1. mikalovtch

    Thread Viper10 6.0.0 ◦ Tweaks,HUB,OTA ◦ VoLTE,WiFi Calling,SafetyNet ✓

    Featured by Tomsgt aka RootJunky and zedomax aka Highonandroid FZtvdA0wRW0 qVzidaC3Lg0 A1MMa0oaU_g sKyzR0Xj9cI f4Y0-8YsJxc OUuAQX55V9o More videos j to the 4n | m0narx | ivicask | mikalovtch | shnizlon | topjohnwu Download the latest rom from our...
  2. R

    Thread [APP] Hiding software buttons! Root required.

    Found this app in the international HTC One M8 forums. It allows you to hide your software keys, and when you need thee buttons you can swipe up from the bottom to use them, then they disapear after a set amount of time you specify. ROOT REQUIRED...
  3. itayg

    Thread [APP][2.3+] Whistle Camera - Selfie & More

    ★★ New update (ver 1.5.0) is available ★★ It's Amazing!!! Whistle and take a picture!!! Taking a picture never been so easy and fun – just whistle and your cam will automatically make a high quality picture. ★ Design and fix your photos with special filters and other design tools ★ Shake your...
  4. Don Luciano

    Thread [Q] May I take this Z1 offer?

    Hi buddies! Here I am again! :D A friend have the Xperia Z1 C6902, he bought it with $ 290 (only device, case and 32 GB microSD class 10, it was a very good deal :rolleyes: but at short time, a guy "reported" it (he go to Telcel carrier, and report the Z1 as stolen, then they blacklisted that...
  5. J

    Thread Fix: Verizon LG G2 Battery life not as good

    So, just like anyone else, I have been having way worse battery life than I have been getting than when I first got the phone. Suspecting a defective battery I got a warranty replacement. Which did not help at all. Then I suspected something at a software level. After trying alot of roms avail...
  6. I

    Thread [Original] [LWP] Sun Beam [from HTC One Google Edition]

    Hi, I downloaded the HTC One Google Edition system dump, took out the Sun Beam, deodexed, signed and here it is. Screen on my GNex: Download from my dropbox Please if you share it anywhere give credit to me and to google :cyclops: Peace out :good:
  7. roobeyn

    Thread [ONSCREEN BUTTONS] Small app, need developer, i have everything else ready

    Hi, as the capacitive buttons on both Xperia Ion and S is hard to hit, some ppl have installed onscreen buttons, but it bothers me that it will make my screen-view smaller. I have an idea that can make both these priorities happen! Minimize-able on screen buttons (as on provided pictures)...
  8. H89P

    Thread [Rom][10.May] Orio X 11.1.0 ✪PureXAudio RemiX'ed✪| EQS | TNA | Sense 4+/5 | JB | 3.20

    [Rom][10.May] Orio X 11.1.0 ✪PureXAudio RemiX'ed✪| EQS | TNA | Sense 4+/5 | JB | 3.20 Orio Rom - The first full themed Stock Rom Based on One X 3.20.401.1 RUU Android 4.1.1 with Sense UI 4+ Sense 5 Icons Multi-language (WWE) Deodexed, Recompressed & Zipaligned using SDK r21.1...
  9. Yahyailham

    Thread [Theme] Jelly Bread 1.0 For Normal and For Duos

    MOD EDIT: This is AvijitGhosh82's Jelly Blast ROM with some minor changes. This is it.. Jelly Bread Theme looks like a Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. This theme tested on Creeds Rom, The CoD, and Jelly Blast. Untested on other Rom... Actually I pick the Framework-res from CoD Rom, and I mod this a...
  10. rishabh.raj37

    Thread [DISCONTINUED][01-10-2012][ROM][ICS]LG3UI and Paranoid on ICS

  11. pstevep

    Thread [OFF TOPIC] The Troll Thread

    WELCOME TO THE TROLL THREAD Come here to relieve your off topic cravings. This thread will be for fun not flame. A few simple rules. 1. No Flaming or Name Calling. 2. No Team side taking. This open for anyone to post in. 3. No accusations (see rule 2). 4. Only good natured fun. This...
  12. JGW310

    Thread Battery Life!!!

    if you are getting good, or bad battery life, take a screenshot and post it here and share your story!!!! In the picture, im still at 72%!!!!! i know the phone hasnt been awake much, but still!!!
  13. souljasteve84

    Thread Anyone Owning A Htc Incredible S !!!

    I Have Found The Most Perfect Rom And Kernal For The Htc Incredible S I Have Tried Countless Roms And Kernals But So Far This Rom And Kernal Has Been Super Fast , Very Stable, Awesome Quality And With 3.0 Sense And To Top It Off The BackLight Buttons Work Perfectly :) The Rom Is Named : Ehab FG...

