1. C

    Thread Apps that Google hides from Umidigi F1 owners

    I really want to play the game "Grid Autosports" but it is not available on the Google Play Store as the device has not been approved to play the game. Is there a workaround for this? Is there a way I can get the Google Store to think my phone is an "approved" phone. Thanks in advance!!!
  2. gazzacbr

    Thread Change display grid size

    Hi, anyone know how to change the grid size to more than 5x5? Thats just silly on a screen this of this size and resolution. I am on the point of adding Nova launcher but holding off until I have exhausted the standard settings as most other thing I am like are already included.
  3. Huexxx

    Thread [ROOT] Custom Icon Grid & Toggles pannel (v2) ...

    Hi all. After a lot of research and try/error, I've figured out how to set a custom icon grid for Stock MIUI Launcher and a custom number of columns on Toggles Pannel. After using EPIC Rom, I've jumped to new Oreo Global Beta 8.1.18, and I wanted the same aspect on launcher and notification...
  4. C

    Thread How to change grid size

    Hello everyone, it's a simple tweak to change your home screen grid size by your desire. Modifications were made on Android Marshmallow. Modification is only for stock Huawei Launcher. GUIDE: First of all, device must be rooted. The next step would be to locate two files and edit them with...
  5. termit901

    Thread MOD Grid TouchWiz

    MOD Grid TouchWiz Before installation, surely to do a backup! I did for TAB PRO 8.4 LTE (SM-T325), it will be possible to work and at other versions of a pad! Installation for TWRP Grid: 5x7 + transparent folders Grid: 5x8 + transparent folders
  6. O

    Thread [MOD][XXUGNG3] TouchWiz SecLauncher2 - New Grids & 6 icons Hotseat

    Moded TouchWiz SecLauncher2 based on blgblade´s script Features: Home Screen & App Drawer in sizes: STOCK( 4x4 ), 4x5, 4x6, 5x5, 5x6 Wallpaper Scrolling: On/Off ( SCR_on/SCR_off ) Max Homescreens increased to: 9 Mixed size Launcher ( Mixed Homescreen & Appdrawer grid ) Max number of hotseat...
  7. E

    Thread [MOD] Touchwiz Launcher - grid 4x5 and 5x6 [DISCONTINUED]

    I made this mod for stock touchwiz launcher (taken from MK2-firmware) to make 7 smaller icons in the dock-bar (or favorites or hotseat or as you call it ?) without text, so i got much place on screen and i made a home 4x5 grid (with stock cell-size, so all stock-widget are working normal and you...
  8. M

    Thread [Q] google experience launcher - grid size

    Hi, since 12.12.13 there is a new update of google search in playstore. If i install this update, the google experience launcher changes the grid size (now i have less icons) and some widgets disappear or are resized. Is there a possibility to change the grid size of the experience launcher...
  9. F

    Thread [Q] Could someone rip the GRID beta APK?

    I'm in Canada, and it won't show up on the store unless I (presumably) spoof my location. I know people have had it working from other countries already - could someone upload this? Much appreciated!
  10. R

    Thread Stock Launcher App Grid

    Hello, How do we get the 5 x 5 grid on the homescreen running stock samsung launcher? Currently its 4 x 4 grid plus a row for dock. I do not want to use any 3rd party launcher (e.g. Nova, TFS, Apex, etc). I need this to work on stock samsung launcher. Please help. Thanks in advance.
  11. termit901

    Thread [MOD] GRID and ROTATION TouchWiz (SM-N900) DEODEX (07-11-2013)

    Hi, everybody. At once I ask to excuse for my English. This mod only DEODEX We don't forget to do a backup It will be possible to work and on SM-N9005 and other NOTE 3 versions. it is necessary to check Features: Some widgets should be added on new, Еhe font and the full name of applications...
  12. L

    Thread [Q] pattern lock - bigger grid & more options

    Hey people, I got a question about the android pattern lock. My gf's S3 is capable of using the same grid-buttons twice, like UP and DOWN. Maybe this picture can help to understand what I mean. (1-2-3-4 is where my finger would go; mad paint skillz ftw) When I tried the same on my Sensation...
  13. SimoxTav

    Thread nVidia Grid on Nexus 7

    A couple of days ago, nVidia presented their new portable gaming device alongside one particular feature. The ability to stream PC games via cloud and from a nVidia powered PC with GFE (equipped with at least kepler Ge Force GTX 650) to any device able to have their Grid client. This is nothing...
  14. B

    Thread [Q] Apex Launcher - grid size?

