1. jenneh

    Thread [GUIDE][NO-ROOT] How to Remotely Connect to Your Phone, or Any Android Device, Using Termux and a PC

    Hello Friends~! Today I wanted to teach you how to remotely connect to your phone, or any android device, using Termux and a PC. This example assumes your android device is on the same wireless network as your pc. In order to remote into our device, we need to install a GUI within Termux. Two...
  2. jenneh

    Thread [GUIDE][NO-ROOT] How to install Ubuntu and other Linux Distros on Your Phone or Android TV Box, using Termux

    NOTICE: THIS METHOD IS ONLY FOR NON ROOTED DEVICES PROOT-DISTRO GITHUB PAGE Hello Friends! Today I wanted to start a thread that will house prebuilt Linux environments, as well as instructions for building the Linux environments yourself. These "environments" theoretically can be run on any...
  3. mlolz93

    Thread Android 13 colors. I dont like them

    How is it that custom colors become a thing where it give us the end users the ability to select colors but they are pre defined based on the wallpaper that is selected.. Way to bork creativity. After install a12 on my pixal 4a 5g I'd thought the install was corrupt due to the weird janky off...
  4. badabing2003

    Thread 📳🔥PixelFlasher for Google Pixel 5 Support Thread.

    This is the support thread of PixelFlasher (PixelFlasher is an open-source self contained GUI tool to facilitate Pixel phone device flashing/rooting/updating with extra features). Note: This thread is meant for issues and problems faced in Google Pixel 5 devices, generic issues that are device...
  5. badabing2003

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods 📳🔥PixelFlasher for Google Pixel 6 Support Thread.

    This is the support thread of PixelFlasher (PixelFlasher is an open-source self contained GUI tool to facilitate Pixel phone device flashing/rooting/updating with extra features). Note: This thread is meant for issues and problems faced in Google Pixel 6 devices, generic issues that are device...
  6. badabing2003

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods 📳🔥PixelFlasher for Google Pixel 6 Pro Support Thread.

    This is the support thread of PixelFlasher (PixelFlasher is an open-source self contained GUI tool to facilitate Pixel phone device flashing/rooting/updating with extra features). Note: This thread is meant for issues and problems faced in Google Pixel 6 Pro devices, generic issues that are...
  7. J

    Thread Hide status bar and navigation bar in Custom ROM

    I'm currently trying to create a custom ROM which does not show the navigation bar and the status bar. Can anybody give hints on possible approaches for this? Background: We are building a single-purpose device for a customer and a requirement is that it only runs a single app and android is...
  8. xavierprog1

    Thread [CLOSED][ROM] GestureOS is soon available for Nexus Q

    GestureOS is a linux based operating system with a Gesture based UI for Nexus Q. This version use a custom library for input and output. ROM OS Version: GestureOS 1.0 ROM Kernel: Linux 2.3x Based On: Linux ROM Source Code: N/A Devices Compatibles: Nexus Q The files will be soon availables...
  9. SigmundDroid

    Thread SMS-Messaging only 4 Lines? Help needed...

    Dear XDAnauts, I don't recall always having this problem but nowadays the LOS app for messaging and SMS/MMS shows only four lines while typing: And no matter how many lines you have typed, the window does not get bigger than 4 lines. Well, how shall I put it without using swear words...
  10. DKXC

    Thread [Feedback & Ideas] WinADB Universal ADB Client GUI for Windows, In-Development

    WinADB - Universal ADB Client GUI for Windows Introduction Heyo. I am Daniel, a 18yr old software developer from Germany. So for a few years I have been into Android development and hacking, not as deep as others, but I'd say I am experienced. Once I have a new phone, I directly search for...
  11. nthp999

    Thread Change GUI in Xposed Module

    I want to use Xposed Module to display an AlertDialog and warn user whenever the target application is executed on the background, so how can I do that. I was using a thread to display dialog; however, it didn't work.
  12. T

    Thread [BUG] GUi ERROR - Bad GUi DESiGN

    there seems to be a bug in the code: when starting the app, the gui is somewhat unreadable for me by using a strange font and not the system-font. all apps on my device use the system-font, hence there seems to be a bug in this applications code.
  13. N

