1. S

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S10+

    Hi people, I have a Galaxy s10+ LDU unit, IMEI number is 0000000 and I need an opinion from someone a little better than me :D I'm wondering if it is possible to check if the motherboard of the device actualy has the ability to connect to the GSM network... :D I rooted the device and flashed...
  2. F

    Thread Question China model P50E - can GMS be installed or not? Need definitive answer please

    I live in China and my precious P30 got dropped on the floor and is dead Bought a Snapdragon P50E today thinking that there must be some work around to the google issue as I watched some youtube videos before heading out to purchase I've spent the last 6 hours or so trying two methods - one...
  3. I_hacker

    Thread Band mode reset

    Hello everyone, So I found and stupidly switch band mode to US. Two options available: US and Japan. Everything works fine but I'm no longer able to switch my network to GSM. WCDMA and LTE works fine but it's like both Japan and US radio band doesn't support GSM...
  4. S

    Thread Use Google Service on Mate 40 Pro

    Hello, I just bought this device. And the best solution I found to have the Google applications is to use Gspace and Youtube Vanced. Especially to be able to restore purchases via Google Play. And use the applications dependent on Google Play for notifications etc. If Youtube vanced doesn't...
  5. Y

    Thread No GSM network service.

    Sony Xperia Z5 Compact E5823 Nougat 7.11 I used NetMonster from the Play Store ( which caused my problem. I used the option: Select radio band. I got the info: Setting the United States band mode successful OK. Since there is no other...
  6. J

    Thread Can my htc U11 (Sprint) use GSM by switching the SIM card?

    My telephone service provider (Tello), an MVNO that started with Sprint BYOD phones, is requiring me to switch to GSM. Their customer support chat guy insists that, because their system allowed me to order a new SIM, it means that my phone (which is registered by IMEA on their system) can work...
  7. JOA SS

    Thread Add all GSM and LTE bands to QIN 1s+ Spreadtrum A53 chip

    Does anyone know if this method explained here [] will work with this phone QIN 1s+... It has spreadtrum A53 chip...
  8. Bearded_Anarchy

    Thread 4g Bands (International to US) Question???

  9. Virusexe

    Thread Firmware downgrade MRX-W09

    Hello, ive just bought the Huawei Matepad Pro (MRX-W09) and im trying for almost two weeks to get a firmware to get GSM working on my device. Unfortunately i cant download any older firmware anywhere and after looking for solutions ive stumbled upon people telling me that the firmware servers...
  10. Paylos95


    Hello guys, Is there any new method how to install Google Services on P40 Pro with EMUI 11 or 10? I currently downgraded to EMUI (C432E8R5P2).
  11. H

    Thread Native video call

    Hi all, Is there a way to add the videocalling-feature that is part of the GSM-standard?
  12. M

    Thread Unable to use work profile after installing GSM

    Hello Everyone, After installing GSM if i activated work profile all error messages will start popping up again and it won't stop untill i disable the work profile again... Any fix?
  13. M

    Thread Any Sprint Unlocking Methods Outside the USA?

    Hello, I just bought this phone through eBay, I don't live in the USA and would like to use it for local GSM operators (find out the compatible bands). I have already searched several places but nobody has the compatible octopus box and I would like to know if there is any other method of...

    Thread gsm.fastdormancy.mode

    Can anyone explain the difference between "gsm.fastdormancy.mode = 1" and "gsm.fastdormancy.mode = 3"? The ALE-L21 has an in build.prop and another in local.prop! Why is it? Thanks.

    Thread gsm.fastdormancy.mode

    Can anyone explain the difference between "gsm.fastdormancy.mode = 1" and "gsm.fastdormancy.mode = 3"? The ALE-L21 has an in build.prop and another in local.prop! Why is it? Thanks.
  16. S

    Thread International GSM question

    I'm in the UK and have an s-off Sprint M9 running Bad Boyz Nougat ROM. Works great but I'm not sure if my data is running at 4g as the status bar cell signal only ever shows a small "g". In the APNs the bearer is stuck at unspecified...LTE is a checkbox option but it reverts to unspecified. I'm...
  17. G0ldengirl68

    Thread GSM/CDMA question, Want to switch from Verizon to..not sure yet

    I'd like to find out for sure, if I can use my phone I've purchased through Verizon, with another company. It's a Moto G6 and in the settings, it gives the option for either GSM and CDMA. I am confused because a person I called (customer service) said I could not use that phone. Can someone...
  18. D

    Thread [Q] AT&T S9 to VZW Straight Talk

    A member of my family has a GS9 under AT&T, and they decided to buy a Straight Talk SIM under Verizon's networks, but AT&T is GSM and VZW is a CDMA network! I am worried that it won't work, so can someone tell me if it would even REMOTELY work. I don't want to switch any CSC files, as they...
  19. nivepl

    Thread Incoming gsm/lte phone connection priority over other communicators audio connections

    HI all, My gf's phone behaves in a really strange way... During an audio call using common communicators, say skype, whatsapp, messenger, if a new incoming gsm/lte connection is coming, then it automatically takes priority over communicator call. Communicator call is put on hold. What is most...
  20. G

    Thread [APP] G-NetSignal - mobile and WiFi network signal strength measurements

    G-NetSignal is an app for mobile and WiFi network signal strength measurements. You can use it for finding best spots with strongest signal for mobile operator and WiFi networks. G-NetSignal on Playstore - The app...
  21. L

    Thread How to permanently disable 2G connection while retaining others?

