    I've just bought a second hand HTC Desire for my daughter and would like to upgrade it from Froyo to the official stock Gingerbread, but I can't find an active link to the RUU anywhere, and it's no longer available on the HTCDev site. I used to have a copy but seem to have deleted it! Does...
  11. ocoot

    Thread [GUIDE][2.3.x-4.4.x]Touch Android to Connect UMS

    Hello guys, i'm here for presenting a new one (old but gold from GB devices), it was adapted from my own ROM for GT-S5360 i'm already trying in my phone (KK 4.4.2) and it works good :D i'm believe it will works on any roms with UMS (USB...
  12. meeshvl

    Thread [Q] Help! Is it safe for me to revert back to 2.3.6?

    I'm currently running arco68's CM 11 on my phone. But my dad is using it, and he doesn't like the layout and everything. It's hard for him to get into contacts and call. He got used to 2.3.6 due to having it for years, and it was my bad for upgrading the phone for him. I heard that if you...
  13. mahdy666

    Thread [MOD][GB][APP][LDPI] BBM Modified

    BBM Modified Screenshot: Feature: - CustomFont (not following phone font) - 3 Tab BBM Bar - BBM Main Tab On Top - Support BBM v2 Emoticon - Have a Restart Button On Setting This BBM mod is HIGHLY RECOMENDED ONLY FOR LDPI DEVICE. And I don't know if this work in other os than GB...
  14. russell1997

    Thread [Q] Hangouts 2.3.7 [latest version] on Gingerbread 2.3.6?

    Hi, I was troubleshooting my phone and un-installed hangouts back to google talk, i was able to find a hangouts apk to install again because the current version on play is incompatible with Android 2.3.6. Has anyone been able to find a working apk of Hangouts 2.3.7xxx that works on Gingerbread...
  15. P

    Thread GB Stock Wifi Modules please!

    Hi there! I have Gin2KitKat 3.2.0 and after going back from ICS I can't turn on Wifi so I need Gingerbread Stock Wifi Modules (for stock kernel) Thanks
  16. M

    Thread [SOLVED] Most apps are incompatible now in Play Store (wt19)

    Hi! I own a Sony Ericsson Live With Walkman (wt19) and I'm running stock Gingerbread. Today, I went to "Play Store" and I found the unpleasant surprise that most applications are now incompatible until one day when I could install without any problem. I name some applications and essential (or...
  17. N

    Thread [FREE GAME][2.3.3+] Birney's Run

    Hello ! I'm here to introduce my first game ever. It's called "Birney's Run". I took inspiration from legendary Pac-Man but I honestly think it is different enough to deserve its own place in the Android world. But please, don't take my word for it and try it for yourself. Here are some pics...
  18. AuliaYF

    Thread [MOD][GUIDE]Android L Notification View.

    Hi guys, im back! ;) Today I will share you something, this mod will change your notification item view to Android L-like. Screenshot: Heres what you need: Steps: Issues: Tips: Credits: *note:
  19. MaDaLiNoSt

    Thread [APP][SHARE][2.3+] LG Weather + Clock widget

    Hi! Today I will share with you another LG weather widget which was ported for galaxy young but is full working on galaxy mini 2. Enjoy your widget! How to install: -Install as an normal apk from sdcard -Install via adb Note: -If you can't find your location via search use location...
  20. Paget96

    Thread Android change list

    how to find that change list ?? I want to se changes :) Model: GT-S7500 Model name: GALAXY Ace Plus Country: Czech Republic (Vodafone) Version: Android 2.3.6 Changelist: 1253984 Build date: Fri, 14 Mar 2014 14:24:36 +0000 Product Code: VDC PDA: S7500BUNC2 CSC: S7500VDCNC1 MODEM: S7500BUNC1
  21. S

    Thread [APP][2.3+] Latest Samsung Galaxy S5 Launcher v1.0

    Latest Samsung Galaxy S5 Launcher MDPI/HDPI v1.0 Hey guys presenting the best latest samsung galaxy S5 launcher for MDPI/HDPI devices , built to bring the pure Touchwiz UX experience to your phone. Scroll down the pages and rejoice in a wondrous experience like never before rest the...
  22. Paget96

    Thread [Q] Gingerbread audio routing

    My mic volume is too low and quality is bad bad bad bad, too bad. How to do this, any update for drivers,codecs I dont know name of this. what to do?? Im running Inspiration ROM based on android 2.3.6 I dont want cm10 or 11 because camera and flash bugs I want full working ROM. what to do...
  23. X