    Thread Sharp Aquos R2 NTT Docomo GUI and apps to Softbank version

    I just bought the Sharp Aquos R2 but made a big mistake of getting the Softbank version. Why, because the GUI of NTT Docomo is way way better than Softbank and for saving 100$ I made a bad decision which I do regret. I miss the cute little Sheep assistance roaming on the home screen the most...
  14. DKXC

    Thread [GUI] Fire Downgrader Utility - with integrated file hash checker & ADB

    Fire Downgrader Utility - R1 29.09.2018 A small tool to downgrade your Fire tablet easily. Tested on my Fire 7, 5th generation. Here is a small tool I wrote for downgrading your Fire tablet. It has a integrated file hash checker (for firmware versions 5.4.0 and below) and ADB. Just select the...

    Thread AROMA GUI zips

    does anyone has any idea why we can't flash aroma zips on U12+ ? same thing applies to OP6 :confused: I know AROMA is an abandoned project from almost 4 years ago, but popular devs like Team Venom LeeDroid flar2 etc... still use it for custom ROMs and kernels for the ability to provide...
  16. B

    Thread Seems like double buffering is source of lags

    Kindly ask you to set your screen to color inversion. Then tell me, why every time I swap apps, switch between windows or run next activity the screen firstly blinks into my face some white blank window and only after that it shows new window? It's probably a double buffering of some sort when...
  17. I

    Thread [TOOL] MobyDroid (Android Device Manager for Linux, Windows and MacOS)

    Hello every one, MobyDroid is a simple and cross-platform Android Devices Manager. It runs on any operating system with Java support (Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, BSD, Solaris...). THIS IS JUST A BETA RELEASE ! I have been running linux from while now. And what I noticed is there is no GUI...
  18. I

    Thread MobyDroid - Android Device Manager (for Linux, Windows and MacOS)

    Hello every one, MobyDroid is a simple and cross-platform Android Devices Manager. It runs on any operating system with Java support (Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, BSD, Solaris...). THIS IS JUST A BETA RELEASE ! I have been running linux from while now. And what I noticed is there is no GUI...
  19. ericlikeseatin

    Thread Changing the GUI for selecting a time

    Hey guys, I had a quick question that I couldn't find in the forums, or on Google in general for that matter. Is there a way to change the way time is input on our device? For example, when I'm choosing the time for a calendar event, this is what I see on my Honor 8 running the latest version...
  20. mhashim6

    Thread [Win, Mac, Linx] Simple-ADB

    HOW-TO • Installation • Usage COMPATIBILITY • Windows • Linux (Thanks a lot for topnomi for testing and confirming Linux support, follow his Instructions for linux). • Mac OS (read this post for details) TO-DO/FIX • fix memory leak because of large output to the JTextArea [(e.g...
  21. Fusseldieb

    Thread [CLOSED][DISCONTINUED/ARCHIVE] Super ADB Tool Reborn [SATR] - No more command lines!

    Mod edit: THREAD CLOSED on request of OP @Fusseldieb
  22. vaibhavpandeyvpz

    Thread [1.0.0][TOOL][WINDOWS] Handyb - Tiny GUI For Common ADB Commands

    Handyb - GUI for ADB (Android Debug Bridge) A simple, open-source, graphical Windows utility written in C# to carry out general ADB CLI operations with ease. Since this is on GitHub, let me know if you forked and got some improvements ready to merge. Credits: MadBee for Regexes Shota...
  23. sandpox

    Thread [TOOL] APKTools Windows GUI Decompile/Recompile/ZipAlign/SignAPK

    Hi everyone, I want to share a tool that I make it myself for easy to modify APKs (Because laziness so I don't want to type cmd :silly: ). REQUIREMENTS : 1. Windows XP or above. 2. .NET 2.0 is installed (default on XP, Vista, 7) 2. JRE/JDK Installed. 3. An APK that you want to do something with...
  24. P

    Thread Android Image Layout alignment Issue

    I am having great trouble getting images in my new application to align with one another. This is what my app should look like: but this is what it looks like on smaller screens: I have made multiple layouts before for bigger and smaller screens but the problem I am having is the device I am...
  25. L

    Thread [Q] Best working Emulator Frontend?

