1. J

    Thread Hard Challenge

    Hello guys, I need a Custom ROM, running a hard reset already restart without the need to set the initial settings, is it possible? can anyone? if you think it's possible and you can, contact me by email ([email protected]) or whatsapp (+5562996925965) to arrange prices
  2. G

    Thread Gen5W for HKMC root access

    Hello guys! I am a bit tired today to explain all the details, we will be writing a better post soon. But for now this will have to suffice. TL; DR; We are going public on how to hack the headunit for HKMC vehicles. This applies to pretty much all Gen5W models, requires no soldering, and yeah...
  3. M

    Thread Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro .tmpsu .dbsu .handlersu files

    Hey, I'm reposting this to the specific model forums (don't know the rules for sure): I've found randomly places files named .tmpsu, .dbsu, .handlersu files. They're all over the place (DCIM, Pictures, etc.) and each dir has only one file. My phone isn't rooted and the bootloader is locked...
  4. M

    Thread Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro .tmpsu .dbsu .handlersu files

    Hey, I've found randomly places files named .tmpsu, .dbsu, .handlersu files. They're all over the place (DCIM, Pictures, etc.) and each dir has only one file. My phone isn't rooted and the bootloader is locked, and the only time it left my sight for long enough to be hacked was the warrenty...
  5. W

    Thread [NEW] Installing apps on a Gabb Phone Z2?

    hey guys, stuff didn't work out, we're working on it still, sorry for the hope we really thought we were super close. keep staying updated, my new gabb comes soon. there's also an update i'm prettty sure? don't update. Hello all! I am the guy who made the last post about having apps on the Gabb...
  6. mlgmxyysd

    Thread [Qin F21 Pro] k61v1injector v1.1 - Arbitrary application installer for Qin F21 Pro

    k61v1injector Arbitrary application installer for Qin F21 Pro Exploit the vulnerability to install arbitrary applications in k61v1 without ROOT. Feel free pull request if you want :) php-adb The project proudly uses the php-adb library. How to use GitHub...
  7. mlgmxyysd

    Thread [Qin F21 Pro] k61v1injector v1.1 - Arbitrary application installer for Qin F21 Pro

    wrong forum, move to https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/qin-f21-pro-k61v1injector-v1-1-arbitrary-application-installer-for-qin-f21-pro.4348233/
  8. M

    Thread Help. I use VMOS PRO + ViPER4Android + Onkyo HF Player..

    Help. I use VMOS PRO + ViPER4Android + Onkyo HF Player.. I cant use USB DAC, no sound out result that's the problem.. So did someone know how to set up USB DAC with VMOS PRO(N) + ViPER4Android + Onkyo HF Player Thanks You all !!!
  9. mike0010

    Thread Smartwatch with Bluetooth Headset not working

    Hello Everyone one. II have a clone smartwatch and having issue with making and receiving call with direct Bluetooth connection . 1) Bluetooth is connected ..when the call is received... i don't get any ringtone in the smartwatch or in the Bluetooth headset ? 2) Smartwatch Bluetooth after...
  10. DrRoxxo

    Thread Question Am I hacked?

    I have just received a brand newT mobile SM-A326U, Samsung galaxy A32 5G USA variant today from the mobiles website. I immediately updated to the newest security and software patch as I have been having issues with security lately imsci catcher, remote code injection, forwarding calls and texts...
  11. X

    Thread forgotten pin and i need my images

    special hi to every members and other grades of xda i have a question and i will be happy if any one could help some one came to ma and asked me to bypass his pin ( that he forgotted) and he has his Deceased mothers photo only in his phone i said him not to wipe data and let me ask some one as...
  12. adhimette.champ

    Thread [CLOSED]Hack xiami mijia walkie talkie new version

    @adhimette.champ THREAD CLOSED as duplicate of https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/how-to-hack-xiaomi-mijia-walkie-talkie-2.4306971/ Please review the XDA Forum Rules with special emphasis on rule no. 5 and post only once! I would like to know how to hack xiami mijia walkie talkie new version.I...
  13. L

