1. AnnoyingZlatan

    Thread [KERNEL] [Android 10/11] [EOL] nem0 Kernel for OP7 series

    Introduction nem0 Kernel is CAF based kernel aiming to provide great stability and performance while maxing out battery life! // Your warranty is now void. // // I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. //...
  2. M

    Thread [WIP] [Looking for help] PostMarketOS on the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite

    PostMarketOS on the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite KEEP IN MIND THIS PROJECT IS VERY WIP AND I'M LOOKING FOR HELPERS TO GET A WORKING OS. THIS IS IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM A FUNCTIONAL ROM AS OF NOW. I'm trying to make progress on running postmarketos, a linux distro for various devices including android...
  3. BusinessKid

    Thread Kernel sources for Redmi 7 [onc] released!

    The kernel sources for our beloved device Redmi 7 [onc] has been released on MiCode/Xiaomi_Kernel_OpenSource! The code is not on master yet and a stable rollout is expected by the end of this month. Hurrah! Finally we can begin development for this all-rounder device. So get your development...
  4. A

    Thread Xperia 10 Plus added to Sony's Open Devices program

    This means that developers are able to build and flash their own version of Android Pie on these devices. The Open Devices program is our way to provide access and tools to build and test your custom software on a range of Sony devices. You can access all the resources you need through our Open...
  5. A

    Thread Xperia 10 added to Sony's Open Devices program

    This means that developers are able to build and flash their own version of Android Pie on these devices. The Open Devices program is our way to provide access and tools to build and test your custom software on a range of Sony devices. You can access all the resources you need through our Open...
  6. GalacticRogue

    Thread [ROM][9.0][ViperOS] [ v6.2] [OFFICIAL] [STABLE]

    This is ViperOS Disclaimer: We are not responsible for anything that may happen to your phone as a result of installing custom roms and/or kernels. you do so at your own risk and take the responsibility upon yourself. "This is a user friendly thread. All feature requests will be heard and...
  7. GalacticRogue

    Thread [ROM][9.0.0][AOSP][UN-OFFICIAL] [AospExtended ROM] V6.2 [STABLE]

    /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are...
  8. Laicure

    Thread [Tool] hosts file generator

    Hey! Sharing this minimalist and portable app for your hosts file needs (Windows app; the hosts file can be used anywhere though) Inspired by Steven Black's hosts Github repo Features: Supports auto system hosts update via command line parameters using Windows Task Scheduler Contains Windows'...
  9. yakov116

    Thread [APP] [5.0+] FastHub for GitHub

    FastHub for GitHub Yet another open-source GitHub client app but unlike any other app, FastHub was built from scratch. Please Note: k0sh has developed this app I (yakov116) am just helping him and maintaining the XDA page Features App Two login types (Basic Auth) or via...
  10. RJinxed

    Thread deleted

  11. MasterJack1697

    Thread [DEV RESEARCH] Searching for devs who want to make a little team

    Hello, i'm a student and a (semi) developer of a new rom, I'm searching for some devs that can be part of my team. I know the basic syntax of XML and Java (I'm also practicing with C++ but i don't know the language, i only try to understand) 1---Know some basic commands of git (checkout...
  12. P

    Thread [HELP] Update host file from Github with script

    Hey Guys :) I want to make a script, that updates my host file directly from Github. But I have a problem with the download and the host file is blank.!/system/bin/sh echo "starting..." mount -o rw,remount /system cd /etc mv hosts.blocked hosts.blocked.bak curl -k...
  13. R

    Thread GitHub project for Termux & Remix OS

    Hey Remix developer users. We've reached out to the team at Termux ( and we're excited to announce that we have their blessing to launch projects with them on their GitHub repository: We've identified the following features that would...
  14. KronozFX

    Thread [Completed] Proprietary blobs ZUK?

    Hi, i don't know where/how to find the proprietary vendor files for ZUK Z2(normal) AKA z2131 but I've found on github the ones for Z2 PRO(z121) and so i was wondering if they might be the same because they have also the same soc? These are the two...
  15. Hungryhacker

    Thread [q] [help] [confused] building from source

    After doing some research I'm fall down at great confusion. If anyone can help me, I'll be very thankful. My Internet connection is very poor & not secure. If I will download any compressed source and Internet connection is not available at the time of Process. 'Is it possible to build a rom...
  16. MSF Jarvis

    Thread Supercharging your Github workflow with hub

    Github being the world's biggest code hosting platform is also an OSS powerhouse. Their most under popularised creation is hub. According to the official website, "hub helps you win at git". I'll be covering the installation and use below, and we shall see if we win or not ;) Installation...
  17. regalstreak

    Thread [TUTORIAL] Install Gerrit with Github Integration (Gerrit 2.12.2)

    Gerrit 2.12.2 Setup with Github Sign in NOTE: Would be good if you follow the guide in a root environment. sudo -i So What is Gerrit? If you want to know anything else about gerrit then head over to So lets jump right into setting up...
  18. crzr

