1. J

    Thread [Non-Root] Huawei Nova 5T - change build.prop HAL3 value

    Hi, Is there anyway to edit build.prop and enable the HAL3 flag from 0 to 1 without unlocking bootloader and installing TWRP? I want to get GCam for this device. 🙏please help🥺
  2. Riyad_

    Thread [Tester Needed] [Magisk Module] Camera 2 Api enabler for realme 2 pro Custom roms

    Hello there!! I have built a Magisk module to enable cam2api in custom rom. Which is based on Samar's Cam2api zip. but somehow i broke my device's permissin by manually changing file from root explorer. So i need someone to test the module on their device and tell me it is working or not. Thanks...
  3. pyumredkar

    Thread Install GCam in New MIUI Oreo base (8.1.0)

    Hello dear modders, making gcam work in miui 10 global is somehow a challege to us. Enabling camera2api from the build.prop file does not work. but as a developer danzblue in the miui forums have gave us the magisk module to enable the gcam support in our redmi 5a oem miui 10. till the previous...
  4. A

    Thread What's the current status of enabling HAL3 on 9.0 Roms?

    Apologies if this has been asked before, I haven't been a regular here because of PE 9.0's excellent System Update feature. Earlier (back in April 2018), I tried enabling HAL3 in build.prop to use GCam ports which resulted in my front camera not working in Skype/WhatsApp/Duo - a very important...
  5. S

    Thread [Tutorial] Camera2api ( Gcam ) Without ROOT

    I dont take responsibility for possible damages!' 1. When you unlock the bootloader, all your data will be erased! 2. When you try to lock the bootloader, your data will be erased and you will lose the API. 3. YOU CAN RECEIVE OTA UPDATES WITH THE BOOTLOADER UNLOCKED! Download the tool...
  6. Mango Polo

    Thread Camera HAL3 forced for video call appliicatlons

    Is there a way to force the apps like Skype, Google Duo, Messenger and any other calling App to use the HAL3 instead of HAL1 when connecting to device's camera? I will explain you why. On a specific device usng Snapdragon 435 there is a very good working port og Google Camera. The device's stog...
  7. O

    Thread [Module] Camera2API enabler

    Since Google Camera with HDR+ was ported already, it requires that camera2api to be enabled. This is done by editing build.prop to add or enable "persist.camera.HAL3.enabled=1". Note: This mod only adds camera2api support in the build.prop systemlessly. This does not guarantee modded google...
  8. MZO

    Thread Camera HAL3 for OnePlus 2 Android Nougat based ROMs

    Hello guys, recently a halogenOS developer xdvs23 has managed to get HAL3 working for our device. While ROMs are merging these commits from him I thought I'd make a guide to get HAL3 working on your ROM. So I've composed a little guide of some sort in my commit message for JDC ROM that you can...