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  1. its.mahmud

    Thread App request

    Is it possible to reverse engineer android message to add support for Google voice integration? I know kinda weird question, I am just tired of limitation of using Google voice app for messaging, maybe any developer with app development experience can mod Google messages to support Google voice...
  2. D

    Thread Question Google Voice Issue on Xiaomi Android 11 Phones

    Phone: Redmi Note 10 Pro Max, Poco X3 ProOS: Android 11, on MIUI 12.5 and MIUI 12 Issue: When I pick Voice to be my default call redirecting app, it does not make calls. The Phone app just stays stuck on dialing and never dials. Never rings on the other end either. Sometimes, it causes the...
  3. T


    Hi Guys, I have a Oneplus 6 and want to record all my outgoing Google Voice calls. I can't seem to figure out a solution. I do have J OnePlus Tools on my phone to record all GSM calls and that works perfectly fine but ONLY for GSM calls. Please help!! Thanks!
  4. S

    Thread Can't keep apps running in the background

    I know this is the Mi 8 forum, but I feel that the issue I have on my Mi 9 will be common across both phones, and thought I would post here too. I've noticed that at least two apps will mysteriously stop working in the background, causing problems: First, most important, I use my Google Voice...
  5. S

    Thread Google Voice, Garmin Connect, other apps mysteriously stop in background -- help...

    I've noticed that at least two apps will mysteriously stop working in the background, causing problems: First, most important, I use my Google Voice number, not my SIM number, so I need Google Voice to be running so that it intercepts my calls and uses the right phone number to make calls. If I...
  6. blackice000

    Thread Google Voice SMS Blank Screen after Double Tap on Notification (lock screen?)

    Hey All, I am still using Oreo 8.1, and am mostly happy. Recently (likely after a Google update of some sort I am getting a BLANK page when i double tap on Google voice notifications from the lock screen. I see the regular messages page for a split second then it's blank/ Exiting and...
  7. Z

    Thread Google Voice

    Just tried to install Google Voice on my PH-1 with Android Pie. I got nowhere. I am wondering if privacy setting could have anything to do with it... If anyone can point me towards someone that has it working that may wish to provide a little tutelage I would appreciate it. Of course I have a...
  8. D

    Thread Control Android TV with Voice from Android Phone

    Hi, Quest: I am trying to find an easy way of controlling my Philips Android 7 TV from my Note 8 phone, using voice commands (Google), without using a separate device. Status: The TV does not have a built in microphone, nor does it's remote. I am also using a Rii Mini i13 remote that does have...
  9. S

    Thread text message sms mms app enables send & receive via web browser when phone is off

    i want to be able to send & receive text messages (SMS, MMS, view & attach pics, etc.) via web browser when the phone is powered off. is google voice the only option? i know that options exist when the phone is on e.g. pulse thanks in...
  10. W

    Thread Conflict between updated Google Hangouts and Google Voice on new 7.1.1

    Hello all! Two weeks ago I updated to the most recent version of Google Hangouts (v20.XXX). I also have been using Google Voice with my GV # in conjunction with Hangouts on android 7.0 for several months. Last week, however, I updated my Xperia Z5 premium dual via OTA to 7.1.1 while on a...
  11. W

    Thread Best Setup for Data-Only Calling (VoIP and Video)

    I'm seriously considering ditching my traditional cell plan for a data-only plan, since I rarely make phone calls, and am trying to favor secure communications when possible. I would port my number to Google Voice, and would still need to be able to receive calls when needed through the Hangouts...
  12. dkratter14

    Thread Google Voice on Sprint LG G6

    On my previous Sprint phones, I was able to use the Google Voice / Sprint integration feature, where my Google Voice number was my Sprint number. With my new G6, I've found that the Google Voice integration was removed from my Sprint account. When I try to re-enable it from Google Voice, I get...
  13. M

    Thread [FOR DEAF PERSON] Build in 3G Video Calling for offline? I NEED VERY CHEAP PHONE

    At my work there is a poor cleaner who is deaf from 2 years old. Now she have 27 maybe. I have idea to buy an Android phone who supporting 3G Calling Video too on offline mode cause she talking that way with her husband. I think she would love voice recognition so she cold understand fast what...
  14. MakeMeFibonacci

    Thread [Q] Contacts are getting messages from my number that ask "Do I Know You?"

