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google now

  1. MarvinMe

    Thread Google assistant doesn't work because of google now (Pixel experience)

    Hey guys, I had to switch roms recently ending up on Pixel experience extended (latest build - 21.10.18). It runs really well and the battery life seems to be amazing already. The only problem is that google assistant isn't really working, I mean not at all. If you say "ok google" the (old)...
  2. D

    Thread [non-root] Enable Google Now Feeds in Android Pie??

    The old way doesn't work anymore. Any NEW solution? On Android P, it will force disconnect like this: https://imgur.com/a/iwRSQju The old way: https://www.xda-developers.com/enable-google-feed-any-country/
  3. A

    Thread Google Now current weather condition notification not staying disabled

    Hello all, I am trying to disable the current weather condition notification. Going into the Google app - Customize - more preferences - notifications - "current weather condition" turned off. I go back and right into the notifications area again and it is still on "on" Why would it not save...
  4. J

    Thread Make Google Now Feed home page

    Hi everybody. I would like to give an idea here, in case someone with the coding skills I lack may went to give this a go. I find myself going into google now's feed by swiping to the left. The design of the latest version is in fact very pleasing, with rounded corners and transparencies that...
  5. F

    Thread Trusted voice missing from Note 4?

    I have a Galaxy Note 4 (T-mobile) running the latest firmware and it's on Android 6.0.1. When I say "Ok Google" to my phone locked screen, it'd wake up, but then I'd get stuck on the Lock Screen. I'd have to manually unlock it (I use the Swipe Pattern Lock). That beats the purpose of operating...
  6. Josephson47

    Thread [GUIDE]How to enable Google Now in any country for L/M/N (no root)

    Hello guys, the following tutorial will show you how to enable the Google Now cards feature if it isn't available in your country. Go ahead and follow these 5 simple steps: Remove your sim card if you have one. Download a suitable VPN app and connect to a UK/US server (in the video below i...
  7. S

    Thread Autovoice and Google Now - It looks like your AutoVoice account is not yet linked

    I am on a Galaxy S8 and Android 7.0. Following this guidance, http://lifehacker.com/how-to-create-custom-voice-commands-with-tasker-and-aut-1282209195, I installed Tasker and AutoVoice. Google app already installed. I enabled Autovoice accessibility service and AutoVoice Google Now...
  8. arjun921

    Thread Always On Google Now[SHARE][GUIDE]

    Hello everyone, If you guys love the google assistant and are jealous of those pixel owners who can talk to their phones like without touching to it? Look no further. You can do it with your Redmi Note 4 too! Now be warned, it does affect the battery life a bit. Doze will no longer work. I...
  9. usman farhat

    Thread [GUIDE] How to revert to Google Search after updating to Google Assistant - No root

    This video tells you how we can revert back from the new Google Assistant and replace it with the older Search widget. This does not require root at all! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVHUViMnQD0 The reason for me to revert back is that I prefer to use text commands rather than voice...
  10. Unidave199

    Thread Google Assistant Force Closing

    Here is the problem, and I have been looking on various sites and forums but thought I would take a peek on XDA and surprised that there isn't much chatter about it in here so wanted to start this thread. For a few months now I cannot access "Google Now" . I am running a Rooted Sprint Note 3...
  11. MishaalRahman

    Thread [How to] Remap the Bixby Button to Launch Google Assistant

    I've just published a full tutorial with step-by-step instructions on how to remap the Bixby button on the S8+ to launch Google Assistant or Google Now. Check it out! https://www.xda-developers.com/how-to-remap-the-bixby-button-on-the-galaxy-s8-s8-to-launch-google-assistant/
  12. MishaalRahman

    Thread [How to] Remap the Bixby Button to Launch Google Assistant

    I've just published a full tutorial on how to remap the Bixby button to launch Google Assistant or Google Now. Check it out! https://www.xda-developers.com/how-to-remap-the-bixby-button-on-the-galaxy-s8-s8-to-launch-google-assistant/
  13. usman farhat

