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  1. Ahmadhassan27

    Thread What are the best noise parameters for gcam?

    I need to know if there's some noise reduction settings which can make the pictures more clear and detailed and without noise
  2. TBM 13

    Thread GCam 8.1 Collection, Configs & Discussion

    This is a collection of working Google Cameras (GCams) for the Galaxy A20 & A20e. This thread is not in its final state and will be updated over time. If you want to add/edit something, feel free to tell me. Important All of the following GCams require to enable RAW Capture with this Magisk...
  3. AyselEP

    Thread [Other] GCAM For Redmi 6A

    Google Camera For Redmi 6a I've been looking for GCAM for redmi 6a without camera2api (I got it on YouTube) Tested : Android 10 (Nusantara Project LTS variant arm64 + alps vendor 0.4) Some features don't work / force close If the GCAM force closes continuously due to changing the GCAM...
  4. PhotonIce

    Thread (Question) GCAM fork for the Realme C3?

    Hi, is there a GCAM fork for the Realme C3 which works on android 10/11 ROMs (and also maybe on the stock ROM?), and if so, are there any bugs in it? Are photos taken with GCam better than those of the stock camera app? Does the GCam fork support nightmode and all the necessary features which...
  5. D

    Thread Question Which Google Camera port works best with the G Stylus 5G?

    I plan on testing out the various Google Camera ports out there when I get this phone, but I was wondering which one anybody else had the most success with and whether there are any existing configs that should be used with it. Thanks in advance.
  6. C

    Thread How to use GCam in Oppo A5s!?

    Is there a way to use GCam in Oppo A5s!?
  7. N

    Thread please port a Gcam for Smartisan Nut R2

    There will be no more Smartisan phones in the future, Nut R2 is the last product. it's sad. Can any tech guru develop a gcam mod for this phone?
  8. Irf@n

    Thread Best Google Camera For Xiaomi Mi5 [Gcam]

    I am now using Xiaomi's Mi5. Current Operating System: Pixel Experience Android 10 Plus Edition Now I am looking for the best Gcam for my phone. Recently I have used some of the Gcam versions. But every one of them has major bugs. I noticed high battery consumption and experienced various...
  9. tanvir2694

    Thread Does PIXEL 2 camera works fine with CUSTOM Pixel Experience ROM?

    I am thinking of applying Pixel Experience Custom ROM or LineageOS ROM in my PIXEL 2 when they will be available with Android 12. Should I be concerned with the chance of the degradation of Pixel's camera quality? Does a Custom ROM harm the pixel photo capturing capability? Do the HDR+ work?
  10. Hatem98

    Thread Question [CLOSED] Stable gcam for redmi note 10

    hi guys I looking for a gcam apk working on redmi Note 10 (not pro) with face retouching working i can't find the correct one plz help me
  11. atikuzzaman_azad

    Thread Suggest me a GCam

    Please suggest me the best Google Camera for my phone. Here's the details: Brand-Vivo Model- Y71 (vivo 1724) Android version- 8.1 CAMERA2API- Legacy Ram-2GB Rom-16GB Processor-1.4GHz Snapdragon 425 quad core
  12. atikuzzaman_azad

    Thread GCam doesn't run when opening 2nd time

    I've Downloaded a google camera 5.1 version on my Vivo y71. But it only works for the first time after installing. From the second time it shows an interface like the picture below and doesn't work. Maybe there is some way which can run the application every time. Please help.
  13. Fedexer97

    Thread GCam for Exynos S10e - Colors are washed out. Help?

    Hello, I'm currently using the GCam 8.1.101 ruler version ( for my S10e Exynos, and it looks really bad, there are a lot of problems, such as: Noise on the very top and very bottom of the photo Colors are really washed...
  14. Double_A_92

    Thread [GUIDE] Reasonable Stock ROM Replacement

    Reasonable Stock ROM Replacement Since our Xiaomi Mi A2 is probably going to reach its end of life soon, I tried to find a suitable replacement for the stock ROM which is as unbiased and official as possible. This post will not be a detailed step-by-step tutorial, but a list of my findings...
  15. F

    Thread How to fix laggy previews (buffer fix) in the Google Camera 8.1 in an Oppo a91?

    I recently bought an Oppo A91 and is amazing. Its camera is good but I wanted to take pics at night. I installed several Google Camera ports but the best one overall is the MCG one: However, all picture camera modes (Night...
  16. F

    Thread How to fix laggy previews (buffer fix) in the Google Camera 8.1 in an Oppo a91?

