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gsi android 11

  1. Milor123

    Thread [GSI ROM] Upgrading Mate 10 lite to Android 11 (Guide Basic)

    All the credits of this post are for the DarkJoker360, HamiDo, Phhusson, Ponces and all TEAM of community {Mod edit} BACKUP ALL your data and system files in a MicroSD or external Device The firts STEP was very IMPORTANT FOR ME. I was trying very things for be able to use Android 11 and all...
  2. TwelwePL

    Thread How To Guide GSI Install guide for Motorola G50 and 5G

    A simple guide to installing custom GSI's on Motorola G50. This works only on Qualcomm models that are from G series of Motorola. What will you need? Motorola's fastboot tools (attached to thread.) Unlocked bootloader blank vbmeta (Included with Fastboot.) Generic System Image of your choice...
  3. KevinKraze

    Thread [SOLVED] Google Assistant "Can't reach Google at the moment" GSI

    Hi there, I am getting an error when using Google Assistant "Can't reach Google at the moment" on GSIs. I have tried 2 GSIs and it gave the same error. Can someone help? Edit: was able to solve it by clearing data on the google app
  4. nambavuong

    Thread [DiscoveryAndroid] Guide For Flashing GSIs for all Android devices (2021)

    Hi every one, in this thread, I will guide How to Flashing GSIs for all Android devices (2021). - A to Z for new babie, just only fastboot guide. - I'm highly recommend using pHH GSIs image rom. (List here) AND DO NOT ASK ME SGSI ROM. /* * Your warranty is... still valid? * * I am not...
  5. V

    Thread General Informational - GSI Rom - Treble Support - Android 11

    Followed this original thread - https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/gsis-status-boot-dump.4316479/ Nord 2 and realme x7 max has same configuration and specs so i tried and most of the things are working for me. Warning :- There are no kernel sources ( As far as we know realme they will never be...
  6. M

    Thread Help in installing Android 10, 11, or 12 gsi on redmi 6a.

    Hi. Please help me installing any GSI on my redmi 6a. I don't want to run the official OS of my phone because it is 32bit only. I want to run android 12 gsi no matter how buggy is it! I tried to install but the phone won't boot into it. Please help
  7. HackShift

    Thread Install a GSI on S9+ SM-G965F

    Im trying to install GSIs on my s9+. Like Revenge OS, or Palladium OS, that are unsupported but have GSIs. I tried these so far- ADB and Fastboot Does not work Tried Permissiver, DM no verify and the GSI in twrp Pls help, i cannot fix this issue.
  8. F

    Thread Realme C3 install GSI or any .img? Zips are fine

    Hey Guys, Installing zips works just fine from TWRP for me. IMG files fail. I've been following various guides to try to install .img files from fastboot. I start at firmware A.59 and always fall over on the combined partitions e.g. fastboot erase system Erasing 'system'...
  9. quiddityinfinitus

    Thread [ROM] [G610] AOSP-based Android 11 Treble ROM

    AOSP-based Android 11 treble rom (GSI) I did not find any bugs (other than soft rebooting for certain actions like rotating, which can be fixed by disabling HW overlays in Developer options.) Register for Play Protect certification status to resolve Play Store issue Seems very smooth and fast...