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  1. hostname47

    Thread Is there a hope to use google play console after termination !?

    In 2017, I was doing reskin apps using different methods like twisting other developers paid source codes that I used to got from torrents and using reverse engineering using Android Apk Tool and more and I lost a lot of accounts. My first account that I bought using my personal bank credit card...
  2. P

    Thread [Google Play, F-Droid, Android, MIUI] Recommended way to do apps migration between phones?

    Hello, I have two phones, both non-rooted, stock roms: Source Phone: Model: Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X 64 (Global Dual SIM TD-LTE 32GB 2016102) Software: MIUI Global 11.0.2, Android 7.0 Target Phone: Model: Samsung Galaxy A20 (SM-A505FN/DS). Software: One UI 3.1, Android 11 I want to migrate all...
  3. D

    Thread Google Play Store no results found error

    I had searched all over the forum in different devices for this thread but I was unable to find any query same as mine. This is why I have decided to start the new thread. If anyone of you guys are facing Google Play Store “no results found” error in your devices (android) then you can simply...
  4. U

    Thread Xiaomi Mi 10S Root ( Magisk & Zygisk & LSPosed ) with Custom ROM and pass Google certificate.

    This thread is a easy fix to Google Play Store showing "This Device is not certified" after Rooted, it could cause some issuses like Netflix missing, PUBG MOBILE and Office installation failure. Step 0: Preparing You need Magisk >=24 with Zygisk. (Duh) Step 1: Register Device (I don't know if...
  5. B

    Thread [APP] Wear OS Apps Repository. Why are there so few apps available for Wear OS in Play Store?

    Why are there so few apps available for Wear OS in Play Store? In the origins of Wear OS, when it was still called Android Wear, between 2014 and 2017, hundreds of apps created for these watches were published in the Play Store, during that time and shortly after it was already evident that...
  6. gr8greengorilla

    Thread [GAME] A Simple Matter of Light

    Hello friends! I have recently launched my puzzle game titled "A Simple Matter of Light." The goal of the puzzle is simple: light up the grid. I designed this game to be as stress free as possible so that you can just focus on puzzle solving. I hope my game can help you relax during this...
  7. rktfier

    Thread How to dump files from a game.

    Hello, i'm trying to extract some assets from a game called Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage. I have tried to get the apk file and put it into an asset extractor but it doesn't contain most of the stuff. The game installs some files on launch, so i suspected there would be an .obb file, but the...
  8. R

    Thread Mobile app developers, we want to chat about app stores.

    Hi All, My company is currently researching the global app store landscape. We are hoping to talk with developers who publish apps on The App Store and The Play Store and other alternatives. We would like a brief chat to understand the developers' perspective in this ecosystem and try and...
  9. pscheven

    Thread Are not-standalone (companion) Wear OS apps still allowed for submission on the Play Store, or are they always rejected?

    Hello. Our Wear OS application, which is not a standalone application (it is a companion app of our smartphone app, it cannot be used without the smartphone app) keeps getting rejected by Google Play Policy team for the following reason : "Your application requires phone interaction for the...
  10. GreenMan2022

    Thread WorldTV Client 1.1

    Hi all. I made for myself a small catalog of playlists with channels from all over the world. Thought it might be of interest to you. The catalog is divided into several sections: Languages, countries, topics. Management is simple. Select the desired section, say the country of America and a...
  11. nathandrake

    Thread Unable to install apps and games from Google Play

    Hello everyone I have written this post because I have not found an answer or solution to my problem. I have a Mi 10t Pro with Android 12 (Xiaomi EU - MIUI 13) and a very serious problem, I have tried to download apps and games from the Google Play Store but I always get an error "A problem...
  12. TheConceptBoy

    Thread Twerp Creates partition too small leaving only 27mb of space for Gapps. How to add space to system partition?

    I've been trying to follow the tutorials on resizing the partition but it seems like even after I do advance wipe and resize, the amount of free space on the system partition does not change. I take it that there is no free space to give and some other portion of the partition (like the data...
  13. S

    Thread Fire HD 8 - Google Play Games Internet Issues

    I purchased a Fire HD 8 and followed online instructions from howtogeek in getting and installing Google Play in order to be able to download more games that weren't otherwise available through Amazon. Everything installed smoothly and I had no issues downloading, installing and playing games...
  14. Zeek347

    Thread Is Modding Games Illegal?

