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  1. AngeloTommy

    Thread Question Google pay stop working after OriginOS update

    Hi, I have a problem with Google Pay on my Vivo X80 Pro (V2186A) after OS update (PD2186B_A_12.0.21.84.W10.V000L1). When I try to use it I reach message 'Device doesn't meet security requirements'. Does anyone know that issue and can suggest me solution? Best!
  2. Kippyskippy

    Thread Tap nfc ring and activate google pay on smartphone

    Hi all! Do you know if this is possible in some way? Tap my ring and activate google pay on my smartphone? Could this be done with, lets say IFTTT? Any tips, "how to"-sites or any good ideas? Best ragrds KippySki
  3. B

    Thread How To Guide How to use Google Wallet / Google Pay in unsupported countries such as Egypt, Slovenia, Mexico or Turkey.

    There are several countries in the world that support Google Wallet for contactless payments, here the list of countries supported to use Google Wallet on smartwatch. Google has supported more than 30 countries in the last year, however, users in many countries cannot use Google Wallet because...
  4. B

    Thread How To Guide How to use Google Wallet/Google Pay with unsupported banks.

    As of today, Google Wallet has spread to most of Europe, USA, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Australia, New Zealand and some countries in Asia such as India and Japan, and in each of these countries there are banks that are compatible with Google Wallet contactless payment and others that are not (here...
  5. B

    Thread Google Pay not working with Magisk, despite trying everything

    I know this is not the only post in regards to the recent Google Pay and Wallet updates not working on rooted phones, and maybe I missed something, but I don't think I'm the only one who has seemingly tried everything, only for it to do the same thing. What I've tried: Installing Displax's...
  6. A

    Thread How To Guide Rooted S22: How to make the new Google Wallet work

    If you rooted using the method on this forum, and your Google Pay app was recently upgraded to Google Wallet, you will probably find that it doesn't work anymore. Even if you have the Universal SafetyNet Fix installed and SafetyNet shows as passing, the new payment app will still detect your...
  7. M

    Thread Google Pay/Wallet

    I'm a user who really loves these apps - however they are not available in my region and when I download download them I am told "Google Pay is updating at the moment, so you won't be able to access the app." Is there any way at all to fix this? I can install any apps needed, as long as they...
  8. soler37

    Thread (Realme 6) After flashing my phone with the original ROM, google pay doesn't work

    So I tried installing a custom ROM on my Realme 6 a while ago and it didn't work out so I had to flash my phone with the stock ROM, after doing so, after every restart I get a boot message: Orange State: Your device has been unlocked and can’t be trusted…Your device will boot in 5 seconds The...
  9. Tahatato

    Thread Waer os by Google is stuck on logo any has an alternative fix for this ?

    Wear Os by Google app doesn't work it's stuck on the logo page the only two ways to resolve this is to uninstall play services app updates but that brings another issue which is Google pay doesn't work with older version of play services the other way is to install wear Os China version but that...
  10. D

    Thread Question How to enter in fastboot Realme GT 2?

    Hi friends! I've a problem with Realme GT 2 (RMX3311) . Google Pay don't work, Netflix isn't available in Play Store and i think that's all is due to this device isn't verified with Play Protection. I've software version : RMX3311_11_A.05 and don't have any updates but i've seen that they are...
  11. H

    Thread Question Changing CSC code on a phone without multi CSC codes

    I have a Z Fold 3 which is stuck on EUX CSC code. I did some digging and the phone is not a multi CSC device meaning that you can't really change the CSC code using SAMKEY as the only available code on the phone is EUX. My issue is that although Google Pay works with my UK bank cards, there's...
  12. A

    Thread Question Google pay doesn't show up on the payment list

    Hi you all! I've seen a couple of posts about gpay issues already but haven't found any about this one. I've bought my Galaxy Watch 4 BT version a couple of days ago and install gpay on it, I was able to add card, do the verification but then it asked me to set it as default payment and when I...
  13. InnerCato

    Thread Gear s2 + google pay

    I cannot use Samsung pay because I'm in an unsupported country but google pay is supported. I will do anything (new rom, different software, Xposed modules, magisk modules, ANYTHING) to get google pay / Samsung pay working on my gear s2. Is there anything I can do?
  14. kingracer

    Thread G7810 CHC variant flashed to TGY - OneUI 3 Google Pay not working

    Hello all, I've got myself S20 FE 5G Chinese variant (7810, CHC, seems to be reflashed to TGY in some shady store where I got it), and Google Pay can be set up, cards can be added but each time when I try to pay with it in stores - POS does not accept the payment and Google Pay says "That...
  15. Waibashi

    Thread Question Critical Bug found affecting Google Pay purchases on Pixel Phones

    I have found a nasty bug with my Pixel 6 Pro and Google Play. The bug currently makes it, so any purchases done through Google Play (including in-app purchases) don’t require authentication or biometric prompt even though both options to ask for biometric and ask to authorize every purchase...
  16. P

