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  1. X

    Thread [APP][4.0+][MATERIAL ANIMATIONS] Cinnamon - Grocery Shopping List

    Hey XDA, Gary here. My first app Cinnamon, a grocery shopping list app I have been working on for 8 months is finally released. Would love if you gave it a try: Download Cinnamon Cinnamon is a beautiful and efficient grocery shopping list app. Cinnamon has features that are guaranteed to...
  2. chakdev

    Thread [APP][2.1+] Rainbow Compare - Save on groceries

    Hi everybody on xda-developers, Compare grocery prices using Rainbow Compare. Rainbow Compare automatically calculates and compares unit prices of the products that you're interested then visualizes the comparison result for you to make a more informed, frugal buying decision. Rainbow...
  3. skandranon314

    Thread [Q] App similar to OurGrocery that can also sync with a PC

    I am looking for a app that can do a few things. I want to make a to-do list, and / or a grocery list. It needs to be able to install and sync between more than one android and a pc. I want to be able to goto the grocery with my lady and both have the app open. When we find a item either of us...
  4. K

    Thread [Q] Grocery List app specific to India

    I am searching for a Grocery app specific to India. Wanted to have a go at Grocery IQ but it is not available to India. Please HELP!