    Just wondering, is rooting your device and modding games that make money off of in-app purchases and adds technically illegal? I know you can't get caught and lots of people do it, but I'm just wondering out of curiosity.
  15. Schteinbrenner

    Thread My First App for My Website

    Hi all. My name is Vladimir. I recently made an application for my website. This is my first experience. Very much I want to know the opinion of outsiders about my work. The application is a generator of ideas for drawing.
  16. N

    Thread [Game] Crack The Bricks 1.1.1

    Welcome! This is a recently created game called Crack The Bricks! If you loved playing "Arkanoid" or in an another name "Brick Breaker" when you where a child this is the game for you! The game contains: -100 levels -23 Ball varkants - 30 Player variants -5 different powerup Video: On Youtube...
  17. untapped.tap

    Thread GAPPS for snapdragon dev kit

    Hi everyone, The snapdragon dev kit unfortunately does not come with a pre-installed Google Play Store. As such, I tried numerous times setting it up from scratch with all its dependencies and APKs one by one. After installing everything, it hangs on boot. I tried this endless amount of times...
  18. H

    Thread Google Play Uncertified

    After coming back to stock MIUI ROM my google play is displaying uncertified. I know it is because of the unlocked bootloader or at least that's what I think it is. Now is there any way for me to make my phone google play certified again?
  19. deposithework

    Thread Deposit The Work Fitness App - Reviews Issues on Android and iPhone OS

    I have a fitness app called Deposit The Work for both platforms Google Play and Apple Store. Please review this app and let me know the suggestion and recommendations that I can make improvements on.
  20. TK Studio

    Thread [APP][5+] AutoResponder for Signal - Auto Reply Bot

    Hey everyone, you've probably noticed the new hype around the privacy-friendly messenger Signal. Since a lot of people are currently switching from WhatsApp to Signal, there is now an AutoResponder for Signal in addition to the AutoResponder for WA, TG, FB and IG. Hope you like it! :)...
  21. G

    Thread The screen is black after entering Google Games, and it takes a long time to wait

    All games logged in with Google will be stuck on the black screen interface for more than two minutes when logging in (the display activity is, which should be login Interface) The framework uses opengapps(This bug...
  22. A

    Thread FIX Google Play Services Requires an action on HUAWEI / HONOR Phones!

    This guy is awesome. It works!
  23. S

    Thread Googleplay on Chinese version?

    I recently received my Fold 2, Chinese version (I live in China), and while it claims to have google services, there is no google play on it (google apps don't come preinstalled here). I've tried going to the online (browser) google play store to download it but it won't recognize my fold 2...
  24. S

    Thread Chinese version, bloatware, google apps, rootable?

    So I'm in China where the Chinese model is about to come out, and I wanna get it, except I'm concerned that I would be unable to use google software (namely google play, maps, email, and syncing contacts). I recall some Chinese phones won't allow google services to be installed, rendering all...
  25. Toothless_NEO

    Thread Install Google Play Services on amazon Fire TV 2 (sloane)

    I would like to install Google play services on my Amazon Fire TV 2 rooted with Rbox Boot Menu Twrp. I have tried following older guides but they appear to not work on newer firmware or are just oudated and/or plain unhelpful (Important) If possible I would like to use the leanback (Android TV)...
  26. D

    Thread Google Play Store stuck "Download Pending" or "Waiting for WIFI" HELP!

    Google Play Store stuck "Download Pending" or "Waiting for WIFI" HELP! I have a new Galaxy S20+ that I've been using for about a week. Great phone but lately I noticed that I'm unable to download or update apps in the Google Play Store. It keeps telling me "download pending" or "waiting for...
  27. B

    Thread How to install EMUI 10 for the JSN-AL00 with GMS working

    So, if you have a Honor JSN-AL00 or a JSN-AL00a then you should've came across a problem were you were stuck on EMUI 8.2 and isn't able to upgrade your software and today I have found a solution for this irritating problem, First you should head to the settings on EMUI 8.2, then head to...
  28. oliver7

    Thread New Google Play-system update available

    It was the first time I received such an update. Requires to reboot to complete it. I manually checked for it in settings/security.
  29. kubalav

    Thread How to disable dark theme in Google Play (Android 7)

    I like dark mode generally, but not in Google Play. I am on Android Nougat (Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A Prime). I can't find how to disable dark theme in Google Play.
  30. HippoInWindow

    Thread Google Play Stopped Working

    Giving my Build Properties first: —————————————————————————- Device: HTC One (M7) Codename: m7 Android Version: 9 Pie ROM: LineageOS 16.0 Unofficial Build Date:Tue Aug 27 10:25:10 CST 2019 Security Patch: Aug 1 2019 Boot loader: Unlocked Root: Yes SIM Card: No Connect to WiFi: Yes...
  31. L

    Thread Honor 20 pro support Google Play Service now! (FW

    After long long wait, Google Play Service are supported on Honor 20pro now!! Please upgrade to version and install Play Store on Huawei App Store. Enojy! ps1: If you already install some Google Apps or Google Service, remove it first! ps2: If your live in region which not ready...
  32. J

    Thread [APP][4.0+]⚡ a minimalistic utility app - several promo codes still available now

    A minimalistic utility app available on Google Play. A lightweight but more accurate unit converter. You can run it anywhere even if your device has no access to internet. Features - * ad-free * accurate enough * download size only 81 KB, i.e. 0.08 MB * almost NO application permissions...
  33. Julianinho

    Thread Google has terminated your Google Play Developer Account ?

    Hi, If your read this topic it means maybe you too google deleted your google play developer account. For me Google is not reliable at all, many developers have seen their account deleted including mine, I published an article, it must be shared a maximum ;) ---------------- And here...
  34. thiago_oliv

    Thread [Question] Bank of America app?