    Thread Broken Google Play Certification / CTS Profile on 00EEA in Android 11

    Hello, I had this phone as a backup one laying around, and when my present phone died two weeks ago, I have updated the system and unfortunately found out the hard way that I lost all payment cards in Google Pay. The 00EEA variant is not "Google Play Certified" at least from 3.150 (and its...
  17. ilyadud

    Thread Question NFC doesn't working (unique mysterious problem)

    Good day! Poco X3 Pro 8/256 does not want to pay for NFC in any way. What is the problem? When paying, any terminal beeps 2 times and issues an "equipment error". I studied a lot of information on XDA/4PDA, I didn't find anything similar to my problem. The problem appeared after unlocking the...
  18. mrfatiga22

    Thread Question Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 - Pay With BBVA GO (Nfc) - Demonstration

    Hello, as in Argentina and much of Latin America, Samsung Pay is not enabled, nor Google Pay, I looked for an alternative and I was able to configure my Gw4 Smartwatch with the BBVA GO App and make payment with NFC technology. I leave the demonstration. These days I upload the video of how to...
  19. N

    Thread Question Google Pay not working properly

    I installed Google pay on my Samsung galaxy watch 4 running wear os 3. It works fine until the app is closed (either by closing it or resetting the watch) - and then when re-opening it it says google pay is not active in this location. If I uninstall and reinstall it works fine again until the...
  20. wonderlust__

    Thread [SOLVED] Gpay contactless not working - Phone doesn't meet security requirements

    Hello, This is my first post here, sorry if there is already an answer but I could not find it after searching for a few hours. I've just added Google Pay on my Mi 11 and I've added my bank card but the contactless payment option is not available because "Phone doesn't meet security...
  21. CrunchyDoodle

    Thread Question Google Pay trouble with Global ROM

    I purchased a Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra from a Canadian supplier with a professionally installed Global ROM. It was set for New York City, USA, when I powered it up. The only Google function I'm having trouble with is Google Pay. When I put in a payment method (I tried a credit card and PayPal), it...
  22. Rockel

    Thread Google Pay on rooted Moto G8 Plus

    I'm having a rooted Moto G8 Plus with stock ROM Android 10 and running Magisks V23.0. But Google Pay is not working because it seems Attestation fails on ctsProfile. I've found manny threads about ifo and workarounds on this forum about this topic. But it's just a little bit too much which...
  23. A

    Thread Google Pay not working after unroot and stock rom install

    I unrooted and installed the stock rom on my galaxy s8 but google pay still doesn't work. The bootloader also is locked because in developer settings OEM UNLOCK is off. Any ideas why?
  24. A

    Thread Which is the Oneplus 8 (standard EU) last Android Oxygen 11 version?

    Hi, a simple question, which one is the Oneplus 8 (standard EU) last Android Oxygen 11 beta or, better, stable version? I have installed the build OP8_02_DP_4 on my Oneplus 8 EU standard version model and I have several problems with Google Pay using contactless and NFC protocol and also with...
  25. winch3rry

    Thread Worth Rooting after OPB closed?

    Hello Xda Members, I am a member of XDA for a long time and also a big fan of roots, every device that I had in the future the first thing that I was doing was to root the device. In my One Plus 6T when I bought it I was really happy as the OPB was open and getting updates. With the OPB closing...
  26. X

    Thread Google pay / etc

    After finally getting a ROM installed, I found out that Google pay won't work, along with Samsung pay in the Galaxy watches. They know the system is rooted and what not I even tried to use magisk hide but it doesn't seem to work for these apps. Is there anyway I can restore this functionality?
  27. plakonn

    Thread Cant pass safetynet (every rom, no matter magisk)

    Cant pass safetynet, no matter what. i used to run rom with unknown twrp from some russian forum. (google pay was working). today i installed orangefox recovery and pixel expierence rom based on Q and i cannot passe safety with magisk (even without magisk) and google pay not working. i...
  28. brokenworm

    Thread WearProxy With Pay Enabler ! SDK29.0.2

    Build from sources of RootPayEnabler & PermanentProxy-for-WearOS. big thanks to those guys. It simply enable a thosen proxy , and enable Google Pay when enabling the proxy. Install it on your Wear OS watch directly using ADB with "adb install WearProxy.9.1.apk". Enable the Developer Options ...
  29. Unblessed Be

    Thread Will rooting break Google Pay?