    I recently bought an Oppo A91 and is amazing. Its camera is good but I wanted to take pics at night. I installed several Google Camera ports but the best one overall is the MCG one: However, all picture camera modes (Night...
  17. Teribium

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods GCAM on X60 Pro Plus

    Followed OnePlus thread and download And tested below latest BSG's version and it worked absolutely fine with X60 Pro Plus. Just make sure you download the org.codeaurora.snapcam version from this page:
  18. S

    Thread Question about Anx camera/google camera in custom roms

    Hey, I have a question about anx/google camera on custom roms. I am searching for aosp/clean rom and good working camera combo. For now my bootloader is locked and phone is bone stock. Nowadays i am not the ´adventurous´ type with software and would appreciate some recommendations from guys that...
  19. L

    Thread Roms with google camera aka gcam and raw support

    Hello, Making a thread to make it easier for guys like me to know which roms support gcam or raw capture so that we XDA members could test maximum number of gcam ports to find the best working one. Let's see what do we have.
  20. aleks_rovinski

    Thread Google camera

    Does this phone have a working google camera mod?
  21. jericho246

    Thread GCam developer BSG is working on a GCam version that will support some Huawei (Kirin) devices!

    "have had some success for Huawei devices on the Kirin processor" Click here to view screenshots from BSG telegram group. I believe this is huge news, especially if the GCam devs could get it to work on devices like Huawei P40 series!! My P40 Pro is currently being repaired (bricked) so...
  22. petrywilliam


    PixelCam Origin To tell how PixelCam came about, we need to go back a little bit in time. The year was 2019. Jairo Rossi always had input devices, and that prevented him from using any Gcam mod, which required at least intermediate hardware. After joining a Brazilian group on Gcams, he...
  23. B

    Thread Best working camera for custom ROMs

    I thought I'd just create a post to discuss cameras for the F2 Pro running custom ROMs. So far I've been testing ANX Camera and various GCams, but found both don't work 100%. I've found some forums talking about Gcam and the Telegram groups talking about ANX Cam, but am yet to find one that...
  24. jericho246

    Thread Auto Night Sight & Night Sight Portrait Mode [PARTIALLY] working on Pixel 4a 4G with latest BSG GCam port

    Out of curiosity I installed the latest BSG GCam port on my Pixel 4a, just to see if the auto night sight and night sight portrait mode features (currently exclusive to the Pixel 5 & 4a 5G) would work. Link here: If you...
  25. B

    Thread Gcam 8.0 - What's New? How To Install On Any Android Phone

    It's Here! The new Gcam 8.0 Mod for all And device and I got to test it out on Realme X2. WHAT'S NEW? Let's start from the obvious - User interface tweaks! The addition of 1x and 2x switch tab on the main UI for both camera and video is a welcomed development...
  26. SkaboXD

    Thread [9.0+] Google Camera with working HDR+ Enhanced

    Hello, i just want to say that the latest Google Camera 4.3 by Urnyx05 works amazing! It has much better results than stock camera. Pictures taken with Google Camera have much better dynamic range, more details & more natural color representation. Night photos have much more light, thanks to...
  27. B

    Thread Gcam 7.4 by Parrot043: Full Review and Best Settings

    Gcam 7.4 by Parrot043 is out and it work fine on Realme X2. You can see the Full Review below but let me give Deeper thoughts there after. First look at the interface, Gcam 7.4 looks like Gcam 7.3 but when you look closely, the best things about Gcam 7.4 is more...
  28. R

    Thread [Q] Is there any Google Camera app mod for the J5 2016 which is AR compatible?

    I did not find any, despite of (I think) searching thoroughly. Thank you. My ROM info you find below in my signature.
  29. M

    Thread On GCam Pink/Purple Distorted Photos Problem

    Many people complain about this and seems like few know about the issue. I should say that I'm not a dev, I just figured it out and tired of writing it after each complaint, which is why I write it as a new thread. So, in short, there are ways in which gcam speaks with the camera. With RN8(t)...
  30. N

    Thread 48Mp Unlocker for Mi A3

    I have tried to bring files from android 9 to android 10 without success, to crdroid rom, it causes bootloop, and in some cases it does nothing because of the 48Mpx issue, I have used files from other phones with similar sensor and still cannot unlock them, Xiaomi Apart from having removed the...
  31. P

    Thread Proper Working Gcam is Here:

    Hello there. I've been using Gcam from past a year on my phone. Till today, the_dise, Arnova8G2 and Parrot043's Gcams have been working tremendously awesome on Nokia 6.1 Plus. When checked, parrot's gcam have more features on comparing with the other 2. And at the same time, some of you might...
  32. MonsterMMORPG

    Thread Where to download working gcam for stock Redmi Note 8 Pro 128gb International

    Hello. I have just ordered a Redmi Note 8 Pro - 128 GB I am living in Turkey so i am guessing it is International I want to use the phone with stock rom So is that possible for me to install gcam? Or are there any app that makes the camera even better? Looking for your answers thank you
  33. MonsterMMORPG

    Thread Where to download working gcam for stock Redmi Note 8 Pro 128gb International

    edit this thread can be deleted since i have opened it in the wrong forum section Hello. I have just ordered a Redmi Note 8 Pro - 128 GB I am living in Turkey so i am guessing it is International I want to use the phone with stock rom So is that possible for me to install gcam? Or are there...
  34. debdeep98

    Thread Google Camera Port.

