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  1. S

    Thread Is it possible to hide the default bottom nav bar and use Fluid NG as intended on a stock Pixel 5?

    Haven't checked in for a while. I remember a year or two ago Google introduced a breaking change in an update that meant we could not use Fluid NG to replace the default nav bar at the bottom of the screen. Is this still the case? My phon is not rooted or anything, just stock and on the latest...
  2. N

    Thread [CLOSED][OT] The one and only Pixel 5 Off-Topic Thread

    I'm that simple thread maker/poster... So let's go, post your things here :)
  3. Spacebar_21

    Thread Album Art on Lockscreen Mod?

    Anyone know of an album art on lockscreen mod? I've been trying to get @Typhus_ mod set up on my Pixel 5 so I can use it but am having issues so was hoping someone could recommend an alternative for album art on the lockscreen.
  4. A

    Thread Missing notification on lock screen for channels marked as silent

    Hi, Few days ago I've switched from Nokia 7+ with Android 10 to Google Pixel 5 with Android 11. When I started customizing channels notification for apps, I have found that when I set it to 'no sound and vibration' they aren't show on lock screen despite setting "Show confidential content only...
  5. TotallydubbedHD

    Thread I got the Google Pixel 5, what do you need to know?

    UPDATE 15 October: Embargo has now lifted! I got THREE additional videos now live; the full review, camera, and audio review: v=0Bzb_K82i2U v=FuViDgy3Ji4 v=2v0uza7IUzE UPDATE 5 October: I've been informed on 5 Oct to not post anything further on the Pixel 5 until the embargo lifts (which I...