1. abrfattouh

    Thread (NATIVE) Google Play Services Install on Huawei Y6P

    Hi all, This might be a old and stupid question, but is there any way to install Google Play Services (GMS) natively to be able to run Google apps (Maps, YouTube, Chrome, etc.) and all the apps that require GMS? I have very limited knowledge with this specific topic. All help is appreciated...
  2. Gilsthemage

    Thread Website that tell us if apps need GMS for push notifications

    Hello, I come here after some check on the internet, I saw a website where you could enter the name of an application to know if the app need GMS to work and/or give push notification Since I use grapheneOS for a little time I would like to know if there is apps that I can use (like snapchat...
  3. Huexxx

    Thread [ROM][AOSP][EAS][12.0][UNOFFICIAL][chiron] ProtonAOSP - v12.2.3

    ProtonAOSP for Mi Mix 2 [chiron] What is ProtonAOSP? * ProtonAOSP is a minimal Android fork (custom ROM) focused on UI/UX and performance, with a touch of privacy. Refer to screenshots here. Based on Android 12 Whats working? Wi-Fi RIL Mobile data GPS Camera Flashlight Camcorder Bluetooth FM...
  4. T

    Thread How To Guide P50 PRO / JAD-LX9 Global Version / GMS SUPPORT

    HUAWEI P50 PRO GLOBAL VERSION (JAD-LX9) / GMS SUPPORT Hello everyone, i want to start a thread with all know information that i collected. It would be great that everyone shares new discovered stuff about the GMS for the Global version of the Huawei P50 Pro (JAD-LX9) so that we have all that in...
  5. V

    Thread Missing push notification after disabled Google Play Services

    Hi, Phone: Unihertz Jelly 2 OS: Unihertz_Jelly2_EEA_20220108_20220225-1743 I've disabled all Google Apps on my new phone. I have not received any push messages. I enabled again Google Play Services, and reinstalled some apps but still cannot get Firebase notifications. What should I enabled to...
  6. jericho246

    Thread General P50 Pro is now available for pre-order in several countries in Europe Personally I'm waiting to see if there's a GMS sideload method. I rely too much on google unfortunately. I had a P40 Pro for a while but back then it was possible to sideload Google services so...
  7. R

    Thread Android Automotive OS and Google Mobile Services

    Hello All This question is about the Android Automotive OS (AAOS) but, since I believe that the answer applied to the regular mobile Android would also work for the automotive version, I'll ask it here. I'm dealing with a project focused on AAOS and one of its requirements is to be able to...
  8. Pixaa_Maana

    Thread Having trouble with Google Play Games on HarmonyOS

    Hi! (new to this forum so I hope I'm not off-topic or in the wrong place) So I've recently got a Matepad 11, running on HarmonyOS 2.0, knowing it would be kinda troublesome in some cases with the lack of GMS. But I've successfully installed the apps I wanted (APKPure, mostly) and managed to...
  9. Wlk

    Thread GMS on latest Emui (C432E3R5P3) and how to get back to older firmware [WORKING]

    Just to confirm success, I have P40 Pro updated to latest firmware and working GMS. For half of the day now, installing everything I want. First i did FW downgrade to and applying lzplay manually (you can use Goglefier, same result) using this great guide Then used OTA...
  10. badmania98

    Thread [badmania98] Huawei P40 (Lite, Pro, Plus) Guides, News, Discussion & Support

    Hello! Because I answered to the same questions on different threads, I decided to create this thread, where I will provide my experience to you, in one place. The followings messages (2-7) contain all major info and tutorials links from this thread. All solutions/tutorials are related to the...
  11. ThatsYisy

    Thread How To Guide Install Google Mobile Services (GMS) on EMUI 11 or Harmony OS 2.0 W/O rolling back to EMUI (updated on May 15 2022)

    You can find the video instructions in the following: Video of successfully installed Google apps: *** IMPORTANT NOTE *** Do NOT give up if your first attempt fails. Factory reset is recommended if failure happens, try again and I am sure you can get it done by following this guide, however...
  12. mf25nl

    Thread [P40 Pro GMS Installed] Chrome/Trichrome Update install location?

    Dear Community, I wonder something.. i have a P40 Pro GMS fully working with google services & push notifications big thanks to googlefier & Icebox. But I wanted to update googlechrome and every time I got the message: App incompatible. found to solve this by downloading webview(Trichrome)...
  13. jericho246

    Thread Question Is it possible to install Google services on CHINESE variant?