    I'm a BofA costumer, but I move a lot and right now my Google Play is not set to the USA. And their app can't be downloaded with my current locale settings. Also, I need to wait for 1 year to change my settings again (Google policy). What can I do to install the app on my phone? (This is...
  35. G

    Thread Cannot install Snapchat from Google Play (detailed question).

    I own an LG G6, updated to the latest firmware provided by LG (Oreo). Not rooted. Google Play continues to tell me "Can't install Snapchat" in a dialog box every time I try to install it. I have also tried installing via an APK, but that results in package manager just stating "App not...
  36. G

    Thread Cannot install Snapchat from Google Play (detailed) ||

    I own an LG G6, updated to the latest firmware provided by LG (Oreo). Not rooted. Google Play continues to tell me "Can't install Snapchat" in a dialog box every time I try to install it. I have also tried installing via an APK, but that results in package manager just stating "App not...
  37. AlisonT

    Thread Flower fields live wallpaper

    Flower fields Immerse yourself in the sea of ​​colors and the beauty of the flower field. Everybody loves flowers, admire their beauty and colors, inhale a unique fragrance. With this application you will get endless fields of various colors on your gadget. Just imagine: you walk in the field...
  38. FearMyAnus

    Thread Unable to install certain apps from Google Play store after factory reset

    Hi, I'm unable to install apps that I have previously installed on my phone. Apps that were still installed when I had to factory reset my phone due to a soft brick. For example, I had Parking Mania 2 installed before I had to reset, and now that I did reset, all my apps were gone so I had to...
  39. FearMyAnus

    Thread Unable to install certain apps from Google Play store after factory reset

    Hi, I'm unable to install apps that I have previously installed on my phone. Apps that were still installed when I had to factory reset my phone due to a soft brick. For example, I had Parking Mania 2 installed before I had to reset, and now that I did reset, all my apps were gone so I had to...
  40. H

    Thread Fullscreen apps losing focus when play store apps are finishing updating.

    I've noticed every time when an app finishes updating and shows in the notification area, it would make a current fullscreen app (e.g. youtube, games) lose focus (youtube would exit fullscreen). I don't want to disable play store notifications or stop the updates, are there any fixes to this...
  41. F

    Thread [send help] I broke Google Play

    Hi, I really need some help. I somehow broke Google Play on my phone. It won't open at all. Tap on it, and it closes without even loading anything. I've tried literally everything except a factory reset, which I don't want to do, since I've got some things on here that I don't want to lose...
  42. F

    Thread [GAME] Jelly Rescue

    Meet my new game Jelly Rescue - endless arcade game on Google Play Description: Jelly Rescue is a unique endless time killer game with numerous features that keep users entertained for a long time. Although the gameplay appears simple at a first glance, there's a fascinating adventure ahead...
  43. redsmith

    Thread Google Play Music Authorization

    Every time I clean flash, Google Play Music recognizes my device as a different one than before, and so I end up with a huge list of "authorized devices" and get into trouble later when I'm forced to deauthorize some devices. Does anybody experience the same? How can I force GPM to always know...
  44. icodix

    Thread [SOLVED] Google play wont install after downloading

    Hello guys, can you help me with my problem on google play? i can't download nor install any apps. How to troubleshoot this? :( help me please. I'm using custom rom for my phone. I did already the basic troubleshooting but still the same :(
  45. S

    Thread [FREE GAME]Stickman Annihilation 3

    Hi guys, check out our new game about sticks. Feedback welcome! Download on Google Play: Youtube: Stickman Destruction 3 Annihilation is a sequel to the legendary...
  46. tosunkaya

    Thread Looking For Good Ad Network With Offerwall + Video For My Rewards App mon Google Play

    Hi i'm looking ad networks for my new rewards app with Offerwall or video ads and PayPal in payment options. I already deal with some big networks. My app:
  47. M

    Thread Google play updates stuck or slow after last official update

    hi, After the last S6 update , my phone gets stuck with Google Play updates. Any app (small size or big size does not matter) downloads quickly but stucks at the last point. Does not change to the "installing" state easily. is this a memory issue ? how can I solve it ? the device gets hot and...
  48. G

    Thread [Game] [4.1+] Oliway

    Hello, I create that thread to present your "Oliway") Is a simple but breathtaking puzzle game. Get through the bright labyrinths, collect cubes and golden "Christmas trees" on your way, open new labyrinths and do not forget about the timer. Oliway is freely available on the Google Play Store...
  49. C

    Thread Chromebook Acer C720 Google Play...

    Has anyone figured out a hack on how to get GPlay working successfully on these Acer C720's. I been doing some research but no dice. One time I got it on Canary Chammel and was able to see it in chrome after reboot it was long gone... This chromebook would be way more useful with a google...
  50. M

    Thread Can I stop Play Store links opening the app?

    Hey all! I tend to use my computer a lot for finding/installing Android apps on my various devices, but my new Samsung Chromebook Plus always automatically opens Play Store links in the app. Does anyone know how I can disable that and get back to using the Play web Store? Thanks!