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google pixel 5

  1. Spacebar_21

    Thread Album Art on Lockscreen Mod?

    Anyone know of an album art on lockscreen mod? I've been trying to get @Typhus_ mod set up on my Pixel 5 so I can use it but am having issues so was hoping someone could recommend an alternative for album art on the lockscreen.
  2. A

    Thread Missing notification on lock screen for channels marked as silent

    Hi, Few days ago I've switched from Nokia 7+ with Android 10 to Google Pixel 5 with Android 11. When I started customizing channels notification for apps, I have found that when I set it to 'no sound and vibration' they aren't show on lock screen despite setting "Show confidential content only...
  3. TotallydubbedHD

    Thread I got the Google Pixel 5, what do you need to know?

    UPDATE 15 October: Embargo has now lifted! I got THREE additional videos now live; the full review, camera, and audio review: v=0Bzb_K82i2U v=FuViDgy3Ji4 v=2v0uza7IUzE UPDATE 5 October: I've been informed on 5 Oct to not post anything further on the Pixel 5 until the embargo lifts (which I...