    Thread [Q] I can't root S5830 GB 2.3.6

    Hi, I have many problems at a time lol. First of all, I bought this phone 'cause it was so cheap and it works fine for my mom. The problem is, I think I was scammed because the phone allows emergency calls only. I tested with many chips but they don't work, so I guess I'll have to find a...
  24. FitseMan

    Thread [Q] Where can i get the Stock v20f_00.kdz for SU760

    i had enough of the 4.0.4 slowness and got back to the v10 rom. though its very smooth i still cant install some apps. so i needed gb. the links are almost all dead, downloaded a file that's 427 megabytes, though the update wont get past 15%. where can i get a legit copy to complete the upgrade?
  25. HTCDreamOn

    Thread [KERNEL][][2708][Froyo/GB] DreamMod [31/05/2014]

    Welcome to DreamMod - Based on ezterry's latest 2636 sources | Currently for 2708 Radio only - If you want compatibility with others just ask - Features/Changelog - Froyo | Downloads | GingerBread
  26. D

    Thread [Q] Roll back to Android 2.3 from Android 4.1.2

    Hi All, Currently, my HTC Sensation has CynaogenMod 10-20121030-bruse2728-pyramid (Android version 4.1.2). I want to roll back to Android 2.3 (stock preferably). I was following this tutorial.. Here are more details: version-main...
  27. T

    Thread [Q] I8160 back to 2.3.6

    Greatz all, I'm very happy with the CM Kitkat 4.4 on mu I8160. But my wife really really hates it. As it triggers her OCD I'm afraid the Phone will be slamed to the wall ina few days. Searching the internet I have tried to try downgradint it back to the Original 2.3.6 stock rom. But I'm...
  28. D

    Thread Samsung Galaxy XCover S5690 ICS & JB ICONS!

    NOTE! This mod MAY work for other Gingerbread devices, as long as they are medium dpi (160) so the icons work AND you wont be ending up with a phone that has 3/4 of the system apps unusable. Have you ever wanted your XCover to look more like the newer phones? Then, I have a solution for you! I...
  29. K

    Thread [q] stop the overscroll?

    HELLO LIFE SAVERS, I AM USING GINGERBREAD... I really need help... I hate the overscroll effect (the bounce) but I like the glow. PLEASE HELP....I KNOW HOW TO USE APKTOOL AND STUFF...CAN ANYONE JUST TELL ME WHAT FILES TO MOD AND HOW? I am a complete IDIOT... I JUST WANNA GET RID OF THE BOUNCE...
  30. TheFixItMan

    Thread [GUIDE] Brightness Slider Guide Stock GB CM7/CM9/CM11 - Rewritten Easy To Follow

    Brightness Slider Guide For CM11 See My Guide - Here I have re-written the guide by evanlocked with his permission as some people had trouble following his guide so I'll try to make it simple to follow steps Full credit goes to him for the original guide and steps - All I have done is...
  31. J

    Thread [NANDROID] Original P500 2.3.3 v20a

    Hey!! I searched in the forum, didn't found any post with this... This is the STOCK 2.3.3 ROM from P500, all clean, NANDROID backup. ROM debranded, from Brazil. It was helpful some times to me, so I hope to help someone =)
  32. B

    Thread [Guide] Holo Launcher Modifications | All-in-One

    [Guide] Holo Launcher Modifications | All-in-One Holo Launcher is a highly customizable launcher replacement based on the stock ICS/JB/KK Launcher. But you can run it on Android 2.2+ Basic Version is completely FREE. This guide is for Holo Launcher Free Version. If you need more features buy...
  33. MaDaLiNoSt

    Thread [MOD][APP][SHARE][GB] TW5 Launcher + Weather widget (UPDATED 11/04/2014)

    Hi all. Today I decided to share with you all, an modded TW Launcher. I hope that you like it. Screenshots: CHANGELOG: - Attached an flashable .zip for launcher (replaces tw30launcher, with this mod) - Added an poll - Added an download link for an flashable .zip of the weather widget - Updated...
  34. MaDaLiNoSt

    Thread [APP][SHARE][2.3+] MIUI Camera

    Hi everyone, today I want to share with all a working version of Miui Camera Note: For Camera Silence, you must edit build.prop ! ( Screenshots: Download :
  35. V

    Thread [Q] Could I use Cyanogenmod for GB? Could I use Cyanogenmod for my device?