    So the Magic3 series is already available on sites like giztop, however in the description it always says "No Google play services". What does this mean exactly? From my experience, Chinese models of phones like Oppo or Vivo DO have GMS pre-installed, you just have to install the Play Store...
  14. shafi1885

    Thread Android Terminology You Must Know Before Toying with Your Android

    Firmware & ROM Firmware is the skeleton of ROM, kinda tells ROM what to do, when to do, how to do. So, they refer to the firmware of the phone as ROM, because in theory you, as a normal user, can't alter the area where the firmware is (it's in the Read Only Memory). On older phone, this was...
  15. soyebjim

    Thread Huawei y5 prime(2018) google account sign in problem

    My sister broke the screen of her Huawei Y5 prime(2018), after replacing the screen from a repair shop she could not sign in to any google apps(playstore, maps,facebook etc) I search a bit about this issue, from what I understand the issue is because of US ban. Phone specifications: Name- Huawei...
  16. M


    Just a couple days ago I needed to downgrade my firmware on huawei p40 pro plus to allow for GMS installation. First time it was through firmware finder and hisuite and worked with no issues. But for some reason it seems like every firmware link on firmware finder was removed. And it comes up...
  17. T

    Thread Help in issues trying to stock ROM backup and downgrade P40 Lite

    Hello to all, Please some help/advice, I'm new in this. I have more than a week trying to find a way to install Google Services on a Huawei P40 Lite. version JNY-LX2 (JNY-LGRP2-OVS - C25E5R2P1). I found some methods failed with (Using LZPlay app) then I found that is needed to do...
  18. hayals

    Thread Fresh and so easy method for GMS ! [01.01.2021]

    Very cool and so simple.. You should try!
  19. G

    Thread honor 9A MOA LX9N Google Play Service needed Magic UI

    honor 9A MOA LX9N Google Play Service needed Magic UI 3.1 please help me to solved this issue i tried lzplay and Googleflier not working in this device because this phone comes with Magic ui android 10
  20. K

    Thread International-only [NOH-NX9] Mate 40 Pro native GMS (non-root non-virtual) for Google-login

    I will keep this post updated if working solutions are shared. Native Solutions (with push notifications, location services, google login): None so far. 😢 Virtual Machine environments: OurPlay (Chinese-only interface, but uses system languge for installed apps) DualSpace (loses ability to...
  21. A

    Thread Logging into Google Maps

    I use 10.49.3 version, to have guidance (it's the latest version where I could find that guidance). Can't login ...
  22. S

    Thread [App] Googlefier Easiest Way to Install GMS or GApps

    I read about Googlefier a week ago in an XDA article over here and was overwhelmed to see how easy the process has become to install GMS. Guys who don't have Google Mobile Services yet and want to try their hands on after knowing how easy the process is now, can head to the thread in the below...
  23. bender_007

    Thread Googlefier - Install GMS on Huawei/Honor

    Wecome to Googlefier, After a successful tool for LG G2 and LG G3 owners (AutoRec), but after a long pause, here is something new and I hope useful Googlefier is a simple tool, designed to help you install GMS on your Huawei/Honor device Video & Article - please take time to watch the...
  24. mtpektas

    Thread [Guide] Better Battery Life With Google Apps + MicroG Mixed System

    Hi guys, this is my first post about dev-ish stuff. Cause I didn’t something like that. So, lets get started... As you know Android 10 has huge battery drain because of Google Play Services. Before that, I got nearly %40 of background usage. Then I start searching to fix that issue. I tried...
  25. I

    Thread I managed to get GMS running ( (no USB-Pendrive)

    So after hours and hours of following loads of different Guides on YouTube I finally managed to get GMS to fully work again. I followed his Guide, for the most part, but did some things different. [EDIT: Set your system language to english...
  26. -PaRRoT-

    Thread [GMS][P40/Pro/Lite] How to install Google Play Store and Google Mobile Services

    I recently purchased a Huawei P40 in a super offer. Most likely without this "offer you can't refuse" I would never have bought a phone without pre-installed Google services. After days of research and guides that never worked I found this video guide created by Stefano Nikolov in his YouTube...
  27. M