    So been using Apex Launcher on the TF-101 since its been out. I just updated to the latest beta (free version) and the screen is all message up. The icons are cut off and also no text next to the icons. I have tried various grid combinations, but can't seem to find one that works. What are...
  15. Icehearted

    Thread Columns & Rows

    So I've been fiddling with LauncherPro running in CM7, and I've been trying to get the grid set up properly. I'm really not sure what the optimal is as far as avoiding distorting things too much, but I read somewhere earlier that 10x10 was best. Considering the screen size I felt that seemed...
  16. N

    Thread [Q] Grid/Lines against a gray background

    I just received this phone today brand new. I rooted and ROM(NSCollab Sprint 1.0.51) since I'm fairly familiar with the process coming from a Vibrant. I noticed that when the background is a shade of gray(like a dark scene of a movie), I can see lines and grids in the background covering the...
  17. serajr

    Thread [App] Tweaked Xperia S Home Launcher (Dock and/or Corners) for LDPI - v5.1, 04/05/12

    Here is my Xperia Home FIFTH version for x10 Mini/Pro QVGA (LDPI) devices. It was ripped from Xperia S version 2.2.A.0.14, see image: This version is full compatible only with Gingerbread (API Level 10) and Ice Cream Sandwich (API Level 14), but works with some FC on Froyo (API Level 8). It...
  18. F

    Thread [IDEA] Grid Launcher

    Maybe some of you watched the announcement of Grid from Fusion Garage, and saw the Grid Launcher. It's basically an endless grid where you put your apps, managed into groups. Here's an demo of the homescreen It's one of the only things I liked about the Grid OS, and I think I'm not the only one...
  19. bour

    Thread [THEME/9th Mar] 1.84 and 2.16 4x5Grid(Widget)

    This rom is based on ' WWE Orange RUU' Link: Other screenshots Mod Log 1% battery with animation. colorful status-bar icon and launcher icon 4x5 grid and widget Rosie.apk HtcRecommendsWidget.apk htcmsgwidgets.apk htcmailwidgets.apk HtcLaputaWidget.apk htccontactwidgets.apk...
  20. bour

    Thread [MOD][Tutorial] 4x5 Grid Workspace with Sense Widgets. II

    Sorry. Limit 30,000 characters of the First post. First Tutorial [MOD][Tutorial] 4x5 Grid Workspace with Sense Widgets. Change LOG(28th/Feb/2011) GMT+9 Most modified HTC Sense wigets. My friend(테제군 @csm3837) helped me a lot. His work is this posted. [Tutorial] Widget Modified(4x5 Grid...
  21. M

    Thread [HOWTO] Re-order your apps alphabetically in grid view.

    There are a few threads all over the place about how you can get your mess of applications into alphabetical order using grid-view. I don't know of a way to sort it automatically, but if you want to you can do this: Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> All -> TwLauncher -> Clear...
  22. bour

    Thread [MOD][Tutorial] 4x5 Grid Workspace with Sense Widgets.

    Supplements(Jan/22/2011) GMT+9 add Widgets modifed tutorial htc.ClockWidget.apk (only 2x4 WetherClock MOD) htccalendarwidgets.apk (only 4x5 MOD) Sense widgets to modified and original file '' upload to, was attached. (Android...
  23. bour

    Thread [Q] Rosie.apk 5x5 grid workspace & launcher. What should I do?

    Hi- DHD users. I want to change the DHD workspace. I've seen it while looking for relevant articles. Colsult this thread "[MOD][TUTORIAL] 5x5 Rosie workspace & launcher" I had to decompile Rosie.apk. And according to 480x800 did the calculation. Top Statusbar 40.0dip Bottom Statusbar 80.0dip...
  24. AspiringDeveloper

    Thread [Q] can our phones be programmed as transiever/repeaters to extend coverage area?

    Do we have sufficient access to the transceiver such that my phone could act as a link between a phone that is too far from a tower and that tower? Are there just too many security issues for this to be thinkable?
  25. N

    Thread [?] Home screen grid size change?

    Devs, just throwing a question out there, is it possible to change the grid size on the home screens for the Evo? The reason I ask is that my old HTC hero had a 4x4- based grid for icons, same as ours does now, but I don't really need the icons to be larger than they were on the hero, I'd much...
  26. A

    Thread Severity of Grid visibility on screen

    It seems that there are differences about grid visibility on screen. So let's do a poll. Also if anybody know why there is a grid on Leo's screen, please explain. Thanks. [Edit] Just to clarify this poll is not asking specifically the visibility of the grid when the screen is on or off. You...
  27. dado66

    Thread [REQ] 4X4 home grid

    ... not interferring with the wallpaper? Does anybody know if it exists? Thanks in advance.