    I've got a Sprint Note5 running MOAR v2.0 OK3. I have Google Voice integrated with my Sprint account and use my Google voice number for everything. I recently switched my default text messaging app to the Samsung Messages app, disabled Hangouts for Google Voice, and connected a Gear s2 Classic...
  15. H

    Thread Google NOW keeps calling contacts via Google Voice and the call always fails

    When I say 'OK Google, call so and so' my phone says 'Calling so and so' and then on the screen it says Calling via Google Voice. I am not sure why it keeps trying to call them via Google Voice. I have the Google Voice app on my phone, but in the settings I specified not to use Google Voice for...
  16. H

    Thread Google NOW tries calling certain contacts via google voice and can never connect.

    I have a Nexus 6P running the latest version Android 6.0.1. However, it is very odd that I never had this issue with my Nexus 6. I have a car that just has a simple phone button (Bluetooth) to press which makes a sound and at that point I can simply say something like "Call Tom Brady". The...
  17. D

    Thread Can I use Google Voice without data?

    I have two phones, both on ringplus. I run hangouts on both and use my google voice (GV) number to send text to my family and friends. This generally works so it doesn’t matter which phone I’m on, everything goes through my GV #. Sometimes I find myself in areas that doesn’t have 3G...
  18. C

    Thread Bluetooth audio output stops after Google Voice command

    My bluetooth audio output stops after I issue a Google Voice command on my Galaxy S7 in the car. Symptoms: #1 Get in car, bluetooth connects, everything working fine, Podcasts, Phone Calls, Google Maps navigation all performing flawlessly. #2 Open Google Voice and issue a command "Navigate to...
  19. W

    Thread Google Voice shows random number instead of dialed number in call log

    Is anybody here using Google Voice on their Flex 2? I have this issue where outgoing calls made through Google Voice are recorded in the stock phone app's call log as some random number, not the number I just dialed. I did a little a little research, and Google Voice apparently routes all...
  20. R

    Thread Google Voicemail Not Working

    For some reason my voicemails are not being sent to my google voice even though it shows that it is set up properly. Does anyone else have this issue? I am stock/rooted on att.
  21. D

    Thread Anyone on Straight Talk using Google Voice for their Voicemail?

    I've be looking at my options since Verizon announced a price increase for the people who still have unlimited data plans. I was seriously considering getting the Moto X Pure, and moving over to Straight Talk. The hold up is that I've seen conflicting reports about being able to use your GV for...
  22. A

    Thread Unknown showing in Call Log for outgoing calls

    I have been trying for a solution to this problem for months. Initially I was running CM ROM and noticed when making outbound calls, the calls were showing up as unknown in my call log. First I though this had something to do with Google voice, so I uninstalled and the problem persisted...
  23. stratoll

    Thread Google voice for internet calling

    Is there a way to set up google voice as an internet phone on my i9500 to make outgoing calls and receiving incoming calls using only wifi or mobile data? I have a google voice number but my problem is I am no longer in the USA and therefore cannot use the standard method. I would also like for...
  24. M

    Thread why won't HOUND install

    I get the old "not compatible with any of your devices" msg. I would like to try Hound vs Google Voice, but the playstore will not install it on either my note 8013 (2012) or my note 2014 (P600), Has anyone succeeded? (I do have an invite to install this beta.) XDA has a video comparing...
  25. rsalas187

    Thread Verizon - Google voice, voice mail manual set up

    first, I have been a Google Voice Voive mail for my cell phone user for years and recently the Android google voice app would not switch from Verizon to Google, I changed the setting in the phone settings on my cell and it still wouldn't send calls to google voice.. Here is what I did to fix...
  26. T

