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google assistant

  1. A

    Thread Question Voice Match doesn't work on Redmi 9T NFC (Lemon) with Evolution X ROM.

    After installing Evolution X ROM Google Assistant Voice Match (OK Google command) doesn't work ("OK Google" greyed and it writes "The feature is not yet supported in this language"). I already tried to make Google system app, but still doesn't work. Also tried to change Google Assistant language...
  2. T

    Thread Sony WF-1000XM3 & Google Assistant

    Hi, I want to use the Google Assistant on my new earbuds but not the usual way. I know how I can set it to a button (left or right earbud) for calling up the assistant, but the thing is, I wanna use the buttons with the defaulted settings. So left is now ambient noise cancellation and ambient...
  3. G

    Thread Wear OS Google assistant not working as expected

    Is the Wear OS Google assistant limited as I have found that it is not capable of doing most of the thing Google assistant on my phone can do. For example if i say send whatsapp message it will then prompt me "To whom?" and will recognise the name i say and then prompt me "anything else" but...
  4. error1105

    Thread Help! Google Assistant crashing when I press on unlock more features

    Yeah so I'm running pixel experience based on android 11 and Google Assistant is acting really weird. Tbh I don't really know if it's because of the rom it not but I enrolled in the Google app beta quite a while ago (although I've unenrolled now) cause I wanted to experience that new Assistant...
  5. uotlaf

    Thread [Module] Google Assistant Button Remapper

    Download Google Assistant Button Remapper Prerequisite: Magisk Theoretically any cell phone with the assistant button How i edit the button function? Open /data/adb/modules/assistant_button_remap/system/usr/keylayout/gpio-keys.kl with an text editor Edit the line "key 217 BUTTON_L2" for...
  6. D

    Thread Question How to get Android Auto and Google Assistant to work on Android 10/11 ROMs?

    I've posted this question several times in the Galaxy S8 forums but I've never got any replies, so I thought I'd try here. I have been wanting to upgrade my Exynos Galaxy S8+ to newer versions of Android, such as 10 or 11, for some time now but neither Android Auto nor Google Assistant hot...
  7. D

    Thread How to get Android Auto and Google Assistant to work on Android 10/11 ROMs?

    I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get Android Auto and Google Assistant to work on any Android 10 or 11 ROMs. I use these 2 features every day and their lack of functionality is the only thing holding me back from upgrading from Pie. I've tried all the Android 10 and 11 ROMs posted...
  8. B

    Thread How stop Google Assistant offering Duo and WhatsApp when making a call?

    When making a call through Google Assistant, I am now asked whether to use Dialer, Duo or WhatsApp. This has just started over the last week or two. I have had Duo and WhatsApp apps on my phone for years, but Google Assistant has never before offered them as a dialing option. I want to set...
  9. black97one

    Thread Send SMS with Google Home & Nest

    Hello, For those who would like to send SMS with their Google home with advanced UI, it is now possible with the Android application that I developed ? If you already know "Talk to Mister Home" the voice application that allows you to put time delays in routine...
  10. J

    Thread Google Assistant Ambient Mode

    I would like to keep my Fold 2 open on a wireless charging stand at night in Google Assistant Ambient Mode instead of using a Nest Hub. I can't find the Ambient mode option in the Google Home app, is this missing on the Fold 2? Anyone managed to do this?
  11. A

    Thread Google Screen Search on Tasker

    While touching and holding Home button, the assistant pops up and asks whether to search for the contents on the screen. I am trying to get this action integrated into Tasker. But, I was only able to get the Google assistant to pop up and listen to my voice, it doesn't try to search for the...
  12. M

    Thread Wake google assistant with Power key instead bixby

    I want to know if it is possible to remap the shortcut that wake Bixby with power key to activate google assistant. I have root and i want to do this without any 3rd apps if it's possible, anyone can help me?
  13. A

    Thread How did you get google assistant to work in chinese variant?

    Hi guys, I'm getting a problem related to the chinese variant. -Google assistant won't stay the default assist app. -Access with voice match is greyed out. -when i make google the default assist app, google is greyed out as seen in the third screenshot. -weirdly enough i don't have default...
  14. U

    Thread How to launch Google Assistant on phone from Galaxy Watch

    Hi all, I've been searching for a way to trigger Google Assistant on the phone from the watch (kind of like a remote Google Assistant button) and I thought I'd share my progress and gather insights for alternatives/better ways of doing it. This might be super obvious to some of you but for me...
  15. T

    Thread Alexa smart speaker mod for Google assistant

    I'm curious what makes this an "Alexa" smart speaker. Is it just the Alexa app on your phone, or is there something "smart" in the moto mod itself? I'm mainly curious if it would work with the Google assistant instead of Alexa. My wife already uses the Google assistant, and the ability to do...
  16. barcode99

    Thread Cannot use Google Assistant on lock screen

    Hello, i cannot figure out how to turn GA on to wake up the phone when the screen is OFF, there is no option to select it. GA even doesn't work without any locks when screen turned off by short pressing power button. Works fine when device locked and screen is ON any suggestions, i am on MIUI...
  17. R