    Thread Hacks/Bots for mobile games

    Hi. I'm looking for hacks or bots or hacked APKs Mod edit: *snip* I hope I'm not breaking any forum rules by asking for something like that.
  14. nifaweon

    Thread Cant access my old HTC, but I need to

    Dear XDA community, I have an HTC Desire HD with, I guess, Android 2.X. I need to access crucial information on the device, but since I have forgotten my pattern from back in the days, I need to find another entry. Here is what I tried: I put in the SIM card to have internet connection. Having a...
  15. Logic2Paradigm

    Thread [Game] [1.0.3] [DEV] Life Of Hacker

    Hey guys! Check out my new game Life of Hacker. It's simulation of Life of a Hacker. Your goal is to hack the Pentagon. To do so, you should: - Find a job and earn for your education - Take care of your well-being - Study new programming languages and computer science - Buy and upgrade...
  16. N

    Thread Nubia Alpha Jailbreak?

    Hello! I've recently got my hands on a brand new Nubia Alpha. This device is based on Snapdragon 2100 and uses modified Android Wear (based on Android 7.1). But global version is a crap - it does not have ability to install apps. That ability is just locked away. That's ridiculous! So I want to...
  17. S

    Thread Orbit wonder

    I have the orbic wonder and i was looking for custom roms. Can any one please help.
  18. Falling.down

    Thread Vírus infection

    first i'm sorry if i'm on the wrong topic. I installed an application to test (pirate) and I believe I caught some type of malware. Even restoring the device it is slow. My device is SM-J510MN, Android 7.1.1 without root. Before installing Android he warned me that the App could track me...
  19. B

    Thread Prevent hack

    Im keep being hacked by my genius software engineering malignant narcissistic. I've bought over 15 different phones from different carriers and used fake registration info. However, they get hack in 30 mins. I know the fontserver app was remotely downloaded Over the Air because of other apps...
  20. A

    Thread Huawei Files app using Wifi without any reason

    On my Huawei nova 4 Huawei files app using wifi without any reason. Somedays this app using my wifi more 2gb.i don't know what's going on. Can someone help me to solve this issue. I attached some screenshots.
  21. xlm13x

    Thread Hack Broken Android TV (Mi TV 49)

    I have broken Mi 49 inch LED TV (Android). The screen is completely broken, nothing is visible except white light bleeding from cracks. The TV is completely working and audio can be heard when turned on. As this is a fully functional Android device with rich connectivity options (WiFi...
  22. S

    Thread Do you like the challenge?

    Huawei still firmly rejects requests to allow bootloader access and I'm wondering if this is more intriguing to those who like hacking and modifying their phones? It's not a challenge if you can unlock the bootloader and if you can't it throws up numerous hurdles to overcome. With Emui being...
  23. Jck0day

    Thread [APP][GAME][MOD] Plato Dark Theme

    PLATO DARK THEME Hey ! This is the Plato game but in dark mode to let you use it night without broke your eyes ! Tested with Samsung S7 (Note Fan Rom) Normally there are no problems in app, you will don't get banned /!\ YOU MUST UNINSTALL ORIGINAL PLATO APP OF YOUR PHONE (BECAUSE OFF THE...
  24. darkspr1te

    Thread CANBOX , CAN decoder reverse engineering

    Hi All, I have a PX5 radio that was supplied with fittings for 2006 Toyota RAV4 , sadly it didnt come with a CANBOX and supplier was not able to provide one that matched, I managed to get my hands on a Canbox for VW unit and decided to reverse engineer the unit. Here are my findings. Pinouts...
  25. B

    Thread How to safely use dual Sim with micro SD card in a hybrid slot [Hands-on Guide]

    This is one of the most useful hacks if your phone is has a hybrid sim slot and you want to use SD card along with two sim cards. I've done it several times so it's not a problem to me but what most people who did tutorial or videos about this failed to do is to highlight safety measures to make...
  26. dev pranay

    Thread "how to access darkweb".

