1. A

    Thread Gionee M7L

    Hello, pls I’ve been trying to unlock Gionee m7l bootloader. I tried all the possible way I couldn’t find solution. It seems like the phone is highly protected.
  2. P

    Thread Help me with Gionee K3 (M100) Stock Rom Flash File.

    I cannot find Gionee K3 (M100) Stock Rom Flash File anywhere. It has MT6763 CPU. Please help me with this.
  3. Sagar_Shinde

    Thread need Gionee Max Pro v08 Firmware

    Hello!, so basically what happened was that i was trying to root my gionee max pro with a v05 boot image using magisk manager and magisk did the patch but since the bootloader was locked it didnt flash the patched boot img however i thought of installing the stock of gione max pro which...
  4. X

    Thread [GUIDE]Successfully rooting Gionee x1!!

    Hello everyone! This is my first post, I'm very very new here If I somehow missed a rule or two and shouldn't have posted here or etc DO TELL ME, Im open to anything and I appreciate it! To the point, I won't stretch the topic, I'll tell you how I rooted my Gionee x1 device, and the problems I...
  5. S

    Thread [ROM][Unofficial]LINEAGEOS-14.1 for gionee p5l

    Here is first source build custom rom for GiONEE P5L Disclaimer: Code: * Your warranty is void. * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features...
  6. S

    Thread Gionee m6 GN8003 firmware with Gapps and french language

    Hi everyone, I've just bought a Gionee m6 GN8003 helio p10 (...) and the firmware is chinese with a lots of bloatwares and chineses apps. i have tried to install gapps via CWM recovery by puting the in the internal storage with no sd card inserted .but i got this error: Code: E...
  7. XN Logos

    Thread twrp Recovery and Root for All Gionee Devices

    *Root Guide and twrp Recovery for All Gionee Phone* Root and twrp recovery For all Gionee Smartphone, you can flash Recovery via Sp flash tools and then Root your Device by flashing Latest File, Disclaimer- 1. Rooting may void your Device warranty 2. i am not Responsible for ny...
  8. H

    Thread Remove ku.sud from system

    Hi, I've unrooted my smartphone (Gionee Elife E7) , but was left a file back (ku.sud in xbin folder) that is impossible to clean completely the root track. Whenever I try to remove it , it says "Operation not permited." I've tried to remove through a file explorer (EsFileExplorer) and also via...
  9. R

    Thread Battery drain after GooglePlay services 9.6.83 update?...

    Anybody noticed huge battery drain with new GooglePlay services 9.6.83. Have incredible numbers of wakelock from "ContextManagerWakeLock" secondly with "net_scheduler". I am on Discovery KitKat. Cleaning data and cache doesn't work... Any help?
  10. R

    Thread [Completed] Sensor problem with custom rom

    Hi Guys, I am using a mt6582 phone with 8gb rom and 1 gb ram and its os is very beautiful but so laggy. So I recently ported a lite rom from another mt6582 which have 512mb ram and 4gb rom . But the problem is that the custom rom have no compass sensor but my phone have, So is there any way to...
  11. M

    Thread Gionee Elife E8

    I have Gionee Elife8. This is the base variant for Pure XL and Xtreme2. It did not have any gapps and device was not all in English. So it needed some customization. I was able to flash TWRP image -...
  12. R

    Thread [Completed] Problem with porting custom rom

    Hii guys recently I tried to port VIVO's Funtouch OS to my Gionee Pioneer P4 but there is a great bug for posting it on the web, I wrote down the bug below: The quick setting option is not in the status bar of the rom - it is its speciality, it is ios like quick setting from down, normally it...
  13. M

    Thread Gionee Elife S Plus 5.1.1 (BLU Vivo XL)

    I'm wondering where (if possible) is the stock rom 5.1.1. for the Gionee Elife S Plus, since mine comes with 5.1 (Amigo 3.1). I already found two files online (Gionee_S_Plus_0204_T6006 and Gionee_S_Plus_0204_T6075), i flashed both and still none is 5.1.1. In every review i check the Elife S...
  14. Ravikirancg

    Thread [GUIDE] How to Port MIUI from IUNI U810 to Gionee E7

    All right folks, I have come across quite a few of the users requesting for the updated MIUI versions and the trouble with that crazy pittech forum and its arrogant developer ozn guy. I will no longer be using this device as I have given it to her after getting another device for myself. That...
  15. M

    Thread [Completed] Gionee Elife S+ Stock 5.1.1

    I'm wondering where (if possible) is the stock rom 5.1.1. for the Gionee Elife S Plus, since mine comes with 5.1 (Amigo 3.1). I already found two files online (Gionee_S_Plus_0204_T6006 and Gionee_S_Plus_0204_T6075), i flashed both and still none is 5.1.1. In every review i check the Elife S...
  16. N

    Thread A Full Review of the Blu Vivo XL!