    Thread Google Assistant on older models (2017,2016,etc..) to link with Google Home

    Hello guys! I have a LG OLED B7V with latest WebOS (I think 3.5) and I wanted to control it with my google Home. I've just readed about that 2017 and previous does not have Google Asssistant so they cannot be linked and controled with google home, just 2018 and newer models. I'm completly sure...
  18. A

    Thread Unable to start Google Assistant from Bluetooth headset

    I used to trigger Google Assistant by pressing a button on my motorcycle helmet intercom. With the Note 9 it doesn't work: when I press the button GA says: "when it's safe you'll first need to use your phone's screen and tap the notification". The only way it works is if the phone screen is on...
  19. J

    Thread [Project] Launch Google Assistant In Different Modes (root needed for most)

    Turns out that the Google Assistant has a bunch of different ways that it can be launched. With Tasker you can easily launch it in these various ways! Check out the demo video: mAuw2E_EUd0 You can download the project for these here. Enjoy! :)
  20. JB2unique

    Thread Google Assistant

    Hi, recently bought my M20X and I can't seem to wake my device with HEY (OK) Google with the screen off. Cannot seem to locate in settings on how to make it work Does anyone else have the same issue? Is it a bug or normal that it doesn't work? Or is there a workaround? Thank you.
  21. C

    Thread [Release][APP][0.9.3 - 2019.07.12] GAssist.net - Google Assistant for Galaxy Watch

    App is already available on Samsung Store. Thank you for all DONATIONS and support !!!! Introduction Preview demonstration videos Screenshots Already implemented features Planned features: Requirements: Changelog Downloads Installation instructions FAQ How to get...
  22. TheGlitchh

    Thread [Bixby][SourceCode][Beta]

    BIXBY Hi , I have recently seen that Bixby is becoming popular in the world of AI and head to head competes with Siri and Google's own Voice assistant. I have provided the SourceCode of Bixby , if anyone wants to check out then go to Bixby Source Code ========0========
  23. N

    Thread Change "Ok Google" to "Jarvis" (Change Google Assistant's hotword)

    Change "Ok Google" to "Jarvis" (Change Google Assistant's hotword) Ever wanted to change Google Assistant's name? Like Jarvis? You're in right place! The App which does this :- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.linuxauthority.hotwordchangerfree If you want to support...
  24. CCJ22

    Thread Anyone noticed google assistant works without the google assistant app downloaded?

    I'm very confused what the google assistant app is for if google assistant works perfectly with just the "google" app. I do mean everything works. -Clock assistant routine -unlock phone with hey google hotword -etc... Anyone know what purpose the google assistant app is for?
  25. P

    Thread [FREE][APP][5.1+] Google Home Alarms - Alarms Manager for Google Home Devices

    Home Alarms is a simple app to view and manage alarms and timers on your Google Home devices. Must have app if you are a Google Home Assistant user. Get all the alarms from all Google home smart devices at one place! This app works even when there is no internet connection. You just need the...
  26. P

    Thread Digital Assistants - Alexa with Show Dock and/or Google?

    -- wrong forum, please delete --
  27. HeCareth

    Thread T-Mobile OnePlus 6T Nov Update - No Google Assistant Gesture

    So I got the November update a few days ago and I was stoked that they came pretty quick as some were saying it would take months. So while the new Gestures are welcomed. What I am kind of pissed about is that the T-MOBILE variant still does not have the gestures to long press the power button...
  28. MarvinMe

    Thread Google assistant doesn't work because of google now (Pixel experience)

    Hey guys, I had to switch roms recently ending up on Pixel experience extended (latest build - 21.10.18). It runs really well and the battery life seems to be amazing already. The only problem is that google assistant isn't really working, I mean not at all. If you say "ok google" the (old)...
  29. F

    Thread Hands free calls and read text messages.

    How to get Google Assistant (OK Google) to make voice activated calls from your Android head unit via your phone and for your head unit to read you text messages to you. Use a Windows computer to do the following:- 1. Create a folder C:\android. This will be the working folder. Place all of...
  30. P

    Thread google assistant issues ok or hey google hotword detection - Lineage 15.1

    Hi all, I've got samsung s5 g900i device, running lineageos 15.1 official and am finding that the google hotword detection after a week or so fails to work at the lock screen. On my wife's s7 device it works so smoothly. Does anyone else have such issues. I flashed the latest version of...
  31. V

    Thread Remap Bixby Key Without Any App!

    Hey, so I recently found a way to remap the Bixby key to anything, without the need of an other app or anything else! All you need is Root and a Root Explorer! So Lets get started! STEPS- 1. Go to /system/usr/keylayouts 2.Open Generic.kl 3.Scroll Down to key #703 4.Delete the command 'WINK'...
  32. ostap999

    Thread I am turning my nexus into google home.

    I've been playing around with attempt to turn nexus6 into google home. I've got decent Bluetooth speaker to act as mic/speaker on my desk. Always on USB charge and nexus in my desk drawer to actually do all the work. Now i am running into following issues on all the roms i've tried. OK google...
  33. Ryaninja

    Thread Calendar + Assistant + repeating notifications recommendation needed please!