    Thread [APP] Assistant for Google Now Reminders

    Easily add reminders to Google Now without having to speak up or typing queries. We can add reminders to Google Now by typing or speaking something like "remind me to..." followed by the description and time. But if we have to add reminders again and again this becomes a hassle to type or speak...
  14. AchillesTheGod

    Thread Turning Off Auto Correct in Google Assistant?

    i remember when Google Now in 2014 or 2013 was first released i praised its accuracy for voice input.... back then it didnt have a auto correct feature that attempted to correct what you say in the mic. for example. i tired to ask google today using google assistant "is the Rock and roll...
  15. NovaViper

    Thread Need Help Deleting Google Now Work Address off my Rooted S6 Edge

    Hey guys, I've been fighting trying to remove the Work Address from Google Now, but I tried the following and none of them worked: Deleted the address from Google Maps on desktop Paused Location History Tried to delete card preferences (But I get this No Network error, which I did tried a cache...
  16. arj154

    Thread Keyboard disappears while typing on Google app (mainly now on tap)

    For a while now, I've been having an odd issue where my keyboard will dissappear when I start typing on now on tap. Stranger still, this will happen when I press the microphone so I'll often have to wait a second for the keyboard to dissappear and reappear to actually use now on tap. I normally...
  17. P

    Thread Google Now problem

    Hello everyone! I noticed a problem when Google Now's "Ok Google" detection is turned on. The problem is that it uses the mic all the time (ok, it's normal as it is supposed to be listening all the time) which prevents the camera, Duo, or any other app using the mic to work properly. As soon as...
  18. N

    Thread Google Now Badge Notifications

    Hello All and thank you in advance for taking the time to read this. I have a Galaxy s5 G900A on AT&T running android 6.0.1. I recently switched from the Nova launcher to the Google Now launcher and absolutely love it. However, I desperately need the badge notifications for messages and calls...
  19. A

    Thread "OK Google" Option Grayed Out and Unavailable

    I'm having an issue that I can't seem to solve, and was hoping you guys might have a solution: under voice settings in the google app, the ok google detection option is grayed out, and inaccessible. Also, apparently the ok google detection itself is disabled, and only works from the google now...
  20. H

    Thread Google NOW keeps calling contacts via Google Voice and the call always fails

    When I say 'OK Google, call so and so' my phone says 'Calling so and so' and then on the screen it says Calling via Google Voice. I am not sure why it keeps trying to call them via Google Voice. I have the Google Voice app on my phone, but in the settings I specified not to use Google Voice for...
  21. H

    Thread Google NOW tries calling certain contacts via google voice and can never connect.

    I have a Nexus 6P running the latest version Android 6.0.1. However, it is very odd that I never had this issue with my Nexus 6. I have a car that just has a simple phone button (Bluetooth) to press which makes a sound and at that point I can simply say something like "Call Tom Brady". The...
  22. A

    Thread Google Now gives error "Network error. Check your network connections and try again."

    Google Now gives error "Network error. Check your network connections and try again." UPDATE: FIXED, check comment below! So, you may have heard of this error before, I got it randomly today for no reason while trying to use Google Now on Tap, so I tried uninstalling updates for Google Play...
  23. J

    Thread Google app ('googlequicksearchbox') displays "Get Now cards" instead of search box

    Google app ('googlequicksearchbox') displays "Get Now cards" instead of search box OK so after updating the Google app, the Google search box I used to have along the top of my home screen now says "Get Now cards", and there is apparently no way to get rid of this without opting in to Google...
  24. S

    Thread Gear S2 Compatability with Google Maps/Voice

    Hey all, after having my 1st gen moto 360 die on me (because of water damage of all things...) I'm in the market for a new smartwatch. I'm looking at the new moto 360 or the huawei watch, but the moto 360 doesn't have the parts I want on UK moto maker yet, and the huawei watch is a little out of...
  25. J

    Thread Unable to Disable "OK Google" Detection

    I was trying to clear up some space on my Internal Storage today on my Droid 4 running CM11 4.4.4. I cleared some space on the Internal Storage and one of the things I cleared was the Google App's Google Search Storage. I assumed I would be able to just log back into Google Now afterwards...
  26. A