    Following Ports are for both Android Q & R (Custom ROMs and RUI 1.0 & 2.0). However due to some issues Auxiliary Lenses not supported in Android 11 (RUI 2.0). B-S-G v8.1 Downloads.- APK & Config Wichaya v3.1.1 Downloads.- APK & Config Oppo Camera APK (RUI1.0) Importing .xml first goto gcam...
  35. jauhari

    Thread Google Camera with Macro Shot?

    Does there any Google Camera Mods that support Macro Shot? Which one that works well on #ROGPhone2
  36. C

    Thread Best Gcam for Redmi Note 7?

    I have tried a few different versions of Gcam for Redmi Note 7 from here: But I don't see any difference. Any ideas? My phone is not rooted. I used the Camera 2 API app but don't understand the results.
  37. N

    Thread [Photography Enthusiasts] My A2 Lite Photography

    Hey there fellas. I just wanted to share with you a couple photos that I took with my A2 Lite [GCam]. Some of them were edited with the Adobe Lightroom. I am aspiring to become a professional photographer. What do you think of these? Enjoy! :)
  38. Flash-A-Holic

    Thread Gcam port for Pro1

    I have been testing few Gcam ports for F(x)tec Pro1 and so far best one is Gcam port for PocoPhone F1 F1v9.5_6.2.030. PocoPhone F1 has similar camera setup (IMX363 main sensor and second 5MP depth sensor) than Pro1 so that makes sense...
  39. B

    Thread Urnyx05 Gcam 7.2 v2.1 now Fully Working for Realme X2 with Config files

    I have already made few Gcam threads for Realme X2 but none of them had config file save and restore else I started this thread as I I will be uploading config files here once I am satisfied with couple of settings and tweaks. Video is already up on YouTube Where I highlighted the improvements...
  40. M

    Thread GCam with Nexus 4 -like fisheye and wide view for Galaxy s8 (exynos)?

    Hi I've been searching for several days and haven't been able to find an app that would make fisheye photos similar to what Google Camera on Nexus 4 had. Any hints on where to look?
  41. M

    Thread [APP][4.4+] Gcam Ports Hub- One place for all Gcams

    so, I recently purchased a new phone. The first thing I did with it is installing a Gcam as the camera is terrible and I can't use it. Only google camera is the saviour for me, so I went to google and searched for a Gcam for my device and eventually got this idea to create an app where Gcams for...
  42. B

    Thread Realme x2 working gcam [index]

    So Yeah! I finally got my hand on the Realme X2 EU version (8/128G) and I'm loving the Phone. You check out my unboxing video and review here: Realme X2 supports camera2pi out of the box so the main issue here is Gcam! I have a lot to test and tweak but I just tried...
  43. K

    Thread Astrophotography

    Hi there, Has anyone found a working version of google cam with astrophotography for NOTE 8- Exynos.?:D
  44. FirstEver

    Thread Low Light Test - OnePlus Camera 3.4 vs Google Camera 7.2

    Hi, this is a quick comparison between camera apps used in low light condition. I use the official OnePlus Camera 3.4.25 and Google Camera 7.2.014 port apps running on Pixel Experience 10 ROM. All photos here: Test Picture OnePlus Camera v3.4.25 - Normal Light...
  45. ahmedsheme

    Thread Google Camera V.7.2.014 For redmi 8 / updated 6/2/2020

    Google Camera For redmi 8 Install Google Camera On Redmi 8 {No Root} This guide does not require any root access to install google camera. Let me tell you that Redmi 8 comes with camera 2 API enabled by default. So, you don’t need to enable camera 2 API manually. The process is quite simple...
  46. A

    Thread [K20 Pro / Mi9T Pro] Modded Google Camera Ports [10-12-2020]

    Google Camera Ports For the Redmi K20 Pro/Mi 9t Pro Android 10/Q 1. Best Overall NGCam_7.4.104-v2.0 - New Update[10-12-2020] Apk Link : XMl files : by Mevcetin Day-...
  47. pyumredkar

    Thread Install GCam in New MIUI Oreo base (8.1.0)

    Hello dear modders, making gcam work in miui 10 global is somehow a challege to us. Enabling camera2api from the build.prop file does not work. but as a developer danzblue in the miui forums have gave us the magisk module to enable the gcam support in our redmi 5a oem miui 10. till the previous...
  48. S

    Thread *Umidigi F1* (Non-Play) - I've found a GCAM that works AMAZINGLY

    I've went through about 100 trial and errors seeing which ports worked. This one is currently the BEST one for the non-PLAY Umidigi F1. I picked this phone up for $40 as a backup phone and I've been playing with it. What a difference GCAM makes on this phone. No Night Sight though...
  49. A

    Thread Working G-Cams

    What are the different G-Cam mods that you have tried? What are the features that work properly?
  50. S

    Thread Google Cam Camera2 API on Latest Android 9 Pie

    Is it possible to enable camera2 API on stock android 9 without wiping data. If Yes, then please share the step by step tutorial for the same Thanks,