    Thread [Q] [Q&A] Unable to Dial Using Google Voice

    I recently installed Cyanogenmod and everything functions correctly. However, I am unable to place any calls using Google Voice. When I try to make a call, I receive a message stating that Google Voice could not connect. I can make calls without Google Voice still and I can receive calls with...
  27. J-Woo

    Thread [Q] Edge People - How to set Google Voice & Inbox as default

    I love the feature of having my top 5 on the edge bar, but I do not use stock email or stock text. Is there any way to set Inbox and Google Voice as the default messaging programs for the Edge Bar?
  28. TonyStark

    Thread Project Fi Vs. Google Voice

    There is a very active thread alreay opened on this subject. Please post here, to continue conversation. Thank you. Thread closed
  29. jimbobtexas

    Thread [Q] Google Voice not working on your S6?

    I noticed I hadn't gotten any Google Voice/Hangout notifications of voice mails. I reset my Google Voice (deactivated/reactivated) to no avail. However, once I deactivated Advanced Calling (Settings...Wireless and Networks), and reset Google Voice, it's working again. Anyone else experience...
  30. O

    Thread [Q] Group txt messages with Google Voice - capable yet?

    Hi Folks, I heard that Hangouts can handle both group chats and Google Voice, as well as natively working with the Google Voice manner of MMS receipts, but when I tried testing with it, the chats only showed up in the Hangout app on other Android phones, which was foreign to the other phone...
  31. DanielWEWO

    Thread Send Google Voice SMS/Hangouts Message command

    So, is there any way to do it yet? I've played around with tons of voice commands, but I can't figure it out. Have we heard word that this is coming yet?
  32. U

    Thread [Q] Google Voice mail app not taking voicemails ATT Nexus 6

    I've noticed that my google voice isn't working like I'm used to. Expectation: Whenver I get a voicemail to either my ATT #, or GV # that I get a transcribed visual voicemail in my voice app. Whats happening: No voicemail shows up in google voice app. instead I get a notification that I have a...
  33. X

    Thread [Guide] Google Voice, Hangouts, and Tasker battery saving method :P

    The following guide explains how to setup your Android Device to disable it's cell radio/enable Airplane Mode when connected to WiFi, in order to save battery. It also ensures that all calls and texts will be handled over WiFi, so the device isn't limited in any way. To do this we will setup...
  34. N

    Thread [Q] Google Voice and Android 5.0 Lollipop?

    How does Google Voice work with Lollipop? I use my Google Voice number as my primary number, and nobody has my actual number on my SIM card. I use Google Voice for all inbound and oubound calls. I have NOT migrated over to Hangouts yet, because the Hangouts dialer can't be answered without...
  35. N

    Thread [Q] Google Voice with Sony dialer?

    So, I received a Z3 Compact the other day. I really like this phone, but the phone will not call out via my GV number. Has anyone had any luck using GV with the Sony Dialer? I use the Hangouts dialer now when I can, but there are still situations where I need to make a normal cellular call...
  36. D

    Thread Google Voice/Hangouts Stopping Text Messages from Sending

    I started having problems with others not receiving my text messages. I could receive texts but when I sent a text message it showed that the message was successfully sent but the other party would never receive it. I went to Sprint today after spending all weekend trying to figure out what...
  37. H

    Thread Mobile phone calls and SMS without a SIM-card

    With the new Google Hangouts I can make phone calls and send SMS messages on devices that do not have a SIM-card, such as my Nexus 7 (WiFi only) and my PC - using a free Google Voice number.
  38. jml215

    Thread [Q] Hangouts 2.3

    Has anyone been able to install the new Hangouts? I migrated my Google Voice, downloaded Hangouts Dialer app, when prompted to udpate Hangouts nothing happens in the Play Store.
  39. drago10029

    Thread Hangouts Google Voice Integration! Nexus 5 WiFi calls [INFO]]