    Hey guys, I've been trying to find the best way to put my games collection on my fire TV and so far all of them dont work well. I even tried to use XBMC with the config information here: No need to make any changes to the Rom Collection Browser...
  26. Giro54

    Thread [Q] Sony's UI or default UI

    Hi! just wondering... do you like how Sony changes the look of android? It doesn't look bad but why do some manufactures need to change the icons, apps' layout (especially the sms) and everything what Google intended to be. I know that it needs to be somehow distinct or unique but I really love...
  27. D

    Thread [Q] How can I enable root for apps if this ROM has no option for it (ADB is fine)?

    Hello all, I have an old Allwinner A10 tablet, I've been trying to install something newer than ICS and have found some ROMS and firmwares. The most awesome is an ASTROPLUS firmware (Android 4.2.1) working great in my old tablet. Nevertheless, I can't manage Superuser or SuperSU to work. I have...
  28. Beatsleigher

    Thread [Tool][Win] Better ADB GUI

    Many of you may be familiar with ADB GUI (Or ADB Helper UI). So am I. I always thought it could use something... I don't know... Then, a few days ago, while reading the portal, I read it got an update. So I had a look and downloaded the program. I looked at it, and thought: "Well. It works! But...
  29. tonystuck

    Thread WallProxy GUI on RT

    This is a GUI interface for WallProxy that can run on RT. FYI WallProxy uses the Google App Engine as a free proxy server. Useful if you can't visit certain websites behind a firewall and don't have a vpn handy. The concept is that assuming your connection to is good, we can create...
  30. CNexus

    Thread [TOOL] FlashImage Tool [RLS1]

  31. music.soul


    Special effect Features:- *Battery Icon Change *Amazing Light Effect on Pulldown Background *Custom Background for almost Every SystemApp *Centered Text: NO NOTIFICATIONS & ON GOING NOTIFICATIONS *Notification Title in Blue Colour *IF YOU WANNA PORT THE THEME PLEASE GIVE MY NAME IN...
  32. bassie1995

    Thread [REPO] The library thread

    Hello everyone, Based on the release of the new forums here, and the seemingly enthusiastic response, I have decided to create a repository of libraries that are useful to Android developers. Libraries: AChartEngine : This is a library that lets you make and display all kinds of charts, from...
  33. G

    Thread [Q] Can I remove default GUI on Android 4?

    I want to create a generic x86 rom based on Android. I just want to create an android-based linux distro without GUI, I want to run only a bash shell on the distro. It is for a personal project. I need to install Android packages without graphical interface and I need to build rom from...
  34. Flint2

    Thread [Tool][02 Nov]Kernel Gestures Builder

    Hi fellow devs of XDA ! On Aug 13 2012, Tungstwenty introduced a new awesome feature to android kernel, that empower our touch devices to a new level, the ability to respond to multitouch gestures: [Ref][Kernel]Triggering actions with touch gestures As Far as I Know, The feature is...
  35. t-ryder

    Thread [RESOURCE] CM ICS Camera.apk GUI style for chefs

    I share the camera.apk resources I used on my translated saga CM ICS MIUI ROM a while ago. ROM-chefs or users can just decompile the default Camera.apk of CM ICS using apktool and overwrite the existing files in \res\drawable-hdpi Users would have to replace the default apk with the modified apk...
  36. B

    Thread Cross Platform Programming Language for GUI without anything installed?

    I'm looking for the best language for searching through particular files on the hard drive that can have a UI. I'm wanting to search for files of a certain extension type (ex: .jpg) and be able to do this across all hard drives cross platform. Here is the criteria I'm looking for: Cross...
  37. onealvideo

    Thread Multi-User Jelly Bean

    So looking through the XDA main page and watching todays video they highlight a 15 year old developer Raghav Sood The thread is here I decided to give it a whirl and this will be awesome once we get a user select screen on boot. I am liking the idea of having a screen for my wife with no...
  38. PulseDroid

    Thread [Theme][CM9]Jelly Bean UI[UPDATE 21/11/12][V1.0]