    "How to Access DarkWeb " STEPS : ⭕There are many ways to access the dark web. Being a part of the deep net, dark web operates differently than the clear-net, and needs special client software to be accessed. While there are multiple ways to access the dark web, the most common and recommended...
  27. A

    Thread Retrieving data from locked device

    My brother passed recently. I am in possession of his s9+ and want to either remove the lock screen PIN (preferable) or just retrieve the pictures (if all else fails). This is very important to me. It is a Verizon phone.
  28. E

    Thread Mobile Legends Radar Map Hack. Easy RANK BOOST

    Hello guys, it helps you get easy RANK Boost in Mobile Legends by using Radar Map Hack. Use it on your own risk and be carefully. Mod Features: ● RADAR MAP / MAP HACK ● NO ROOT ● NO BAN ● 100% WORKS How to setup: 1. Go to your device settings - apps - mobile legends - permissions - and...
  29. vebulous

    Thread Questions about a third-party panoramic camera

    Hello everyone, I was recently gifted a 360 camera for my phone. Its A "LOLLY360 Panoramic Camera". Its cool. I found it on Amazon and apparently costs $80. You need to download the Lolly360 accompanying app in order to use it though. Which is kind of a bummer. Herein lies my question: could...
  30. mbze430

    Thread Anyone here have experience with "hacking" Daydream on to their device?

    Wondering if anyone out there prior to switching over to the ROG Phone has experience on making a non-Daydream device a Daydream device? I tried one of the modules within Magisk, but it would make the phone crash and reboot (causing AudioWizard to crash).
  31. hackintosh5

    Thread Unlock Bootloader, Even without code!

    --- Please don't quote this entire post --- I have, with the help of two people who's XDA I don't know, just unlocked an Honor 9 Lite without an unlock code!:angel: The method follows: Initial revision 0. Prepare adb and fastboot. On windows, change all fastboot commands to .\fastboot and...
  32. Saswata Chakraborty

    Thread Replace Boot Animation Without Rooting

    Disclaimer: I am not responsible for bricking your device or bootloop. Also, note that modifying /system may/will break further OTA updates. So, please try it at your own risk. 1. Download any bootanimation and make sure to change the name to bootanimation only. You can get it from here. Link...
  33. Castiglionais

    Thread Looking for a Hack mod to my Sony Xperia XZ Premium

    Hi there, Is there a mod to change my apps home [system shutters] on my sony xperia xz premium to make it like the original google [ just one list] Thanks in advance for your answers guys, Best regards.
  34. D

    Thread Android Keylogger using Root

    I have a rooted Lineage OS 14 device. I want a keylogger on the device but without changing the keyboard app (Gboard). On Ubuntu you can use showkey to track key presses but on android I can't find any alternatives. I think using some kind of script might work.
  35. CreativeGamer03

    Thread How to patch extras+info app 2018-???? for Interop Unlocking WP 8.1/10

    Hi there to those who are having trouble patching extras+info app for interop unlock. I have found a solution for it. However, in this method, not all Lumia devices are supported for this method. List of Lumia devices that are supported with this method: 520 521 525 620 625 720 820 920 925 928...
  36. M

    Thread [APP] - [TOOLS] - [4.3+] WiFi Password Viewer (V1.3) => Root, no ads and for free!

    ►►WiFi Password Viewer (Root, free and no ads)◄◄ ►Introduction◄ First I was looking for a wifi password tool that I can check my WiFi passwords even before I did a full wipe. Then I was pissed of from all the ads and apps that don't support Oreo (I like Oreo, because 100g Nougat is more...
  37. bertschwert

    Thread Upgrade Z5 to Z5 Dual?

    Hi, just found this item on ebay and I wonder if there is a way to "upgrade" a Xperia Z5 to a Z5 Dual? Anyone tried or compared both versions?
  38. L

    Thread Extracting TTS from Android

    Hi everyone, I have had OnePlus 1, 2 and 3T. Now I have Nomus S30. So I have had Android from v4 to v7 and noticed this in everyone I had. I am from Lithuania, but I don't like the menu translation on android, so I use English language all the time. I see that I can not choose Voice Output in...
  39. shaazzaarr

    Thread PokemonGo spoofing on the OnePlus 5

    Not sure how many of you play Pokemon Go, but recent security patches have blocked to ability to use GPS mock location apps. The OP5 ships with 7.1.1 and May security update which means that mock location apps are no longer supported. I read that you can root and move the GPS app to the system...
  40. L

    Thread Double simcard + micro SD card hack not working on S8+ duos ?

