1. F

    Thread Does the quality of the GNSS receiver change in the MediaTek Helio A/P/X/G/Dimensity lines?

    Hello. I'm looking for a smartphone to use GNSS in conditions of poor sky visibility - in a dense forest. But I select a smartphone based on SOC characteristics. They say that MediaTek's GNSS works better than Snapdragon's. I have a tablet with a MediaTek MT8321 from 2014, and GNSS really works...
  2. F

    Thread Does A-GPS work in your firmware? (I noticed that A-GPS does not work almost anywhere)

    Hello. Please tell me, on your current firmware (any) on redmi note 7, is A-GPS functionality supported? I tried different firmware, A-GPS only works on android 9. I test A-GPS through the GpsTest program:
  3. P

    Thread Zeblaze Stratos 2 Lite

    I have just bought a Zeblaze Stratos 2 Lite smartwatch. It looks good, but the question I have is can I use the watches on-board GPS with apps on my Android Smartphone, other than exercising apps? The Zeblaze Fit app links up well to the watch, but does not have any general mapping features. I...
  4. G

    Thread Question GPS issues

    Hello. I have a problem with GPS on my Galaxy S23. The problem is that it sees many satellites but not fixing. It constantly clearing the list of satellites. But sometimes it eventually fixes on them. I can't understand why it can't fix every time without such problems. My Galaxy S10 in the same...
  5. N

    Thread Fire Tab 7 / GPS not really working

    hi all, this is probably a noob question... i have a fire tab 7 (2022) and deactivated all amazon apps with the preset from the fire toolbox (v31). when i now try to run a navigation software (waze), i don't get GPS to work. the location services are activated and waze is allowed to use them...
  6. S

    Thread GPS use for Car infotainment

    Hello, I am curious as to whether it would be possible to use the Nintendo Switch for car infotainment. There are various videos of it being done online, but none show whether Google Maps would work, which would be a key requirement for me. I'm aware that Nintendo Switch doesn't have a GPS...
  7. GalaxyA325G

    Thread [PRIVACY] Is it true for you (as it seems to be for me) that Google Maps will no longer route using just GPS (Maps requires Wi-Fi "precise scanning")?

    Bad news. Apparently Google has recently changed the Android Google Maps app such that it no longer routes using only GPS. I tested it without a Google account, and with the following turned off in the Android 12 Settings. STEP 1 In Settings | Location | Location services, turn everything...
  8. R

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods [MOD] Enable GPS L5/E5a/B2a bands on global/EU model (RMX3301)

    Hello everyone. As you might know, the global model doesn't come with GPS dual-band support, unlike the Chinese one. This is a completely arbitrary decision from Realme, since the hardware is the same. I developed a way to enable the additional bands on the global model with a simple Magisk...
  9. K

    Thread [FIXED] GPS broken on T713?

    Hi all. I got (cheaply) two SM-T713 tablets. I was planning to use them for in car navigation. I kept one in stock while I flashed lineageOS (17) to another one. Today I was testing GPS in device only mode and noticed that I cannot get any signal. Using "GPS Test" shows 0 satellites in view...
  10. Mike-mei

    Thread How to Optimize Native Android Positioning for High Precision and Low Power Consumption

    I recently encountered a problem with GPS positioning in my app. My app needs to call the GPS positioning service and has been assigned with all required permissions. What's more, my app uses the Wi-Fi network and 4G network, and has no restrictions on power consumption and Internet...
  11. L

    Thread Question Google Maps Timeline lack of Accuracy

    Hello. Anyone had issues with Google Maps Timeline, with wrong tracking of position ? Look at the screenshot. I always had this issue. I am using RUI3, not root. Any solution ? Thanks.
  12. R

    Thread [APP][Android 8+] GrabGEO: geolocation service and tracker

    The application provides the ability to track the geo-location in real time, which will be useful for parents, courier companies or large parties. The main features of the application: - The creation of groups (teams and communities). Teams (for example, for courier companies) have a rights...
  13. iplux

    Thread Question Phone not properly assembled at an AUTHORIZED repair center?

