1. Max70290

    Thread Question Issues with GSI

    Hello guys! I'm new with GSIs and I managed to flash one successfully on my HMNote12, problem is that everything works EXCEPT cellular which.. for a phone.. is kind of an issue. The issue exactly is that my IMEIs are totally missing. So if anyone knows a fix, it would be appreciated! (My phone...
  2. Khalyl22

    Thread how do y'all customize the vendor partiton to update drivers and stuff

    i'm trying to use a gsi rom on my phone (Oppo A5s) but apparently i can't use my fingerprint reader + face unlock + dt2w when i googled for a moment i found out that the gsi rom kinda reads the drivers from the vendor partiton because that's what treble is so i thought maybe if i could edit the...
  3. H

    Thread [TUTORIAL] How to install Android 13 Google gsi (Dual booted) on Samsung M31 (M315F)

    Disclaimer: I am not responsible for damage to property, software, data or person. Do not whine if you made a mistake Requirements: PC (Running Windows. Virtual Machine will not work) , Internet, Knowing How to run adb commands. This guide won't work if your device has parental controls (family...
  4. O

    Thread [SOLVED] Install GSI ROM on "Project treble" phone (Samsung A13) without recovery - help needed

    I purchased one of the best-selling phones of the recent years (Samsung A13 - A137f), believing that flashing a custom ROM would be easy - which is not. I found instructions for the process with a TWRP recovery, but that does not exist for this phone. Could somebody please be so kind and point...
  5. Rumplestilzken

    Thread [gargoyle GSI] LineageOS 20 for Unihertz Titan, Pocket and Slim

    What works works, what doesn't should be reported, be smart, investigate your issue before you report it. Report on Github I offer a certain level of support with my releases, but I am a single guy working on lots of projects. The release described here has been vetted by at least a dozen...
  6. sam8010

    Thread Development Project Elixir Moto G60 / G40F [PORT][13][HANOIP]

    PROJECT EXILIR 3.5 PORT FOR MOTO G60 / G40F What is Project Exilir? Project Elixir is another aftermarket AOSP ROM which basically offers minimal UI enhancement & close to Stock Android ROM with great performance, security and stability. Most of the OEMs' these days will provide slow and...
  7. R

    Thread How To Guide Root and flash any GSI on Redmi 11 Prime 5G (light)

    First things first. What you need: Platform tools MIUI 14 Beta Stable Stock ROM Android OTA Extractor Device updated to MIUI 14 Beta Magisk app installed on the phone Step 1 Extract MIUI 14 zip on your PC. Move payload.bin to Android OTA extractor folder. Open terminal in the same folder...
  8. bmDominatezz

    Thread Does OneUI GSIs work on this phone?

    Did anyone try to flash OneUI 5 GSI on this phone?
  9. BDTG

    Thread Question Gsi rom for redmi note 10 5G

    Hello guys I want to know which gsi rom can work on redmi note 10 5g. I tried gsi pe+ unofficial and corvus gsi work welll But I want to know which is the best suitable gsi rom for redmi note 10 5G I tried gsi official from google but it bootloop Sorry for my bad english, hope you understand and...
  10. MaxCE-xda

    Thread Question samsung a22 4G SM-A225F TWRP GSI rom download

    Hi everyone, I'm writing this blog post to ask for some help from the XDA community. I have a Samsung A22 SM-A225F and I want to install a custom ROM on it, preferably an Android 12 GSI. However, I'm having some trouble getting it to boot properly. I'm following the directions on this blog...
  11. S

    Thread How to get Always On Display working on any GSI Rom?

    Hello everybody... The last time I was playing with flashing custom ROMs was with good old HTC windows phone back in the days (15 years ago)... Since the Android era, I didn't really played with flashing and rooting... I was seeing so many options I just never wanted to bother.. From quite...
  12. Khalyl22

    Thread OVERLAY for Oppo A5s

    Can someone make an overlay for this device Oppo a5s here is the framework-res @phhusson can you help me on this?
  13. Alihero123

    Thread Twrp not working after finishing pixel experience rom

    Hello my friends when I flashed a pixel experience or pixel os gsi ROM The twrp recovery stops at the logo I tried fox Recovery and pbrp recovery The same problem exists I have a device a7 2018 (a750fn) These are all gsi ROMs android 13 that have the same problem
  14. Darkaos006

