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  1. joegege

    Thread [APP][5.0+]FreeTextSMS - Online bulk SMS/group SMS solution on desktop web browsers

    Online bulk SMS/group SMS solution on your desktop web browsers through your phone and virtual SMS vendor. Send and receive SMS text messages on your desktop Windows/Mac/Linux with web browsers, such as Chrome/FireFox/Safari, through your Android phone and virtual Online SMS provider. Move...
  2. baconatorXVI

    Thread [Q] Strange Group SMS/Individual SMS Bug.

    Receiving a group sms makes a different individual message thread become locked in an "unread" state even if no individual text message has been received. Reading the Individual thread doesn't allow it to become "read". The only work around I have found is to long press the thread and mark...
  3. lampz

    Thread [Q] Group messagin APP?

    Hi, I have been using Go SMS for a long time.. but the problem is when group messaging more than 400 Contacts the app (GO SMS) starts to crash and unresponsive.. or does not responde at all.. May I ask what application do you use for GROUP MEssaging? that seemsly working flawless without a...
  4. inspector_Gadget

    Thread Jelly Bean - My first "bad" - No group SMS!!!

    Ok, after some research, it appears that Verizon is the reason Group SMS is disabled in Jelly Bean, but I could be wrong. At any rate, can anyone recommend a good tool to send Group SMS text messages that will NOT take over my stock messaging tool? I really like the stock text tool. I tried...
  5. A

    Thread [Q] Are there any other apps like GoSMS that do group messaging?

    So I'm currently using GoSMS for group messaging and it actually works pretty well for grouping up messages if I was messaged as part of a group. It uses MMS to in order to make this function possible The problem is that performance suffers tremendously when I get several at a time. I...
  6. S

    Thread [Q]Seeing other peoples #'s when receiving a mass text?

    Howdy! Semi new Photon Q LTE user but not new to Android. Previous phone was a rooted Samsung Epic 4G. When I get a mass text from someone in my contacts, if they send the same message to multiple people at once (i.e. a mass text) I will also see who else they sent the message to. If I reply...
  7. J

    Thread [Q] Group texting - How to group/view texts by conversation instead of by sender?

    I have an Evo3d running android 4.1 and I can't find out how to get group messaging to display all texts that belong to one conversation in a single thread. Most of my friends have iPhones and group text me. Each of their responese are shown in separate threads under their respective names...
  8. D

    Thread Threaded Group Text Messaging

    Has anyone thought to put in a Threaded Group SMS feature into any of their roms like these guys did?
  9. H

    Thread [Q] Group SMS Group CONTACTS Issues Desire HD

    Hi guys, I just got my Desire HD and after sincronising it with my computer (Microsoft outlook) I find that it has not coppied all my groups (contacts are all in the phone) but the larger groups have not been sincronized. I have just under 500 contacts in my phone, and 19 groups. With the...
  10. R

    Thread Group SMS

    I read a few discussions on creating group sms list... after some playing around with my Omnia - WM6.1 i stumbled upon a contact field "Category" Just create a new category & in your contacts attach them to a category & solved! When creating a new SMS in the "To" field just click enter & u will...