    Hello everyone! I recently reviewed the Gionee S Plus, which is essentially the Blu Vivo XL but comes with 3GB RAM instead of 2. Overall, I loved using the device. It was my daily driver for more than a week and it did a very great job in running everyday tasks and playing some high end games...
  17. A

    Thread [Q] Help on flashing Gionee stock ROM on a clone phone

    Hi, my phone (NGM Forward Art) doesn't support Bluetooth Smart because of Android 4.2.2. I found that it's a clone of Gionee P4 and that stock KitKat ROM is available for it. So I'd like to flash Gionee P4 KitKat ROM on my phone. I downloaded the required software. But I need to know if a...
  18. Z

    Thread BLU Vivo Air == rebranded Gionee Elife S5.1

    Hi folks I just wanted to mention in case you guys don't know, the BLU Vivo Air is simply a rebranded Gionee Elife S5.1. It appears that BLU does not even alter the firmware that is on the phone when it arrives from China. The consequence is that if Chinese put any malware on this phone, BLU...
  19. joe2k01

    Thread Question about flashing firmware on clone (MTK6589)

    Hi everyone, I have a question about my phone. I have a NGM Forward Prime(a clone of Gionee Elife E3), and I would like to know if it's possible to flash the chinese firmware of the Gionee Elife E3 on my NGM Forward Prime using SP-FlashTool. Thanks in advance :good:
  20. J

    Thread ROOT GIONEE F103 ! [100% working]

    NEW METHOD AVAILABLE FOR GIONEE F103 RUNNING ON MARSHMALLOW [Android 6.0] : For Custom Rom And Full Guide Visit: Hey folks ! This tutorial will teach how to Root your GIONEE...
  21. B

    Thread [THEME] TWRP Materialised - Dark / Light / Play [01/05/2016]

    TO MAKE IT CLEAR It's not my work. This is unofficial thread for Blu Pure XL (and similar) based on thread by z31s1g The original thread you can find here. Features Recovery gone app: Designed to mimic the look and feel of an Android app. Customisable UI: 15 different accent colors, center...
  22. nziria

    Thread [ROM][MIUI v6 - v. 5.7.31][4.4.2][PORTED]

    Not my work: credits to aresQQQ Founded on the net and installed on my e7 32gb ported from a IUNI phone What work: GPS Call - SMS Internet Data WiFi Sensord Camera ALL What don't work: You tell me Download: Installation: Boot into TWRP Make sure in twrp option...
  23. J

    Thread [Q] Question about roms

    Hey guys, first time asking here in gionee forum from xda. My question is, can i install blu life xl stock rom in my gionee elife e7? Why i need that, this is because in my country the basebands used by the gionee doesn´t have 3g for me (900/2100 wcdma instead of my requirements 850/1900) Or...
  24. M

    Thread [Recovery] [E7] T.W.R.P Recovery (Unoffical)

    First step of our Lollipop Port project is TWRP recovery. It is newset version and fully working. You can reach it from here. How to Install: 1-Download img file from link. 2-Copy it to your sd-card. 3-Download rashr or other flash program from play merket. 4-Flash it and restart to recovery...
  25. jamius19

    Thread [ROM] [JB 4.2.2] PanDemic for Gionee Elife E7 Mini/Symphony Xplorer Z 3/ Himax Pure 3

    #PanDemic AOSP JB 4.2.2 rom for Gionee Elife E7 Mini/Himax Pure 3/Symphony Z III/Allview P7 Xtreme ***The most stable and perfect rom for Pure 3*** **No Bugs at ALL** Feataures: # JB 4.2.2 # Full AOSP # Clearmotion and all sensors working # Best performance and ram manegment # Best AnTuTu...
  26. viveksvdy2014

    Thread Gionee e3 kitkat 4.4.2 update 2014

    OK! The Long Wait Is Over! New Links Have Arrived! Gionee E3 KITKAT 4.4.2 2014 GIONEE released kitkat update a few days ago. So Here i am with the link to the kitkat ROM for Indian Users!! For Flashing, You Must Download...
  27. M