    Hello Everyone, Since everyone is so hyped about the new Voice integration with hangouts and more specifically, we finally have the ability to make outgoing call without using 3rd party programs, still no MMS with the google voice number but the outgoing calling alone is awesome. Anyway...
  40. B

    Thread [Q] Verizon LTE Z3

    Sony hasn't announced the CDMA variant and there are rumors that it will be coming as the Z3v. The Z2 also had those rumors and so there's really no reason to believe them at this point. I'd still really like to use the device and upon examining the stats on GSMarena, it looks like it has LTE...
  41. T

    Thread [Q] LG G3 call log showing different numbers called w/Google Voice

    Hi all, got my G3 last week and quickly noticed that on ALL outgoing calls using Google Voice (I have it ask me every call whether to use Google Voice or my cell ph#), the dialed number shows up as something completely different than what I dialed in the stock dialer call log. Different area...
  42. dragontology

    Thread [Q] HTC One M8 VZW + Google Voice?

    Quick version: Is it possible; if so, how? Longer version: I see that I can port my number to Google Voice, but since I just signed a contract with Verizon 2 months ago, won't this A) royally tick them off or more likely B) trigger an ETF like I signed up with another provider? Porting my...
  43. maciclazar

    Thread [SOLVED]google voice and music problem on headphones

    Hi guys! I've recently noticed that when my headphones are plugged in and when I'm listening to music on my phone google voice randomly activates and stops my music from playing. Sometimes my music pauses or skips tracks randomly without activating google voice. Even my phone started dialing...
  44. D

    Thread [Q] A mod to enable Google Voice forwarding on Google Hangouts in Android?

    I've been pretty disappointed with Google leaving out their loyal Android customers in the dust when it comes to the feature mentioned in the title. This feature has been available to iOS users since before Android KitKat was released. Here's my question: Would it be possible to add a line of...
  45. R

    Thread [Q] Changing the default voicemail number to my Google Voice number

    I have successfully setup my Google Voice on my new LG E980 and the voicemail features all seem to work. But the Voicemail button and slot 1 speeddial still dials the AT&T number. I have entered in the correct **004* code in the phone with my voicemail number and when I go to the voicemail...
  46. B

    Thread [Xposed][ICS+] XVoicePlus - Voice+ with Xposed

    This module was previously developed by runnirr. A majority of the information in the original post has been moved here: Wiki on github Alpha and beta testers needed! If you're willing to communicate with me directly to test new features and/or ensure compatibility with your particular...
  47. C

    Thread [GUIDE] FreedomPop & Google Voice full intergration work around.

    UPDATED: 9.14.14 IMPORTANT SUMMARY OF CHANGES MADE OR ADDED 9.14.14 Google integrated Google Voice with Google Hangouts. Now you can make AND receive phone calls right from the Google Hangouts app. This also means you can receive phone calls over WiFi made to your Google Voice phone number...
  48. 0vermind

    Thread [MOD][APK] Google Voice - Themed to look like Hangouts!

    I keep thinking any day now Google will update the Hangouts or Google Voice app to integrate both of them, and it seems to be continually pushed to the side. For the time being, I decided to theme the current Google Voice app to make it look more like Hangouts and less cartoony/Froyo look. Let...
  49. A

    Thread [Q] Can't get rid of New voicemail notification

    Hey guys, I have the VS980 G2 and I'm using Google Voice just for voicemails (didn't port number) and somehow one stray voicemail slipped through the cracks and I can't get rid of it. Has this happened to anyone else or does anyone know how to get rid of it? It's driving me crazy!:confused...
  50. D

    Thread [How To] Forward Google Voice to Canada without 3rd party apps and for free!

    Disclaimer: This may not be the right section for this thread but I didn't know where else to put it. And since I verified this setup on a Nexus 5, I figured this is the best bet. I stayed in the US for a few years and have an active Google Voice number that my friends in the US call to contact...