    Well, I'm working hard on a entirely pure custom GB rom and I don't know If the best it is use the stock firmware or cyanogenmod, anyway, I really like the freedom of cyanogenmod gives to his users, and I like to try, but I can't see on list devices of CM wiki my device, an Xperia U ST25i, after...
  36. Legojr

    Thread [ROM][InDev] Help Wanted Custom ROM Option for SGH-I857

    I am currently attempting to port Cyanogenmod as well as Clockworkmod to a device known as the Samsung DoubleTime SGH-I857. It is a very unique end of life handset that I think needs a little hacking attention. So far I have found most of the partitions names and sizes on the device, and I have...
  37. Aciong.Aksaya

    Thread [GB] Status bar am/pm

    Dear Experts, I am on Gin2kitkat may I just know how to capitalized am/pm in status bar? Thanks, AA
  38. N

    Thread [Q] ICS Task Menager for Gingerbread

    Is there ICS task menager for UNROOTED Gingerbread phones?Does excist that apk?
  39. ritikchanna

    Thread [Guide][SHARE]Port ICS Lockscreen for Gingerbread Devices without any third party app

    There is no contribution of mine , all the credits goes to ravikanthchary
  40. X

    Thread [Q] Camera Problem after update

    Hello masters of XDA first of all i swear i have tried to look up other threads about my problem and i found some but with no result and why i wanna post a new thread is to explain my problem FULLY since im not sure that i have the exact same problem Anyhow .. i have been using my I9100 for...
  41. zhalx

    Thread [APP][2.3][HOT] BBM for Gingerbread (beta)

    Hello xda, great news that our oldschool GB android can use BBM for now! oke lets just start - Rooted - Titanium Backup 1. install bbm port from ics (the old one had force close) 2. open and do backup bbm with titanium backup 3. uninstall that bbm 4. install bbm for...
  42. -BRK-

    Thread [Q]S3 Weather Widget For GB

    Is there a port for Galaxy S3 weather widget for GB 2.3.6? I googled a lot but all of them works in ICS or above only. Please help. I really want to use it. It's beautiful.:)
  43. N

    Thread [Q] Some fast official firmware for games without lagging

    Sorry for bad english. Hi guys, I wanna know if there is official firmware made from SAMSUNG for SGS GT-i9000 which is very fast for havier games like Temple Run or Subway Surfers without lagging.I'm now on XXJVU and it's not that bad,but there is sometimes games and browser crashing and after...

    Thread [HELP][MOD][X SOLA][GB] Name of this lockscreen?

    Hello friends! Looking is this forum I found this lockscreen image , my problem is that where the published do not say the name and do not give where you can download the necessary files, so if anyone knows h ow I can get that lockscreen on my Xperia Sola [GB] would appreciate that help me...
  45. R

    Thread [Q] Xperia U Greek Rom

    If anyone has any Greek Xperia U official rom (either ICS or GB) please contact me because i need it! thanks in advance!!!
  46. R

    Thread [Q] Rom needed :/

    If anyone happens to have the Greek rom for Xperia U would help me very much! (any greek one ICS or GB) Thanks in advance!!!
  47. A

    Thread [Q] Crash Monitor Not Running in JB (4.1.2)

    Hi, I am keep trying the JB ROMs for XPeria Sola, but all of them having issue with external SD Card. But only Stock GB (184) ROM is the only one having no issue with the external SD card. Even Stock ICS (.54) having the same issue. I have tried all governor/IO Scheduler combination but nothing...
  48. F

    Thread [Q] Smartwatch 2 & MotoFail Atrix 4G: a solution ?

    Santa Claus gave me a SW2 (it wasn't on my whish list, but I'm really happy with it); but I'm owning a MotoFail Atrix 4G which is stucked to GingerBread (I hate you Motorola :mad:). Having played too much with my CM 7 installed, I had switched the CM 10.1 for test purpose to see if it's ready...
  49. D

    Thread [apps] awesome christmas apps

    Hello there! Happy Christmas to ya'll! I would like to present you Christmas apps designed by Leviteo, a Polish based Internet Software House. They all are designed to make your Christmas more fun and entertaining :) 1. Snowman Tower - snowball game Build your very own virtual snowman! How big...
  50. SharpnShiny

    Thread (Q Sola) Comparing/Updating Official Ginger to ICS

    Hi guys, my brother has the Sola and he likes it in Gingerbread because it was much faster than the early ICS builds. He's currently using Ginger 6.0.B.3.184. He now notices some strange bugs in the Gingerb software and I'm pondering updating to ICS again? I see that there are newer builds of...