    Thread Root Gionee M2 Official Kitkat 4.4.2 By Mannan Shaikh

    Root Gionee M2 Official Kitkat 4.4.2 By Mannan Shaikh After Upgrading Official Kitkat 4.4.2 Version Of Gionee M2 Many Users Face Problem To ROOT Their Device * So We Have Found New Way To Successfully Root Gionee M2 Official Kitkat 4.4.2 ROM * Follow The Simple Steps Shown Below To ROOT Your...
  28. Ravikirancg

    Thread Get Fastboot mode on Indian Model

    Hey Everyone! Its not new that there is quite some chaos regarding the fastboot mode on our device. Though some could access it, others could not. All that would happen when I tried to reboot into bootloader was that it would get stuck on the boot logo. Many said that the bootlogo itself was...
  29. U

    Thread [REQUEST] Gionee S5.5 Rom - Indian Version

    Hello there, I've looked all over from needrom, to android-XDA, to even some Indian bbs forums. I am currently unable to find a rom for the Indian version of the Gionee S5.5. Does anyone own the Indian variant of this phone? If so, would they be willing to create a Rom? This could be for...
  30. Wire P. Snyder

    Thread Kernel Source (Jelly Bean 4.1–4.3.1) ...Send them a compliance Letter

    I Just Sent Blu Products Service Center a request for kernel source code. Blu Products Sells Re-branded Gionee Cell Phones. They are exactly the same Hardware/OS Just a different name Here in America. My E-mail Looked just like this: There is no provision in the GPL to withhold access to...
  31. S

    Thread [ROM] Myriad - JB 4.2.2 ( XOLO Q800 , FLY IQ446 , GiONEE Gn708W)

    MYRIAD ROM TEASER u_K1piEm39c ABOUT ROM Myriad is a simple and highly functional custom ROM for mtk (MT6589) devices. It is based on pure AOSP and gives ultimate vanilla experience. It is JellyBean ROM i.e ver 4.2.2. The ROM has a simplified UI but also has many powerful apps to...
  32. biokiller

    Thread Gionee smartphone secrect code

    These codes is copied from a chinese forum and I had tested all codes. Some work but some not work. Sorry about my English. Working code "* # 8702 #" - Phone hardware testing (with Chinese language. Can anyone translate them??) "* # 837500 #" - detect mobile version number, date, and phone...
  33. Fateslayer

    Thread [Q] Gionee Elife S5.5 Rooting Method

    Can anyone tell me how to root elife s5.5 Indian version. I have tried vroot, kingoroot, shuame but none worked and shuame hangs when I click on root button.
  34. S

    Thread 3G/2G Confusion

    Hi all!! I have a Chinese based company phone namely QMobile A5Classic. This phone is the same as Gionee CTRL V1. Both have identical hardware, except one, the earlier one (QMobile A5Classic) is a 2G phone but the latter one is 3G. Both have the same hardware chip, i.e MT6575 which supports 3G...
  35. S

    Thread [rom][4.2.2][unofficial]gionee m2[unofficial][4.2.2][rom]

    Many of all were requesting for Original Stock ROM of Gionee M2. So here is the stock ROM of Gionee M2. Download Section : CLICK HERE LATEST FLASH TOOL DOWNLOAD HERE Note : Search XDA For Flashing Procedure , Driver Installing , rooting etc and custom roms!!!!!]
  36. P

    Thread [Q] Nubia vs iOcean vs Indian Brands : Please Suggest

    Guys I'm planning on buying a new phone within 270$ ( 16000 INR ). I'm kind of confused as to what to buy. Kindly help me out. I only care about the gaming and the looks of the device. And obviously 2 GB RAM is required for smooth gaming. Here are some of the devices I've thought of buying...
  37. S

    Thread Porting SlimRom, need direction

    Hi all! I am trying to port a SlimRom (JB 4.3) to my device QMobile A5Classic (Gionee CTRL V1 minus the 3g) Phone. I am syncing its source from GitHub at the moment. I have the phone's stock ROM and kernel from the "boot.img" and the "system.ext.tar" created by onDroid script by a guy from here...
  38. T

    Thread [Q] Gionee Elife S5.5 - World's Slimmest Phone?

