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  1. pspuser007

    Thread [Q] Force update of google market to google play

    Hello all, I've flahsed Runnymede AIO V6.0.4.3 SE. It has google market installed. How can I (force) upgrade it togoogle play? Thank you for your time!
  2. R

    Thread Prevent Google Marketplace updating to Google Play

    I have an old HTC Desire, which I've rooted and installed Cyanogenmod It works fine, but I'm running out of space in the onboard memory. Is there any way to prevent Google Market updating to Google Play? This takes 9Mb of space on my phone, and is preventing me from updating any...
  3. m0e_03

    Thread [Resolved] [SOLVED!!] Can't seem to Install/Update anything from Google Play..HELP!!

    Hi there everyone, Here is a solution, confirmed by Google Play Support, and does not require your phone to be rooted for solving this issue. 1. Tap Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage Applications 2. Go to "All" 3. Scroll down to "Google Play Store" and tap to select it. 4. Click on 'Force...
  4. shantusingh

    Thread [App] Pop Up Play Video! On Xperia Arc S... Like In Galaxy S3

    For those who didn't know about it ..... Pop up Play app running on my xperia arc s. Video : Same as pop up play in galaxy s3, so you need not to waste alot of money and buy s3, just to get that feature because probably google market have all of it...
  5. dheeraj (dhlalit11)

    Thread new android market

    hi guys do you know Google have removed the old market and created a new one called "Google play" URL is if you go to you will be redirected to Google play. music, games, movies are now at one place
  6. yb2fast

    Thread [Q] dopo md702 7inch tablet

    I just got a tablet/reader for my daughter for Christmas. Got it for Wal-Mart for about 130.00dollars. It's stock with 2.3 and comes with the Amazon app market. But I want to put Google market place on it. Need some links and info to try to see if I can get it installed. Any help would be great...
  7. N

    Thread [Q] Bootmanager

    So iv been playing around with Bootmanager and every rom i install into this puppy i get a missing android market poop up. SO i did some reading and found out if your missing Google market your rom will not start up the right way. Anyone know were I can find a flash-able Google market for the...
  8. funnycreature

    Thread [Q] Restoring free apps automatically in Google Market after reset

    I just wiped my TF101 more or less voluntarily... I have witnessed before that in Google market only my PAID apps seem to be restored automatically; is there any way to also get the free apps at least listed? I always forget which apps I had installed :( Thanks everyone! Even a pointer to other...
  9. J

    Thread [Q] uruk7 on internal and google market

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place, since I'm a new user I am only allowed to post in general :-( To make a long story short, skip to the question at the end of this post ;-) So I have an a101 16gb and I have installed Urukdroid0.7 on my internl storage. I installed the google market app...
  10. M

    Thread [Q] Help upgrading Market

    I recently rooted my Nook color with Auto Nooter 2.12.25. It gave me the Google Market but it is the old one and it only displays 10 apps in portrait mode and some of the buttons have problems working. I read in a thread that the newer market fixes that and I downloaded an apk named...
  11. K

    Thread [Q] some apps not to install

    Hello, just a beginner with Android and a happy owner of an archos 101 with froyo running, I discovered some strange behavior of the system. For the very first time I installed PocketCloud (but never used it) and a lot of other apps. I had also the patch for accces to the goole market applied...