    Thread [ROM 2.3.4 kh3 ][9/28/11]FASTY II V2.2 Impressive battery life and just gotten better

    This is based on the latest gingerbread leak for captivate 2.3.4 uk3. So far runs great, and stable with amazing battery life. MobileAp and tethering Enabled Rooted Deodexed Noise Suppression Toggle GO TO Settings-Call Settings-Voice Call Zipaligned AT&T Bloat removed Animated notification bar...
  15. A

    Thread I already got 3.1 running flawless.

    Well, I just download the 3.1 zip file from the Chinese site and install it in my acer i notice that some programs just stop working at all... .....GAMES .....MULTIMEDIA .....E-READING .....GMAIL WIDGET all were gone....well i got frustrated a lil' bit i wasn't happy at all with this... and...
  16. M

    Thread CM7 Nightly is perfect for my Defy!

    Just my 2C - after trying Barebones 1.55 Peas & Carrots, PaysROM, CM7 RC0 and RC1 and 110625 Nightly, and coming from original Nordic Froyo - my Defy is now perfect. Video still is not 100% perfect, but I can film in wide-mode without lag now, so that's good enough for me (green lens). Using LG...
  17. F

    Thread Best Rom out so far????

    What do you think the best rom out for the G2x in your opinion is and state why (I thought this would be a good thread to easily choose a rom without reflashing and getting different users opinions would be good too soo......)
  18. mossination

    Thread [ROM] MIUI Rc7-B Minor Update

    ^ Made by Prototype159 Website(instructions): Sourceforge(old files): Task650's battery mods: Mcord11758's Theme...
  19. B

    Thread Love This Tablet

    Haven't even ROOTED nor FLASHED TnT or Vegan, but happy with Viewsonic Gtablet now out of box with latest OTA upgrades. The new upgrades Viewsonic Gtablet Stock is no longer crappy. Maybe not better running TnT Lite or Vegan, but acceptable. On upgraded Viewsonic stock ROM, added Flash 10.1...
  20. B

    Thread Sears 10% off sale 12/18/10

    Bought Gtablet 12/2 and returned 2 days later. Bought back today at $379 due to the excellent progress from the Geniuses on this forum. Been following the progress for 2 weeks and finally came back to Gtablet. Saw flyer for 10% off sale for electronic items for tomorrow. Don't know if the...
  21. hansmrtn

    Thread [ROM][FROYO]▽▲ AXURA Captivate Edition ▼△[RC 2.2][12/11/10]

    Come Chat! If you think I broke your phone, I will laugh and walk the other way! In other words, im not responsible for your problems DOWNLOAD AXURA CE Newest Version: 2.2 Based On: Unofficial Froyo JK2/JK6 For Vibrant with latest JK4 Modem Non-Issue Issues: No voicemail, google...
  22. T

    Thread XDA Guys just thanks for that you live and help

    Hre you van just thank the guys that help us just every day, may you can give a present.Maybe just a picture (selfmade) ^^
  23. #Winning#

    Thread [INFO] Post preferred Set Up for the best Performance and Battery Life on your Rom!

    Due to the overwhelming amount of posts in many Rom threads, it is quite difficult even with the search option to find what you are looking for. As many of us who visit XDA on a daily basis realize, a large number of these posts are very repetitive. "Which kernel should I use for the best...
  24. Darkyy

    Thread [ROM] [22.07.2011] DarkyROM v10.2 ★ JVQ ★ What are you waiting for?

    Welcome to DarkyROM. [logo made by Rahulrulez] // This ROM will make your Samsung Galaxy S blazing fast // and add a ton of features which greatly extend the capabilities of your phone. // This ROM should be compatible with all SGS variants [not tested with all] // If you don't have an...
  25. W

    Thread WOOT 3d is working better!

    Jay i wanted to say thnx for the developers 3d is working very good but still the max fps is 8 :) atleast progress anyone gto tips or tricks how to make that fps number grow and again thnx for making the 3d work allot better!! :D:D
  26. dotcompt

    Thread [WWE][ROM] ★ ☆ ★ 23-Apr ● DeepShining 29019 | 21916 ● Rhod 2.10 Sense 2.5.2021 ★ ☆ ★

    [WWE][ROM] ★ ☆ ★ 23-Apr ● DeepShining 29019 | 21916 ● Rhod 2.10 Sense 2.5.2021 ★ ☆ ★ WWE GSM ROM Please make sure to read the FAQ and TIPS & TRICKS Additional Cabs at second post ADVISED FLASH METHOD SEQUENCE: 1. Task29 > 2. Flash S2 HTC Europe Stock ROM > 3. Flash Deepshining ROM > 4...