    Thread How To Guide How to configure a Treble GSI properly

    Hello everyone! You are probably aware that our device, Galaxy A52s 5G, supports the @phhusson Treble Project. This Porject allow our device to boot GSIs (Generic System Images). The problem is that a GSI isn't optimized by default for our device. Now, imagine that you installed a fresh version...
  15. T

    Thread Why the monet (material you) theme not applying to phone app

    Ive recently installed spark os gsi on my device with nikgapps basic, i faced some bugs and tried to fix and fixed some by searching, but then i opened phone app and saw theme is not applying to tha app. I tried clearing cache, uninstall update, clear data, reboot, even get device certified...
  16. NinjaChunks

    Thread [ GSI ] Flashing Guide MTK [ Works for IMEI erased phones too ! ] [ RMX2117 used to demonstrate]

    Note: Device must be project treble supported This method is for mediatek chipset devices only Disclaimer: This guide does not include the normal process of flashing GSI using DSU ( Dynamic System Update ), you can learn more about that here. By using this method, you can’t use both stock...
  17. Vatsal2op Productions

    Thread [CLOSED] (DISCONTINUED) [GSI][Android 14][UNOFFICIAL][Custom ROM] How to Install Android 14 (UpsideDownCake) on Any Project Treble Phone!

    Yes! You Heard it Right! Android 14 (Developer Preview) For All Project Treble Phones Is Unofficialy Here! Google Has Only Announced The Developer Preview for Pixel Devices Only and There is no News for the Official GSI Image yet, But I've Brought You a Stable GSI Image For Your Project Treble...
  18. Rashedulalam6500

    Thread Question Trying to start custom ROM development for this device. Anyone willing to help out?

    So I don't have much experience, but I'm trying to create a device tree for this device. If any of you guys are willing to help out, let me know. I will be updating this post with my work.
  19. TwinTurb000

    Thread Question GSI on G30

    hello, a few months ago I put a GSI on my moto G30 (ArrowOS), I actually liked this GSI a lot... but I can't use some phone functions like bluetooth and headphones on the P2 output... I use headphones a lot and I was using one with a USB Type-C output but this headphones is having some problems...
  20. JayPancakeFox

    Thread Question Installing GSI on Moto G Stylus 5G (2021)

    In a moment of weakness, I finally allowed my G Stylus to update to Android 12, and my stability has been a nightmare since then. I have been reading through many guides here and elsewhere to getting a GSI installed. So far, I have unlocked the bootloader and followed the instructions for...
  21. W

    Thread How To Guide [FULL DEFINITIVE GUIDE] Installing 'Custom ROMs' (GSIs) without TWRP on Samsung Phones

    11th Feb 2023 THIS GUIDE DOES NOT REQUIRE ROOT, BUT WILL WIPE YOUR EXISTING DATA! MAKE SURE TO HAVE A BACKUP. Now before you start commenting that GSIs are not the same as Custom ROMs, please read below. Spoiler Alert: There are probably not going to be any true Custom ROMs for the A52 5G for...
  22. Concept48

    Thread Android 14 DP1 GSI AB64 - Arrived and ready for testing

    Hello XDA Family welcome : Nippon Developers family released Android 14 Developers preview ONE and it could work on Arm64 AB devices if you are lucky. The GSI is marked P7 and I think that stands for Pixel 7 ? If your device can run Pixel 7 GSI's , you could be lucky to have Android 14 in a...
  23. hunter3000

    Thread How To Guide [GSI] [A13] Pixel Experience Plus for Galaxy S21 FE 5G (Snapdragon/Exynos)

    Pixel Experience Plus for Galaxy S21 FE (Snapdragon/Exynos) based on Android 13 Unlock bootloader first: Guide for flashing system image: Flash recovery for snapdragon version, i'm using: OrangeFox Recovery is also provided for exynos soc Please do everything that is written for flashing...
  24. HollyMarijuanna

    Thread Question Trouble installing GSI on Camellian

    From what ive read in this forum, reddit, and the universal method, i would flash stock boot.img, empty vbmeta image then GSI system.img. So far, i have tried: Android 12 & 13 GSI from Google System_a flashes clean, on booting will restart once then boot to fastboot System_b returns: Pixel...
  25. DerTeufel1980