    Thread Learn how to use Git and GitHub with this amazing Udacity course

    Hello my dear friends, this is nothing but a shortcut to an amazing course that I had gone through, I consider that git and github usage are very important tools to android developers, thus those need to be handled in the right manner to make development easier, quicker and better :D This...
  19. baldomo

    Thread Problem with VCS deleting all the project files

    After spending some time on making one of my first apps, I decided to use GitHub, to let a friend of mine develop it alongside. I read some documentation and looked on how to integrate Git with Android Studio. I set everything up and i did my first push on a remote branch and merged it with the...
  20. konradit

    Thread [APP] WearSlides, presentation remote for Wear

    I decided to create a simple presentation controller for Android Wear devices, free and open source of course! Features: Previous slide and Next slide controls 5 min timer Python script (needs Flask, ctypes, etc...) Standalone .exe (WIP) Haptic feedback You can download the python (hard way)...
  21. A

    Thread [Library] CompareString

    This is a simple and useful library to compare Strings on any android version. Github:
  22. T

    Thread [Q] which AOSP 5.0 ROM for building yourself?

    I am NOT a developer! I am a Systems Administrator, and I have built a 4.2 before using ubuntu 14.04, with a SGS2 i9100. I have attempted in the past to ask for a device tree so I could build my own pure AOSP, and no one was able to help me. SO, I now have my hands on a S4, and I want to put...
  23. KShion619

    Thread [Q] Building/Converting a CM Vendor and Device Tree to support Google AOSP

    Is there a way to convert a CyanogenMod device and Vendor trees to a form that can build Google AOSP code? Where should I look for those that have done it? Thanks in advance!
  24. F

    Thread [Q] Finding commits for a specific ROM feature on GitHub

    Hi all, Is there a specific way to hunt down commits for feature sets in the source of ROMs on github? As a simple example, let's say someone was searching my ROM for how to enable AppOps in AOSP. They would eventually find this commit...
  25. N

    Thread [Q] Can I pause/resume download the Android Source?

    Good day, I am planning to install ubuntu to my PC, and port android source, my question is, if I download the android source (through git repository) which is very big 13-14GB, can I pause it and resume it later, some what like the way downloading torrent(can be paused/resume)? Because my...
  26. JY-G3

    Thread [ROM] [4.4.4] CyanogenMod 11.0 for Xiaomi Redmi 1S

    From: Credits: Fefifofum, Kra1o5 and HTCMania community. Sources: Changelog...
  27. U

    Thread [Q] Some github help pleace. Adding files to cm11.0

    Hello, I have made a device tree. Now i would like to upload it to the branch cm11.0 this is about what i did: cd m805_89x git init git add git commit -m ''first commit' git remote add origin git push origin master --force But...
  28. toyr99

    Thread [TUTORIAL] Translate a ROM using Github

    Hi guys this is my first tutorial here! :cool: I'm not a developer but i want to contribute for the community, so some time ago i started translation of my favourite rom, the Mahdi ROM. That was about March 2014. As of now I've started a new project: translations for Chroma ROM (June 2015) :p...
  29. R

    Thread [guide][wip] [beginners] how to push a device tree to github

  30. J

    Thread [GUIDE] How-To Cherry-Pick Features for your ROM (both GitHub and Gerrit)

    Hi guys. So I've had a few people PM me and ask for help cherry picking features to build a ROM from source. I've decided I might as well post a guide with what I've gathered. I'll outline the procedure for cherry-picking from both gerrit as well as GitHub, and what to do afterwards. Once...
  31. epiquiem

    Thread [Windows][Hacks]Winsploit 1.0-beta

    Winsploit is a little thing I made for an "educational experience". Very simple little collection of tools to create a flash drive you boot from and a few clicks and letters later, you can activate the built-in admin account, with a password of your choice. Very n00b, I know. But, I learned a...
  32. Lanchon

    Thread [Q] checking out cyanogenmod snapshot sources

    hi! i cant seem to find tags or branches for the recent CM11 M snapshots, such as the M5. how can i check them out from the CM github? thank you!
  33. David_Vaz

    Thread [Q] Help to fix errors on build (CM11)

    Hello, I trying build CyanogenMod 11 for Huawei Ascend G510 with this sources: # CM-10.2 Dependencies Dazzozo/android_device_huawei_u8951 Dazzozo/android_device_huawei_u8833 Dazzozo/android_device_huawei_msm7x27a-common Dazzozo/proprietary_vendor_huawei Dazzozo/huawei-kernel-3.4...
  34. F

    Thread [APP][4.0+] Secret Codes 1.1

    Secret Codes is an Open Source application that allows you to browse through hidden codes of your Android phone. This application will scan through all available secret codes on your device. Then you will be able to executes these secret codes a discover hidden functionalities...
  35. F

    Thread [APP][ROOT][4.0+] Preferences Manager 1.7

    Preferences Manager is an Open Source application that allows you to seamlessly edit application's preferences. This application requires a rooted phone! Without root access, it can't do anything. Android provides several options for developers to save application data. The most frequent...
  36. TuxDroid

    Thread [Q] Howto add a file from another ROM the right way on GitHub

    I want to pull a single file over from CM's repo on GitHub to be added to another ROM that is also hosted on GitHub. What is the best way to go about this? To be specific, the file I want to add is android_device_samsung_toro / overlay / frameworks / base / core / res / res / xml / eri.xml...
  37. krishna.kowshik

    Thread Learn Git in 15 minutes.