    Hi. I used successfully the double simcard + micro SD card hack on my S7 edge (you glue the stripped simcard on the back of the micro sd card). On my S8+ Duos I could not insert the simcard glued to the microsd card inside it (SM-G955FD). Has anyone been able to do it ? It seems that the...
  41. C

    Thread Email my public IP when I reboot Raspberry Pi

    I made a new script that helps me know my IP when I reboot my pi http://pastebin.com/f9QR8VER It will email you your Private and Router's Public IP address. Very useful. I also helped make futz.me. Here is what the above script does for Linux. Meaning, futz.me is for "typing into your...
  42. P

    Thread Monitor mode and WiFi packet sniffing on Honor 7 - possible?

    hi guys, Honor 7 has BCM4339 chipset and i found that nexmon enables Nexus 5 phone to work as wifi monitor mode device. https://www.reddit.com/r/netsec/comments/51sc42/nexmon_enable_monitor_mode_and_run_arbitrary_code/ therefore it will do a plenty of nice (hacks) stuff. I am wondering, is it...
  43. H

    Thread [ROOT][Guide]Bypassing Android Password/Pattern/Face/PI (Lollipop-Marshmallow)

    INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Connect phone to computer 2. Open a terminal/cmd window on computer 3. Type: adb devices adb shell cd data/system rm locksettings.db rm locksettings.db-shm Reboot, and boom! Removed :)
  44. N

    Thread Pokemon go hack wont work on HTC ONE m7

    Hello guys i was wondering if any one of you could help me with hacking pokemon go, i don't have mobile data and its not worth buying it here so i found on Ethernet a lot of threats about hacking pokemon go the problem is that i cant play pokemon go at the same time i have the mocking location...
  45. blakegriplingph

    Thread American Girl/Fisher-Price/Hot Wheels tablet by Nabi

    Anyone heard of these devices? Mattel just acquired Fuhu/Nabi recently, and now that they're at the helm they thought doing a repeat of the Barbie/Hot Wheels PCs would be golden for them: The specs are rather vague, though they're typical for a low-end tab, i.e. quad-core processor, 1GB of...
  46. Far_SighT

    Thread When can we expect a fix for these?

    A recent article shows that there are significant vulnerabilities that affect Qualcomm devices, including OP2. Indeed, when I ran their app to scan my phone it showed up as vunerable: When can we expect a fix? My current security patch level is June 1, 2016. If unlocking my phone and...
  47. N

    Thread How to open Google keyboard's dictionary

    I'm interested in opening Google Keyboard's version 5 dictionary so that I could add personal dictionary words fast. I have thousands of them... In the past, Google put the dictionary in user_dict.db, an SQLite database that can be opened easily. Now they put it in /data/data/com.google...
  48. N

    Thread How to hack MeetMe App photo expiring feature?

    Hello there. ..I Really hate the feature of photo being expired in 10 seconds in app named MeetMe ...do you have any solution for it? Where that photo being stored? How to view expired photo again? (I know about screenshot trick, I want Real hack of that thing related to getting photo back after...
  49. N

    Thread [Completed] how to hack MeetMe App photo expiring feature?

    Hello there. ..I Really hate the feature of photo being expired in 10 seconds in app named MeetMe ...do you have any solution for it? Where that photo being stored? How to view expired photo again? (I know about screenshot trick, I want Real hack of that thing related to getting photo back...
  50. arvindgr

    Thread [TIP] Send any apk zip etc by Whatsapp without any extra app

    Recently I was searching for a way to send apk to my friend, via whatsapp but since its directly not possible, I was looking for workaround. All Google posts linked a extra app, that combines our other extension file with jpg, so that whatsapp sees that jpg to send it. After being sent...