    Thread [LineageOs-20.0][TB-X606F/TB-X606FA][UNOFFICIAL] [Alexa Show Mode] for Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus [14.02.2023]

    LineageOS 20.0 Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus Alexa Show Mode available Since this is actually a GSI, it should boot on (m)any device(s), but it is inherenting tablet configs, and may look weird on phones. /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, *...
  26. J

    Thread Question Lenovo P11 Tab TB-J606F Wifi issues after GSI

    Hi all I have a bit of a problem after flashing the Google GSI (android 13) on my Lenovo Tab P11. Everything seemed to work well. Rebooted into the OS without any issues, everything seemed to work (Wifi included). I then swapped and deployed LineageOS 20 GSI which again, seemed to go okay but I...
  27. J

    Thread Device softbricking after flashing vbmeta

    Hello, i have a OnePlus 8 5G UW (IN2019/2020) and i wanted to flash a gsi on it, however, after disabling verity and verification using vbmeta and vbmeta_system, and a reboot the entire system/vendor/product partitions goes missing and i cannot flash to it using fastboot. attempting to boot...
  28. AnonymousPocoUser

    Thread Question Any OneUI(Samsung) GSI ROMS working on the Redmi Note 11?

    Im trying to flash a gsi by nippon but it dont work.
  29. K

    Thread [Guide] Installing Updated GSI

    So, I was testing various and came across the guide for installing LineageOS17 GSI in the guides section. The way mentioned seems to be working Procedure- Install TWRP with latest security patches according to this guide...
  30. imrolii

    Thread [FIX] GSI In-Screen Fingerprint Sensor not working

    Here's a little guide if your in-screen fingerprint sensor won't work properly! In my case, this happened on Pixel Experience Android 12.1 on a Samsung A52s 5G. The solution isn't anywhere (I don't think) to be seen, so I hope this is of great use! 1. Go to 'Phh Treble settings' 2. Go to...
  31. AltairFR

    Thread Official AOSP for Huawei (stanford) - LeaOS-PHH (android 13 version)

    LeaOS is a project which based on AOSP with trebledroid patches. This build includes settings parameters for Huawei STF as well as several evolutions: Offline charging AGPS Supl20 SafetyNet GCam for kirin Installation Download system file : "LeaOS-A13-20230224-iceows-stf.img.xz" (without...
  32. E

    Thread [CLOSED] [Havoc OS] adb unauthorized

    I flashed the GSI version's Havoc OS into my devices, but its adb connection always reports unauthorized. It didn't pop up any dialog to ask me confirm.
  33. J

    Thread Question lpunpack error while unpacking super.ext4.img

    I'm following this guide: and keep getting stuck on Step 5 where i have to unpack super.ext4.img. When I run the command bash$ ./bin/lpunpack super.ext4.img I get the error read failed: Invalid...
  34. MDN2137

    Thread I need some well working GSI's for my A605FN

    Im on my A605FN right now and i have installed AOSP v222 (treble_a64_bvS-userdebug 10 QQ3A.200805.001 200805 test-keys) as my system. Can someone send me a working android 8 GSI? Android 10 is too much for this device and my 3gb of ram cant take it. I dont have time searching for well working...
  35. kritomas

    Thread Question How to install a GSI properly?

    Hello all, I've been trying to install /e/ OS GSI on my Redmi Note 11S, but that didn't go exactly well. Luckily, I managed to fix it. So before I brick this thing again, How should I install a GSI properly without bricking, and which GSI would you recommend? I am looking for something more...
  36. D

    Thread [SHARE](Android 12 )Working MYUI Android 12 GSI Rom for Moto Edge XT2063-3

    Motorola MYUI GSI ROM Aight i will go straight to the point <3 As some of us i am very bored with Motorola Android 11 Rom cause the customization is completely null imo So after doing some research i finally got a Working GSI (Generic System Image) based on MYUI (Chinese Moto Firmware) as...
  37. T

    Thread Question [GUIDE] Custom ROM (GSI) for Realme 8 pro

    See my other thread
  38. muhammadbahaa2001

    Thread How to unpack & repack GSIs? I want to edit GSIs so I can make it smaller then flash it [Question]