    Thread Can't dismiss Google now more stores card

    Not sure if I'm posting this in the right place, but I'm having a minor issue with Google now: I like getting the suggested stories and news to read, but I am entirely unable to swipe away the small "more stories" card that shows up. Even if all other cards are dismissed, this one never goes...
  27. AlkaliV2

    Thread [Q] Google Now Voice Delay Response When Using Google Now with Screen Off

    Question If someone else has screen-off Google Now set up can you test and see if this lag exists after the phone has been dozing for awhile? I know Google is doing server side voice updates to the English language but I am trying to determine if this is a device issue or as server side issue...
  28. J

    Thread [Q] Kenwood/Alpine Google Now Integration

    Hi. I'm looking to purchase a new stereofor my car. As much as I like Android Auto, it is out of my budget. I see a lot if 'Siri hands free' advertising for Kendood and Alpine stereos but nothing about Android. I don't understand why all OEMs are so focused on Apple. Back on topic, I found a few...
  29. MishaalRahman

    Thread [GUIDE][Difficulty: Intermediate] Determine Best Route for Daily Commute

    Using the Google Maps API, we can input a starting address and a destination address and it will spit out the best route to take as well as the estimated travel time. And yes, it accounts for current traffic and road conditions! Credits to redditor Golden-Death for figuring this out...
  30. O

    Thread How To Modify Google Now Sounds

    When you say "OK Google" or tap the microphone there is a short beep. Is it possible to replace this in the GoogleNow apk resources with a different file? This one would be cool :) http://www.thesoundarchive.com/play-wav-files.asp?sound=starwars/swvader04.wav
  31. T

    Thread Google hotword only works on home screen

    I recently flashed my XT1096 with CM13, and replaced the stock launcher with Nova Prime as I usually do. However after enabling the "OK Google" hotword in Nova Launcher, and enabling the "OK Google" hotword in the Google Now app, I still can't seem to trigger it with the hotword outside of the...
  32. E

    Thread Google app is very slow.

    Whenever I open Google Now, it is painfully slow. With the Now cards on, it takes a good 10 seconds until I can actually search. I turned the cards off, but it still takes forever for the app to actually open, and when it does there is lag in the actual searching. When I'm on an AOSP rom, it is...
  33. jimmiekain

    Thread Problem with Ok Google on Nexus 6p

    My previous phone was a galaxy s6 (which I'm selling, hit me up if interested) and before that I had a nexus 5 and nexus 4. All of them allowed me to say "Ok Google" and give instructions and it would do things like set alarms or tell me the weather and so-forth. With my nexus 6p it requires...
  34. H

    Thread "OK Google" hotword detection ONLY when screen is on?

    Hey everyone. I previously used hotword detection all the time. On my old LG G2, I used the Nexus 5 mod to enable hotword detection from any screen. It only worked when the screen was on, which eliminates false-positives. However, with the Nexus 6, I can only enable hotword detection on ALL THE...
  35. M

    Thread Voice command "Ok Google" not working from home screen

    Hi, As far as I know, and according to the official guide, I should be able to launch Google Now just saying "Ok Google": However, I can't launch Google Now with my voice. Command does work pretty well on my cellphone, but not in the phone. I tried waking up the watch, pressing the side...
  36. shufal

    Thread Google Now/Now on Tap not working

    So I am from one of those countries where Google Now/Now on Tap is not supported by Google. But I still want to enable it anyway...Need HELP. It says 'This account is not eligible to use google now'. I have tried all the fix available on the internet but failed. Those are specially not working...
  37. E

    Thread why does my google now launcher keeps rebooting?

    hi... i have stock rom 4.1.2 with his rooted, i installed google now, launcher, but it would seems that very frequently that it "reboots" meaning i see a blank home screen, then suddenly all the shortcuts appear one after the other and all the widgets. this also seems to be happening in stock...
  38. garyd9

    Thread [Q] Google's "Okay, Google" detection not working consistently.