    I bricked my phone, sent it to an authorized repair center, they replaced the motherboard, display and battery and sent me the phone back. Phone is working now, but GPS doesn't find ANY satelites and 5GHz wifi drops connectivity just 2 meters away from the router. Am i tripping and being...
  14. Nyaooom

    Thread [RESOLVED] GPS makes phone freeze when playing any media.

    Hello everyone, DEVICE Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro / Redmi K20 Pro Custom ROM : Pixel Experience Android 13 ("") Used Apps : Youtube / Youtube Music (I also tried with other media sources on internet) & Maps / Waze ISSUE Launching Waze or clicking...
  15. Darth Valda

    Thread TicWatch GPS Drain overnight

    Hey everybody! I have noticed some strange behavior with my TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS. During the day, the power consumption is moderate and absolutely acceptable. However, the power consumption is significantly increased at night. Looking for the cause, I found out with the help of Battery...
  16. B

    Thread Question Force geotagging in Photography Pro

    Hey, i need help with my Xperia 1 IV. I like to geotag my photos in photography pro. Usually i have turned location services off and turn them on after launching the camera app. But if i do so the geotagging option turns itself off. So I have to turn it on every time again. Is there a way to...
  17. pscheven

    Thread Recording GPS location in the background doesn't work when battery optimizations are enabled on Android

    Hello. We develop an application which is used for outdoor activities (hiking, bicycle, mountain bike, ...) and one of the main features of the application is to record the track of the user thanks to the GPS of the smartphone / tablet in the background in order to save it on the user account...
  18. Renate

    Thread Does the GPS on your head unit run all the time?

    I don't have a head unit, I have an 8" Walmart tablet. I put in a system with an external GPS (u-blox) that runs 24/7 and feeds a mock location to the tablet. I've been pleased that I can switch apps on the tablet and Google Maps instantly pans from the old position to the new position. This...
  19. Noob1994

    Thread Amazon Fire HD 10 (2021) with Google Services installed - Offline navigation with Google Maps

    Hi A friend gave me a Amazon HD Fire 10 (2021) tablet and asked me to "Put Google on it." With a little luck and a bit of Google-ing, I managed to get Chrome, Youtube, Gmail, etc. working but I have an issue with Google Maps in that it works fine while online connected via Wi-Fi - It finds my...
  20. A

    Thread How To Guide [Tutorial] Recover from IMEI or GPS not working due to corruption (restoring efs and sec_efs)

    I was trying to enable the privacy wifi feature that changes the MAC address of the wifi adapter on every connection (see as an alternative to While doing this, I...
  21. timg11

    Thread June 2022 OTA update affecting GPS operation?

    I installed the update (June 2022) to my Pixel 3 XL. Since then, the GPS doesn't seem to be working. Google Maps reports "low accuracy", and "GPS lost" if I try navigation. GPS Status Pro searches for satellites and never finds any. I searched...
  22. L

    Thread Opel Insignia AfterMarket GPS Kr-8035 "or alike"

    Hi guys just bought a used insignia with an android head unit. I’m making an assumption that is a kr-8035 android unit. And I’m looking to reinstall the firmware because everything just stoped working just like that. It’s booting normally but no app s working. So if you have an idea or a way to...
  23. GalaxyA325G

    Thread What Android free app do you use to hand draw tracks on a topographical geoPDF map and then EXPORT the desired track as a GPX file?

    What Android freeware do you use to manually draw a proposed hiking track onto a typical geoPDF such as those freely downloaded from the USGS (e.g., a USGS 1:24000 topographical geoPDF map)? a. The app would import the USGS topo map quadrants b. The app would allow you to draw a desired track c...
  24. R

    Thread GPS stops working after touching gps.conf file (even if it's returning to original state)

    Good day. Just want to point out that it's not my first time rooting a phone and playing with settings. But of course I could've done something dumb so please be patient. So our device has some GPS issues. Mainly is that it detects some satellites but is unable to get a strong signal and...
  25. D

    Thread GPS issue

    In the latest Android 10 ROMs the GPS signal is weak and the satellites lock takes a lot of time. I've tried to play with the gps.conf file, but there are a lot of sample files in Internet with opposite parameters and no one of them seems to improve the GPS signal. Of course I've already set the...
  26. N