    I want a method/tool to unpack and repack GSIs, I want to do some edits like removing unnecessary bloatware to make GSI smaller in size so I can flash it on my device. There is custom android 12 GSI I want to flash it on my device (Evolution X), it's size about 4 GB after extracting and System...
  39. soutaminori


    After i'm search many tutorial and thread about installing clean and optimal GSI and take a lot of time. So, i decided to make batch auto installer for GSI ROM for help u guys, this is easy way for installing gsi rom WITH JUST PRESS ENTER:sneaky: SMINORI GSI TOOL RELEASE HOW TO USE: 1...
  40. zDylant

    Thread Can GSI fully break my phone?

    I'm using a Moto G30 and I want to install LineageOS but is not compatible with my device. But then I found a GSI version, but I have 0 experience with them. Can GSI fully break my phone? Or at least is less risky than flashing a custom ROM?
  41. xxxxemmaxanna

    Thread How To Guide [STABLE/STOCK/GSI - Android 13] Redmi Note 10 5G (camellian) + Magisk (NO TWRP)

    How to flash Google/Pixel Stock Stable Android 13 on Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 5G (in my case camellian) from any MIUI or any GSI rom without custom recoveries: Download stock (original/unmodified) boot.img from your current MIUI Version Download LATEST platform-tools (ADB + FASTBOOT) from Google...
  42. P

    Thread How To Guide DSU Sideloader for gaining temporary/permanent root, testing GSI's or installing GSI's Semi-permanently, pulling boot image, AND making your backups

    Hello, I just wanted to post this as an answer to many questions regarding not being able to use DSU to install a GSI for testing or gaining root. The DSU install in developer options is NOT what we are using for installing GSI's temporarily for pulling boot images. And wont work for that. You...
  43. Vinpinto

    Thread How To Guide Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 2021 (SM-X200) Android 12 / Android 13 Treble flash Guide

    Your warranty will be void after any of these procedures. * I am not responsible for the outcome for using any of this information, e.g. bricked devices, dead devices, boot loops * do some research regarding flashing, custom ROM and unlocking bootloaders * you chose to make these modifications...
  44. russanandres

    Thread Question Dualboot android with split userdata

    Hello. Can i split the userdata to 64/64GB or 96/32GB(it will be perfect) to use dualboot with 2 GSI (and i hope pmos) like oneplus 6? Is there avialible any instructions? Or if thats not possible, what GSI can i use in dualboot (without split userdata) with crDroid 8.8.?
  45. IpyZ

    Thread my experiences - flashing custom rom Xiaomi Mi Play (lotus)

    I tried to flash any custom rom on my device, but I couldn't find any build for mi play. I started to mine on the internet, and I found Project Treble. Generally any device that has at least Android Oreo must support Project Treble, stock android version on mi play is Android 8.1, so it must...
  46. KaneDev

    Thread General SOLVED: Stuck in recovery mode/Cant boot in fastboot after flashing PE gsi. (Poco M3 Pro)

    Well, now i know that PE v415 and above isnt "good" for MTK cpus, but now im stuck in the recovery mode. I cant go into fastboot, tried it in every possible way. adb fastboot reboot doesnt work too. MiFLash sees my device (but i heard MiFlash only works on fastboot and is used to reflash miui...
  47. fede2782

    Thread Question Load a GSI with Dynamic System Updates

    Hi, I would like to know if someone has tried DSU with A22 5g. I found that is possible with DSU Sideloader and Unlocked Bootloader. Thank you for the answers
  48. viktak

    Thread Lenovo TB-X104F Stuck in Fastboot

    Figured it out. Dear all, I am trying to replace the stock OS on my Lenovo tablet with some more open alternative, like LineageOS. I got as far as installing a modified version of TWRP on it and got root access. I also found some unofficial gis LOS images but I couldn't install them via TWRP...
  49. AlexTECPlayz

    Thread Has anyone successfully installed Android 13 on the Galaxy A10?

    Hi! I tried installing both the Nippon GSI version (Pixel 5) and the official Android 13 GSI on my A105FN, and no dice. Tried flashing the Eureka kernel as well, and nothing. Also tried installing OctaviOS, then wiping System, Data, Cache, Dalvik then installing the GSI. I've probably...