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  1. E

    Thread Blue briefcase icon (various apps)

    Just curious if anyone has noticed these icons appear (the blue briefcase) next to various apps on an a90j TV. If so what does it mean as I haven't really found too much info on it aside from it being a workplace profile (this is a personal email and tv) Any info shedding some light on this...
  2. H

    Thread Blue Briefcase icon

    I just purchase brand new A90, all google icons have a blue briefcase badge. Some apps are duplicated where I have one with and one without the blue briefcase badge. Some system processes like TV storage and Android webview also have the same badge. In addition, some apps like Google Play...
  3. andsat

    Thread Funai Philips 4K TV 55PFL5604/F7 - anyone work on these?

    The cheap "4K Android TV" series from Walmart, built by Funai but branded as Philips, is extremely affordable and seems to be unlocked. Has anyone had any luck getting these to run alternative firmware (Lineage?) or even stock Android TV? Mine is extremely buggy (forgets the date/time, causing...
  4. englishpatient76


    Welcome to Jio Stb Development This ATV Rom is based on MIBOX -S firmware ported to Both models of Jio Stb C200 & D200. There are two builds for these models user and userdebug ,In user build PLAY STORE IS CERTIFIED and userdebug build its NOT CERTIFIED. But you can install any apps from...
  5. IoriYagami2001

    Thread Create an apk of "Settings" of Google TV based on the original.

    Hello, good morning everyone, something I would like to know is that if it is possible to create an apk based on this one that I upload, which is "Google TV Settings" which obviously replaces the classic "Settings" of Android TV, I don't know if Is there any developer that is capable of creating...
  6. D

    Thread Chromecast with google tv - remote key to sequence of keys

    Hi, Is there any way you could set a key on the remote to a sequence of keys? For example I want to set the change source key to the sequence: : 1. Press change source 2. Press down 3. Press ok.
  7. B

    Thread [PSA] Hauppauge USB tuner and Chromecast with Google TV currently don't work together

    For all the cord cutters out there, the CCGTV (Sabrina) currently doesn't have the drivers to support the Hauppauge WinTV-dualHD USB TV tuner. I contacted Hauppauge support and they confirmed it. I have used the USB tuner on my Nvidia Shield with the Live Channels app + DVR just fine, but it...
  8. UmarAbid3DArtist

    Thread MECOOL M8S PRO L Google TV app store apk

    Hi I am trying to find MECOOL M8S PRO L Google TV app store apk as I here that google tv app has games that have controler support. I have tred so many games and they dont have any support for controler so I need help in finding apk that is for MECOOL M8S PRO L Google TV app store apk. Can...
  9. jomofcw

    Thread [ANDROID TV]Is it possible to create a permanent link to a samba drive

    Hello, This problem is about the Android TV (provided by my "Freebox Mini 4K Player" - France). There is two component of my Freebox (Internet Box) : the "server" unit with an external hard drive plugged through USB based on a "private" OS (based on linux - Freebox OS); the "player" that is...
  10. A

    Thread [Q] kodi on android stick

    I was looking at dx for android tv on sticks (link) - I wonder, does xbmc kodi run on all these android 4.2.2? I'm looking at the pieces with 2gb ram / 8gb space. Also, can I assume the standard google tv app (on both android and ios) will be able to control the stick? Thanks!
  11. iwichihin

    Thread Need XDA Developers to turn windows 8.1 PC in to Google TV Box!!!!!

    We need to develop software program to behave and act like a google tv box or android tv box. Emulator software to turn my PC into a Google TV to input to HD TV via usb! Just an idea ... but would be an awesome hack!
  12. kodiak211

    Thread [Rant] Chromecast, Nexus Q, GoogleTV

    I would like to get a discussion going. See what others think, maybe theres some good I'm not seeing, or maybe more bad. I like what Google does and I like their products. But they have been P***ing me off here lately with two of their products. The first one is the Nexus Q, not because of the...
  13. alzakx

    Thread HELP! Google TV Hack to feed custom channels and tv listings

    Hello members, I'm working on an idea for creating some kind of hack for the Google TV that would allow us to modify the channel list and tv listings that Google TV pulls to the box whenever setting up the device to a Cable or Satellite Provider. Here's my story, I bought a Sony NSZ-GS7 and...
  14. C

    Thread Please sign gtv revue petition to unlock bootloader

  15. jerrygooch

    Thread Can somebody convince me to buy a Google TV?

    Greetings, I want a Google tv for my tv really bad. I'm very torn however... I'm unsure if I should wait till the next gen box's come out? ICS is coming to the Logitech Revue I believe.. I really just don't want to buy a box and then the next day the next gen stuff comes out with features...
  16. B

    Thread [Q] google tv remote repair

    A juice box got spilled on my sony google tv remote control. Now all the buttons stick. Id like to take it apart and clean it up without breaking it. I bought the torx driver for the screws in the back, got them out, and cant figure out how to get it open. Ive googled like crazy and found a lot...
  17. E

    Thread Google TV & Movies app for Kindle Fire?

    I have done some search and have be unable to find something like was I am looking for. Also I would like to start off by saying sorry if this is not the correct area to post this, but it was the area that made since to me. :( On the Kindle Fire there are different applications for streaming...
  18. F

    Thread [Q] Can Galaxy Tab play Google TV?

    I got the Galaxy tab 10.1, but I don't see a Google TV applicaton which plays video contents on Android Market. I am little confused. will there exist an application to play Google TV content? or We need to buy a Google TV device? Since I already have the galaxy tab (the hardware), it has...
  19. A

    Thread [Q] Google TV on a standard computer possible ?

    Google TV runs on standard x86 architecture (Logitech Revue is an Atom CPU) and as Revue firmware is available, I'd like to know if no one ever tried to hack this firmware to run it on a standard computer ? I guess there's some security checks but XDA members are good at bypassing it :) Also...
  20. M

    Thread GOOGLE TV (is here)!!!

    Anybody excited about this? I didn't see any threads so perhaps not, but I think this looks very promising. Sony and Google in bed together? I know this isn't exactly news, I just wasn't sure if it would materialize...
  21. R

    Thread new Features - Google IO

    Just got through watching day 2 of the Google IO event. Android will soon get features like Apps2SD, remote wipe, OTA application downloads when purchasing from the web android market on your computer to one or all android devices you own, MS Exchange support, Browser access to hardware...