    Hi Guys, as we are all waiting for a stable CM10 I made this theme for CM9 to completely change the Ui to CM10. Enjoy! 1. Install Apk 2. Select Theme in Settings -> Themes 3. It will say "missing assets for your device" Select Apply anyway. 4. Reboot (Some Changes need this!) Note:-...
  39. hackn101

    Thread ADB GUI

    Hi guys I'm currently in the process of building a GUI (graphical user interface) for ADB. I'm a huge fan of android as im sure most of you are so a GUI is just what some of us need to make our edits, installs, pushes, shell commands and more alot easier. Now i've only been working on this...
  40. B

    Thread [TOOL/UTILITY][TWRP][3.0][RECOVERY] TWRP 3.0.2-0 TeamWin Recovery Project 4/5

    [RECOVERY] [4/5/16] TWRP 3.0.2-0 - TeamWin Recovery Project TeamWin is proud to present TWRP 3.0.2-0 for the Galaxy Note (ATT)! Youtube video: Full TeamWin credits are on the TWRP page on the TeamWin website:
  41. krook6023

    Thread [DEV] [REF] Splash Updater Utility - Modify source to add a GUI to any script!

    Background Here is a program a whipped up as a learning experience. My goal was to demonstrate a way add a GUI to any batch script as a standalone EXE. I did some research and found a small program developed by Dion Nicolaas called Wizard's Apprentice. This program uses a well-described...
  42. G

    Thread [Q] Why are the stock-based ROMs graphically smoother than CM7.2 on Defy+?

    There's a constant struggle in my mind. I have tried several CM7 builds, but all of it had problems with the GUI smoothness. I just could not reach that iPhone-like smooth operation like the stock ROM or MS2Ginger, not even with V6 SuperCharger and Nitro Lag Nullifier. Various scrolling cache...
  43. T

    Thread PC-Android Root File Manager - Android Commander by PanPiotr [WIN][ROOT][ADB]

    Hey xda, I have found a very cool application for windows users: Android Commander. Its a File Manager for Windows that lets you browse the root directories of your phone within a nice gui. No more typing lines of adb shell commands! Download: Visit Website
  44. irule9000

    Thread Adb GUI QtADB

    Hey I just found a GUI for some of the simpler ADB commands. Its great for those with little programming experience who flash roms such as myself and currently do adb commands through command prompt. Thanks to 7ymekk for his hard work on QtADB. Click here for the thread Here for his website...
  45. M

    Thread [Q] Google maps ui element

    Hey guys, I've got a question regarding a UI element that is implemented in the current google maps app. The new google maps app supports indoor maps. While viewing an indoor map the different floor levels appear on the right side of the application. How is this ui element called and how can I...
  46. Stahuuuu

    Thread [Q] How to theme Opera Mobile 11 app?

    I just want to know how to theme/change .png's from Opera Mobile app. I decompiled .apk file and there are some files, but I can't find most of GUI elements. In most apk's there are drawable-hdpi folder and there are all graphics files, but here in this folder is only Opera icon. Already I know...
  47. kenneth.f

    Thread Issue list

    Not sure if this is the place to post, but here goes. Anyone experience the same problems? My tab: Stock P7510UEKME Issue list: 1. Wireless sometimes unable to reconnect after hibernation: Only solution - Reboot 2. Randomly unable to unlock after hibernation: Solution - Reboot 3. GUI lags...
  48. mainstang

    Thread [Q] GUI windows 32 root versus adb perm root opinions

    I want to root my evo shift and would like some opinions on which root method everyone likes. What is the easiest way to get root for wireless tether that is really the main reason for me rooting. I'm looking at using the windows 32 GUI method because there is no command line. For some reason...
  49. A

    Thread [Q] GUI sounds suddenly disappear!

    I have Android Revolution 4.0b4. today all of my GUI sounds(like keyboard, weather widget, lock sounds) disappeared. i tried everything, restarting, leveling up the sound... what kind of problem is this?
  50. W

    Thread [Q] GUI Library for android

    Hello everybody, I 'm a novice in the android world (after an experience in WM dev) and i m trying some GUi examples with 2.3 android SDK. So my questio is: I found so many apps that has a great look and a very nice GUI. Are they using the library provided with the SDK? or are they using their...