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  1. S

    Thread [Q] Phiremod for Nook Battery issue with Phone

    I am running Phiremod for Nook, Android ver. 2.3.3, Mod Ver. 6.3, Build number GRI40. Last night I fully charged my Nook and removed it from the charging cable at 11PM. This morning my battery was down to 85%. When I went to [Settings] [About Tablet] [Battery Use] it showed me that "Phone...
  2. Jason_V

    Thread [Q] Google Voice Search won't update from Market

    I've tried on the stock rooted GB OTA and on Xboarders tweaked GB and each time I attempt to Update, I get an Installation error: Package file was not signed correctly. This is occurring after factory resets as well. Am I the only person encountering this, as I've not seen any mention of it in...
  3. dominante58

    Thread [Q] Why won't my downloads work in the latest GB leak? (2.3.3)

    I installed the LG GB leak (2.3.3) with the new baseband the day it came out and i must say that this is awesome- super fast GPS and i am getting better 4G data speeds and overall better voice as well. i also flashed back to CWM and rooted with xboarders rooted ROM for this leak. one thing...
  4. J

    Thread [Q] pre-rooted GRI40: flash update.zip: verification failed

    I dont know if any similar stuffs are around... so I went from GRI40 to FRG33 using PASSIMG, rooted with z4, and then I tried to use the original recovery to flash update.zip of a pre-rooted GRI40 it says: -- Install from sdcard... Finding update package... Verifying update package...
  5. Paragon_X

    Thread [Q] Darktremor 2.7 A2SD - command

    I've given as much read as I can, any help would be appreciated. I have installed Modified GRI40 (2.3.3 Gingerbread) ROM* Rooted, De-odexed, Busybox, Apps2SD, Cache2SD, ZipAligned, Disabled Stock Recovery I'm unsure what version of Darktremor a2sd it is but I assuming the non-beta. So far, I...
  6. W

    Thread [Q] Anybody have issues with ADW or LauncherPro getting knocked out of RAM on GRI40?

    I just updated to Gingerbread. I used ADW and LauncherPro without issues on FRG83, however, in GRI40. It gets knocked out of memory (I think) everytime I open an app. So when I click home and choose one or the other, it has to always redraw the screen and the app drawer, taking atleast 2 to 5...
  7. ThunderStick

    Thread [MOD] GRI40 Battery Percentage

    Flash this in recovery mode Gives you a honeycomb style battery percentage with white numbers. This is for a stock ROM using the OTA update, Rooted Attatched below are two files. BatteryPercentageGRI40STOCKa.zip - Can be flashed in recovery on your N1 GB-HC-BatPercentageImages.zip - Is the...
  8. B

    Thread OLD Market App on Gingerbread OTA?

    I've updated to GRI40 from FRG83G like everyone else (Amon RA though)... but It seems that I'm stuck with the OLD market app: version 2.13. Any ideas on how to update it?
  9. craigacgomez

    Thread [Update 3] ROM:GRI40 (2.3.3) Stock + De-odexed + Rooted + Busybox + Insecure boot

    Well, this started of as a very basic attempt to de-odex and root the Gingerbread GRI40 ROM... was pulled together in 10 to 15 mins... but I've refined it and cleaned out some kinks... so here are the specifics... NOTE: The main idea behind this ROM is "stock". I do not intend to divert from...
  10. Geo411m

    Thread [ROM] GRI40 Stock, Deodexed, rooted, busybox, battery %, TB alert 3/04/11

    This is pretty much stock, rooted Gingerbread I've made for myself and thought I would share. *Everything works just like previous builds except trackball wake. I'll update once I get it working.* Features GRI40 stock rooted (Android 2.3.3) Insecure Boot ChainsDD's Superuser app Busybox...