    My last phone was a fully rooted LG V30. NFC payments worked perfectly through Google Pay. It didn't seem to mind that Magisk was installed. Now I have a OP 7T and I am curious if this will still be the case. I love the convenience and extra security of NFC payments at retailers, restaurants...
  30. wrongway213

    Thread [GUIDE] Google Pay working SIMPLY with unlock/root on Pixel 4/XL [GUIDE]

    Hey guys... I've seen various methods to get Google Pay working and simply put, none of them worked for me. All that I could find left was advanced stuff involving SQLite editors and that's just not for everyone. So I started trying other known working methods from different devices, and this is...
  31. C

    Thread Google Pay with unlocked Bootloader without root (Android 10)

    Hello, I just flashed ROM 9.10.17. How can I use Google Pay with it? I guess the unlocked Bootloader is preventing Google Pay? When I install Magisk Manager to check if I pass safety net it passes.
  32. moebius83

    Thread Google Pay stops working on OnePlus 5 (NOT rooted device)

    Hi all! I'm writing here to see if someone has any idea, it seems I'm not able to understand the reason. I setup Google Pay on my OnePlus 5 and it was working perfectly, up until some days ago. Now when I put the phone close to the POS, nothing happens, even if I open the Google Pay app before...
  33. oz42

    Thread No Google Pay on rooted X4? Here is a solution for XT1900-7

    My XT1900-7 is rooted, so there were no OTA updates any more. I helped me by flashing several RETAIL ROMs here. All were working, but Google Pay refused to work. But now there are RETEU images on for XT1900-7 and -5. I have...
  34. Frankenscript

    Thread New "Phone moved too fast" in Google Pay at specific terminals ony

    Hi folks, I'm on a stock 6T, not rooted. I use Google Pay on my phone at approximately 5 places routinely. Or at least, I used to... This week, both terminals at my lunch cafeteria now give me the "Your phone moved too fast" error when I try to use my phone to tap-and-pay. They worked fine...
  35. Didgeridoohan

    Thread [Discussion] Google Pay Magisk Discussion Thread

    This thread is inspired by the PoGo Magisk discussion thread. It's meant to keep the clutter of "Google Pay doesn't work" posts out of the main Magisk threads. Please use this to discuss issues with Google Pay and possible solutions. There's a working solution here...
  36. Snow24

    Thread Miui - Device uncertified issue

    Hello guys. When I've update my Mi 5s to Miui 9.5 I've followed the guide of this forum to how fix the uncertified device issue, using Device ID. When I've flashed Miui 10 from MiFlash, I've deleted all my files and data, but when I've finished my configuration I've noticed that Google Pay...
  37. V

    Thread NFC payments on Pie

    Hi, I've just switched to Android Pie. I've tried both POSP and TugaPower ROMs. They both seem great except for one thing - I can't use my phone for NFC payments. All the settings seem correct. NFC itself seems to be working, but when I near my phone to the payment terminal -nothing happens...
  38. C

    Thread Google Pay setup failure: rooted devices not supported

    Hi, I'm running Magisk Manager 6.1.0 (165) and Magisk v18.0 on Omni-ROM. The issue is that I cannot complete Google Pay setup, means after confirming the payment details (credit card) I get an error message saying that the device cannot be used because it is either rooted or modified. I tried...
  39. DKXC

    Thread Google Pay does not work on unrooted custom ROM anymore!

    So, I just installed Google Pay and wanted to connect it with my PayPal account. Everything was going fine until I finished the setup - the app showed me a message saying "Setup for paying in stores could not be finished - This smartphone can not be used to pay with in stores. This can be due to...
  40. J

    Thread [dorado] [DEV] Porting Wear OS upgrades and Google Pay to Wear24

    Wear 24 Development Contributors: JaredTamana, davwheat Current Status: Active Current Kernel Status: Building, NFC driver working but still potentially WIP System ROM Status: Still WIP. Current task: collecting/compiling files, modifying .jars THIS ROM IS NOT YET AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD AS AN...
  41. Vengeance1020

    Thread G891A SafetyNet fails after full unroot and stock firmware flash via ODIN

    Having unrooted my S7 active with factory firmware via ODIN, I still have issues with SafetyNet and Google Pay (Samsung pay seems to work fine but doesn't support my card). Bootloader says Knox status 0x0 and Official. I am at a loss and have no idea how to proceed. Any thoughts?
  42. T

    Thread Google Pay with unlocked bootloader in Mate 10 Pro

    Huawei was ending it's bootloader program, so I unlocked bootloader in my Huawei Mate 10 Pro - just in case, for the future. I only unlocked bootloader, and that's all. But now I want to use Google Pay, and I can't, and I think it's because of unlocked bootloader - Google Play says this device...
  43. crossmission

    Thread Google Pay stopped working after OEM unlock

    I guess the title says it all but a little info, a couple of months ago I went on to settings and ticked on the OEM unlock option but never went forward with any flashing, no custom recovery, no kernel, nothing, plain stock Samsung ROM. 3 days ago I went to pick up some newspapers for work and...
  44. T

    Thread Android Pay + Krack patched ROM possible?

    Is it possible to have a Android/Google Pay compatible ROM on Sony Xperia Z5 Compact which is not vulnerable to the Krack exploit? It looks like Sony will never patch this critical vulnerability even though they released a new ROM only a few weeks before it happened.
  45. Tetragrammazoid

    Thread Magisk or SuperSU for HTC ONE M9 7.0 NOUGAT? (VODAP100)

    Hi, :) I'm wondering what your experiences are with Magisk or SuperSU for HTC ONE M9 7.0 NOUGAT? (I'm on CID: VODAP100) :silly: Which was better for you personally, and have you experienced any any issues with updates to their binaries or problems during installation, or perhaps problems...