    Hey everybody, for those who want to learn GIT quickly, here is a short tutorial i found on the web. It's simple and easy to understand. You can learn the basics in 15 minutes. Do give it a try. LINK :
  38. broodplank1337

    Thread [Kernel Base][3.4.55][Dev]Bare Repositories of TW/AOSP Kernel (4.3 Sammy Sources!)

    Up-to-Date Bare Repositories for TW/AOSP 4.2.2 Kernel samsung-kernel-jfltexx Short Info: I've made this repository to have a central place for everyone to fork their kernel base from. The advantage of this repo is that it is always up-to-date (as in the latest linux kernel version). Imagine...
  39. wifi802.11abgn

    Thread GT-I9500 and GT-I9505 Kernel Sources(Update_2) at GITHUB

    International Version Galaxy S 4 kernel source repo. Reference : File: File:
  40. T

    Thread [Ruby] Glass Gem

    Hi ! I like to use Ruby for back-end component. So when I heard about the Mirror API, I thought : "Great ! We will be able to quickly make software for glass. A few Ruby lines and it will be up and running !". Then in a second time I saw that we should be using this ...
  41. cj360

    Thread Sync issues with new mint install [question]

    So I've installed java 6 and other requried packages for android, and the android repo & tools. As well as preformed the inital sync of 10~ GBs of files. But now that I'm changing things in my source folders and trying to re-sync I'm getting this: Fetching projects: 13% (48/362) From...
  42. R

    Thread [Q] How do I build/compile an APK from a Github source?

    Hello everyone First I thought this was a nooby question, but after talking to a few professionals in this section it seems like it isn't a nooby question at all. The question is pretty easy: what is the most simple way to get the latest version of TextSecure installed on my Android Phone? My...
  43. JordanRulz

    Thread [Q] B2G:remote github not defined

    Forgive me for being a noob, but in my futile attempt to port Firefox OS to the Optimus 2X, I ran in to a problem with that says: [email protected]:~/B2G$ ./ p990 Get % Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time...
  44. InfinityFTW

    Thread Building a PAC-Man ROM for an unsupported device

    Hi guys! I hereby state that I am a github and source-building n00b, and i could need your help :) The thing is, I want to build a PAC-man ROM for the HTC Sensation. The pacman source is on github: And here is the device specific files, which I forked form the Pyramid...
  45. MyComputerDoctor

    Thread [TUTORIAL][WIP] Working with GIT and GITHUB for Android Source

    Working with GIT and GITHUB for Android Source I want to start by saying that I am no EXPERT on GIT, but I believe the best way to learn is through trial and error. Through my trials and errors, this is what I have found that works when working with Android Source Code (AOSP). I started my...
  46. eagleeyetom

    Thread [Guide] How to use Github

    Hi. Today I would like to show you how to use github. I'm not an expert (I'm rather n00b TBH :p) but I learned some things and might help you with simple git commands. 1. Github? What's that? In short it's the web-based hosting service for software development projects that use the Git...
  47. PieR

    Thread [ROM][AOKP M6+][31/08][UNOFFICIAL] Pier's vanilla builds - ICS AOKP STABLE!

    Those are UNOFFICIAL BUILDS, use at your own risk. Please let me know if this helps anyway =) LATEST BUILD: All builds are available on: and 31 Aug - M6+ (ICS) - - md5: 99c06552680c586276aa61e96e1a209f Changelog...
  48. L

    Thread Release of Wazapp OpenSource ¿DEV TO BADA? I just read on Twitter that the unofficial WhatsApp app - has Wazapp for the Nokia N9 and Meego released their source code on GitHub and as open source. A part of the app was written in C + +, the Messenger was developed in themselves but in Python...
  49. A

    Thread Unified Github for Galaxy Y

    Hello Everybody, I am new to these forums but I have seen the efforts to port cm7, cm9, etc to our device. The ports so far are great, but there are major bugs though, which cannot be fixed. Compiling from source is the way forward for us. A few days ago I tried a test build of cm9 but it...
  50. F

    Thread Renesas Emma EV2 Open Source Project

    Hi, Altough this is just the skeleton of it, let me share what I've set up until now. I've also started a dedicated Google group here:!members/renesas-emev-osp Anyone interested in contributing to develpment, plesae join! 1) Android...