    I'm having an interesting problem, and I've had this same issue with the n920C running OHx firmware, the N920I running OHx and OIx variants, and the N920I running a stock tmobile firmware. I've enabled google's "okay google" detection, trained the voice, turned on "from the google app", turned...
  39. G

    Thread Google Now not working from any screen on 6.0

    Running stock fresh flashed factory image of Android 6. It appears that "OK Google" no longer works from any screen. I've gone in to Google>Settings>Voice>"OK Google" detection and confirmed "from any screen" is turned on. I've tried clearing cache in apps of the Google App, retraining the voice...
  40. H

    Thread Unreliable notifications...

    I bought the Watch R a week or so ago and I've been trying to work out why the Google Now notifications are so unreliable. At first, I thought it was just me - I never really embraced Google Now and actually had it turned off on my phone (Galaxy S6 Edge). A few days ago I turned it on...
  41. Pubbaa

    Thread google now cards! make them work again on lollipop (no root)

    hi i managed to get my phone and tablet work again with google now cards i had the feature in kk but i flashed them both to lollipop with the official rom since then tab and phone didnt get cards on the google now screen i was able to replicate procedure on a note3 lte and a tab s 8.4 fyi...
  42. S

    Thread Headphone Jack solution - Google Now, music skip/pause problem

    Hey guys and gals, The LG G3 has been a hell of an annoying device since I had it, just because of this annoying problem with dual channel headphones not working with the phone correctly ( Google Now starting up, music skipping and pausing etc) BUT I HAVE FOUND A FIX....... kind of..... If...
  43. S

    Thread [GUIDE][ROOT] Enable Google Now / Google cards / Now cards for any country.

    Many of Android users have been locked out Google cards (Now cards) service because of their location being NOT SUPPORTED. This is a way to re-enable the service with no VPN, removing sim or deleting account. DISCLAIMER: I'm not responsible nor have legal obligations if your device happens to...
  44. H

    Thread [Q] Send message with other language?

    When I got the message I can press reply then use my language (Vietnamese) to reply. But when I using google now command. Text to john Then I can't use my langue l language to compose the message. I'm not sure that we can't do that or I have wrong configuration. Thank you.
  45. F

    Thread [Q] Pressing Bluetooth Headset Button does nothing.

    I have looked all over the internet and on XDA and haven't found an answer. Considering re-flashing the Rom. I recently installed Cloudy 1.2 and flashed the D850 modem as well on my AT&T LGG3 Everything is working great, except when I press my bluetooth button on my headset nothing happens on...
  46. P

    Thread [Q] Need app to make Google Now reminders repeat

    Good morning all, I dont know if I am an idiot or what, but I just cannot find this. I say "Ok Google", then "Remind me to buy flowers my wife in one hour". Google Now accepts the request and schedules the reminder. About 59 minutes later, I step away from my phone to grab a soda (or am...
  47. t3al

    Thread [GUIDE] [VIDEO] [NO ROOT] Enable Google Now / Now on Tap cards in any country

    This is a guide to enable Google Now Cards / Now on Tap in any country, if you get the not available in your country. Works on Android L/M/N NO ROOT REQUIRED Video: hSORBSSKUGI !! WARNING: THE FOLLOWING STEPS MAY VARY DEPENDING ON THE ANDROID VERSION YOU ARE IN, BUT THE GUIDE SHOULD STILL...
  48. erikasnoske

    Thread [Q] Is it possible to have "OK Google" from any screen? (CM12.1)

    So, I hope title explains everything. Is it possible to get a OK google voice command working from any screen? I really like "ok google......shazam this song" command using google voice search and sometimes when I am in the car I am using waze navigation and it's actually pain in the a** to...
  49. D

    Thread [Q] No Google Now Activation

    Tried to activate Google Now by Voicecommand "OK Google", but nothing happens. Not on the Startscreen, not inside the opened App. Only works by manually starting the search inside the App. Settings has missing points like "activate on each screen", "train command". Version is
  50. Antimus

    Thread [Q] Google Now not showing train reservations

    So about 3 months back my Google Now stopped showing train reservations from emails, still shows hotels. I've wiped the phone, reset Google Now preferences, nothing. Turned it off and on, nothing. Since it stopped working I've moved from 4.4.4 to 5.0 to 5.0.1 to 5.1. They still work for a...