    Thread Fire 4K Bootloop after installing gms

    Hi, I need gms and vending apk for my VOD Player to work. I don't need working GAPS, only need to have it installed. But after installing gms, my Fire Stick will stuck in bootloop after reboot. Only solution is to adb uninstall gms package. But then my VOD Player stops working. Is there any...
  28. bonell

    Thread Great NEWS! New Method Install GMS Mate 30 Pro

    Hey Guys, I have found a way to install GMS on Mate 30 Pro, (P40 PRO, P40 LITE, MATE XS). I have written a full tutorial and have recorded a video with all the steps. Basically, we restore a backup with LZPlay and icebox app. Freeze Google services framework via ADB with Icebox. And...
  29. W

    Thread GMS Installer 100% works for Huawei Mate30/Mate30 Pro

    Hi all Download the GMS Installer and install the APK, open the app, and press One Touch Installation, your device will automatically reboot and automatically install Google Play Services in Huawei eRecovery. After your device booting back into system, check in Apps if the Google Play Services...
  30. W

    Thread GMS Installer 100% works for Huawei Mate30/Mate30 Pro

    Hi all Download the GMS Installer and install the APK, open the app, and press One Touch Installation, your device will automatically reboot and automatically install Google Play Services in Huawei eRecovery. After your device booting back into system, check in Apps if the Google Play Services...
  31. B

    Thread How to install EMUI 10 for the JSN-AL00 with GMS working

    So, if you have a Honor JSN-AL00 or a JSN-AL00a then you should've came across a problem were you were stuck on EMUI 8.2 and isn't able to upgrade your software and today I have found a solution for this irritating problem, First you should head to the settings on EMUI 8.2, then head to...
  32. W

    Thread Hey gugs, I found an app that can install gms on Huawei Mate 30!!!

    This app is able to solve the problem for downloading and installing GMS on Huawei Mate 30 , and ensure the normal operation of applications that rely on GMS, gmail,youtube ,facebook,etc. The follow is the download link: Mod edit: url removed.
  33. C

    Thread HUAWEI/HONOR GMS download guideline

    • HONOR 9X pro(china version) • EMUI9.1.1 • 10 steps to finish install • Cost 3mins 17s to finish install • Easy to install *Before download, insert SIM Card. 1. Open the link 2. Enter download page and click 3. Download google service assistant APK 4. Open APK 5...
  34. L

    Thread Honor 20 pro support Google Play Service now! (FW

    After long long wait, Google Play Service are supported on Honor 20pro now!! Please upgrade to version and install Play Store on Huawei App Store. Enojy! ps1: If you already install some Google Apps or Google Service, remove it first! ps2: If your live in region which not ready...
  35. E

    Thread Fire TV 1 OS5 Rooted Play Store (OpenGApps) without Xposed

    Hi all/ MastahF / ians325 / ggow Vlasp / MetaIIica / guyHalestorm / inwisso / elliwigy / peleg / Lochy19 , I have been spending many hours trying to get the Play Store to work by installing the most recent release of OpenGApps on my rooted FireTV 1 OS5 (Unlocked bootloader) without success. I...
  36. imadlatch

    Thread system.img with GApps installed & GMS enabled

    Google play services enabled Google stock applications installed Please download and test and feedback and donate This option will be added in RMXtools v1.6 If you face error with google play store , just delete your account and re add it system.img x64 system.img 32bit
  37. Arsen258

    Thread GSM goes down with bluetooth headset

    I can't make my bluetooth earbuds work with my Note 2. Whenever i receive a call and I'm trying to respond when my earbuds are on, my GMS goes down and its back after 3 sec. Anyone have any ideas?
  38. rahimali

    Thread [APP] Google Play Services v4.0.34

    Just found this updated on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Changelog unknown to me at this time. download location :
  39. rahimali

    Thread [APP] Google Play Services v4.0.34

    Just found this updated on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Changelog unknown to me at this time. download location :
  40. D

    Thread [Q] Anyone converted a Wifi only to a GSM model

    So im thinkning of moding my WIFI only device to add the GSM capabilitys Any one attempt this yet. Anyone know the parts needed to do this? Thanks in advance
  41. S

    Thread [Q] GMS how install it

    I know this maybe a little werid for european and american guys, but i am in china so there is no GMS (GOOGLE mobile services) on my thrive, device is already rooted, but i don't have the proper package, where can i get it and how to install? thanks so much