    Hi everyone. I've finally managed to get my Google calendar on my Huawei to give me notifications for Reminders! However, I would really like repeating reminders on these notifications in case I don't see or hear the reminder or just plain forget to do what they say! Ideally I'd like the...
  34. akshayarajdayal

    Thread Google Assistant on screen resolution less than 720p

    Google has rolled out Assistant support for tablet devices with the latest update. However there are certain RAM(>1.5 gb) and screen resolution (> 720p) constraints for enabling it. Has anyone been able to run the assistant with lower screen resolutions ?I have a 1024x600 resolution device. I...
  35. T

    Thread Turning off Alarm throught Google Assistant

    Hi everybody, I am new to Pixel 2. Would you guys please answer me a mere question: How can I turn off the alarm through Google Assistant? - Somehow I misunderstand about using it. Thank you so much!:p
  36. R

    Thread Google voice input & 3g voice calling not working

    Hey developer's I have two major issue in all custom ROM my google assistant not working (except with earphones) and 3g sim for outgoing call (call ended as soon as press the call button) I tried approx all custom ROM with all version - RR, LOS, currently - fire hound . Sim - jio & airtel I...
  37. S

    Thread How to kill "Google Assistant" service nags?

    So, often when I hang up a call or something, this irritating thing will pop up. :) No, I don't want google to hear what I'm saying. No,I don't need help trying to find store locations. No, I don't want google to store my sex moans on their cloud. how do I turn this off? Which service do i...
  38. Subhajitdas298

    Thread How to install Google Assistant on Android Lollipop?

    How to install Google Assistant on Android Lollipop?
  39. V

    Thread [REQUEST] Google Assistant Enabler on Oreo

    I'm hereby requesting to make the feature of Google now work even when screen off which is/was available on Marshmallow thru google assitant enabler xposed module. Hope if its possible to get the same on Oreo too...
  40. S

    Thread Integrate Google Lens in Google Assistant

    Google recently started pushing Google Lens in the Google Assistant, this is a server side switch, but you can increase the probability by following this method Procedure :- Update the Google App and Google Play Services to the latest beta. Flash the Pixel Features zip by ZeevoX Long Press the...
  41. A

    Thread Screen density: Minimum width (dp) & Display size (dpi)! Tablet texting issue.

    Below is a list of the Minimum width (dp) settings I have tested and documented and their corresponding Display size values (dpi). The UI mode has been noted and an asterisk notes a maximum or minimum for a display mode (phone, phablet, or tablet). (Please correct me if I am using the incorrect...
  42. A

    Thread Google Assistant in 1GB RAM Devices

    Refer this link.
  43. M

    Thread [HELP] Google Assistant while Screen Off [TASKER][AUTOVOICE]

    hello everybody, I have a kenzo (Redmi Note 3) with RR Final Build (7.1.2) installed. For me, OK Google Detection is not working while Screen off and charging .. So I am trying to make it work with tasker, AutoVoice and secure Settings.. what I wanna do is 1. Turn on AutoVoice continues while...
  44. P

    Thread How to turn on "Always listening" on S7 Edge

    Hello, Im using Google Assistant (Enabled with some xposed module, cant remember wich one) on my S7 Edge running Superman ROM. I turn my lights on with "Oke Google" Followed by "Turn lights on bedroom" The only thing i dont like about it, is that the screen has to be on. Because of trusted...
  45. Mother_Teresa

    Thread Philips HUE control? - 6.0

    With version 6 of the Shield Android TV, there is the updated Google Assistant. It should allow (voice)control for smart devices like my Philips HUE lamps, but I fail setting it up :( It seems that there is/was a menu-option in the Google Home App (for phone/tablet), named 'home automation'...
  46. fredphoesh

    Thread OK Google - very poor functionality

    I've just upgraded from Pixel XL to Note8 and mostly I am very pleased, but for the very disappointing lack of proper implementation of Google Now/Assistant. When the screen is off, I say OK Google, and the screen comes on ready for my command. Then I ask something and I get "Can't reach Google...
  47. M

    Thread Google Assistant in Language other than English

    Hi! The recent news says that newest LG V30 supports Google Assistant in Korean! Good! But the only fit is that I don't own LG V30. So, I'm trying to get Google Assistant in Korean on my phone by modifying build.prop. As far as I know, Google Assistant was once only supported on Pixel. Right...
  48. A

    Thread [REMOVED]

  49. M

    Thread Headphone Jack fix for Audio cutting out & activating google assistant

    Alright i am going to make a new thread, i created an album on imgur and posted on reddit and in another thread here, but still have people asking how to fix it. Hopefully this turns up in google/xda forum search. https://imgur.com/gallery/5cou6 LG G6 suffering from intermittent...
  50. P

    Thread Google assistant

    Hi i want recycle my old GN to a "home made Google home" with the Google Asssitant app wich is integrated to main Google app. But its still does work and nothing happends when i remain on the home button.. Any ideas ? Thanks