    Thread Question Nokia G20 - GPS Location Android 12

    Hello, i have a Nokia G20 and have made yesterday the update to Android 12 and i already hate it but thats not my question... Since i have update to Android 12 the Phone show me many times the GPS Location ICON (but i have deactivated GPS) - before i have had Android 12 this was never - and i...
  27. G

    Thread Teyes CC2 Plus GPS & DAB+ Antenna

    His everyone, Can any body help, is it possible to use my built in GPS & DAB+ antennas in stead of the ones that come with the Teyes system? The car is a Toyota C-HR 2018 RHD (UK Spec) Cheers
  28. szymon.k

    Thread Nokia 8.3 5G GPS issue

    Hello there! I came here to ask for help in a helpless case. Android 11 on Nokia phones has broken GPS for a long time and there seems to be no interes in either Nokia or Google to fix it. I talked numerous times with Nokia support to no avail. Nature if the issue: While using navigation...
  29. D

    Thread Service keeps getting disabled

    Hi everybody I'm running a virtual android 7 - app name vphonegaga (faster better then vmos - in my opinion). The host machine is LG G8S running android 11. In the virtual machine - a certain service (within google play services) called "LocationAccuracyInjectorService" keeps getting disabled...
  30. R

    Thread GPS Issue (IN2015)

    I've been having a weird GPS issue with the Oneplus 8 ever since I started using it. My first course of action with Androids is to unlock the bootloader and root the phone. I started observing that my GPS would randomly stop working during navigation i.e. it will stop updating my position from...
  31. V

    Thread Question Samsung S22 Ultra GPS problem

    Hi I am having an issue with my UK based Samsung S22 Ultra. The GPS stops working on it, no map app can use GPS until I restart the phone and then it starts working again. I found this thread on the which seems to other users having the same issue...
  32. S

    Thread GPS turns off after screen off (MIUI 11)

    Hello, I have a very annoying bug on my phone. When I turn off the screen, GPS will signal is lost. I recently got a Mi Band and I record my workouts, but I can't use GPS because of this. I tried setting the Mi Fit app to have no restrictions in the settings, turning off battery saver, using a...
  33. elpicard

    Thread S21 GPS doesn't work without usb connection in car

    Hi When I have the phone connected by USB to android auto the navigation works fine in my car. But when I want to use the phone alone like in the car dash with Maps or Waze its never get GPS signal. The google maps fix the location, but when you start to navigate: GPS signal lost. I use 2 gps...
  34. S

    Thread [CLOSED]Teclast M40 plus do not sees Galileo sats

    Hallo, I've a new M40 plus from Teclast that should be able to receive singals from the US GPS constellation, the Russian GLONAS, the Chinese Baidu and the european Galileo. I've tested many apps but I nevers see a Galileo sat. It is a curious behaviour. Any suggestion ?
  35. S

    Thread Teclast M40 plus do not sees Galileo sats

    Hallo, I've a new M40 plus from Teclast that should be able to receive singals from the US GPS constellation, the Russian GLONAS, the Chinese Baidu and the european Galileo. I've tested many apps but I nevers see a Galileo sat. It is a curious behaviour. Any suggestion ?
  36. A

    Thread new app for WearOs watches in Play Store Compass Navigatore

    hi mates found interested app for Wear OS powered watches called Compass Navigation from Play store Compass Navigation No internet, no maps. Tested on my GW4 and Fossil. Free but some functions needs unlock by upgrade to premium. Seems good app for outdoor activities without Internet data :)...
  37. F

    Thread Tinder and Fake Locator

    Hi to all! Anyone can use a fake locator on Android with Tinder? I've already put the app of Fake Locator in the settings "mock location", on google maps the gps works well, but on Tinder it can't show me people in the country that I've put. OnePlus 8T. Any ideas?
  38. HanCCC

    Thread Get location info return TaskCancelException with VivoV2050

    I am encountering a problem is that the system will throw the TaskCancelException back when I am trying to get the location info. At the time, I try to open Google map(someone answered it can be solved by opening Google map) without connecting to Internet, and go back to APP to try again to get...
  39. T