    Have you heard of Gionee Elife S5.5? They said it is the world's slimmest smartphone with the following dimensions: 145.1 x 70.2 x 5.55 mm. It also has an octa core MT6592 1.7GHz CPU, 5.0-inch FHD screen with Gorilla Glass 3, 2GB RAM, etc. Full specs here...
  39. abhi101

    Thread gionee elife e7 battery

    post your battery screenshots here:cowboy:
  40. G

    Thread KK/JB/Improved ICS for P5 Mini or Control V1

    Hello, We need a custom rom for our Gionee Control V1 or Allview P5 Mini. It's basically the same device, reproduced by one of the companies. The problem is that we do not really know how to even start making it, so we do need for now is some developers and a list of bugs/issues, so they can...
  41. A

    Thread How to Root the Gionee Elife E6 & flash CWM Custom Recovery (No Loss of Apps & Data)

    How to Root the Gionee Elife E6 & flash CWM Custom Recovery (No Loss of Apps & Data) Hey guys, I shot a video tutorial on how to root the Gionee Elife E6 & flash a custom recovery (cwm). cKcni-4bOtM Hope this helps sm1 trying to root their E6 :) Ash
  42. rahulsby

    Thread Gionee Pioneer P2 Root & Custom Recovery (CWM-Unofficial)

    hello everyone! Mid-range droids from Gionee, Pioneer P2 Root Method Steps to Install Custom Recovery 1. You have minimum 60% charge on your phone else you might get stuck while the update process is running on your device. 2. Remove any security or Anti-virus app if you have them installed. 3...
  43. S

    Thread [ROM] Xtreme ROM (4.2.1) Xolo Q800 / Fly IQ446 / Gionee GN708W/Symphony W125

    XTREME PERFORMANCE, GAMING, VISUALS and MUSIC Features Based on 4.2.1 Jellybean Fast, Buttery Touch Deodexed Super SU 1.65 , BusyBox Init.d Support Apex Launcher 2.1 Free Xposed Framework latest 23. Xtheme Engine, gravity BOX included Font Changer Lite 4.0.4 (better then iFont as it is more...
  44. daemol

    Thread [ROM] [15-SEP-13] [LeWa] GIONEE ELIFE E3 [06.09.13]

    *** Disclaimer ** Install this ROM only if you know what you are doing. I will not be responsible for any damages. You take the responsibility for all your actions. Installing this ROM may void your warranty. *** Reporting Issues *** I request you to use the forum to report issues and not PM...
  45. T

    Thread Gionee elife e3 development - root, cwm , roms , nadroid backup explained in detail

    Gionee Elife E3 is a Mobile made by a chinese Handset manufacturer Gionee , It is just 7.9mm thick and has a gorgeous display. So in this Thread I will be discussing :- READ AND FOLLOW THE WHOLE PROCEDURE..! ITS IMPORTANT 1. How to Root Gionee Elife E3 2. How to Flash CWM 3. Compatible Roms...
  46. H

    Thread [FIX][STOCK] GiONEE Dream D1/GN878/Qmobile Noir A950 Camera Bugs

    Hey everyone :) Users of GiONEE Dream D1, also sold as GN878, Walton Primo-X1 (on the non-updated FW) and Qmobile Noir A950 might have observed that in the stock ROM, only the default camera application is able to capture proper photos in low light (i.e. indoors; and basically anywhere without...
  47. bhargav1991

    Thread Xlife x3 [rom] for xolo q800 [stable] [themed] [ported from gionee e3 rom]

  48. RickyGoldsmith

    Thread [ROM] MIUI for Gionee Dream D1/GN878 with root and busybox

    MIUI for Gionee Dream D1/GN878 with root and busybox - Android 4.2 All thanks go to stas2z vizhigal With this ROM build, I will be leveraging stas2z's work as much as possible. stas2z's ROM is also contending for the MIUI contest, and I'd like to see him win. By...
  49. S

    Thread [CWM][ROOT] Steps to root Gionee Dream D1/GN878 and flash CWM recovery

    Please follow the instructions at Please let me know if it worked. Thanks.
  50. S

    Thread [ROM][ROOT][CWM] Gionee Dream D1/GN878 - Stock De-odexed ROM with root and busybox

    I no longer have this phone (GiONEE Dream_D1), I'm also going to stay away from Mediatek SoCs. No more support for this device in this thread. If anyone wants to take over, please do. Thanks everyone who participated and encouraged me. Link to the stock deodexed rom available in post #2 below...