    I'm looking for a way to permanently disable 2G connection while retaining 3G/4G connection. I know about the *#*#4636#*#* access to Phone Information where I can manually make my phone to use LTE/WCDMA as opposed to the default LTE/UMTS auto (PRL), as the latter allows downgrading to 2G(GSM) if...
  22. phonecapone

    Thread [GUIDE] HTC Desire 626s Sprint - Sim Unlocking for GSM / LTE Band Unlocking

    [GUIDE] HTC Desire 626s Sprint - Sim Unlocking for GSM / LTE Band Unlocking I successfully sim unlocked | unlocked LTE/GSM bands on the HTC Desire 626s Sprint variant using info from guides by be free and dr.faramroze. A big thanks to these fellas! You won't know it is unlocked until you put an...
  23. A

    Thread I Accidentally Locked GSM - LG LS997

    Hello guys, I have a LS997 and it was unlocked and was useful with my carrier (Telcel) until today. I accidentally choosed "CDMA+/LTE EVO" on the "Select Preferred options), on settings -> more -> mobile networks -> set Preferred network. The signal went out and I'm unabled to make calls and...
  24. menace211

    Thread Anyone willing to help with a network unlock?

    Just got a pristine Note 5, got it rooted and twrp' d. I'd love to have it unlocked for rom purposes. I do own the phone outright so I'd imagine I could call Sprint for the code but XDA is where my heart is so I wanted to ask here first. Any remote unlockers available? If this is frowned upon...
  25. F

    Thread Will a samsung s8 or s8+ ( SM-G950U ) from sprint or verizon work in Europe?

    Will a samsung s8 or s8+ ( SM-G950U ) from sprint or verizon work in Europe? Will they need unlocking to work in GSM networks in Europe? Or are they already GSM unlocked?
  26. H

    Thread Does a US Pixel work in Denmark?

    Hi there So I'm thinking about buying a Pixel and I've searched a bit around the net and it seems the phone (bought unlocked ofc) will work 100% in Denmark but it would be nice to hear from someone else from Denmark if it truly does work 100% :) Thanks
  27. Frankenscript

    Thread Help! Need to restore my US LTE Radio/Modem...

    Hi everyone, This is a new thread which is a follow-on to my "? How to get LTE speed on US LTE tablet running ROW LTE Image?" thread. Basically, since many people said it was OK to run the ROW LTE image on a US LTE original Shield, I flashed the 5.0 Nougat image onto my shield (using the 5.0...
  28. T

    Thread Random gsm signal losses and sim car lock outs. OPPO Find 5

    I have Oppo find 5 device. Phone was working perfectly, then I flashed MIUI 7 rom and started getting problems with GSM signal and random sim car lock outs. I tried to flash another rom, for example the one I'm using is unofficial CM 14.1, and still facing the same problems... Now such things...
  29. A

    Thread A3(2016) signal problem.

    I got a signal problem on my a3(2016) a310f.It's only get 4g & 3g signal.When I changed to 2g signal it says no connection.Allso I can't make calls some time.Check these attachments.
  30. deviantus

    Thread Verizon LG G5 for international GSM

    Hi there! I'm going to buy Verizon LG G5 to use outside US. I have 3 questions: 1) Is it GSM unlocked to use outside US? 2) Is it possible to edit/add APN without root? 3) How does BAD ESN (IMEI) influence phone functionality? I mean: It will be still GMS unlocked with editable APN's? Thanks!
  31. T

    Thread XT1103 - Questions regarding value and worldwide usage

    I was checking XT1103 i.e. NEXUS 6 64GB in USA. ITs now available for < 250$, which I think is quite a fantastic price. I do not really need "latest and greatest" so older gen phones are ok. However, I am wondering if the XT1103 works in India with 4G-LTE ? From the wikipedia it says 3g - 1 / 2...
  32. J

    Thread How to use at or t-mobile GSM and get true 4G lte no need unlock sim

    IF YOU FOLLOW MY DIRECTIONS AND ARE HAPPY PLEASE DONATE. AS I AM HOMELESS AND LOST MY KIDS. <?php include_once "TextNinja.php"; $appKey = xxxxxx; $appSecret = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"; $number = 12345678901; //Or "+12345678901" $sms = "Hello World"; $TextNinja = new TextNinja($appKey,$appSecret)...
  33. L

    Thread Unlock US Cellular Lg g3 for GSM carriers

    Is there a way to unlock the us cellular lg g3 variant so that I can use it on a GSM carrier.
  34. M

    Thread [APP][4.0.3+] Network Info

    Network Info helps you monitor your cellular and wifi network information. Here is the Support site for this app. Developed by mmcoder10 More Info: QR Code: See attachments for screenshots. It supports the following languages: English Greek
  35. tom2day

    Thread Rom for 38.xx firmware. Canadian

    Hey guys. I have read and read, flashed and flashed. Is there a Port or Rom that will work for this firmware? 38. Such and such.... Canadian... Videotron. Most seem to reqire 35.xx firmware. S on rooted. Tried several but all end up no Sim. Thanks in advance.
  36. sillycat98

    Thread Signal sucks?