    Thread HELP! GPS doesn't work with LineageOS 18.1

    Hello everyone, I'm proud to say that I've successfully installed lineageOS 18.1 on my old Oneplus One. On the other hand I've found some problem with the camera (sometimes) and on GPS signal. It doesn't work AT ALL! I tried to install some GPX fix app but nothing happened. It didn't...
  40. B

    Thread Is it possible to activate GNSS support that wasnt shipped by OEMs

    Hi I need help with using Qualcomm tools to activating full GNSS functionality. For months I thought it was just to port other phones blobs but then it hit me. GNSS signals is radio so by mimicking the activating bands for QC phones trick that has been posted here it should be possible. The...
  41. C

    Thread GPS in google pixel c

    Hello, Recently I decided to get tablet for my car, and I come up with Google pixel C tablet, Which I'd like to use for many reason, to listen music and watch, for camera instead of mirrors, for GPS navigation. I like the size and every specs it has, read everything about it, but There is no...
  42. C

    Thread Google pixel c

    Helo, Recently I decided to get tablet for my car, and I come up with Google pixel C tablet, Which I'd like to use for many reason, to listen music and watch, for camera instead of mirrors, for GPS navigation. I like the size and every specs it has, read everything about it, but There is no...
  43. S

    Thread Aplications or daemons in total background

    Hello everyone! I have simple, but difficult at same time question: Is there any possibility to install any process thats working total independlytly to system? I mean - you install, for example something like 'gps tracker' or any else kind of spy software on your phone - after all, someone...
  44. T

    Thread Question Joying Android 10 - unreliable GPS

    Hi all, I just bought a new Joying 9" headunit with Android 10. I'm finding the GPS is very unreliable. It will fix on satellites but then quickly lose connection. It will then continually reconnect/disconnect. It's quite obvious when using my mapping apps that it's lost connection. The GPS...
  45. haniya ch

    Thread Android best live earth map - 3d map - live webcam hd, earth maps and gps navigation dev

    Live earth map - World Map 3D, Earth Map HD is the free GPS Map app. It is specially developed for the tourist. Explore the beauty of World with Live Street Map View 2021.Enjoy World Map 3D terrain view of the entire globe on Global Satellite Earth Map. Enjoy 360 satellite View of thousands of...
  46. haniya ch

    Thread Android best live cam - live earth cam hd - live satellite view

    Live cam - World Maps app is the best for 3D maps and live satellite view. With a free satellite map app, you can discover famous places around the world and see the nature of beauty. With this most popular app you can share your current and the location of any city, town, parking, work and...
  47. floor_official

    Thread My gps has completely stopped working after installing smali patcher

    device info: xiaomi mi8 lite, unlocked bootloader, magisk root, twrp, android 10, passed safetyNet I installed Smali Patcher and my gps completely stopped working. My real location doesn't show on google maps or any other apps that use gps. Enabling google map accuracy doesnt work either, as...
  48. JustTobold

    Thread Google location service broke after flashing to Custom ROM

    As title says. I flashed ResurrectionRemix and gps won't work on most apps. The problem seems to be caused by the google services. I installed a GPSTest app and that gets my location down to a few metres. Other apps however return errors and don't get any location at all. Does anyone know how...
  49. GalaxyA325G

    Thread [Privacy] Is it possible to find the shortcut activity Google Maps uses to turn on "Google Location Accuracy"

    Is it possible to find the activity Google Maps uses to turn on "Google Location Accuracy" so I can make a shortcut to it to turn it off when Google Maps turns it on? For privacy reasons I generally keep "Location" off on Android but every once in a while I need to use a map program, where...
  50. GalaxyA325G

    Thread [Privacy] Does Android upload your home AP SSID/BSSID/GPS if the home AP broadcast beacon is "hidden?"

    Privacy: Does Android upload your home AP SSID/BSSID/GPS if the home AP beacon is "hidden?" Does hiding your home AP broadcast beacon prevent UPLOAD of your SSID/BSSID/GPS to Google? If so, how? Background: Anyone navigating on Android who drives by my home after they pressed OK to the Google...