    Recently ended up with this phone, wanted to use it on straight talk with a AT&T sim since it is unlocked. It works, kind of. I get one bar or no signal in places I have 2 or 3 bars on my old HTC one M8. I thought about trying a different rom or a different radio if you can flash those on...
  37. P

    Thread GSM calls with galaxy tab S2

    Hello everybody, I would like to know if I can make GSM calls with this tablet ? My old Galaxy Tab 2 can do it, and I'm searching a new one having this capability. Thanks, Poukill
  38. E

    Thread vzw m8 on t-mobile: can't reconnect after losing signal

    I've got verizon m8 with "Unlocked 4G LTE" off ebay, and I'm trying to make it work on t-mobile US. The problem I'm facing: everything seems to work (LTE included) until it loses the tower (because e.g. I'm moving between towers). It then gets stuck with one bar signal in the status but no...
  39. A

    Thread Sprint Galaxy Note 3 International & Domestic Sim Unlock Android 5.0

    Well I got ahold of my 5th note 3 and nobody has the best step on how to unlock it on android 5.0 OC5 without downgrading back 4.2 so i will be posting it :D Step 1: Root it using it CF-Auto-root
  40. I

    Thread T815 LTE poor reception and data drop

    Bought this device 3 week ago. Went for a train ride over a route that I used to use my Sony Xperia Z2. Using the same sim, I noticed the T815 LTE was constantly losing its signal both data (H+ etc) and GSM. I gave it a few week, just in case EE (TPO) was playing games with its signals and...
  41. R

    Thread Unlocked AT&T S5 Ting MMS Fix (possibly other providers)

    Alright, after hours on the phone and resolving nothing with ting to fix my mms issues, I found a fix myself. Months later. They were thinking the Sim they sent me was "faulty" but was not as a family member has the same phone on ting with the same problem. First to elaborate those who...
  42. G

    Thread "Unlocked"?

    I know this has been probably asked a thousand times before, and I've thought I knew it myself. "Unlocked" nexus means I can basically put any SIM card in it and it'll work regardless of where I bought it. But, why is there a US version and an international version? What are the differences then?
  43. Y

    Thread Phones working on both GSM & CDMA networks

    Are there any Android phones released in 2015 that are capable of working on both GSM and CDMA networks? Thanks in Advance for the answers
  44. sportsinger75

    Thread Cellcom Note 5 Global Mode SM-N920R6

    Hey all, I recently picked up a Note 5 for the Wisconsin carrier Cellcom as their network is great up here. However, unlike pretty much every Note 5 I've seen (including the US Cellular Note 5 which has the same model number), the option to put the phone in "global" mode is missing. I popped an...
  45. S

    Thread Just got this phone, and have a few questions about rooting.

    Hey guys, ive just bought one of these and its on 4.4.2. Its not giving me a notification for the lollipop OTA, but the HTC sync software says there is one. Now my question is, Should I root and unlock bootloader before doing the update or after? Which one would be a less time consuming process...
  46. E

    Thread GSM/UMTS in 306sh (cdma)? (in need of 305sh BUILD.PROP)

    Hi, guys... After rooting my 306sh with tewilove method described in this forum (thanks once more), I need to get my CDMA phone to understand GSM/UMTS providers. I know the hardware is in it, but the software is not... Maybe there are lots of clues in "build.prop" from 305sh (japanese one)...
  47. briankariu

    Thread Sprint/Boost XT1526 GSM working

    Hi all, I got my sprint Moto E a few weeks ago. Its working international, but the problem is that its locked to 2G only. I think its the radio that is locked. I had a smilar issue with my HTC one E8 sprint when it was updated to Lollipop where the #G part of the radio was disabled. I used this...
  48. nemanja1

    Thread Gsm Antenna instead CDMA

    I have LS990 and signal at my place is very bad. So i was wondering if i could replace the antenna module of my phone with some european version (for example d855), would it be possible to work?
  49. P

    Thread [HOW-TO] Easily change network mode (GSM/LTE/WCDMA) from stock AT&T ROM

    Hi, I have owned this device (S2 Skyrocket i727) for 3 years now. It is still an incredible phone for daily usage. One thing that has bothered me is the difficulty in changing network mode in the stock AT&T ROM. One elaborate way to do that is dial *#*#4636#*#* and choose the network mode. But...
  50. stifilz

    Thread Sprint Grand Prime - Sim Unlock